Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13651Hanging rings - distance covered with four fingersJose Antonio Burcio EnriqueSpain, Madrid27 November 2001Both Marcos Garcia de Paz and Santiago Villalba Arranz (Spain) travelled 21 m (68.89 ft) across rings hung 1 m (3.28 ft) apart while dangling from just two fingers of each hand on the set of El Show de los Récords, Madrid, Spain on 27 November 2001.
13652Newest breed of catSelkirk Rex (aka poodle cat)United States, Montana01 January 2013The newest recognized breed of domestic cat is the Selkirk rex, also known as the poodle cat, on account of its thick curly fur, which is composed of three separate layers. It arose from a spontaneous genetic mutation originating in Montana, USA, in 1987, from which the breed was developed. In 2013, it was officially recognized as a genetically distinct line by the University of Veterinary Medicine in the USA, and as a valid separate breed it has been recognized by the International Cat Association, the American Cat Fanciers Association, and the Cat Fanciers' Association.Pic: Alamy
13653Greatest ecological devastation by apex predatorBrown tree snake (Boiga irregularis)Guam01 January 1945Since its accidental transportation shortly after World War II to the island of Guam, far from its normal South Pacific homelands, the brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis) has wreaked unprecedented devastation as an invasive apex predator. Following a population explosion caused by a lack of predators, not only has it wiped out most of Guam’s native vertebrate species (including birds), it has also caused thousands of residential, commercial, and military power breakdowns, it has preyed extensively upon pets and livestock, and has frequently invaded human habitation, resulting in widespread panic and endangering young children (it is a venomous, aggressive species).
13654First Olympic torch relayBerlin Olympic Games, 1936firstGermany, Berlin01 January 1936On 20 July 1936, the Greek athlete Konstantin Kondylis became the first ever Olympic torch bearer when he set off on the first leg of the journey from Olympia (Greece), where the original Olympics were born, to Berlin, Germany, where the 1936 Games were to be held. The 3,187 km (1,980 mi) journey was undertaken by a total of 3,331 runners, who each covered a distance of around 1 km (0.62 mi). The torch itself was designed to stay alight in all weathers, using highly combustible magnesium as fuel and featuring two fuses in case one went out along the way.
13655Highest score on Dr. Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises (Namco Bandai, 2011)Victoria NorvalUnited Kingdom, Cardiff,,ASDA store in Cardiff22 February 2011The highest number of points achieved on Dr. Kawashima Body and Brain Training Exercises (Balloon Buster) is 7,850 and was achieved by Victoria Norval in Cardiff (UK), on 22 February 2011.The attempt took place in the ASDA Coryton Supercentre, Cardiff, as part of a record breaking tour in five ASDA stores across the UK.
13656Largest soft-play areaBilly Beez (owned by Arabian Centres Limited Company)2316.79 square metre(s)Saudi Arabia, Al KhobarThe largest soft play area has an area of 2,316.79 m² (24,937.72 ft²) and was achieved by Billy Beez, an indoor entertainment centre for children owned and managed by Arabian Centres Limited Company (Saudi Arabia). Billy Beez is located in the Mall of Dhahran, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and was inaugurated on 25 May 2013.The play area can accommodate up to 2,500 children simultaneously.
13657Largest walking busNewmarket Schools Together1905 participantsUnited Kingdom, Newmarket,Newmarket College09 November 2012The largest walking bus involved 1,905 participants from Newmarket Schools Together (UK), which includes Laureate Community Primary School & Nursery, Paddocks Primary School, Exning Primary School, St. Louis Catholic Primary School, All Saints C of E VA Primary School, Houldsworth Valley Community Primary School, Ditton Lodge Primary School, Colourbox Montessori School, Stepping Stones Pre-school and Newmarket College in Newmarket, Suffolk, UK, on 9 November 2012.The route was 1.2 km long.
13658Farthest distance walking on stilts in 24 hoursSaimaiti Yiming79.6 kilometre(s)China, Shanshan01 October 2003Saimaiti Yiming (China) completed a distance of 79.6 km (49.4 miles) in 24 hours walking on stilts around Shanshan County, Xinjiang, China from 30 September–1 October 2003. His stilts measured 73 cm (28.7 in) from the ground to his ankle and weighed 10 kg (22 lb).
13659First circumnavigationVittoriafirstSpain, Seville08 September 1522The first ever circumnavigation of the world was accomplished on 8 September 1522, when the Spanish vessel Vittoria, under the command of the Spanish navigator Juan Sebastian de Elcano, reached Seville in Spain. The ship had set out from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalucía, Spain, on 20 September 1519, along with four others as part of an expedition led by the Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. They rounded Cape Horn, crossed the Pacific via the Philippines, and returned to Europe after sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. Vittoria was the only ship to survive the voyage, and of the 239 Europeans who set out, only 17 returned.Magellan himself had been killed in a squabble in the Philippines in March 1521.
13660First capture of living giant squidArchiefirstNew Zealand, 01 March 2002Famously elusive, the giant squid (Architeuthis dux) was finally captured alive for the first time when, in March 2002, an international scientific team led by marine biologist Dr Steve O’Shea announced that they had captured seven juvenile specimens off the coast of New Zealand. Measuring 9-13 mm (0.35-0.05 in), these tiny but highly significant individuals sadly did not survive long in captivity, but were briefly filmed there by the Discovery Channel while still alive. Although no adult specimen has survived capture, it is believed that Archie - the largest and most complete specimen ever found - was initially alive when trapped in deep sea trawling nets off the Falkland Islands in March 2004. Archie, who measures 8.5 m (28 ft) long, is currently on display in the Natural History Museum, London, UK.
13661Most expensive cricket batR K Global Shares & Securities Ltd100000 US dollar(s)United Kingdom, London18 July 2011The most expensive cricket bat was Mahendra Singh Dhoni's bat sold at auction for £100,000 ($161,295), bought by R K Global Shares & Securities Ltd (India), at the M.S Dhoni’s ‘East Meets West’ Charity Dinner, in London, UK, on 18 July 2011.The bat was used by Mahendra Singh Dhoni in World Cup 2011 finals on 2 April 2011 art Wankhede Stadium at hit the winning shot.
13662First sustained jet airline serviceAeroflotfirstRussia, Moscow15 September 1956The first sustained jet airline service was provided by the Russian airline Aeroflot on an internal route system – Moscow – Omsk - Irkutsk, which began on 15 September 1956 cutting the journey time from 18 to 7 hours. The aircraft used was the Tupolev Tu-104 “Camel”. It was the second jet-powered airliner to enter service after the de Havilland Comet. It had a maximum take-off weight of 167,550lbs (76,000kg), a cruising speed of 513 knots (950km/hr) and a range of 1,430 nautical miles (2,650 km). About 200 aircraft were built by the time production ended in 1960, and the type continued in civil service with Aeroflot until 1981.
13663Longest delay between Japanese and European releasesSin and Punishment (Nintendo, 2000/2007)JapanWith six years and 10 months between its Japanese debut and official release in Europe, Sin and Punishment is the rail shooter with the longest-delayed release. The game was actually developed for the Western market, and features English dialogue, but N64 sales were so low by the time it was completed that it was only ever released in Japan, in November 2000. The game finally came to Europe and America in September 2007 on the Wii Virtual Console, where it can be downloaded for 1200 Wii Points. The Western version still has the Japanese subtitles with the English dialogue.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
13664Largest ice cream shopThe Ice Cream Farm851 square metre(s)United Kingdom, Tattenhall05 November 2015The largest ice cream shop is The Ice Cream Farm (UK), which has 851 m² (9160.09 ft²) of floorspace, at their premises in Tattenhall, UK, as measured on 5 November 2015. The parlour sells over 50 different varieties and flavours of ice cream.
13665Largest permanent projection screenZhuhai Chimelong Investment and Development Co., Ltd1580.94 square metre(s)China, ZhuhaiThe largest permanent projection screen measures 1580.94 m² (17,017.1 ft²) and is installed in the 5D Castle Theatre located in the Hengqin Ocean Kingdom, owned by Zhuhai Chimelong Investment and Development Co., Ltd (China), in Hengqin, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. The screen was opened to the public on 30 May 2015. The screen also holds another record, for the largest stereoscopic 3D projection.
13666Largest memory lesson1,307 female students of Dar Al-Hekma University, Dr Manahel Thabet1,307 participantsSaudi Arabia, Jeddah14 September 2015The largest memory lesson involved 1,307 female students of Dar Al-Hekma University being taught by Dr Manahel Thabet at Dar Al-Hekma University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 14 September 2015. The lesson took 30 minutes 48 seconds under the scrutiny of the World Memory Sports Council.
13667Longest script for a graphic adventure gameLarry Fessenden, Graham Reznick, Until DawnUnited States26 August 2015For the PS4 survival horror adventure game Until Dawn (Sony/SuperMassive Games, 2015), screenwriters Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden (both USA) claimed that they wrote 10,000 pages of dialogue – smashing the previous record of 40,000 words set by noir adventure Heavy Rain. Sony had claimed that the final used script totalled 1,000-pages long, a number that would still claim the record by considerable distance. Until Dawn featured eight playable protagonists, with branching storylines that theoretically led to hundreds of possible outcomes. However, Reznick and Fessenden said that the epic script was partly due to the game’s lengthy development period, with the game having originally been announced as an action game in 2012. Reznick and Fessenden had previously worked across a number of indie horror films in a variety of capacities, including actor, writer and composer, with film credits including V/H/S, The Innkeepers and Habit.
13668Largest underground churchSaRang Church8,418 square metre(s)Korea (South), Seoul08 December 2015The largest underground church is the SaRang Church (South Korea), with a total floorspace of 8,418 m² (90,610 ft²), situated in Seoul, South Korea and measured on 8 December 2015. The floorspace is spread across 7 main chapels and sanctuaries and can accommodate 9,380 seated people.
13669Largest chocolate spreads brand - currentNutella2,561,300,000 US dollar(s)Italy, AlbaThe current largest chocolate spreads brand is Kinder (USA) with approximately $2,561,300,000 (£1,654,900,000 €2,239,110,000) in revenue in 2014. The second largest chocolate spreads brand is Perugina (Switzerland) with approximately $69,000,000 (£44,582,000 €60,320,500) in revenue in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
13670Longest non-stop three-rope cable carFansipan Sa Pa Cable Car Services and Tourism LLC6,292.5 metre(s)Vietnam, Sa Pa19 November 2015The longest non-stop three-rope cable car is 6,292.5 m (3.91 miles) and was achieved by Fansipan Sa Pa Cable Car Services and Tourism LLC (Vietnam) at Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Vietnam, on 19 November 2015. The journey takes over 20 minutes, one way, in order to cover the elevation difference of 1,410 m (4625 ft 11.7 in) between the two stations. Previously, it would take people one or two days to reach the peak of the mountain whilst on foot.
13671Largest confectionery brand - currentWrigley's7,786,400,000 US dollar(s)United States, WashingtonThe current largest confectionery brand is Wrigley's (USA) with approximately $7,786,400,000 (£5,094,040,000 €6,845,850,000) in revenue in 2014. The second largest confectionery brand is Cadbury (USA) with approximately $6,503,700,000 (£4,254,870,000 €5,718,090,000) in revenue in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
13672Largest chocolate confectionery brand - currentCadbury6,238,900,000 US dollar(s)United States, DeerfieldThe current largest chocolate confectionery brand is Cadbury (USA) with approximately $6,238,900,000 (£4,115,910,000 €5,871,350,000) in revenue in 2014.The second largest chocolate confectionery brand is Kinder (USA) with approximately $4,602,100,000 (£3,036,090,000 €4,330,980,000) in revenue in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
13673Best-selling wearable electronics brand - retail currentFitbit11,794,000 unit(s) soldUnited States, San FransiscoBased on retail figures from 17 September 2015, the current best-selling wearable electronics brand is Fitbit (USA) with approximately 11,794,000 units sold in 2014.The second best-selling wearable electronics company is Jawbone (USA) with approximately 3,707,400 units sold in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
13674Longest interval between birth of twinsAmy Ann Elliot, Kate Marie Elliot87:01:45 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Ireland, Waterford27 August 201233-year-old Maria Jones-Elliot of Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, gave birth to twins Amy Ann and Kate Marie ("Katie") Elliot 87 days apart, making them the twins with the longest interval between their births. The twins were born at Waterford Regional Hospital. Amy was born prematurely on 1 June 2012 and Kate followed on 27 August.Because Amy Ann was born at 09:16 and Kate Marie at 11:01, the exact interval is 87 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes.
13675Brazilian music festival breaks U2’s record for largest stage rig everBrazil's biggest music festival – The Villa Mix Festival Goiânia Edição 2015 – has set a new world record for the Largest stage rig for a music concert, usurping the title from veteran rock band U2.
13676Video: Open wide! Largest mouth gape record claimed by Germany's Bernd SchmidtEvery Wednesday we’ll be shining a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
13677Belgian centenarians confirmed as oldest living male twinsBelgian twins Pierre and Paul Langerock have recently celebrated their 102nd birthdays, and Guinness World Records has now confirmed that the pair are officially the Oldest living twins (male) in the world.
13678Guinness World Records Statement: Chandra Dangi 1939-2015Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority in record breaking achievements, is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mr Chandra Dangi, who held the title of shortest man in the world.
13679Guinness World Records statement: Production car world recordsUpdated: April 10, 2013With reference to the record for the ‘Fastest production car’ which was awarded to the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport in 2010, Guinness World Records would like to confirm that Bugatti's record has not been disqualified the record category is currently under review.The review will be conducted with the utmost diligence and Guinness World Records is working with all parties concerned.
13680Largest digital quartz watch company – currentThis record is for the largest digital quartz watch company in terms of revenue generated by the sale of digital quartz watches within the latest available annual data.This record is based on the number of units sold within the latest available annual data series.Includes all quartz-driven watches which represent passage of time with digitized numbering on the dial.

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