Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13441First rap awardsJazzy Jeff and the Fresh PrincefirstUnited StatesIn 1998, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (the latter aka Will Smith both USA) ­winners of the first Grammy award for Best Rap Performance with 'Parents Just Don't Understand' ­ boycotted the show when they learned that their award presentation would not be shown on TV.
13442Largest hayrideNorthwest Washington FairUnited States, Lynden20 August 2011The largest hayride was achieved by 639 participants (all USA) at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, Washington, USA, on 20 August 2011.The hayride consisted of 10 hay-covered trailers pulled by a single snow plough. The ride lasted a total of 11 minutes 12 seconds.
13443Most freestyle full contact rounds in one weekPaddy DoyleUnited Kingdom, Erdington, Birmingham06 February 1995The world record for the most freestyle full contact rounds in one week was 203 by Paddy Doyle (UK) between 31 January - 6 February 1995 in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.
13444Largest straw hatAtalia Bis & Partners CompanyPoland, Kozieglowy01 August 2006The largest straw hat measures 6.65 m (21 ft 9 in) in diameter and is 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) high. The hat was made by Atalia Bis & Partners Company in Kozieglowy, Poland, and measured in August 2006.
13445Largest opal doubletPaul ChristensenAustralia, Christensen Fine Opals,Andamooka21 September 2005The largest opal doublet measures 139 x 57.5 x 13.5 mm (5.47 x 2.26 x 0.53 inches) and weighs 798.39 carats. It is owned by Paul Christensen, of Christensen Fine Opals, Andamooka, Australia.OPAL DOUBLETAn opal doublet is a manufactured stone that is composed of two thin layers that are glued together. A thin layer of opal is glued on top of another mineral (usually a black onyx or ironstone, which enhances the stone's color), producing a stone that is less expensive than a solid opal. Doublets must be cleaned very carefully.
13446Most expensive computer keyboardHappy Hacking Keyboard Professional4240 US dollar(s)JapanRetailing at $4,240 (£2,190), the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan, produced by an affiliate of Fujitsu, is the world’s most expensive computer keyboard. Its extreme price is due in part to the fact that its keys are hand coated in Urushi lacquer and then dusted with gold.
13447Largest dried bean curdSichuan Guozhu Bean Products Co. Ltd.China, Yibin City,Sichuan Province26 October 2008The largest dried bean curd weighted 1,860 Kg (4,100 lbs) and was achieved by Sichuan Guozhu Bean Products Co. Ltd. in Yibin City, Nanxi County, China, on 26 October 2008.Dried bean curd is tofu skin.
13448Largest inflatable beach ballReal,- Sp. zoo. o.Poland, CzluchówThe largest inflatable beach ball is 15.82 (51ft 10 in) in diameter and was created by Real,- (Poland). It was presented and measured in Czluchow, Poland, on 8 May 2012.The beach ball looked like a football from the outside.
13449First person to reach highest rank in Battlefield 2142“Noobish-noob”firstThe first person to rank as Supreme Commander – the highest position attainable among Battlefield 2142’s 44 ranks – was player “Noobish-noob”. There can only be one Supreme Commander at any one time.
13450Most people playing wood block/Chinese blockNgong Ping 360 LimitedHong Kong, Hong KongThe record for the most people playing wood block/Chinese block was achieved by 240 participants, at the event ‘Ngong Ping Buddha’s Birthday Celebration’ in Hong Kong, on 11 May 2008.
13451Most wins of the World's Strongest ManMariusz PudzianowskiPoland01 January 2008The most wins of the World’s Strongest Man competition is five by Mariusz Pudzianowski (Poland) in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008.
13452First videogame to contain lightsaber actionStar Wars: Jedi ArenafirstStar Wars: Jedi Arena for the Atari 2600 was the first game to contain lightsaber action. While failing to accurately simulate lightsaber duelling, the game challenged the player to use their lightsaber to destroy enemies by deflecting laser bolts towards them.
13453Longest videogame marathon on Guitar Hero World TourUnknown24/2 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Finland, Tampere21 February 2009The longest Guitar Hero World Tour marathon lasted for 24 hr 2 min and was achieved by Simo Piispanen (guitar), Aku Valmu (bass), Jaakko Kokkonen (singer) and Simo-Matti Liimatainen (drums) at Assembly Winter 2009, in Tampere, Finland, on 21 February 2009. The record for the highest score on a song was also achieved during this marathon.
13454Ultra-long distance (track) 48 hours (female)Inagiki SumieFrance, SurgèresThe farthest distance ultra-long distance (track) 48 hours (female) was 397.103 km (246.75 mi) by Inagiki Sumie (Japan) in Surgères, France, on 21-23 May 2010.
13455Longest videogame marathon on Guitar HeroPatrick YoungUnited States, Atlanta, GA,,Horizons School Theatre Auditorium26 February 2012The longest video games marathon playing Guitar Hero lasted 72 hr 17 min and was achieved by Patrick Young (USA) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on 23 to 26 February 2012.
13456Most critically acclaimed tennis videogameTop Spin, Xbox90 percentageThe highest rating tennis video game is Top Spin, for the Xbox. It secured an average score of 90% across the major game aggregator sites. “The most well-rounded, feature-rich game of tennis to be found anywhere, on any system,” said
13457Fastest completion time for UnrealMark Freyenberger49/18 minute(s), second(s), 04 April 2005The fastest completion time for Unreal was achieved by Mark Freyenberger on 4 April 2005. Freyenberger blazed through the original Unreal on the easy skill level in the lightning time of just 49 min 18 sec.
13458Fastest knockout in Wii Sports - BoxingTim StoddardUK01 February 2009The fastest knockout on the Boxing game in Wii Sports (Nintendo, 2006) took just 8 seconds and was achieved by Tim Stoddard (UK) on 1 Feb 2009.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
13459First perfect score on Wii Sports BowlingCarl AspinallfirstUSA, 26 April 2007The first documented 'perfect' 300 score score in Wi Sports Bowling was achieved by Carl Aspinall (USA) who set the record on 26 April 2007 with the game set to default settings.
13460First European player named "most valuable player" in an NBA regular seasonDirk NowitzkifirstGermany, 01 January 2007The first European player to be named the most valuable player in the NBA regular season was Dirk Nowitzki (Germany). Nowitzki achieved this accolade while playing for the Dallas Mavericks (USA) during the 2006/07 season.
13461Largest sitar ensembleArt of Living FoundationIndia, Noida, Delhi21 November 2008The largest sitar ensemble consisted of 1,094 participants at an event organised by the Art of Living Foundation (India) in Noida, Delhi, India, on 21 November 2008.
13462Most tortelloni made in 3 minutesFrancesco BoggianUnited Kingdom, London01 October 2008The most tortelloni made in 3 minutes is 25 and was achieved by Francesco Boggian (Italy), at La Tua Pasta, London, United Kingdom, on 1 October 2008.Francesco makes fresh pasta for a living, he has created his own machinery which produces rolls of pasta (however the record was all done manually). Ralph Hannah adjudicated.
13463Longest bridge fountainBanpo Grand Bridge fountainKorea (South), Seoul01 January 2008The longest bridge fountain is located on the Banpo Grand Bridge over the Han River in Seoul (South Korea) which measures 1,140 metres (3,740 ft 1 in). It was constructed by Seoul Metropolitan Infrastructure Headquarters.Running along the length of the bridge are 380 nozzles that send 54 tonnes (60 tons) of water cascading 43 m (140 ft) horizontally and 20 m (65 ft) down into the river every minute. In the evening, LED lights illuminate the water spray, which “dances” in time to 100 different pieces of music.
13464Highest score on UtopiaMike MorrowUSA, Denton,Texas02 March 2002The highest points score ever achieved in the genre-defining and hugely influential simulator video game Utopia is 2,171 by Mike Morrow of Denton, Texas, USA, on 2 March 2002.
13465Longest mammal migrationHumpback whaleThe longest migration undergone by any mammal species is that of the humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), which migrates up to 8200 km each way when journeying back and forth between its warm breeding waters near the equator and the colder food-rich waters of the arctic and antarctic regions.
13466Most palm trees planted in 10 years., Khalifa bin Zayed Al NahyanUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi15 March 2009The record for the most palm trees planted in 10 years is 42 million and was achieved by the United Arab Emirates between 1999 and 2009.The certificate was presented on the Khalifa awards at the Emirate Palace.
13467Smallest manufactured electric motorJos D'HaensBelgium, Ranst-Emblem12 March 2009The smallest manufactured electric motor is an electromagnetic dynamo 1.65 mm in diameter and 0.9 mm in length, and was manufactured by Jos d'Haens (Belgium) and submitted for approval in February 2009.
13468Longest smorgastartaHans PetterssonSweden, Köping09 March 1985The longest smorgastarta measured 510.69 m (1675 ft 5 in) and was made for an event organised by Hans Pettersson (Sweden) in Köping, Sweden, on 9 March 1985.
13469Largest mosquito repellent patchLuxembourg Medicine LTD.Hong Kong, Hong Kong15 August 2009The largest mosquito repellent patch measures 3 metres long and 3 metres high (9 ft 10 × 9ft 10 in) and was manufactured by Luxembourg Medicine Co. Ltd. (China) and unveiled and measured on 15 August 2009.The oil that the patch contains is citronella oil and an active ingredient of wild tomatos called IBI-246. Only natural inredients were used in the manufacturing.
13470Largest serving of octopusFundación Produce Yucatán , Comite Estatal del Sistema Producto Pulpo YucatánMexico, Mérida02 March 2014The largest serving of octopus is 1,326.26 kg (2,923.90 lb), and was achieved by the Comite Estatal del Sistema Producto Pulpo Yucatán and Fundación Produce Yucatán (both México) at Expocampo Yucatán 2014, in Mérida, Yucatán, México, on 2 March 2014The octopus dish was prepared by 100 chefs for more than 8 hours before being served to an estimated crowd of more than 15,000 at the final day of the city's Expocampo Yucatán event.

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