Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14041Most valuable advent calendarOctagon Blue GVC2500000 euro(s)Belgium, Antwerp30 November 2010The most valuable advent calendar was valued at €2.5 million (then approx. £2,100,00 $3,300,000) and was crafted by Octagon Blue GVC (Belgium) and valued on 30 November 2010.The calendar was made up of 24 glass tubes each containing a small package of a diamond wrapped in silver. The glass tubes each featured an angel. the calendar contains 124 diamonds.
14042First Emmy award for special effectsCosmosfirstUSA, 01 January 1980The 13-part documentary series Cosmos (1980), produced and presented by astrophysicist Carl Sagan (USA), utilised the skills or effects technicians who had previously worked on Star Wars (1977) to create a "spaceship of the imagination" - an impressive set that replicated the inside of a space station with portholes looking on to the Universe. The project took two years to plan, earning the show the first ever Emmy award for special effects.
14043First formal declaration of warThe Epic of GilgameshNot Applicable01 January 2500Dating back to the Sumerian Empire of Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), the epic poem known as The Epic of Gilgamesh contains what is believed to be the first formal declaration of war. Among the earliest works of literature, this poem describes the exploits of Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk in Mesopotamia in approximately 2500 BC. Scholars believe the poem was originally composed in 1800–1700 BC (nearly 1,000 years before Homer is thought to have written The Iliad and The Odyssey) and later recorded on clay tablets some time between 1300 and 1000 BC.In modern times, declarations of war are enmeshed with international law emanating from the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. But, throughout history, wars have been fought without such declarations. This is also true in our time as since World War II, for example, the United States has not fought a “declared war” despite engaging in several armed conflicts, including Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, the United States has made only five formal declarations of war in its history: the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War and World Wars I and II.
14044First global empirePortugalfirstNot ApplicableThe Portuguese established the first global maritime and commercial empire under the leadership of Henry the Navigator in the 15th century. In the 1440s, Henry sent out key expeditions to Africa and Asia, and in the 16th and 17th centuries, Portugal went on to establish colonies in Brazil, Africa, East Timor, India and Macau. The Spanish quickly followed suit by conquering Mexico in 1519 and, shortly thereafter, Peru, the Philippines and most of Central and South America (except Brazil).
14045First tight end to catch 1,000 passes, NFL careerTony GonzalezfirstUnited States, 12 September 2010Tony Gonzalez (USA) became the first tight end in National Football League (NFL) history to catch 1,000 passes during his career. The milestone catch came during a game on 12 September 2010. Gonzalez also holds the NFL records by a tight end for most single-season receptions (102, in 2004), most career touchdowns (82), most career receptions (1,001), and most career reception yards (11,842) while playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons (both USA) since 1997.
14046Largest TV audience for an Olympic GamesBeijing Olympic Games, 20084700000000 peopleChina, Beijing01 January 2008The 2008 Beijing Olympics in China drew the largest television audience in the history of the Olympic Games, with 4.7 billion people across the globe tuning in to the spectacle between 8 and 24 August. This astonishing figure equates to 70% of the population, or roughly two out of every three people on the planet, and smashes the records previously set by Athens 2004, which pulled in 3.9 billion viewers, and Sydney 2000, which attracted 3.6 billion.
14047First billion dollar Olympic GamesTokyo Olympic Games, 1964firstJapan, Tokyo01 January 1964When Tokyo won the right to host the 1964 Games, it became the first Asian city to do so and responded by putting on one of the most successful sporting extravaganzas in history. However, this came at huge expense, with the costs estimated at a then eye-watering $1.926 billion. The huge sum, which dwarfed that of all previous Games, was spent on organization and construction, but didn’t include additional expenditure on several new roadways and a monorail to the airport, so the true cost was probably far higher.
14048Longest gap between US & UK album hitsThe ChipmunksUnited States06 February 2010Animated cartoon group The Chipmunks (USA), who first reached the US album chart on 30 November 1959, made their UK album chart debut with The Squeakquel on 6 February 2010 - over 50 years later. The personnel of the group remained the same, but the voices were provided by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., the son of the original recording artist Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. (aka David Seville) (both USA).
14049Longest brocadePing ZhouChina, ??????26 March 2010The longest brocade measured 42.37 metres (139 ft) long and was created by Jiangsu Wangong Science & Technology Group Co. Ltd. (China). It was presented and measured in Wujiang City, China, on 26 March 2010. The brocade is 1.15 metres (3 ft 9 in) tall. It depicts a scene entitled "A riverside scene at Qing Ming Festival.
14050First Olympic Parade of Nations1908 Olympic Games held in London, UKfirstUnited Kingdom, London01 January 1908The 1908 Games had originally been awarded to Rome, but when it became clear that the Italian capital would not be capable of hosting the competition due to the recent eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the venue was hastily switched to London. On 27 April 1908, the Games opened with the first ever Parade of Nations, which saw the athletes of each nation enter the Olympic Stadium together behind their national flags
14051Longest videogame marathon on LittleBigPlanet 2David Dino, Lauren Guiliano, Sean CrowleyUnited States, New York19 January 2011The longest videogames marathon playing LittleBigPlanet lasted 50 hours 1 minute, and was achieved by David Dino, Lauren Guiliano and Sean Crowley, who played LittleBigPlanet 2 (MediaMolecule, 2011) in the Sony Style PlayStation Lounge in New York City, New York, USA, from 17-19 January 2011.Stuart Claxton adjudicated
14052Longest single country distance for an Olympic torch relayXXI Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver, 2010Canada01 January 2010The longest distance for an Olympic torch relay within one country was 45,000 km (27,961.65 mi) for the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The relay lasted from 30 October 2009 to 12 February 2010. Arriving in Victoria, British Columbia, from Greece, the torch was taken to over 1,000 Canadian communities, traveling as far north as the town of Alert -- believed to be the northernmost permanently inhabited place on Earth.
14053First permanent European settlement in the New WorldIsabellafirstDominican Republic, 01 January 1493The first permanent settlement in the New World was Isabella on the island of Hispaniola (in present-day Dominican Republic). This first bit of real estate was built in 1493 by Columbus’s crew on his second voyage. Disease and hunger decimated this first settlement and in 1496, Columbus had his men build another town which became Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic capital today. The first permanent English settlement was Jamestown, Virginia in April, 1607. John Smith and George Percy were the most notable chroniclers of the early colony.
14054Longest surviving double kidney transplant patientBrian BourgrafUnited States, Wilmington17 February 2012The Longest Surviving Double Kidney transplant is 43 years achieved by Brian K. Bourgraf (USA) in Wilmington, Ohio on 30 Jun 2011. On 23 March 1968, Mr Bourgraf had a double kidney transplant performed at The Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today Mr Bourgraf is 47 years old and 43 years have passed since his double transplant at the age of four.
14055First blind man to conquer EverestErik WeihenmayerfirstNepal, Mount EverestErik Weihenmayer (Hong Kong) was born with retinoschisis, an eye condition that left him totally blind by the age of 13. Despite this, on 25 May 2001, he reached the summit of Mount Everest, the first – and so far only – blind man ever to have done so. Erik’s other notable feats include his 2002 completion of the Seven Summits – climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents of the world. Erik is also an accomplished rock climber, skier and paraglider.
14056Largest trading card game tournamentKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc.United States, Long Beach25 March 2012The largest trading card game tournament was the 100th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series which involved 4,364 participants at the Long Beach California Convention Center in Long Beach, California, USA, from 23-25 March 2012.
14057Largest order Rubiks / magic cubeM.Oskar Van DeventerUnited States, New York12 February 2011The largest order magic cube is 17x17x17 cubes large and consists of 1,539 parts. It was created by Oskar van Deventer (Netherlands) and was presented at the New York Puzzle Party Symposium in New York, USA, on 12 February 2011. A classic rubiks cube is 3x3x3 cubes large.
14058Largest donation of personal hygiene productsGirl Scouts of Eastern MissouriUnited States, Greater St. Louis21 April 2012The largest donation of personal hygiene products consisted of 1,415,702 items and was achieved by Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri (USA) in St Louis, Missouri, USA, on 21 April 2012.To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout organization 17,914 girl scouts took part in the attempt to collect items such as toothpaste, soap and deodorant.
14059Largest indoor skydiving wind tunnelAlex Jacobs420.7 cubic metre(s)United Arab Emirates, Dubai06 August 2013The largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel has an internal volume of 420.7 m³ (14,858.12 ft³) and was achieved by Inflight Dubai, in Dubai, UAE, on 6 August 2013.
14060Most people carolling (caroling)Waukesha Downtown Business Association1822 peopleUnited States, Waukesha22 November 2013The most people caroling is 1,822 and was achieved by the Waukesha Downtown Business Association (USA) in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, on 22 November 2013.
14061Highest resolution microscopeUniversity of AugsburgGermany, Ausberg04 October 2004The highest resolution microscope in the world is an atomic force microscope built by scientists at the University of Augsburg (Germany). A single atom of carbon is used at the tip of this microscope, which can measure the interactions between it and the sample - in this case an individual atom at the end of a sharp tip of tungsten. The resulting high-resolution image shows features just 77 picometres across (77x10**-12m). Their results were announced in June 2004.
14062First overland crossing of the Darien GapTerence John Whitfield, Richard E BevirfirstColombia, Quibdo17 June 1960The first overland crossing of the Darien Gap was made by Richard E Bevir (UK) and Terence John Whitfield (Australia) in their Land Rover 'La Cucaracha' during the Trans Darien Expedition. The gap, which consists of dense jungle and obstacles such as numerous rivers, is famous for being the 'missing' portion of the pan-American highway that links North and South America. They departed from Chepo, Panama, on 3 February and reached Quibdo, Colombia, on 17 June 1960.They averaged 201 m (220 yd) per hour.
14063Longest time flying to the MoonESA SMART 1first, The Moon15 November 2004The European Space Agency's (ESA) SMART 1 spacecraft was launched on 27 September 2003 and arrived thirteen months later on 15 November 2004. Its engine, with a maximum thrust of 0.07 Newtons (0.016 lbs), gradually pushed the spacecraft into larger and larger orbits of the Earth until it was captured by the Moon's gravity into a lunar orbit. SMART 1 is the second interplanetary mission, after NASA's Deep Space 1, to use an ion engine for propulsion.
14064Fastest rotating flywheelOak Ridge National Laboratory1405 metre(s) per secondUnited States, Oak Ridge09 December 1985The fastest rotational speed for a ring or disc-shaped object was achieved by scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, on 9 December 1985. Using an air turbine, the Demo 1C flywheel was spun up to a tip speed of 1405 m/s (5,058 km/h 3142.9 mph), at which speed it failed due to the stress on the materials involved.
14065Most siblings to complete the same triathlonSherwood siblingsUnited Kingdom, Las Vegas23 April 2005The record for the most siblings to compete in the same triathlon race is 8 and was set by the Sherwood siblings, Karen, Rob, Greg, Kindy, Jeff, Kari, Kris and Kim (all USA) who all completed the Rage in the Sage Triathlon, Lake Mead, Nevada, USA on 23 April 2005.
14066Most varieties of sherry commercially availableBar de Ollaria GinzaJapan, Chuo10 December 2013The most varieties of sherry commercially available is 293, achieved by Bar de Ollaria Ginza (Japan) in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan, as of 10 December 2013.
14067First person to complete the Explorers' Grand SlamPark Young-Seokna firstNot Applicable, Arctic30 April 2005Park Young-Seok (South Korea) reached the North Pole on foot on 30 April 2005, thereby becoming the first person to achieving the explorers' grand slam. This involves climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents (the 'seven summits'), the 14 peaks over 8,000 m (26,246 ft), and reaching the North and South poles on foot. His quest began when he summited Mt Everest on 16 May 1993.
14068Largest ensemble of car hornsMINI of Grand RapidsUnited States, St. Ignace,Little Bear Arena East,Mini on the Mack03 August 2013The largest ensemble of car horns consisted of 400 MINI cars tooting the Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water" simultaneously at the MINI on the Mack event, conducted by MINI of Grand Rapids in St. Ignace, Michigan, USA on 3 August 2013.
14069First cargo cultTuka MovementFiji01 January 1885The term "cargo cults" was coined in 1945 to describe remote tribes – found mostly in Melanesia – that pray for the return of the various goods that appeared, seemingly miraculously, during occupation of their islands by colonialists. The two key phases of this occupation were the turn of the 20th century and World War II, during the Allied forces' Pacific campaign. The earliest known cargo cult – Fiji's Tuka Movement – is thought to date back to 1885.
14070Largest audience collectively for a live sporting event2006 FIFA World Cup30000000000 peopleGermany, 01 January 2006The most watched live sporting event on television was the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany between 9 June and 9 July 2006. FIFA claimed that the tournament was seen by 30 billion (non unique) viewers over that period, the result of an increased fanbase among women and its Euro time zone ­ the games were shown when the majority of global fans could watch, unlike the 2002 tournament, which was broadcast from Japan and Korea.

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