Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13471Most posthumous Oscar nominations for an actorJames DeanUSA01 January 1956The most posthumous Oscar nominations for an actor is two, by James Dean (USA, 1931–55) as Cal Trask in East of Eden (USA, 1955) and as Jett Rink in Giant (USA, 1956).
13472Most Michelin stars in one cityTokyoJapan, Tokyo01 January 2009The city with the most Michelin stars is Tokyo (Japan) with 261 stars shared by 197 restaurants according to the 2010 Michelin Guide.Tokyo also has the most three-star restaurants, 11 compared with 10 in Paris. According to Michelin's website "Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants offering the finest cooking, regardless of cuisine style. Stars represent only what is on the plate. They do not take into consideration interior decoration, service quality or table settings."
13473Fastest lap of Ghost Valley 2 in Mario Kart WiiJames BouchierThe fastest lap of the "Ghost Valley 2" circuit on Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, 2007) is 19.447 sec, achieved by James ''TwIsTeD_EnEmY'' Bouchier, in Aberystwyth, UK, on 29 June 2010.
13474Most people playing checkers underwaterNormunds Pakulis88 peopleLatvia, RigaThe most people playing checkers underwater is 88 at an event organised by Normunds Pakulis (Latvia) in Riga, Latvia, on 21 May 2011.
13475Largest Chinese almond cakeCivil Aid Service Hong KongHong Kong, Zhong shan city23 March 2008The largest Chinese almond cake weighed 155.2 kg (342 lb) and was made by Civil Aid Service Hong Kong (China) and displayed in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, on 23 March 2008.
13476Largest kibbehAlmidan NGOLebanon, Ehden29 August 2009The largest Kibbeh weighs 233 kg (514 lb) and was made by Almidan NGO (Lebanon), during 3'res el Kebbeh within Ehdeniyat festival, at Al-Kobra in Ehden, Lebanon, on 29 August 2009.The giant kibbeh prepared in a festive atmosphere by 25 women. To create the giant circular 20-square-metre (215-square-foot) kebbe they had to mix 120 kilos of mince, 80 litres of olive oil, 80 kilos of cracked wheat, five kilos of salt and a mere kilo of pepper.
13477Most international Rugby Union caps won as captainBrian O'DriscollNew Zealand, Hamilton23 June 2012The most international Rugby Union caps won as captain is 84 and was achieved by Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland) playing for Ireland and the British and Irish Lions from 2002 to 2012.
13478Most valuable arcade machineBlaster (Williams Electronics, 1983)12000 US dollar(s)Williams’ Blaster cockpit is believed to be the world’s most valuable arcade machine, with an estimated worth of $12,000 (£7,388). Released in 1983, only five cockpits were ever created.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
13479Fastest completion of DiabloMaciej Maselewski3/12 minute(s), second(s)Poland, Bydgoszcz16 January 2009The fastest segmented completion of Diablo (Blizzard, 1996) took 3 min 12 sec. It was achieved by Maciej 'groobo' Maselewski (Poland) and published on 16 January 2009.
13480Highest snowboard air on a superpipeShaun WhiteUnited States, Aspen30 January 2010The highest air on a snowboard on a superpipe is 7 m (23 ft) by Shaun White (USA) at Winter X Games 14 in Aspen, Colorado, USA on 30 January 2010.
13481Most consecutive gold medals in Winter X Games Snowboarder XNate HollandUnited States30 January 2010The most consecutive gold medals ever won at the Winter X Games Snowboarder X competition is five by Nate Holland (USA) as of January 2010.Holland won his fifth gold medal (the five-peat) at Winter X Games 14 in 2010. It's the first five-peat in Winter X Games history.
13482Fastest climb three-legged up the Canary Wharf towerHeather Derbyshire, Karen Fingerhut14/34.69 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London06 April 2008The fastest three-legged climb up the Canary Wharf tower was 14 min 34.69 sec set by Heather Derbyshire and Karen Fingerhut (both UK) in London, UK, on 6 April 2008.Started at B2 level green stair core and ended at M3 level green stair core.1,188 stepsStaircase leads from sub-basement up to the roof.Official name of building is One Canada Square.
13483Largest hot pot partyWenwu QinChina, Chingqing20 March 2007The largest hot pot party consisted of 13,612 people eating from 2,249 pots and was organised by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government in Chongqing, China, on 20 March 2007.Hot pot, also known as the Mongolian Hot Pot, usually refers to Chinese varieties of steamboat stew. Huo Guo (Traditional Chinese: ğ79鍋 Simplified Chinese: ğ79锅 pinyin: huǒguō) is the Chinese name for "hot pot", where huǒ means "fire", while guō refers to "pot". Chinese Fondue is an English term used more commonly in Western countries. Da been lo (打邊爐) is the common Cantonese terminology for hot pot which translates literally into "hitting the side of the pot."It consists of a simmering pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. Typical hot pot dishes include thinly sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings, and seafood. The cooked food is usually eaten with a dipping sauce. In many areas, hot pot meals are often eaten in the winter.
13484Most Grand Slam singles tennis tournaments played consecutivelyAi SugiyamaUnited States, New York31 August 2009The most consecutive Grand Slam singles tournaments played is 62 and was achieved by Ai Sugiyama (Japan) from the 1994 Wimbledon Championships on 20 June 1994 to her final Grand Slam match at the 2009 US Open on 31 August 2009. Ai Sugiyama started her run in the 1st round of Wimbledon against fellow Japanese player Kimiko Date and her final Grand Slam match was a defeat to the 15th seed Samantha Stosur (Australia) in the 1st round of the 2009 US Open. Ai Sugiyama's best performances in a Grand Slam singles tournament was reaching the Quarter Final of the 2000 Australian Open which she also equalled at the 2004 Wimbledon Championships. In doubles Ai Sugiyama was far more successful winning four Grand Slam titles (1 Mixed Doubles, 3 Ladies Doubles) in the 1999 US Open, 2000 US Open, 2003 French Open and 2003 Wimbledon). Her highest ever singles ranking was 8th in the world in February 2004.
13485Most matches played in an NHL careerGordie HoweNot ApplicableThe NHL record for most career games played is 1,767 by Gordie Howe (Canada) of the Detroit Red Wings (USA) and Hartford Whalers (USA) from 1946 to 1980.
13486Fastest time to run the London Marathon (male)Wilson Kipsang2/4/29 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London13 April 2014The fastest time to complete the London Marathon is 2 hours 4 minutes 29 seconds and was achieved by Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) on 13 April 2014.
13487Most southerly swimRam BarkaiAntarctica, Queen Maud Land07 February 2008The most southerly swim was at latitude -70º and was achieved by Ram Barkai (South Africa), in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, on 7 February 2008.Ram swam 1 km in water temperature of 1ºc which took 22 min 5 sec. The exact co-ordinate of the start point of the swim is latitude -70º 45.44 and longitude -11º 39.04
13488Most noodle portions prepared in three minutesHiroshi KurodaJapan, Yokohama11 January 2013The most noodle portions prepared in three minutes is 9 and was achieved by Hiroshi Kuroda (Japan) on the set of Officially Amazing (Lion TV) in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, on 11 January 2013.
13489Most consecutive wins of the FIS Speed Ski World Cup (female)Tracie Max Sachs5 timesUnited States, New York28 March 2007The record for the most consecutive wins of the FIS Speed Ski World Cup is 5 and was achieved by Tracie Sachs (USA) from 2003-07.The feat of gaining 5 consecutive World Cup titles in the sport of skiing has only been equalled once, by Annemarie Moser-Proell, for her overall Alpine skiing performance between 1971-75.
13490Most editions of Big Brother broadcast in one countrySpainSpain, Madrid23 December 2008The most editions of reality television show Big Brother broadcast in one country was achieved by Spain who broadcast 10 editions of Gran Hermano from 2000-2008.Two editions of Gran Hermano were broadcast in 2002 which is why Spain has aired more editions than any other country. The award was presented to the hostess of Gran Hermano, Mercedes Mila, on the set of Guinness World Records, in Madrid, Spain, on 23 December 2008.
13491Fastest time to complete the Ultraman World Championships (male)Holger Spiegel21/41/22 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Query28 November 1998The fastest time to complete the course at the Ultraman World Championships is 21 hr 41 min 22 sec and was achieved by Holger Spiegel (Germany) in the 1998 Ultraman World Championships, Hawaii, United States, on 28 November 1998.The Ultraman World Championships is an annual event held in Hawaii since 1983. The Ultraman distances are 6.2 mile swim, 261.4 mile bike ride, 52.4 mile run.
13492Most consecutive seasons hitting 35 home runsAlex RodriguezNot Applicable01 January 2008The Major League Baseball (MLB) record for most consecutive seasons hitting at least 35 home runs is 11 by Alex Rodriguez (USA) playing for the Seattle Mariners (USA), Texas Rangers (USA) and New York Yankees (USA) from 1998 to 2008.
13493Longest running sitcom (longevity)Last of the Summer WineUnited Kingdom01 January 2010The UK’s Last of The Summer Wine (BBC) finished in 2010 after 37 years and 31 series (every episode written by Roy Clarke, the world’s most prolific writer of sitcoms).
13494Largest meteorology lessonMike Thompson & FOX 4 Weather TeamUnited StatesThe largest meteorology lesson consisted of 16,110 participants all taught by the FOX 4 Weather Team (Mike Thompson, Don Harman, Joe Lauria and Karli Ritter, all USA) on 'School Day at the K' at Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Kansas, USA on 7 May 2009.The Fox 4 Weather Team consists of Mike Thompson, Don Harman, Joe Lauria and Karli Ritter.
13495First football (soccer) FIFA World Cup goalLucien LaurentUruguay, Montevideo13 July 1930The first ever FIFA World Cup goal was scored by Lucien Laurent (France), playing for France against Mexico at the 1930 World Cup, in Estadio Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay, on 13 July 1930.The goal, a 19th-minute volley, was the opener in France's 4-?1 victory over the Mexico team. France lost their two remaining group games and was eliminated from the tournament after the opening stages. Laurent, an inside forward, played 10 times for his country in all, scoring two goals.
13496Most consecutive three pointers scored on NBA 2K9Marcus PlattUnited States, NBA All-Star Jam Session14 February 2009The most consecutive three pointers scored on NBA 2K9 is eight and was achieved by Marcus Platt (USA) at the NBA All-Star Jam Session in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 14 February 2009. NBA 2K9 is a 2K Sports game.
13497Most skateboard 360 frontside spins in 30 secondsLunati HamiltonUnited States, Los Angeles30 July 2009The most 360 frontside spins on a skateboard in 30 seconds is 6by Lunati Hamilton (USA) at X Games 15 in Los Angeles, California,USA on 30 July 2009.
13498Most skateboard rock and rolls in 30 secondsTerrance Covington, Dalton PriceUnited States, Los Angeles31 July 2009The most skateboard rock and rolls in 30 seconds is 16 by Terrance Covington and Dalton Price (both USA) at X Games 15 in Los Angeles, California, USA on 31 July 2009.
13499Largest gathering of skeletonsJokers' Masquerade2018 peopleUnited Kingdom, Swansea08 October 2011The largest gathering of skeletons is 2,018 and was achieved by Jokers' Masquerade (UK) at Swansea University, Swansea, UK, on 8 October 2011.The event was held in Swansea University and was organised by Jokers Masquerade, a fancy dress company.
13500Fastest vehicle crossing the Egyptian western desertHisham NessimEgypt, Siwa Oaisis11 November 2009The fastest vehicle crossing the Egyptian western desert is 13 hr 33 min and was achieved by Hesham Nessim (Egypt) between Siwa Oasis, and Abu Simbel in Egypt, on 10 November 2009.The record was part of Guinness World Records day (12 November 2009). The journey started from Siwa Oasis in the far north west of Egypt on the 10 of November 2009 at 6.30 am covering a distance of approx. 1370 km till the ending point in Abu Simbel which is situated in the far south east of Egypt.

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