Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13831Most people playing parachuteChildren from the Gaza Strip3520 timesPalestinian Entity (West Bank-Gaza), Gaza,,Khan Younis Stadium30 June 2011The most people playing parachute is 3,520 with 176 parachutes and was achieved by children from the Gaza Strip, at the Khan Younis Stadium, Gaza, on 30 June 2011.
13832Largest spurLarry HoustonUnited States, Abilene01 January 2002The largest spur measures 8.45 m (27 ft 9 in) long and 6.14 m (20 ft 2 in) wide and was made by Larry Houston (USA) in 2000. The spur was erected as an archway at the Central Kansas Free Fair and Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo Arena in Abilene, Kansas, USA, in 2002.Larry was a master farrier and it took him 450 man hours to produce the spur.It is made from steel and weighs around 907 kg (2,000 lb).
13833Youngest band to be banned from radioWhos Ya Daddy?Australia, Lismore23 December 2004The youngest band to have one of their recordings banned from radio play is Who's Ya Daddy? of Ballina, New South Wales, Australia, with an average age of 12 years 26 days. Their recording "I Like Fat Chicks" was banned from ZZZ FM in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia on 23 December 2004.Band members are Robert Raguse (b. 3 January 1992, Australia), Alexander L'Estrange (b. 9 November 1993, Australia) and Edward L'Estrange (b. 21 September 1993, Australia).
13834Largest printed catalogue (standard edition)William H. WaltmanUnited States03 January 2005The largest printed catalogue (standard edition) is 'The Aviall Product and Catalog Book' and was made by Aviall Services Inc (USA) on 3 January 2005. It has 2,656 pages, weighs 7.4 lb (3.4 kg) and is 7.1 cm (2.8 in) thick.It took Aviall Services nearly two years to assemble all the information needed for the catalogue. The catalogue is a detailed selection of the one of the world’s largest independent providers of new aviation parts and related aftermarket services.
13835First person to sail around the world solo and non-stop (female)Kay CotteefirstAustralia, Sydney05 June 1988Kay Cottee (Australia) is the first woman to sail around the world solo and non-stop. She departed from Sydney, Australia, on 29 November 1987 in her 11 m (36 ft) yacht First Lady and returned there 189 days later on 5 June 1988.Please note, this was achieved not within the rules of the World Sailing Speed Records Council (WSSRC), and therefore is not ratified by them, but as it is generally acknowledged to be the first, and they agree it should remain a CWR.
13836Most people in a human-soft toy chainFareed Lafta4275 peopleIraq, Najaf31 October 2013The most people in a human-soft toy chain included 4,275 people each with a soft toy and was achieved in an event organised by Fareed Lafta and Iraqi Red Crescent in Najaf, Iraq, on 31 October 2013.
13837First microprocessorUnknownfirstUnited States, 31 January 1971The first microprocessor was the 4004 chip, designed and built by Intel (USA). The first one was completed in January 1971. The size of a thumbnail, this first single-processor CPU had the same power as ENIAC, the room-sized first electronic computer. The 4004 chip had 2,300 transistors and could perform around 100,000 instructions per second.
13838Oldest internet benchUnknownfirstUnited Kingdom, Bury St Edmunds06 August 2001On 6 August 2001 the world's first park bench with free access to the internet was opened in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK. The standard park bench was converted by to allow four people to connect their laptops simultaneously, in an attempt to change how people use the internet.
13839Oldest continuous ice coreEPICA Dome C ice coreAntarctica, Dome C09 June 2004The oldest continuous ice core covers 740,000 years of climate history. It measures 3,139 m (10,298 ft) in length and is 10 cm (4 in) in diameter. It was drilled at Dome C, Antarctica by the ten-nation EPICA (European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica) and announced on 9 June 2004.
13840Oldest biological molecules125-million-year-old IguanodonUnited Kingdom, quarry in Surrey02 February 2004The oldest biological molecules isolated to date are around 125 million years old. They were extracted from the rib of an iguanodon which had been found in a quarry in Surrey, UK. The research was carried out by Liverpool University, the University of Wales and the Natural History Museum (all UK) and the results were announced in September 2003.
13841First photosynthesis3.7 billion years agoGreenland, University of Copenhagen17 December 2003Chemical evidence in ancient rocks from Greenland suggest that photosynthesis was occurring on Earth 3.7 billion years ago - around a billion years earlier than previously believed. The analysis was carried out by scientists from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters journal in December 2003.
13842Most blooms in 1 night, same plant (Night blooming cereus)Stanley BlyskalUnited States, East Islip,In the claimant's home10 September 2011The most blooms in one night for the same plant is 47, for a night blooming cereus (Selenicereus grandiflorus) owned by Stanley Blyskal (USA), which grew in his home in East Islip, New York, USA, during the night of 10-11 September 2011.
13843Largest Highland danceNairn Associated Schools Group1453 peopleUnited Kingdom, Nairn22 June 2007The largest Highland dance involved 1,453 participants from 5 schools in the Nairn region who danced the Dashing White Sergeant for an event organised by the Nairn Associated Schools Group to celebrate the Highland Year of Culture 2007 at Nairn Links, Scotland, UK, on 22 June 2007.
13844Longest dog tunnelNorth Northumberland Dog Training ClubUnited Kingdom, CorbridgeThe longest human dog tunnel involved 1,019 people and two dogs in an event organised by the North Northumberland Dog Training Club at the Northumberland County Show, Northumberland, UK, on 25 May 2009.Dogs that were successful: Elsa owned by Jim Wright & Shadow owned by Megan Young.
13845Longest line of dancing drag queensThe xFoundation144 peopleUnited Kingdom, London30 July 2012The longest line of dancing drag queens consisted of 144 participants and was achieved by The xFoundation (UK) in London, UK, on 30 July 2012.
13846Most expensive theatre production in the West EndChitty Chitty Bang Bang6200000 US dollar(s)United Kingdom, London16 April 2002Eon Production's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which opened on 16 April 2002 at the London Palladium, starring Michael Ball (UK), cost £6.2 million (US$8.9 million) to stage, beating the previous record set by Cats of £6 million (then $12.69 million) on 11 May 1981.The Lord of the Rings will smash this record when it opens in August 2005.
13847Smallest Guru Granth SahibMehmood ImranHong Kong, Hong Kong01 October 2006The smallest known copy of the Guru Granth Sahib measures 29.61 x 29.59 x 23.36 mm (1.17 x 1.16 x 0.92 in) and contains 1,430 pages. The book is owned by Mehmood Imran (India) and was measured on 1 October 2006.Mr. Imran told us the book was published by the British Empire for the Sikh soldiers of the Indian Army during the First World War. The soldiers used to tuck these miniature books in their turbans after daily prayers.
13848First driver to win IndyCar and F1 titles in consecutive seasonsNigel MansellfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1993Nigel Mansell (UK) made history by becoming the first rookie to win the IndyCar championship, in 1993. Mansell was also the 1992 Formula One World Driving Champion, making him the first driver ever to win both titles in consecutive seasons.
13849Largest air cargo carrierFedExUnited States01 January 2004FedEx (USA) is the world's largest carrier of air freight in the world, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In 2004 the company flew 14,579 million freight tonne kilometres. Korean Air Lines (South Korea) is in second place with 8,264 million, and Lufthansa (Germany) is in third with 8,040 million.
13850Oldest bowl of noodlesLajia archaelogical siteChina, Laija archaelogical site01 October 2005In October 2005, the world's oldest bowl of noodles was uncovered by archaelogists working at the Lajia archaeological site in northwestern China. The thin, yellow noodles (made from millet) were preserved under an upturned bowl, 3 m (10 ft) below the surface and have been aged to 4,000 years old!
13851Longest chain of spectaclesSabae Megane Guinness 2011 JikkoiinkaiJapan, Sabae(Fukui pref.)The longest line of spectacles consisted of 16,530 pairs of spectacles, measured 2,011 m (6,597 ft 9 in) and was created by Sabae Megane Guinness 2011 committee (Japan) at Nishiyama Park, Sabae, Fukui, Japan, on 5 May 2011.Sabae produces 90% of glasses in Japan. The record attempt is to promote the city as the country's top glasses production region.
13852Fastest circumnavigation sailing non-stop, westbound, solo (male)Jean-Luc Van Den HeedeFrance, Lizard Point-Ushant09 March 2004The fastest male to sail around the world westbound, non-stop, solo and unsupported is Jean-Luc Van Den Heede (France) in Adrien, who set off on 7 November 2003 and took 122 days 14 hr 3 min 49 sec before crossing the Lizard Point-Ushant finishing line on 9 March 2004.
13853Most slam dunk bounce passes in 30 secondsMilwaukee Bucks36 timesUnited States, Milwaukee20 December 2008The most slam dunk bounce passes in 30 seconds is 36 by the Milwaukee Bucks Rim Rockers during the LA Clippers v Milwaukee Bucks game at Bradley Centre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on 20 December 2008.
13854Heaviest weightlifting 62 kg clean & jerk (male)Lijun Chen183 kilogram(s)United States, Houston22 November 2015The heaviest weight lifted in the 62 kg clean & jerk weightlifting category was 183 kg and was lifted by Lijun Chen (China) at the IWF World Weightlifting Championships held in Houston, Texas, USA, on 22 November 2015. This was one of nine records broken at the World Championships.
13855Largest gathering of people dressed as SupermanEscapade867 peopleUnited Kingdom, Lowther Deer Park27 July 2013The largest gathering of people dressed as Superman was 867, achieved by Escapade (UK) at Kendal Calling, in Lowther Deer Park, Cumbria, UK, on 27 July 2013. The record attempt took place at the Kendal Calling Festival 2013. Escapade was attempting the record to coincide with the launch of the Man of Steel film and to help raise awareness for the "Help for Heroes" charity.
13856Largest ice skating pinwheelTrafford Youth Sychronised Ice Skating Teams84 peopleUnited Kingdom, Altrincham21 July 2012The largest ice skating pinwheel was achieved by 84 participants from Trafford Youth Synchronised Ice Skating Teams (UK) at Altrincham Ice Rink in Altrincham, Cheshire, UK, on 21 July 2012.
13857First videogame inspired by synaesthesiaRezSynaesthesia is a medical condition and literary technique that causes senses to become mixed up. In the medical condition, people literally see sounds, while the literary technique is exemplified in phrases such as “loud shirt”. In Rez, the condition is manifest in a unique interplay between sound, vision and action – hence the game’s slogan: “Rez will open your senses...let’s go to synaesthesia”.Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2009.
13858First NFL videogame licensed by ESPNESPN NFL Primetime 2002first, 01 January 2002ESPN NFL Primetime 2002 was the first American Football game to become affiliated with the sports channel ESPN. Only two other NFL games would carry the ESPN logo in their titles –ESPN NFL Football and ESPN NFL 2K5 – before Electronic Arts brought the ESPN rights for their Madden NFL series soon after 2K5 was released.
13859Smallest videogame dance matVenom Mini Dance MatfirstThe Venom Mini Dance Mat lets gamers play Dance Dance Revolution using their fingers instead of their feet. It measures 10 cm (4 in) wide by 11.5 cm (4.5 in) long and weighs just 20 g (0.7 oz), and is the world’s first hand-held dance mat.
13860Highest iron road (via ferrata)Mountain TorqMalaysia, Ranau25 February 2009The highest via ferrata is located on Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. It begins at a height of 3,411 metres (11,190 ft 11 in) with its highest point at 3,776 metres (12,388 ft 5 in). It was constructed by mountaineering company, Mountain Torq (Malaysia).There are three routes on the via ferrata: The beginners "walk the torq", the "preamble" and the "low peak circuit" which is the hardest.

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