Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13531Tallest vase mouth blownWilli PreussGermany, Amberg21 July 2007The largest mouth blown vase measures 3.56 m (11 ft 8 in) in height and was blown by Xaver Hofmeister (Germany) in Amberg, Germany on 21 July 2007
13532Most saves in an American League baseball careerMariano RiveraUnited States, New York21 September 2011The American League (USA) record for most career saves is 603 by Mariano Rivera (Panama) playing for Major League Baseball's New York Yankees (USA) from 1995 to 2011. Rivera also holds the all-time Major League record, having recorded all of his saves in the American League. Rivera is still active as of the end of the 2011 season.
13533Tallest InukshukAllstone Quarry Products Inc.Canada, Schomberg13 September 2007The tallest inukshuk measures 11.377 m (37 ft 3.9 in) and was created by Mr. Jose Melo of Allstone Quarry Products Inc. (Canada) in Schomberg, Ontario, Canada on 13 September 2007.
13534First sudoku world championshipWorld Sudoku ChampionshipfirstItaly, Lucca12 March 2006The first World Sudoku Championship were held in Lucca, Italy, by the World Puzzle Federation, between 10–12 March 2006. The winner was Jana Tylová (Czech Republic).
13535Most éclairs filled with cream in one minuteAndy CollinsUnited Kingdom, LondonThe record for the most éclairs filled with cream is 13 achieved by Andy Collins (UK) on the set of The New Paul O’Grady Show, London, UK on 25 May 2007.Jack and Amarilis adjudicated attempt.
13536Most downloaded sat nav voiceDan Castellaneta's Homer Simpson voice128500 timesUnited States, The most downloaded sat nav voice belongs to popular TV character Homer Simpson, voiced by Dan Castellaneta (USA), which has been downloaded for Tom Tom systems 128,500 times since 2009.
13537Most Olympic Long Jump gold medalsCarl Lewis4 timesUnited States, Atlanta01 January 1996The most gold medals won in the men’s Olympic Long Jump competition is four, consecutively, by Carl Lewis (USA) in Los Angeles, USA (1984), Seoul, Korea (1988), Barcelona, Spain (1992) and Atlanta, USA (1996).
13538Most Olympic Discus gold medalsAl OerterMexico, Mexico City01 January 1968The most gold medals won consecutively in the men’s Olympic Discus competition is four, consecutively, by Al Oerter (USA) in Melbourne, Australia (1956), Rome, Italy (1960), Tokyo, Japan (1964) and Mexico City, Mexico (1968).
13539Fastest Paralympic 50 m freestyle (S12) (male)Maksym VeraksaChina, Beijing14 September 2008The fastest time to swim 50 m freestyle in the men’s S12 classification at the Paralympics is 23.43 seconds, by Maksym Veraksa (Ukraine) in Beijing, China, on 14 September 2008.
13540First use of racing wheelchairs at the Paralympic GamesParalympic Games 1976firstCanada, Toronto01 January 1976The first use of racing wheelchairs by athletes at the Paralympics was at the 1976 Summer Games in Toronto, Canada. Previously, athletes had competed using standard wheelchairs.
13541Fastest Paralympic 50 m freestyle (S12) (female)Oxana SavchenkoChina, Beijing14 September 2008The fastest time to swim 50 m freestyle in the women’s S12 classification at the Paralympics is 27.07 seconds, by Oxana Savchenko (Russia) in Beijing, China, on 14 September 2008.
13542First inclusion of the wheelchair marathon at the Paralympic GamesParalympic Games 1984firstUK, Stoke Mandeville01 January 1984The wheelchair marathon first appeared on the event programme at the Summer Paralympics in 1984, when the Games were jointly hosted by Stoke Mandeville, UK, and New York, USA.
13543Longest embroideryMargaret S PollardUnited KingdomAn 8in (20.32cm) wide, 1,338ft (407.8m) long embroidery of scenes from C. S. Lewiss Narnia children's stories was worked by Margaret S. Pollard (UK) to the order of Michael Maine. Its total area is about 937 square ft (87sq m).
13544Highest pole vault (male) (indoors)Renaud LavillenieUkraine, Donetsk15 February 2014The highest pole vault indoors is 6.16 m (20 ft 2.5 in) by Renaud Lavillenie (France) during the Pole Vault Stars meeting in Donetsk, Ukraine, on 15 February 2014.
13545Fastest swim short course 400 metres freestyle (male)Yannick Agnel3/32.25 minute(s), second(s)France, Agners25 November 2012The fastest short course 400 metres freestyle swim is 3:32.25 by Yannick Agnel (France) in Angers, France, on 15 November 2012.
13546Highest bicycle forward step upJack CarthyUnited Kingdom, London,,Hyde Park09 August 2014The highest bicycle forward step up is 1.77 m (5 ft 9.68 in) and was achieved by Jack Carthy (UK) at Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle, in London, UK, on 9 August 2014.
13547Largest collection of Guinness World Records memorabiliaMartyn ToveyUnited Kingdom, Radstock25 September 2014The largest collection of Guinness World Records memorabilia consists of 2,164 unique items and is owned by Martyn Tovey (UK) of Radstock, UK. The achievement was verified on 25 September 2014.Martyn also has the record for the Largest collection of Guinness World Records annuals (353).We invited Martyn to our London HQ to find out more&hellipWhen did you start your collections?I received my first Guinness Book of Records as a school prize in 1968, and have been given the latest edition as a Christmas present every year since 1971. I started collecting GWR memorabilia about 10 years ago. Guinness World Records toys, games, spin-off publications, novelty items and promotional material have all been produced since the early 1960s.And what made you start?I had a childhood obsession with facts and figures. The books gave me a fantastic reference guide, which was updated with the latest data every year.Which is your favourite piece?My favourite would have to be a 1960 edition with handwritten corrections by [then editor] Norris McWhirter.Where do you keep all this stuff?It used to fill shelves, cupboards and boxes all over the house, but it’s now mostly in storage.Do you have a favourite GWR record?That would have to be Bob Beamon’s world-record long jump at the Mexico Olympics in 1968 [8.90 m 29 ft 2.5 in – still a current Olympic record]. I can still remember my amazement at such an astonishing feat.Read more: My Story: Martyn Tovey and the world’s largest collection of Guinness World Records memorabilia
13548Largest curved LCD television screenShenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.China, Shenzhen04 November 2014The largest curved LCD television screen measures 110.05 inches (279.53 cm), is manufactured by Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (China) and has been available to order from 4 November 2014.
13549Largest bingo ticket / cardGalaBingo.comUnited Kingdom, London06 December 2014The largest bingo ticket/card measures 9.95 m²(107.12 ft²) and was achieved by (UK) in London, UK, on 6 December 2014. The ticket/card measures 4.98 m (16 ft 4.06 in) in length and 1.99 m (6 ft 6.35 in) in width.
13550Largest pepper's ghost illusionDubai Roads and Transport AuthorityUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai11 November 2014The largest Pepper’s ghost illusion measures 393.4 m² (4,234.51 ft²) and was achieved in an event organised by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (UAE), in Dubai, UAE, on 11 November 2014.
13551Largest bus mosaicDepartment of TransportUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi18 November 2014The largest bus mosaic consisted of 156 buses and was achieved by Department of Transport (UAE), in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 18 November 2014.
13552Largest teddy bear / soft toy mosaicFareed LaftaIraq, Baghdad14 November 2014The largest soft toy mosaic measured 103 m² (1,108.68 ft²) and was achieved by Fareed Lafta (Iraq), at the University of Baghdad, in Baghdad, Iraq, on 14 November 2014.
13553Longest yoga chainKshatriya Vidhyasala Managing BoardIndia, Virudunagar14 November 2014The longest yoga chain involved 3849 participants at an event organised by the Kshatriya Vidhyasala Managing Board (India) in Tamilnadu, India, on 14 November 2014.The length of the chain measured 3852m
13554Farthest tightrope walk in high heelsOxana SeroshtanItaly, Milan10 July 2014The farthest tightrope walk in high heels is 15.00 m and was achieved by Oxana Seroshtan (Russia) on the set of 'Lo Show dei Record' in Milan, Italy, on 10 July 2014.As allowed, Oxana used a fan in one hand as a balancing aid. She completed the distance by walking 7.5 m along the tightrope, turning and walking back to the start.Completing two lengths of the 7.5-m (24-ft 7.2-in) rope, Oxana doubled the existing record.
13555Highest bicycle side hopVincent HermanceUnited Kingdom, London,,Hyde Park09 August 2014The highest bicycle side hop was 1.55 m (5 ft 1.02 in), achieved by Vincent Hermance (France) at Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle, in London, UK, on 9 August 2014.
13556Highest altitude videogame console session on landUbisoftNepal, Himalayas, Kala Patthar11 October 2014The highest altitude videogame console session on land is 5,660 metres (18,569 ft 6.2in) and was achieved by Ubisoft (USA) at Kala Patthar in Nepal, on 11 October 2014.
13557Largest cricket tournament2013 Eenadu Cricket Champion CuppeopleIndia, 20 February 2014The largest cricket tournament consists of 16,215 participants and was achieved by Eenadu Cricket Champion Cup-2013 (India) in different venues across India from 30 December 2013 to 20 February 2014.
13558Most kidney transplants receivedBjörn Van EmpelNetherlands, Roosendaal11 March 2014The most kidney transplants received is 7 and was achieved by Bjorn van Empel (Netherlands) of Roosendaal, Holland, Netherlands who received his seventh kidney transplant on 11 March 2014.
13559Largest busk - multiple venueMusequalityAustralia, London11 June 2014The largest busk at multiple venues consists of 871 participants and was achieved by Musequality (UK) at 21 venues across the world on 11 June 2014.
13560Largest vocabulary lesson (multiple venues)PNC Grow Up GreatUnited States30 October 2014The largest vocabulary lesson (multiple venues) involved 1,031 participants, organized by PNC Grow Up Great (USA) in five locations across the United States on 30 October 2014.

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