Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13381Tallest road signLeopold Trünkel GmbHAustria, Vienna30 September 2007The tallest road sign is 18.5 m (60 ft 8.34 in) high. The record, organised by Kurier Redaktion GesmbH & Co KG, was set during the event Vienna Recordia in Vienna, Austria, on 30 September 2007.
13382Most skateboard heelflip shove-its in one minuteRob Dyrdek10 timesUnited States, Los Angeles17 September 2007The most heel-flip shove-its in one minute is 10 by Rob Dyrdek (USA) on MTV's The Rob & Big Show in Los Angeles, California, USA on 17 September 2007.
13383Largest Bagna CaudaVenerina TezzonItaly, Montalto Dora24 November 2001The largest Bagna Cauda was made by residents ofMontalto Dora, Turin, Italy and weighed 270 kg (595.2 lb) during the Festival of Cabbage on 24 November 2001
13384Tallest squillUzi ShamirIsrael, Kochav Yair02 September 2002The world's tallest squill ( Urginea maritima ) measured 2.43 m (7.97 ft)on 2 September 2002 and was grown by the Shamir family in their garden in Kochav Yair, Israel. The typical height of a squill is 60-90 cm (2-3 ft) tall.
13385Most consecutive NHL games playedDoug JarvisUnited States10 October 1987The most consecutive NHL games played is 964 by Doug Jarvis (Canada) playing for the Montreal Canadiens, the Washington Capitals and Hartford Whalers from 8 October 1975 to 10 October 1987.
13386Longest NHL winning streakPittsburgh PenguinsUnited States01 January 1993The longest run of winning matches home and away in NHL history is 17 by the Pittsburgh Penguins between 9 March and 10 April 1993.
13387Oldest tree cloneHuon pineAustralia, Tasmania01 January 2004The world's oldest colony of genetically identical trees is the stand of Huon pine (Lagarostrobus franklinii) on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia. The stand is believed to be over 10,500 years old, although no individual tree is that age.The oldest individual trees of this variety are 4,000 years old. In fact any individual tree is unlikely to ever exceed 3-4,000 years old. Please note that reports of a creosote bush found in 1980 in the desert near Palm Springs, California - which was aged at 11,700 years old, is a clone, not an individual tree.Clones of redwoods are known to exceed 9,000 years old.
13388Most vertical feet skied uphill in 24 hours (male)Günter BurgsteinerAustria, Mayrhofen20 March 2004The greatest height skiied uphill is 17,011.5 vertical metres (55,812.01 feet) by Günter Burgsteiner (Austria) on the Ahorn mountain, Mayrhofen, Austria over 19-20 March 2004No sign of rest of claim as witness statements came in later than the rest.
13389Urban ball - leg revolutions in one minuteIya TraoreFrance, Port Leucate21 July 2004The record for the most leg revolutions while balancing an urban ball on the foot in one minute is 63 by Iya Traore (Spain) on the set of L’Été de Tous Les Records, Port Leucate, France on 21 July 2004.
13390First prime-time animation showThe FlintstonesUnited States01 September 1960The earliest prime-time animation show is The Flintstones created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera which was first aired on the ABC Television network (USA) in September 1960The animation which was a contemporary take on suburban life in the Stone Age initially ran until April 1966. Re-runs of the show can be currently seen on Teletoon.
13391Fastest eater (mammals)Star-nosed moleUnited States, Vanderbilt University,Tennessee01 February 2005The fastest eater amongst mammals is the star-nosed mole (Condylura cristata). Research published in February 2005 by Dr Kenneth Catania (USA) at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA, recorded an average 'handling time´ of 230 milliseconds with the fastest time being 120 milliseconds.'Handling time' is defined as being from the point of identifying food as edible, capturing it and eating it, until moving on to search for the next piece of food. In the research, high-speed cameras were used to film the moles in slow motion. The prey was stationery.The Star-nosed mole is a semi-aquatic animal, indigenous to North America and gets its name from its distinctive 22-probed nose - itself the most sensitive touch organ belonging to any mammal with five times the amount of touch sensitive nerve fibres than the human hand.Comparatively it takes humans 650 milliseconds to respond to red light when driving.
13392Most northerly marathonNorth Pole Marathonhour(s), minute(s), second(s)Arctic, 01 January 2008The North Pole Marathon has been held annually since 2002, and the course at the geographic North Pole has been certified by the Association of International Marathons and Road Races. The fastest men's completion time to date is 3 hr 36 min 10 sec by Thomas Maguire (Ireland) in the 2007 marathon, and the fastest woman is Cathrine Due (Denmark) in 5 hr 37 min 14 sec in the 2008 marathon.
13393Largest egg beaterKerras JefferyCanada, Prince Edward Island01 April 2005The largest egg beater measures 436.88 m (14 ft 4 in) tall and 1.21 m (48 in) wide. It was made by Kerras Jeffery, Prince Edward Island, Canada on 1 April 2005.
13394Fastest speed for an airshipSteve Fossett112 kilometre(s) per hourGermany, Friedrichshafen27 October 2004The highest speed officially measured for an airship, according to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), is 112 km/h (69.6 mph), by Steve Fossett (USA) flying a Zeppelin Luftshifftechnik LZ N07-100 airship on 27 October 2004 over Friedrichshafen, Germany. The large rigid airships built by the USA and Germany in the 1920s and 30s could reach higher speeds (up to 140 km/h or 87 mph according to some sources), but these were never officially measured to FAI standards.
13395Highest skateboard McTwist (halfpipe)Terence BougdourFrance, La Tranche Sur Mer27 July 2005The record for the highest skateboard 540 McTwist off a halfpipe is 1.5 m and was set by Terence Bougdour (France) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, La Tranche Sur Mer, France, on 27 July 2005.height is from the top of the coping.
13396Tallest Texas bluebonnetMargaret Lipscomb164.5 centimetre(s)United States, Big Bend National Park27 March 2005The tallest bluebonnet flower (Lupinus harvardii) measured 164.5 cm (64.75 in) tall on 27 March 2005. The flower was discovered by Margaret Lipscomb and Arthur Bullis Cash (both USA) in Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA.
13397Most consecutive full twists in synchronised swimmingMarzia LiuzziItaly, Milan11 April 2009The record for the most consecutive synchronised swimming full twists is 39 and was set by Marzia Liuzzi (Italy) on the set Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 11 April 2009.
13398Fastest coxed eights rowing (men's class)Canada5/19.35 minute(s), second(s)Switzerland, LucerneThe fastest men's coxed eights row is 5:19.35 by Canada (Gabriel Bergen, Douglas Csima, Robert Gibson, Conlin McCabe, Malcolm Howard, Andrew Byrnes, Jeremiah Brown, Will Crothers and Brian Price) at Lucerne, Switzerland on 25 May 2012.
13399Largest oasisNile ValleyEgypt01 January 2006The Nile Valley and Delta is the most extensive oasis on Earth, covering approximately 22,000 km² (8,500 miles²). Without the Nile, Egypt would be entirely composed of desert. The River Nile has a total length of 6,695 km (4,160 miles).
13400Fewest losses by an NHL team in one seasonMontreal Canadiens8 timesCanada, 01 January 1977The Montreal Canadiens hold the NHL record for fewest losses in a single season, 8, during a season of at least 70 games played, during the 1976-77 season.
13401Fastest road run 25 kilometres (male)Dennis Kipruto Kimetto1/11/18 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Germany, BerlinThe fastest men’s road running 25 kilometres is 1:11.18 by Dennis Kipruto Kimetto (Kenya) in Berlin, Germany on 6 May, 2012.
13402Fastest Champions League final goalPaolo MaldiniUnknownThe fastest goal scored in Champions League final is 52 seconds by Paolo Maldini (Italy) playing for AC Milan against Liverpool on 25 May 2005.
13403Most Japan Series winsThe Yomiuri Giants21 timesJapan, Query01 January 2009The Yomiuri Giants (Japan) of the Central League won their record 21st Japan Series in 2009 by defeating the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 4 games to 2.
13404Most UEFA Champions League games managedSir Alex Ferguson190 timesUnited Kingdom, 05 March 2013The most Champions League games managed is 190 and was achieved by Sir Alex Ferguson (UK) as manager of Manchester United FC (UK) when his team played against Real Madrid (Spain) in the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League tie on 5 March 2013.
13405Heaviest weightlifting 69 kg total (male)Liao Hui359 kilogram(s)Kazakhstan, Almaty10 November 2014The heaviest total weight lifted in the 69 kg category is 359 kg and was achieved by Liao Hui (China) in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 10 November 2014. Liao Hui lifted 166 kg in the Snatch category and 195 kg in the Clean & Jerk to set the record. His Snatch lift also broke a world record.
13406Largest island created by volcanic eruptionsIceland103000 square kilometre(s)IcelandThe largest volcanic island is Iceland, the entirety of which was formed from volcanic eruptions from the mid-Atlantic Ridge, upon which it sits. Measuring 103,000 km² (39,768 miles²) in area, Iceland is essentially ocean floor exposed above the ocean surface.
13407Smallest watch movementCal.G720Japan, Tokyo22 August 2002The smallest watch movement is Cal.G720, developed and manufactured by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. (Japan) in 2002, which measures 30 mm² (0.046 in²) in surface area and 73 mm³ (0.004 in³) in volume.Watch movement means machine parts of a watch except for exterior parts, such as a case, a dial and hands.Its full dimensions are 5.0 mm x 6.0 mm x 2.5 mm.
13408Oldest horse twinsVeteran Horse SocietyUnited Kingdom, St Dogmaels, Cardigan, Pembrokeshire01 January 2007The oldest horse twins are Taff and Griff, who were born in 1982 and are owned by the Veteran Horse Society, Cardigan, North Pembrokeshire, UK. Tiff and Griff are identical male twins of the Cremello breed, measuring 11.2 hh.Taff and Griff have spent their entire lives together giving children rides at London Zoo before coming to the Veteran Horse Society.
13409Most runs scored in an ICC World Cup career (female)Deborah HockleyNot Applicable01 January 2000The most runs scored in women''s Cricket World Cup matches was achieved by Debbie Hockley (New Zealand) who scored 1,501 runs across 45 games between 1982 and 2000.
13410Largest off licence (liquor store)Henry Sawaged9297.13 square metre(s)United States, Thornton, Colorado18 November 2006The largest off license (liquor store) is Daveco Liquors owned by Henry Sawaged (USA) situated in Thornton, Colorado, USA. The store covers an area of 9,297.13 m² (100,073.1 ft²) and was opened on 18 November 2006.

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