Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13801Most ballet leg switches in one minute of synchronised swimmingKathryn Pounder and Rebecca MacEnriUnited Kingdom, Trafalgar Square fountains,London09 November 2006The record for the most ballet leg switches in one minute is 71 and was set by Kathryn Pounder and Rebecca MacEnri (both UK) from Aquabatix, UK in the Trafalgar Square fountains, London, UK on 9 November 2006 as part of Guinness World Records Day.
13802Most matches consecutively scoring the winning goal in NHL ice hockeyNewsy LalondeCanada01 February 1921The National Hockey League (NHL) record for most consecutive games scoring the game-winning goal is 5 by Newsy Lalonde (Canada) playing for the Montreal Canadiens (Canada) in February 1921. Daniel Alfredsson (Sweden) became only the second NHL player to score four straight game-winners while playing for the Ottawa Senators from 9 January to 16 January 2007.
13803Most people balancing books on their headsDanielle Di-MasiparticipantsAustralia, North Sydney13 November 2012The most people balancing books on their heads is 998 and was organized by Danielle Di-Masi (Australia) in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 13 November 2012.
13804First strategy gameOXOfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1952The first strategy game on a computer was OXO, a version of Noughts and Crosses (known in the US as Tic-Tac-Toe), which was recreated on the EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) by Alexander S. Douglas of the USA in 1952.OXO was ground breaking in a number of ways, as it was also the first video game and the first multiplayer game. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008 title: First strategy game.
13805First multiplayer videogameOXOfirstNot ApplicableThe first strategy game on a computer was OXO, a version of Noughts and Crosses (known in the US as Tic-Tac-Toe), which was recreated on the EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) by Alexander S. Douglas of the USA in 1952. OXO was ground breaking in a number of ways, as it was also the first multiplayer game. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First multiplayer game.
13806Largest game of tagElkhart Community Schools2202 peopleUnited States, ElkhartThe largest game of tag was achieved by 2,202 students from Elkhart Community Schools (USA), in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, on 24 May 2013.
13807Longest heir-apparentPrince CharlesUnited Kingdom20 April 2011On 20 April 2011, Britain's Prince Charles had been heir-apparent for 59 years 2 months 14 days, passing the mark set by his great-great-grandfather Edward VII, who finally took to the throne upon the death of Queen Victoria on 22 January 1901.Prince Charles became heir apparent at the age of three when his mother, Princess Elizabeth, acceded to the throne on 6 February 1952. Edward VII became the heir apparent at birth on 9 November 1841 as his mother, Queen Victoria, was already on the throne.
13808Most couples huggingOmar Villalobos, Cooperativa Santa María Magdalena5369 participantsPeru, Ayacucho14 February 2012The most couples hugging simultaneously is 5,369 and was achieved by Omar Villalobos Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito "Santa María Magdalena” at the Estadio Ciudad de Cumana del Instituto Peruano del Deporte, in Ayacucho, Perú, on 14 February 2012The 10,738 people were present for a festival of music and the record attempt, the hug was symbolic and a message to people in Perú and the world that Ayacucho is no longer a place of violence (it was a Shining Path stronghold in the 90s) but a place of love and fraternity.
13809Fastest solo, unsupported and unassisted journey to the South Pole (female)Hannah McKeand39/9/33 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Antarctica, South Pole,Antarctica28 December 2006Hannah McKeand (UK) skied her way to the South Pole from the Hercules Inlet at the edge of the Antarctic continent in 39 days 9 hr 33 min between 19 November and 28 December 2006. The former marketing manager made the journey – in 24 hours of sunshine – without resupplies. She ate noodles for breakfast and a freeze-dried meal for dinner, and snacked throughout the day on chocolate, salami, and the explorer's favourite, Kendal mint cake – a total of around 6,000 calories day. The pole is situated at an altitude of 2,834 m (9,301 ft), which means that the entire journey is uphill, and the atmospheric pressure in this part of the world makes it feel more like 3,500 m (11,000 ft).
13810Most people running 100 metres in a 24 hour relayRun for Children4531 peopleItaly, padova18 June 2011The most people running 100 meters in a 24 hours relay is 4,531 participants and was achieved by Run for Children (Italy) in Prato della Valle, Padova, Italy, on 18 June 2011.The event was organised to raise money for the new children hospital called 'La citta' della speranza', in Padova, Italy. The hospital is being built at the moment and it will be one of the biggest in Europe with a research centre for the study of cancer in children.
13811Largest car seatHemhofen Primary SchoolGermany, Hemhofen10 December 2006The largest car seat measures 3.4 m (11 ft 2 in) high, 2.17 m (7 ft 2 in) wide and 2.54 m (8 ft 4 in) deep. The seat was made for the Lust am Auto Exhibition inMannheim, Germany, in September 2004. The seat was acquired at auction by Hemhofen Primary School, Hemhofen, Bavaria, Germany, and measured on 10 December 2006.
13812Longest carbon nanotubeJade BoydUnited States, Houston22 April 2005The world's largest carbon nanotube model contained 65,000 carbon atoms and measured 360 m (1,181 ft) long. It was constructed on 22 April 2005, using Molecular Visions chemistry building blocks, by students and staff at Rice University's Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, Houston, Texas, USA.
13813Skateboard, highest flip indieJocke OlssenFrance, Port Leucate21 July 2004The record for the highest flip indie on a skateboard using a half pipe ramp is 1.8m from the lip of the ramp and was performed by Jocke Olsson (Sweden) on the set of L’Été de Tous Les Records, Port Leucate, France on 21 July 2004.
13814Most powerful solar chimneyEnviromission50 kilowatt hour(s)Spain, Manzanares08 February 2005Enviromission's (Australia) prototype solar chimney power station in Manzanares, Spain, produced 50 kW of electricity between 1982 and 1989. It consisted of a large area of greenhouses, in which air, heated by the Sun, expanded upwards through a 200 m-tall (656 ft) central tower, powering turbines as it escaped into the atmosphere.
13815First digital emoticonUnknownfirstUnited States, Pittsburgh19 September 1982The first ever 'smiley' was written by Scott Fahlman (USA) of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, on 19 September 1982. In a message on a bulletin board system, he proposed the use of :-) and :-( in emails, to signify the emotional context of the message and prevent misunderstandings in email communication.
13816Most lights on a Christmas treeKiwanis Malmedy / Haute Fagnes BelgiumBelgium, Malmedy10 December 2010The most lights lit simultaneously on a Christmas tree is 194,672 and was achieved by Kiwanis Malmedy / Haute Fagnes Belgium in Malmedy, Belgium, on 10 December 2010.350 garlands measuring 3 m (9 ft 10 in) long and fitted with 576 lights were hung on the tree. Using voltage calculations, witnesses were able to ascertain exactly how many lights were successfully lit throughout the required 5 minutes.
13817Tallest building unoccupiedRyugyong HotelNorth Korea, Pyongyang01 January 1992The tallest building that is completely unoccupied is the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. Although it had reached its full height of 330 m (1,082 ft) the building was not finished when construction was halted in 1992. The hotel is the world's 18th tallest building and would be the world's tallest hotel if completed.The hotel was said to have been built in anticipation of a joint Olympic Games between the two Koreas, but was abandoned when the Games went to South Korea.Pic: Alamy
13818Most bone marrow donors recruited in 24 hoursDKMS Deutsche Knochmarkspenderdatei gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH2976 peopleGermany, Bonn22 April 2012The most bone marrow donors recruited in 24 hours is 2,976 achieved by DKMS Deutsche Knochmarkspenderdatei (Germany) at several stations along the track of the Deutsche Post Marathon Bonn in Bonn, Germany, from 21-22 April 2012.
13819Most consecutive Tamburello passesStephane Coste, Didier Causse, Jerome Gay, Patrice CharlesFrance, St Cyprien30 June 2005The record for the most consecutive tamburello passes bewteen four players is 43 and was set by Stephane Coste, Didier Causse, Jerome Gay and Patrice Charles (all France) on the the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, St Cyprien, France on 30 June 2005.
13820First published atlasAbraham OrteliusfirstBelgium, Antwerp01 January 1570The first world atlas to be published was the Theatrum orbis terrarum (Theatre of the world) in 1570. The Flemish cartographer, Abraham Ortelius' orignal collection was in Latin and contained 70 maps on 53 pages. Between 1570-1612, numerous updated editions were published including those in six other languages: German, Dutch, French, Spanish, English and Italian.Although the word 'atlas' here is retrospective (i.e it did not exist as a term in Ortelius' time), the collection was the first time maps had been presented in this way.NB - the lower case letters for the orbis terrarum are correct (see Britannica Macro Encyclopedia).Source: P. 54, Geographical magazine, July 2005.
13821Longest flower boxLandesstrasse 1027Austria, Unterretzbach28 July 2010The longest flower box measures 1,218.23 m (3,996 ft 9.72 in) long and joins the villages of Unterretzbach and Mitterretzbach (both Austria). It was measured in Unterretzbach, Austria, on 28 July 2010.The flower box lines the street "Landesstrasse 1027" from Unterretzbach to Mitterretzbach (district of Hollabrunn, federal state of Lower Austria, Republic of Austria).
13822Most countries to participate in an international military tattooRoyal Brunei Armed ForcesBrunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan01 August 2006The most countries to participate in an international military tattoo performance is 13 at the Brunei Darussalam International Tattoo 2006 which was organised by the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Brunei Darussalam from 29 July - 1 August 2006.The performance was a special event to mark the 60th birthday celebration of His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzadin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.
13823Most people performing a synchronised swimming routineOlympium Synchronized Swim Club186 peopleCanada, TorontoThe record for the most people performing a synchronised swimming routine was achieved by 186 participants at Olympium Pool, Ontario, Canada, on 31 May 2008.
13824Largest language lessonRainer OsnowskiGermany, Cologne13 March 2006The largest language lesson involved 6,287 participants being taught by Thomas Bug and Bastian Sick at the Kölnarena in Cologne, Germany, on 13 March 2006.
13825Heaviest buildingThe Palace of the ParliamentRomania, Bucharest01 January 1984The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania is believed to be the heaviest building in the world. It is constructed from 700,000 tonnes (1.5 billion lb) of steel and bronze combined with 1 million m³ (35.3 million ft³) of marble, 3,500 tonnes (7.7 million lb) of crystal glass and 900,000 m³ (31.7 million ft³) of wood.Construction began in 1984.
13826Longest chain of helmetsKeppel Offshore & MarineSingapore, Sentosa Island , Siloso Beach21 October 2007The longest chain of helmets consisted of 18,000 safety helmets, measured 5,664 m (18,582 ft) and was created by Keppel Offshore & Marine Limited (Singapore) at Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore on 21 October 2007.
13827Largest simultaneous LessonGlobal Campaign for Education8856108 peopleSouth Africa, Johannesburg23 April 2008The largest simultaneous lesson involved 8,856,108 students. Addressing the importance of quality education for all, the event was organised by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a coalition of civil society organisations who have come together to promote education as a basic human right across over 100 countries, on 23 April 2008.The GCE was formed in 1999 and since then, civil society organisations, teachers' unions, non-governmental organizations including Oxfam, Action Aid and Save the Children, child rights' activists, UN agencies, schools teachers, parents and students collectively have joined the movement to press for education for all. The lesson lasted 30 minutes and addressed the importance of having a quality education for all to end exclusion so that we can attain the Education for All goals set by world leaders by 2015. To this end the GCE prepared a common Lesson Plan under the topic: "The Importance of Quality Education for All".
13828Largest ice fishing competitionVesa KeskinenFinland, Töysä15 March 2003The largest ever ice fishing competition took place on Lake Ponnenjärvi, Töysä, Finland with 26,462 participants on 15 March 2003.The Veljekset Keskinen Miljoona Pilkki event has been organised annually since 1997.
13829First observed transit of VenusUnknownfirstUnited Kingdom, Much Hoole,near Preston04 December 1639The first person to observe, measure and record the transit of the planet Venus across the Sun was Jeremiah Horrocks (UK) who monitored the event on 24 November 1639 from Lancashire, UK. The transit of 8 June 2004 was witnessed by millions of people worldwideHorrocks, along with his friend William Crabtree (also UK), were probably the only two people in the world who witnessed this event.Transits of Venus across the face of the Sun are extremely rare due to the geometry of the orbits of the planets. Of the millions of people who witnessed the transit of 8 June 2004, none had seen the previous transit, which occurred in 1882.
13830Most boules Lyonnaise direct hits (carreaux) in two minutesSebastien GrailFrance, La Tranche Sur Mer28 July 2004The record for the most successful carreux in the game of Boules Lyonnaise in 2 minutes is 21 and was set by Sebastien Grail (France) on the set of L’Été de Tous Les Records in La Tranche Sur Mer on 28 July 2004.

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