Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1351Most powerful mobile (cell) phone gunMobile Phone gunCroatiaThe most powerful mobile phone gun is a 0.22 calibre (0.22 in) pistol, disguised as a cell phone, which can fire a (close-range) lethal round of four bullets when numbers 5,6,7,8 are pressed in quick succession. It is believed that these phone-guns are made in Croatia, and have already been seized in drug raids across Europe in 2003.NB: do not convert gun calibres.
1352Largest photo shoot of people wearing bikinisHuludao Municipal GovermentChina, Huludao17 August 2011The largest bikini photo shoot involved 3,090 participants for an event organised by Huludao Municipal Goverment, on Longwan Beach,Huludao, Liao Ning Province, China, on 17 August 2011
1353Largest rapChristian WeirichGermany, Erfurt23 June 2010The largest rap was achieved by 7,519 audience participants led by rapper Doppel-U (Christian Weirich) at a concert organised by Megarock Radio (Germany) in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany, on 23 June 2010.Clickers and log books were used for counting. Participants rapped the words to Schiller's "Ode to Joy."
1354Smallest scale three dimensional mapMerrifieldUnited KingdomThe smallest scale three dimensional map is a representation of the 2df survey of galaxies in a glass cube. It has a scale of 1cm=1 billion light years (around one to one billion billion billion) and is produced by Crystal Nebulae (UK).All of the approximately 200,000 galaxies mapped in the 2df survey arel represented within the cube. The galaxies are etched inside the cube by a laser, with a positional accuracy of 40 microns. This corresponds to a spatial uncertainty less than the results of the survey itself.
1355Most people dressed in giant papier-mâché models / puppetsColla Gegantera del Carnaval de SolsonaSpain, Solsona06 July 2003A total of 215 papier-mâché giants made by 88 organizations gathered at Solsona, Catalonia, Spain on 6 July 2003 to celebrate the 3rd annual meeting of the Colla Gegantera del Carnaval de Solsona.The giants tend to take the forms of royal figures. Their origins are unknown although many European countries have adopted the tradition of having them dance down the streets as part of their festival celebrations. In Catalonia, the earliest known records are from the 14th century when the characters David and Goliath were created as part of the procession of the feast of Corpus Christi in Barcelona, Spain.
1356Most straitjacket escapes in 8 hoursJames Peters193 timesUnited Kingdom, Chelmsford27 September 2003James Peters (UK) escaped from a strait jacket a total of 193 times in eight hours at the YMCA, Chelmsford, Essex, UK on 27 September 2003. His fastest escape was achieved in 56 seconds.
1357Most kidney stones removed from a patientAshish RawandalePatilIndia, Dhule09 December 2009The most kidney stones removed from a patient is 172,155, which were removed from Dhanraj Wadile by Dr Ashish Rawandale (India) at the Institute of Urology, Dhule, Maharastra, India on 8 December 2009.The stones were removed from Dhanraj Wadile's left pelvic kidney using endoscopy in a three-hour-long operation.
1358Most layers of paintMichael CarmichaelUnited States, Alexandria01 June 2004The most layers in a ball of paint is approximately 17,994 on a baseball owned by Michael Carmichael of Alexandria, Indiana, USA. Since first painting the ball in 1977, he and his wife Glenda have added nearly two coats of paint per day and as of June 2004, the ball has a circumference of 9 ft 1 in (2.77 m).Certified aborist Rick Barker inspected a core sample at 1200 times magnification and determined that a layer of paint is approximately 7 millionths (.000778) of an inch thick, and that each inch of the 14-inch sample contained 1,285 coats of paint -- therefore concluding that baseball has approximately 17,994 layers of paint. One gallon of paint is good for 20-25 layers of paint at the paintball’s current size.
1359Largest aircraft, biplane (present day)Antonov An-2 / An-3Russia01 January 1947Although not the largest biplanes ever, the biggest double-wing aircraft currently in common use is the Antonov An-2 / An-3, which has a wingspan of 18.8 m (61 ft 7 in) and a maximum take-off weight of 5,800 kg (12,790 lb). It has a 12-person capacity in typical configuration and was first manufactured in 1947.In addition to hundreds in private ownership, it remains in service with more than 20 air forces around the world.
1360Inline skates, most skaters in a mid-air cross overTaïg Khris, Anis Iboulalen, Lamini Fathi, Fabrice Viguier4 peopleFrance, Port Leucate20 July 2004The most inline skaters to successfully perform a mid-air vertical cross over on a half pipe ramp is four on the set of L’Été de Tous Les Records, Port Leucate, France on 20 July 2004. The trick was executed by Anis Iboulalen, Lamini Fathi, Taig Khris and Fabrice Viguier.
1361Fastest flamenco - most taps in a minute by a femaleRosario VarelaSpain, madrid23 January 2009The fastest flamenco dancer in a minute is Rosario Varela (Spain), who attained 1,274 taps on the set of on the set of 'Guinness World Records', in Madrid, Spain, on 23 January 2009.
1362Largest tea danceEvening Times, in association with Glasgow Life and Glasgow Housing AssociationUnited Kingdom, Glasgow,George Square12 September 2010At total of 306 couples took part in a tea dance in George Square, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, on 12 September 2010. The event was organized by the Evening Times newspaper in association with Glasgowlife and Glasgow Housing Association. Accompanying the dancers was the Swing Sensation Big Band.A tea dance is an afternoon dance accompanied by a live band sandwiches, biscuits and tea must also be served.
1363Longest animalbootlace wormUnited KingdomThe longest species of worm of any kind is the bootlace worm (Lineus longissimus), a species of nemertean or ribbon worm, inhabiting shallow waters of the North Sea. In 1864, following a severe storm at St Andrews in Fife, UK, a record-breaking specimen was washed ashore, and was found to measure over 55 m (180 ft) long.
1364Heaviest vehicle pulled by rice bowl suction on the stomachZhang XingquanChina, Beijing16 December 2006By pressing a rice bowl on his abdominal muscles, Zhang Xingquan (China), was able to create enough suction to pull a a 3,305.5 kg heavy vehicle for 10 meters on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 16 December 2006.
1365Most languages sung in concertDr. Kesiraju SrinivasIndia, Hyderabad03 June 2008The most languages sung during one concert is 76, achieved by Dr. Kesiraju Srinivas a.k.a Ghazal Srinivas, at the Gandhi Hills, Andhra Pradesh, India from 2-3 June 2008.The concert used Mahatma Gandhi's philosphies as a basis for the songs. Submitted together with the claim documentation was a letter of appreciation for the record attempt from the President of India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil. Dr. Srinivas performed in 100 languages but 24 of the songs were shorter than the 2-minute minimum specified by the guidelines, and were therefore disqualified.
1366Longest career as a magazine cover designer for the same magazineKeizo TsukamotoJapan, SHUKAN MANGA TIMES04 July 2008The longest career as a magazine cover designer for the same magazine was achieved by Keizo Tsukamoto (Japan) who illustrated the cover of SHUKAN MANGA TIMES for 38 years and 5 months as of July 2008 without missing a single issue since April 1970.SHUKAN MANGA TIMES is a weekly issued magazine. Keizo Tsukamoto illustrated 1,937 magazine covers as of 13 July 2008.
1367First arcade cabinet to feature realistic driving controlsGran Trak 10firstNot ApplicableIn 1974, the racing genre was nothing more than a block of pixels, speeding around a dot-defined track against the clock. The game was Gran Trak 10, the first arcade cabinet to feature a combination of gear-stick, steering wheel and foot pedals.GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: first...
1368Tallest stilt triple salto with triple twist from teeter boardSergey Chekasov1 timesMonaco, Monte-Carlo01 January 2003Balancing on a single stilt measuring 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in) tall (from the ground to the foot platform), Sergey Cherkasov (Russia) achieved a triple salto and triple twist off a teeter board at the 27th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo , Monaco in January 2003.He was performing with the Moscow State Circus at the time.
1369First person to score two interception returns over 100 yards in NFL historyLito SheppardfirstUnited States, 08 October 2006Lito Sheppard (USA) of the Philadelphia Eagles became the first player in NFL history with two interception returns of over 100 yards. Both touchdown returns came against the Dallas Cowboys: a 101-yarder on 15 November 2004, and a 102-yard interception return for a touchdown on 8 October 2006.
1370First person to win a NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championship (female)Angelle SampeyfirstUnited States, 01 January 2006Angelle Sampey (USA) is the first female to win a championship in Pro Stock Motorcycle she actually won three championships in a row from 2000-2002. Sampey has won 40 Pro Stock Motorcycle titles in total, more victories than any female competitor, from 1996 through the 2006 season.
1371First film character computer-generatedYoung Sherlock HolmesfirstUnited States, 01 January 1985Young Sherlock Holmes (USA/UK, 1985) was the first full-length movie to feature a completely computer-generated character. To achieve the effect of a stained-glass knight emerging from a window, animator John Lasseter (USA), who would go on to create Toy Story (USA, 1995), relied solely on computer graphics.
1372First arcade game to link multiple cabinetsFinal LapfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1987The first racing game to support multiple players via linked cabinets was Final Lap, released to arcades in 1987. By linking four of the dual-screen machines, races of up to eight players – who controlled the cars using a steering wheel, pedals and a gear shift – could be supported around a representation of Japan’s Suzuka Circuit. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First multi-cabinet arcade game.
1373Most joints cracked continuouslyJames Syiemiong26 total numberIndia, studios of Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corporation of IndiaJames Syiemiong (India) was able to crack in a single continuous attempt lasting 56.1 seconds, a total of 26 different bone joints at the studios of Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corporation of India on 27 May 2003.
1374Most people on a pub crawlCrawl for Cancer4885 peopleUnited States, Kansas City,,Power and Light District01 June 2013The largest pub crawl involved 4,885 participants who visited 10 pubs in Kansas City's Power and Light District, Missouri, USA, during an event organised by the Crawl for Cancer LLC, on 1 June 2013. Twenty one bars in Kansas City's Power and Light district took part in the bar crawl, with more than 4,635 gallons of beer ordered for the event. Bar crawlers' costumes ranged from army fatigues, rainbow colors, tutus, grass skirts, cows, cats, dogs, native Americans, baseball players, devils, Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, Umpaloomas and every color of t-shirt imaginable.
1375Most non-magicians taught to present a trick in a single locationLuis de MatosPortugal, Porto16 November 2003Magician Luis de Matos (Portugal) taught 52,000 people a simple method to apparently vanish 52,001 silk handkerchiefs simultaneously at the Estádio do Dragão football stadium, Porto, Portugal. The effect (not the lesson) was shown live on RTP television on 16 November 2003.The illusion was part of the stadium's opening ceremony, inaugurated with a friendly between FC Porto and FC Barcelona.
1376First communications satelliteEcho 11962/7/10 - 1968/5/24 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, Cape Canaveral,Florida10 July 1962Echo 1 (sometimes called Echo 1A) was launched on 10 July 1962 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. It was a 30m (98 ft) diameter balloon with a reflective aluminium coating, allowing radio and television signals to be passively reflected back to Earth. It ceased operations on 24 May 1968.
1377Most people sword swallowing simultaneouslySword Swallowers Association InternationalUnited States, Wilkes-Barre30 August 2002A total of 19 sword swallowers (from Italy, Sweden and the USA, 17 men and two women) simultaneously swallowed a total of 50 swords between them at the Annual Sideshow Gathering and Sword Swallowers Convention, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA, on 30 August 2002.
1378Largest self-defence classSouth American Krav Maga Federation2212 participantsBrazil, Rio de Janeiro ,CopacabanaThe largest self defence class involved 2,212 participants and was a Krav Maga lesson organized by the South American Krav Maga Federation at Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 29 May 2010.The lesson was directed by Master Kobi Lichtenstein (Israel) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Imi Lichtenfeld, the creator of Krav Maga, and the 20th anniversary of the presence of Krav Maga in Brazil. Participants from 27 countries took part at the class.
1379Largest coffee party (single venue)Krüger GmbH & Co. KG8162 participantsGermany, Cologne30 August 2009The largest coffee party in a single venue involved 8,162 participants and was set by Krüger GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) at the Jugendpark in Cologne, Germany, on 30 August 2009All grown up participants were given a wristband and a ice coffee drink in a bottle at the entrance. By counting the number of remaining wristbands in the end and deducting people that didnt take the free coffee drink the final number of participants was established.
1380Heaviest right hand deadlift - barHermann GoernerGermany, Leipzig29 October 1920Hermann Goerner (Germany, 1891 - 1965) unofficially lifted a 330 kg (727.5 lb) bar with his right hand on 8 October 1920 at Leipzig, Germany.. The bar was correctly lifted from the floor to the fully erect position. He officially performed a right-handed deadlift of 301 kg (663½ lb) on 29 October 1920 also at Leipzig using a Berg Olympic revolving bar.

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