Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13681Largest digital quartz watch brand – currentThis record is for the largest digital quartz watch brand in terms of revenue generated by the sale of digital quartz watches within the latest available annual data.This record is based on the number of units sold within the latest available annual data series.Includes all quartz-driven watches which represent passage of time with digitized numbering on the dial.
13682Most blood pressure readings taken in 24 hoursThis record is for the greatest number of people to have their blood pressure measured in one location within 24 hours.
13683Highest-charting Kickstarter-funded albumThis record is for the highest-charting album on any national music chart that has been the subject of a public funding campaign on Kickstarter.This record is measured by chart position.For the purpose of this record a kickstarter funded album is an album that was paid for and released with money from a kickstarter fund and not through a record label.
13684Largest skateboardRob DyrdekUnited States, Los Angeles25 February 2009The largest skateboard measured 11.14 m (36 ft 7 in) long, 2.63 m (8 ft 8 in) wide and 1.10 m (3 ft 7.5 in) high it was designed and produced by Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia (both USA) in Los Angeles, California, USA and unveiled on 25 February 2009 on the MTV series 'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory'.
13685Largest accordionGiancarlo FrancenellaItaly, Castelfidardo01 January 2001The largest playable accordion in the world is 2.53 m (8 ft 3.5 in) tall, 1.9 m (6 ft 2.75 in) wide, 85 cm (2 ft 9.5 in) deep, and weighs approximately 200 kg (440 lb). The instrument, built by Giancarlo Francenella (Italy), in Castelfidardo, Ancona, Italy, bears the name 'Fisarmonica Gigante' and was completed in 2001.
13686Largest chocolate candy sculptureNamba WalkJapan, Osaka10 February 2012The largest chocolate candy sculpture weighed 267.4 kg (589.5 lb) and measured 18 cm (7 in) in height, 1.54 m (5ft 0.5 in) in length and 1.24 m (4 ft 0.8 in) in depth and was created by Namba Walk (Japan) at Namba Walk in Osaka, Japan, on 10 February 2012.
13687Most gender reassignment surgeryBlair LogsdonUnited States, Cumberland, MD02 February 2012The most gender reassignment surgeries for an individual person is held by Blair Logsdon (USA) who had undertaken 167 surgeries between 1987 and 2005. As well as gender reconstructive surgery to the pelvis and on the breasts this list includes multiple facial feminisation procedures.
13688Most wins at the World Beard/Moustache ChampionshipsKarl-Heinz Hille8 timesNorway, Trondheim01 January 2011The most wins at the World Beard and Moustache Championships is 8 and was achieved by Karl-Heinz Hille (Germany). From 1999 to 2011, Hille has been competing in the Imperial partial beard category. His most recent success was in Trondheim, Norway, in 2011.Hille won the Imperial Partial Beard category at the following six world championships: 1999 (Ystad, Sweden) 2003 (Carson City, Nevada, USA) 2005 (Berlin, Germany) 2007 (Brighton, England) 2009 (Anchorage, Alaska, USA) and 2011 (Trondheim, Norway). In addition he was the overall champion at the 1999 and 2003 championships. There is no official measurement as the competition is based on criteria governing impressive styles.
13689Longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouthAndrew StantonItaly, Rome31 March 2012The longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouth measured 3.63 m (11 ft 10.91 in) in length and was achieved by Andrew Stanton (USA) on the set of 'Lo Show dei Record' in Rome, Italy, on 31 March 2012.Andrew is a side show performer in Las Vegas.
13690Smallest arcade machineMark SlevinskyCanada09 October 2009The smallest arcade machine was built by Mark Slevinsky (Canada). Just 124 x 52 x 60 mm (4.88 x 2.05 x 2.36 in), it is fully playable. The computer engineer built it from scratch in 2009 and wrote his own operating system, FunkOS, to program its Tetris, Space Invaders and Breakout clones.
13691Longest videogame marathon on Q*BertGeorge LeutzUnited States18 February 2013The longest videogame marathon on the arcade version of Q*Bert lasted 84 hr 48 min and was achieved by George Leutz on from 14–18 February 2013 at an arcade in New Jersey, USA. It was third time lucky for Leutz, who has played the game for years to get to this standard.
13692Longest videogame marathon on Solitaire BlitzLaura Rich, Kathleen HenkelUnited Kingdom, London27 June 2012The longest videogame marathon playing Solitaire Blitz (PopCap, 2012) lasted 30 hours exactly and was achieved by Laura Rich (UK) and Kathleen Henkel (USA), who played the casual card game simultaneously in London, UK, and New York, USA, respectively on 26–27 June 2012.
13693Most expensive board game of MonopolyMonopoly, Sidney Mobell2000000 US dollar(s)United States, San Francisco01 January 1988An exclusive $2 million (£1.4 million) Monopoly set was created by the jeweller Sidney Mobell, San Francisco, USA in 1988. The board is made from 23 carat gold, rubies and sapphires top the chimneys of the solid gold houses and hotels and the dice have 42 full cut diamonds for spots.
13694Most valuable carpetThe Spring Carpet of Khusraw100000000 UK pound(s)Iraq, Ctesiphon01 January 0635The Spring Carpet of Khusraw made for the audience hall of the Sassanian palace at Ctesiphon, Iraq. It consisted of about 650 m² (7,000 ft²) of silk and gold thread encrusted with emeralds. The carpet was cut up as booty by looters in AD635 and, from the known realization value of the pieces, must have had an original value of some £100 million ($195 million).
13695First supersonic airlinerUnknown1968/12/31 year(s), month(s), day(s), 31 December 1968The former Soviet Tupolev Tu-144 first flew on 31 December 1968, thereby becoming the first supersonic airliner to fly. It initially entered service in 1975 carrying mail and cargo, and carried its first commercial passengers in 1977, but was taken out of service in 1978 after a second fatal crash.A single TU-144 was put into service for two years until 1998 by NASA as a 'flying laboratory' to study the dynamics of supersonic flight.
13696First First Lady of more than one countryGraca MachelfirstSouth Africa, 01 January 1998Graca Machel was married to Samora Machel (1933-86), President of Mozambique from 1975 to 1986. President Machel was killed in a plane crash on 19 October 1986. On 18 July 1998 she married Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa, making her the first woman to be `First Lady' of two different countries.
13697First reception of TV at seaUnknownUK01 April 1928The earliest reception of television at sea occurred in April 1928 on board the Cunarder Berengaria, when the chief wireless operator, S.W.Brown (UK) received low-definition pictures of his fiancée, Dora Slevey (UK) on a TV set that were transmitted from London, UK by the Baird Company.
13698First advertising agencyUnknownUK, Warwick Square,London01 January 1800James "Jem" White founded the advertising agency 'R. F. White & Son' in Warwick Square, London, UK in 1800. His first client was his old school, Christ's Hospital, which Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Charles Lamb attended. The agency, with a staff of around four including an office boy, also handled the advertising for the War Office, customs, crown agents for the colonies and Royal Engineers.White first came into contact with the newspaper and advertising world, centred around the taverns and coffee-houses along Fleet Street, when he was asked to place advertisements for Christ's Hospital School. Taking on other requests for placements, he quickly realised that the advertising business could be extremely lucrative and devoted himself to it full time. White was not only married to a New Bond Street bookseller's daughter but he was also a frequent guest at suppers given by Charles and Mary Lamb, which were attended by many of the best known literary and newspaper personalities of the time.
13699Fastest time to 1,000 eskimo rolls in a canoe (male)Colin Hill31/55.62 minute(s), second(s)UK, Consett,Durham12 March 1987Colin Hill (UK) achieved 1,000 rolls by hand in 31 min 55.62 sec at Consett, Durham, UK on 12 March 1987. He also achieved 100 rolls in 2 min 39.2 sec at Crystal Palace, London on 22 February 1987
13700First haute couturierCharles Frederic WorthfirstFrance, ,,01 January 1858Charles Frederic Worth, who left London for Paris in 1846, set up his own business in 1858 at 7, rue de la Paix. He is attributed as being the first haute couturier as he was the first designer to present his designs to his clients, by getting real models to parade in them. Worth initially worked in the cloth trade, cutting dresses for his wife Marie. Until the arrival of haute courture, dressmakers and designers had controlled the design and production of ladies' garments, creating one ensemble for one individual client. In haute couture, models are created by the designer, bear his or her name and are protected by copyright from indiscriminate reproduction.The term is a designation protected by law. The main criteria, set up in 1945 and updated in 1992 is that a fashion house needs to employ a minimum of 15 people at the workshops and for each season present to the press a collection of 35 'runs' for daytime and evening wear.
13701Largest silver service dinnerWalter E. Washington Convention CenterUnited States, Washington, D.C.17 July 2008The largest silver-service dinner party took place on 17 July 2008, when 16,206 people were guests at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Centennial Celebration Dinner hosted by the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (USA) in Washington DC, USA.
13702Longest human domino lineNing YangChina, Ordos City,,Dongsheng District12 August 2010The longest human domino line was formed by 10,267 participants at the Ordos International Nadam Fair in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, on 12 August 2010.The participants were students and other citizens from Ordos City. It took 69 minutes 43 seconds to complete the human domino line, which was about 7.2 km long.
13703Most free throws scored in an NBA gameWilt Chamberlain, Adrian DantleyNot Applicable05 January 1984The most free throws scored in an NBA game is 28 by Wilt Chamberlain (USA) for the Philadelphia 76ers against the New York Knicks on 2 March 1962 and Adrian Dantley (USA) for the Utah Jazz against the Houston Rockets on 5 January 1984Chamberlain achieved his 28 free throws from 32 attempts whereas Adrian Dantley achieved his record from 29 attempts.
13704Largest pedal-powered vehicleAlloy FabweldUnited Kingdom, Duxford Airfield22 September 2007The largest pedal-powered vehicle is capable of carrying 104 riders and was built by Alloy Fabweld in conjunction with the Great Dunmow Round Table at Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK, on 22 September 2007.The vehicle was 36.69 m (120 ft 4 in) long and had a max width of 1.83 m (6 ft).
13705Most resistant insectMyzus persicaeUnited StatesThe most insecticide-resistant insect is considered to be the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) which has been documented as being resistant to 71 different chemical pesticides. They are approximately 2.3 mm (0.09 in) long when fully grown and vary in colour from green to pale yellow or pink.Aphids feed by sucking the juices of plants and the green peach is the most common aphid in the United States. They were first discovered in Europe in the late 18th century.
13706Largest internet advertiser - sectorRetail sector5500000000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 01 January 2010According to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the retail sector spent more on internet advertising during 2010 than any other sector. Retail advertising spending reached $5.5 billion in 2010, representing 21% of the total outlay for all categories of internet advertising in that year. This was a significant increase in spending from the previous year, up a billion dollars from $4.5 billion.
13707Longest balloon chainFuture Generali India Life Insurance Co. LtdIndia, Mumbai09 February 2011The longest balloon chain measured 20,024 m (65,695 ft 4.88 in) and was achieved by Future Generali India Life Insurance Co. Ltd. & Future Value Retail Ltd. (Big Bazaar) in association with G2rams India Pvt. Ltd. (all India), in Mumbai, India, on 9th February 2011.The balloon chain contained 198,240 balloons in total.
13708Most fuel-efficient vehicleSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich0.01857 litre(s) per 100 kilometresSwitzerland, Zurich26 June 2005The record for the most fuel-efficient vehicle is 0.01857 litres of petrol for 100 km (15,212 mpg) and was achieved by PAC-Car II from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland, on the Shell Eco Marathon in the Michelin Technology Centre, Ladoux, France, on 26 June 2005.(Or 3,836 km/l - see attachment).
13709First treeGinkgo bilobaChinaThe earliest surviving species of tree is the maidenhair (Ginkgo biloba) of Zhejiang, China, which first appeared about 160 million years ago during the Jurassic era. It was rediscovered by Engelbert Kaempfer (Germany) in 1690 and reached England c. 1754. It has been grown in Japan since c. 1100, where it is now known as ichou.This plant is often referred to as "the oldest living fossil" or "oldest plant genus". Leaf imprints of ancestral species of Gingko trees have been found in sedimentary rocks of the Jurassic and Triassic periods (135-210 million years ago).
13710Longest line of drink cansBridge FM Radio Ltd and Bridgend County Borough CouncilUnited Kingdom, Bridgend26 November 2009The longest drinks can line consisted of 106,300 cans and was constructed by participants from Bridge FM Radio LTD and Bridgend County Borough Council (both UK) at the Bridgend Recreation Centre, Glamorgan County, Wales, on 26 November 2009.The amount of cans lined up was to correspond with Bridge FM's frequency (106.3 FM). They started at 08.47 and finished on 21.57 on the same day. When complete, the line spanned a length of just over 6.37 km. The initiative was run by the station and backed by the council, in order to remind the borough about the importance of recycling. They called the initiative 'Metal Miles 2009: Bringing the Record Home', as they had previously set the initial record which was broken in 2007, and so wanted to re-claim the record. The cans used in the attempt were collected by Bridge FM listeners and sent to the station. Over 40 schools and numerous local businesses helped to collect them.

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