Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14161Video: Group shower World Record broken on UK beachThe UK has cleaned up with a new world record for the most people to shower simultaneously at a single venue.Despite chilly conditions, 152 girls and boys got into their bikinis and swimming trunks on Bournemouth beach on Saturday, bathing their way towards the new benchmark.The participants narrowly beat the previous record of 145 people that was set in Chicago, Illinois in 2009.A 6 m (19 ft 8.16 in) high shower was specially built for the record attempt, which was organised by shower gel maker Lynx.Guinness World Records adjudicator Anna Orford said: 'The people of Bournemouth have to be applauded for getting into the spirit of the day and taking a shower together.'Their reward is a new record for the most people showering simultaneously at the same venue. Congratulations to everyone involved.'Lynx now plan to take the shower on tour across European beaches and music
14162Video: Confirmed - Australian couple take Christmas lights world recordSanta won't have any trouble finding the home of the Richards family this Christmas.The property in the Canberra suburb of Forrest in Australia is illuminated with 331,038 fairy lights making it the Guinness World Record holder for the Most Christmas Lights on a Residential Property.David Richards, a barrister and father of three, has worked on the decorations for over four years, with the number of lights having doubled from last year. David said: "It started four years ago with one string above the door and has really grown from there". videoDavid is reluctant to say how much the decorations cost, but all the money he receives from visitors goes to the charity 'SIDS and Kids' which he says helped his family out during a difficult period in 2002.Despite the four year investment in the light display David said that he won't be doing it again next year, saying he hoped to be able to donate the lights to someone else who would continue to use them to raise money for charity.videoThe new Guinness World Records 2012 is out now. For more information visit
14163First animal cloned from an adult cellDollyfirstUnited Kingdom, Edinburgh,ScotlandA Finn Dorset sheep called Dolly (named after country singer Dolly Parton) was the first animal to be successfully cloned from an adult cell, as revealed in February 1997 by Dr Ian Wilmut (UK) at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. This was achieved using a sheep ovum whose DNA-containing nucleus had been removed and replaced with the DNA-containing nucleus of a cell obtained from a 6-year-old Finn Dorset sheep's udder. The result was a developing embryo that was then transferred to a surrogate Scottish Black Face sheep. Five months later, on 5 July 1996, this ewe gave birth to a healthy female Finn Dorset lamb that was genetically identical to the 6-year-old Finn Dorset from which the original udder cell nucleus had been derived. That lamb was Dolly, who survived to maturity and gave birth to lambs of her own via natural means. She was euthanised on 14 February 2003, aged six and a half, after developing a progressive lung disease.
14164Oldest insectRhyniognatha hirstiUnited Kingdom, London12 February 2004The oldest insect ever found is the fossilised Rhyniognatha hirsti, which lived in what is now Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, approximately 410 million years ago - that is 30 million years older than any other known insect fossil! The specimen was first described in 1926 by entomologist, Robin John Tillyard (Australia), who, on finding it to be unremarkable, left it to the vaults of London's Natural History Museum, UK. It remained there for approximately 80 years until entomologists, David A. Grimaldi and Michael S. Engel (both USA) re-studied the fossil using modern microscopes and discovered the creature's classic insect features, results of which they published in Nature on 12 February 2004. Although no wings survive, its triangular jaw structure is similar to those of winged insects, suggesting that insect flight was 80 million years older than previously thought. The fossil remains at the Natural History Museum, London, UK.Previously, the oldest known insect fossil was a pair of wingless insects aged 379 million years old, found in New York state and Canada. keep the initials of the entomologists.
14165Largest remote/radio-control toys company - currentSpin Master Ltd252,800,000 US dollar(s)Canada, TorontoThe current largest remote/radio-control toys company is Spin Master Ltd (Canada) with approximately $252,800,000 (£162,738,000 207,958,000€) in revenue in 2014. The second largest model vehicle company is Takara Tomy Co Ltd (Japan) with approximately $195,600,000 (£125,916,000 160,904,000€) in revenue in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
14166Largest video games hardware accessories brand - currentSkylanders541,200,000 US dollar(s)United States, Santa MonicaThe current largest video games hardware accessories brand is Skylanders (USA) with approximately $541,200,000 (£348,393,000 €445,202,0000) in revenue in 2014.The second largest model vehicle company is Disney Infinity (USA) with approximately $365,700,000 (£235,416,000 €300,832,000) in revenue in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.
14167Fastest time to capture the flag on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (shared controller, team of two)Jake Thompson, Liam Thompson26.31 second(s)United Kingdom, Worthing20 June 2015The fastest time to capture the flag on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (shared controller, team of two) was 26.31 seconds and was achieved by Liam Thompson and Jake Thompson aka "Twiinsane" (both UK), in Worthing, UK, on 20 June 2015.Liam and Jake Thompson are known as Twiinsane and are popular gaming youtubers.
14168Classics: Most car door windows smashed using the hands in two minuteEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
141691977: Highest-grossing Sci-fi Series at the Box OfficeFar, far away, back in 1977, George Lucas created the first film of the space epic Star Wars. Packed with out-of-this-world creatures and explosive intergalactic battles, the movie made its first appearance on the big screen on 25 May. It would go on to completely change the face of a genre as well as the children's toy industry.
14170My Story: Jenna Antol on owning Do, the world’s oldest rabbitFollowing on from the sad news that Stewie, the world's longest cat had passed away, Guinness World Records was also saddened to hear of the recent passing of another amazing animal, Do, the world's longest living rabbit.Do, who lived for an incredible 17 years and two weeks old, passed away last month.The Jersey Wooly rabbit from Monmouth County, New Jersey came into owner Jenna Antol's life in June 1996 when she visited a local pet store Recalling the first time she set eyes on Do, Jenna, a veterinary assistant, says: "I grew up with animals my entire life but when I was in 8th grade I wanted my own pet."While I wasn't entirely sure what sort of animal I wanted, I knew it had to be something small."My mother drove me to the local pet shop and there I spotted Do huddled in a corner at the bottom of a bird aviary - I thought he was perfect the moment I spotteed him."After asking the store manager about the rabbit, a delighted Jenna was told that she could have him for free as she was the first person who had been interested in him and that he had been at the shop a while.After giving her new friend the name Do on account of his "crazy" hair, Jenna set about reading up on rabbit care and soon devised a strict diet for her bunny as well as making sure he received lots of exercise.It was this diet, along with good genetics and a large helping of love that Jenna credits for Do's longevity (Jersey Wooly's typically live from 5 to 10 years)."I never gave him a carrot, or any other vegetables, fruits, or treats", she explains."Only timothy hay and some pellets - I kept it simple and consistent".Along with 5 cats, a dog, and a chinchilla, Jenna has two other bunnies 12-year-old Runaway, and Gemma, 14. With both receiving the same nourishment and attention as Do, there's every chance they may one day challenge his record.However, it's clear a big hole in Jenna's life has been left following the passing of her record-breaking rabbit, whose unusually long life inspired her to write a book about his adventures which was published late last year."He had the most gentle and heartwarming disposition ever -that to me was his best trait, he loved you back through his eyes and nose bonks"."Do was a bunny left to be forgotten and grew to be known in many places around the globe - the fact he was honored with a World Record means he'll now be remembered forever."My Story is a regular feature on, where record holders reveal their experiences.Do you hold, or have you held a Guinness World Records title? Do you want to tell the world about your it? Contact us on our Facebook page or via Twitter, and you could be the next to have your story published!
141711969: First Men on the Moon
141721974: Fastest Flight Across the Atlantic
14173Eurovision recognised by Guinness World Records as the longest-running annual TV music competition (international)Guinness World Records can today announce that the Eurovision song contest is the Longest-running annual TV music competition (international)  ahead of its 60th show on Saturday evening in Vienna, Austria.
14174Fan Choice Record June 28Jesus Villa calls himself " Half Animal." And now he can also call himself "All Winner."Villa nabbed 41.3% of all votes to claim last week's Fan Choice crown, holding off a competitive field with his most forward flips on spring-loaded stilts in one minute (17).His flipping exploits will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. We have New Jersey doing its version of the can-can and a record that would drive this fish crazy, but first, a work of art that's more than meets the eye.LARGEST ANAMORPHIC PAVEMENT ART (pictured above)Record: 1,570.0 m²Holder: Wilhelmshaven Touristik and Freizeit gmbH (Germany)Location: Wilhelmshaven, GermanyThat's not all: Yes, all those people in the photo above are actually sitting on a completely flat city street. Four artists (Gregor Wosik, Melanie Siegel, Vanessa Hitzfeld and Lydia Hitzfeld) combined to create the piece for the Wilhelmshaven International Street Art Festival. They chose a depiction of Noah's Ark in response to the predicted Mayan apocalypse of late 2012, and needed more than 4 days to complete the work.FASTEST TIME TO PRODUCE A NOVEL BY A TEAMRecord: 9 hr, 5 min, 8 secHolder: Asociația Culturală Aedificatio, with Editura Art, and the Universitatea București (all Romania)Location: Spiru Haret lecture theatre, University of Bucharest, RomaniaThat's not all: No, the group above isn't playing a giant Free Cell tournament. It's a portion of the team of 53 collaborators, who created the novel "Moş Crăciun & Co" (Santa Claus & Co.), totaling 288 pages and 56,541 words. To qualify, the book needed to be completely original material and bound by a commercial printer upon completion, with a print run of at least 500 copies.LARGEST CAN PYRAMIDRecord: 25,585 cansHolder: Cranford Teen Advisory Board (USA)Location: Cranford, New Jersey, USAThat's not all: The square base of the pyramid measured 3.20 m by 3.20 m (10 ft 5 in by 10 ft 5 in) and consisted of 42 cans on each side, with the pyramid reaching a height of 4.71 m (15 ft 5 in). The group both purchased cans and accepted donations, eventually donating all cans from the pyramid to victims of the 2012 superstorm Sandy.LONGEST HANGING BUBBLE CHAINRecord: 30 bubblesHolder: Su Chung-Tai of Hold Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Chinese Taipei)Location: Taipei, Chinese TaipeiThat's not all: Originally set in 2001, the first-ever attempt at this record was only nine bubbles. Only fully formed soap bubbles formed before the chain broke or any bubbles burst counted. Hold Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a bubble manufacturer who wanted to show the quality of their bubbles.LARGEST PHOTOGRAPH SCULPTURERecord: 4.675 m (15 ft 4 in) tallHolder: Accenture (UK)Location: Bangalore, India That's not all: Accenture used 37,000 different photos to comprise its sculpture, which depicted the "greater than" sign that represents Accenture's corporate logo. Above is a peek at the inside of the scuplture. No internal support mechanisms were permitted, except for the use of photos, as was the case in the beams above.And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice - time now to cast your vote!There are a two ways to do this, including right here by choosing in our poll:<a href="">What is your pick for this week's Fan Choice Record?</a>You can also tweet your choice to us on Twitter ( @GWR) with the hashtag #GWRFanChoice.Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!
14175The Top 10 World Records Broken at the Sochi Winter OlympicsAt the beginning of every Olympics, it feels like the Games will last forever - bringing us hours of top-flight athletic competition day after day after day.At the end of every Olympics - when the TV networks show their final montages and the massive Teddy Ruxpins douse the Olympic flame - we wonder how it all flew by so quickly.Here we find ourselves, then, with the Sochi Winter Olympics now behind us and the countdown on to Rio 2016. But first, of the more than three dozen records identified by Guinness World Records as being set over the last two weeks, let's look back at the pick of our Top 10 favorites.10.) FIRST UNDEFEATED OLYMPIC FEMALE CURLING TEAMJennifer Jones, Kaitlyn Lawes, Jill Officer, and Dawn McEwen comprised a female Team Canada that made curling history, methodically marching to gold with nary a blemish on their resume: 11-0 and the second Canadian female team to ever win gold in the event.9.) MOST WINTER OLYMPICS APPEARANCES BY AN ATHLETE When Albert Demchenko (Russia) won silver in the men's singles luge and, one day later, Noriaki Kasai (Japan) placed eighth in men's normal hill ski jumping, the duo each set the bar for the most Winter Games appearances with seven apiece.8.) OLDEST GOAL SCORER IN AN OLYMPICS HOCKEY GAME videoDemchenko and Kasai weren't the only dueling elder statesmen at Sochi. On the hockey rink, Jaromir Jagr scored a goal for the Czech Republic on the eve of his 42nd birthday, making him the oldest goal scorer in Olympics history. Not to be outdone, though, Finland's Teemu Selanne showed youth is wasted on the young with a four-goal tournament and two-goal performance in the bronze medal game, at age 43 years 234 days.7.) MOST CAREER OLYMPICS SHORT TRACK SPEED SKATING MEDALSA change in name did not mean a change in result for Russia's Viktor Ahn, formerly Ahn Hyun-soo of South Korea. Racing for his new national flag, Ahn won three golds and a bronze in short track. That gave him eight career medals in the sport, matching the record held by Apolo Ohno (USA). It did, however, also give him six career golds, the most ever for a short track skater.6.) HIGHEST SCORES IN ICE DANCINGvideoMeryl Davis and Charlie White left Sochi as America's new golden couple. The pairs ice dancers won the nation's first-ever gold in the event, breaking the records for highest score in the short dance (78.89), free dance (116.63), and combined program (195.52) along the way.5.) MOST OVERALL MEDAL SWEEPS AT A WINTER OLYMPICSA neat stat that reflected the sheer domination on display everywhere you looked in Sochi. Eight different times, we saw one country sweep all three medals in a single event: the Netherlands did it four times (in four different speed skating events, no surprise), while France took men's ski cross, Norway the women's 30km freestyle, Russia the men's 50km freestyle, and USA the men's slopestyle. The previous high was five medals sweeps at Innsbruck 1964.4.) MOST CONSECUTIVE INDIVIDUAL EVENT MEDALS WON With his bronze in the men's luge singles, Armin "Il Cannibale" Zoeggeler (Italy) has now won a medal in every men's singles luge even since Lillehammer 1994. The six medals is the longest individual winning streak at the Olympics. 3.) HIGHEST SCORES IN FIGURE SKATING SHORT PROGRAMSvideoFigure skating is the crown jewel of any Winter Olympics, and this year's event didn't fail to deliver. Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) nailed a 101.45 in the men's short program, which also was the first time anyone had ever passed 100. And Russian pair Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov broke the pairs short program high score with an 84.17. Unsurprisingly, both performances led to eventual gold. 2.) MOST OLYMPICS MEDALS WON BY A NATION IN A SINGLE SPORTThe Adler Arena should've just dyed its ice orange. That's how dominant the Netherlands was in speed skating, taking 23 of the total 36 medals up for grabs, fueled by the four sweeps we mentioned above. When rivals start saying things like " It's only interesting for the Dutch," you know a country has reached a unique - and record-breaking - level of mastery.1.) MOST CAREER INDIVIDUAL MEDALS WON AT THE WINTER OLYMPICSOur top spot, though, goes to a pair of individuals. For all the great teamwork and national pride that come out during any Olympics, it often boils down to the individual the person who has spent countless hours and made unquantifiable sacrifices for a quadrennial moment in the sun. And so we salute Norwegians Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Marit Bjoergen. The former captured two biathlon golds, making him the most decorated Winter Olympian ever with 13 medals. And the latter took three golds in cross-country skiing, tying her for the most decorated female Winter Olympian ever at 10 total medals (six of those gold, more than her fellow record holders Stafania Belmondo and Raisa Smetanina). So many great memories to take from Sochi, and we didn't even touch on Bob Costas' ocular adventures, Don Cherry's suits, or the parties at the Heineken House.videoHave a favorite record we didn't mention here? Let us know in the comments. And see you in Rio!For the latest in all things world record, visit GWR on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and visit Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the newest videos!
14176The Beatles US TV debut 50th anniversary: Top ten Fab Four recordsPicture: AlamyOn February 9, 1964, The Beatles made their iconic US television debut, an appearance that would mark the start of their ascent to superstardom as well as signalling the beginning of the youth culture explosion that was to define the decade.The Fab Four from Liverpool’s performance on CBS’s Ed Sullivan Show scored an audience of 73m viewers – an incredible 60 per cent of the US population - instantly securing their status as household names.During the show the band played five songs (All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand) although those in the studio would have been hard pressed to tell what was actually being performed, such was the loudness of the excited screams from the watching teenagers in the audience.Fifty years later on, we take a look at the record-breaking repercussions of the historic show.videoIt didn’t take long for the hype surrounding the above performance to translated into stratospheric record sales for The Beatles, with the band’s next single Can't Buy Me Love notching up 2.7 million pre orders (.7 million in the USA and 1 million in the UK ) before it was even released on 21 March 1964, setting a record for greatest advance sales for a single.A month later and John, Paul, George and Ringo’s dominance of the pop charts was total.On April 4, the band held the top five positions on the Hot 100 and had a further twelve titles elsewhere on the chart, setting a record for most positions held on US singles charts simultaneously. They also held the top two positions on the US album chart, and to cap it all, also had the distinction of having two songs about them ('We Love You Beatles' by The Carefrees and 'A Letter To The Beatles' by The Four Preps) in the Hot 100.videovideoIn little more than six years, between their debut on US TV screens and the band’s eventual split in 1970, The Beatles topped the Billboard Hot 100 a record 20 times, including six chart-toppers in 1964 and four in 1965, setting a record for most No.1 singles on the US chart. The band’s final No.1 was “The Long and Winding Road” in June 1970.videoThe only artist to come close to leveling the band’s record is Mariah Carey who has notched up 18 separate chart toppers.The Beatles’ all-time global sales have been estimated at more than 1 billion discs and tapes, with around 177 million sales in the USA alone, earning them the Guinness World Records title for best selling group. By comparison, Elvis Presley, arguably the group’s biggest influence and the best-selling solo artist of all time, is some way back with 1 billion sales worldwide (129.5 million in the USA).On 31 January 1981 in the aftermath of John Lennon's tragic death a few weeks earlier, the band set a new record for most albums on US chart– simultaneously. Seven of the band’s albums appeared on the US Top 200 at the same time (Beatles 1967 - 1970, Beatles 1962 - 1966, White Album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road and Love Songs).Incredibly, six of Lennon's solo albums were also on the chart that week including the No.1 Double Fantasy. The Monkees and U2 would both go on to match the record in 1987.The Fab Four’s iconic status has ensured that many music fans collect memorabilia related to the group. Arguably the most prestigious of Beatles artifacts is the Steinway Model Z upright, once owned by John Lennon.The piano, seen in video footage recorded during the sessions for Lennon¹s Imagine solo LP, and on which he wrote the album's famous title song, was sold to singer George Michael in 2000 for an eye-watering £1.45 million (then $2.1 million), making it the most expensive piano sold at auction.However the world record for most expensive pop memorabilia was set in June 1985 when Lennon's 1965 Phantom V Rolls Royce was bought for $2,229,000 (£1,702,827) by Jim Pattison, (Chairman and CEO of the Jim Pattison Group, the current owner of Guinness World Records) following an auction at Sotheby's in New York.Showing that the band’s appeal was as strong as ever in the 21 st century, in 2000, a new Beatles compilation album entitled simply ‘1’ featuring the band’s UK and US number 1’s became the biggest selling album of the decade in the States.In 2005, the compilation was awarded Diamond status after selling 10 million copies in the US, making them the only act to have received six of these awards.In no small part down to 1’s success, in 2001, Forbes Celebrity 100 list calculated that the band had made £100.49 million the previous year, setting a record for highest annual earnings ever for a band, despite the group splitting up 30 years earlier.The band’s record-breaking carries on apace in some unlikely situations. In 2008, "Across the Universe", became the first song to be beamed into deep space. NASA sent the song, at a speed of 300,000 km/sec (186,000 miles/sec), to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NASA’s founding and the 40th anniversary of the song being recorded.Meanwhile, the Wii version of the Fab Four themed computer game, The Beatles: Rock Band, which allows you and four friends to simulate the performance of the group on their most famous songs, holds the record for best-selling band-specific videogame after selling 1,668,234 copies worldwide.
14177Sir Alex Ferguson retires: Manchester United manager’s record-breaking legacySir Alex Ferguson has today confirmed he will step down as Manchester United manager at the end of the season after 26 years in charge of the English Premier League Champions.The announcement brings down the curtain on an unmatched domestic managerial career that has seen United become the dominant force in English soccer.During his time at Old Trafford, the 71-year-old Glaswegian has won 38 trophies for the club - and picked up four world records along the way.His haul includes two Champions League crowns, 13 league titles, five FA Cups and four League Cups.videoSucceeding Ron Atkinson as United manager in 1986, following a hugely successful stint as Aberdeen boss in his native Scotland, his appointment marked the start of a tenure that would eventually see him set a record for the longest serving English Premier League football manager (22 successive seasons since the league began in 1992).He enjoyed his first success with the club in 1990, when a single goal from defender Lee Martin saw the Reds win the FA Cup in a replay against Crystal Palace at Wembley. videoThis was followed up with a 2-1 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final victory over Barcelona on a rainy night in Rotterdam in 1991.videoHowever it was the league title that the club and its fans still craved, with United not having tasted the ultimate domestic glory since 1967.Ferguson would go on to end the 26-year-wait the following year, seeing off the challenge of Aston Villa to win the first ever Premier League.videoIt was to prove the opening strike of United’s eventual dominance of the newly-formed championship, with the Fergie-lead Reds going on to win the title on 14 occasions, in turn setting a record for most FA Premier League titles won by a manager.videoWhile he has often voiced his disappointment at not enjoying more success in the Champions League beyond than the two titles he led United to in 1999 and 2008 - the first won in thrilling, last-gasp style against Bayern Munich, (above), the second in a tense penalty shoot-out against English rivals Chelsea in 2008, (below) - Ferguson’s record in Europe is nevertheless impressive, with him currently holding the record for most Champions League games managed (190).videoHe has also overseen the careers of some of the greatest players to have graced the modern game.A strong believer in introducing youth players into the first team squad, one of the first players to progress through the ranks during Ferguson’s stewardship was Ryan Giggs. The Welsh star was handed his United debut by Fergie in 1990 and has gone on to set four records of his own ( Only player to have appeared in every season of the football Premier League, Only player to have scored in every season of the football Premier League, Most appearances in the football Premier League and Most Premier League winner's medals).Similarly, David Beckham, who holds the record for Highest annual earnings for a footballer, was also ushered through the youth system to the senior squad by Ferguson, kick-starting a career that would see him play for United for ten years until leaving the club for Real Madrid in 2003.Ferguson was also a master of the transfer market, with a knack for making key signings that were often instrumental in steering his side to silverware. Key acquisitions include the mercurial and often controversial French striker Eric Cantona who spearheaded United’s first Premier League title in 1992, Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, who captained the Reds during their 1999 Champions League Final victory and Dutch ace Robin Van Persie, who’s goals this season proved to be decisive in what looks set to be Fergie’s final Premier League title triumph.Arguably his most astute signing, however, came with the acquisition of Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon for £12.24 million in 2002, a player who proved to be an instrumental factor in United’s three on-the-spin Premier League title wins between 2007 and 2009. videoWhen Ronaldo was eventually sold to Spanish giants Real Madrid in 2009, it was for an incredible fee of £80million, a figure which still stands as the record for Most expensive football player single transfer.While many United fans will greet today’s news with a great degree of sadness, they’ll at least be relieved to hear still that the record holder for Most wins of English football top league Manager of the Month award (27), looks likely to remain an influential figure within the corridors of Old Trafford, with confirmation that Ferguson will take up the roles of director and ambassador for the club upon his retirement.
14178Three-time Guinness World Records-holding pitcher Masahiro Tanaka signs with New York YankeesMasahiro Tanaka just can't stop breaking records.The Japanese pitching phenom will sign with the New York Yankees on a 7-year, $155 million (£93.5 million) contract, it was reported Wednesday. Already a holder of three Guinness World Records titles for his pitching achievements in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball League last year, Tanaka's signing in and of itself has now set two new high-water marks:The contract is the largest-ever for an international free agent heading to Major League Baseball. It far surpasses the 6-year, $60 million (£36.2 million) contract given to fellow Japanese ace Yu Darvish by the Texas Rangers in 2011.The total expenditure is the most-ever on any free agent pitcher. Combined with the $155 million contract, the Yankees also spent a $20 million (£12 million) posting fee to Tanaka's Rakuten Golden Eagles team just for the right to negotiate with the pitcher. The total $175 million (£105.5 million) is more than any other team has spent to acquire a pitcher it did not already have under contract the previous season. The old mark was the $161 million (£97.1 million) spent on free agent C.C. Sabathia in 2008 by - who else - the Yankees.In November, Guinness World Records had the opportunity to present Tanaka with his three records after a truly historic season for Rakuten. Below is the original story we ran at the time, complete with exclusive comments from Tanaka on his records and future in baseball. ----------------------------------------Starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka of Japan's Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles is already a rising star and hot commodity in the baseball world.After all, the 25-year-old right-hander has enjoyed celebrity status since leading his team to the Japanese national high school championship as a junior in 2005. And after a 7-year career in the Nippon Professional Baseball league that saw him rack up 1,238 strikeouts in 1,315 innings with a 2.35 ERA, Tanaka now sits atop the holiday wish list for a number of Major League Baseball teams.But before embracing his future, Tanaka had a chance to celebrate his past this weekend. Thanks to an incredible performance streak that ran from Aug. 26, 2012 to Oct. 27, 2013, Tanaka received official certification on three Guinness World Records achievements:1.) Most consecutive games won by a pitcher (30)2.) Most consecutive regular-season games won by a pitcher (28)3.) Most consecutive games won by a pitcher in a single regular season (24)"I appreciate my teammates, the staff, and everyone who supported me," Tanaka said in exclusive comments to GWR. "I didn’t imagine that I could get the Guinness World Records [title] so I’m surprised and I feel very honored at the same time."To qualify for the records, only professional players in a national top-flight league are eligible, meaning achievements in the minor leagues, collegiate ranks, or high school competition are not included.Tanaka's amazing run began in the 2012 season, in which he ended the campaign with four wins. He then won 24 straight decisions in the 2013 regular season, earning him both records No. 2 and 3 referenced above. Record No. 1 takes postseason victories into account, and Tanaka reached 30 wins without a loss after notching two more victories en route to the Golden Eagles' eventual 2013 Japan Series title."I tried to do the same as always in every game," Tanaka said. "It was no pressure. I just thought about how to win the games and contribute to the victory for my team."videoHis achievements outpace those of Americans Tim Keefe and Rube Marquard, who each amassed 19 straight winning decisions (regular and postseason) in 1888 and 1912, respectively. Carl Hubbell - who did suffer postseason defeats between seasons - won 24 consecutive regular-season MLB decisions in 1936-37. And Tanaka's countryman Kazuhisa Inao held the previous mark for the single-season achievement with 20, in the NPB's 1957 season.Tanaka finally lost a decision in Game 6 of the Japan Series, bringing an end to his overall mark. But his record for most consecutive regular-season games won is still technically active. As he most likely finds his way to Major League Baseball competition next season, Japan and the rest of the baseball world wait to see just how long Tanaka can ride his winning ways."I can’t think of [the] future," Tanaka said, "but I would like to keep concentrating on playing brick by brick, one match by one match."
141791961: First Man in Space
14180Team GB swimming stars help set new 100 x 100m relay world recordTeam GB swimming stars help set new 100 x 100m relay world record for cancer charityTeam GB Olympic medal-winners Michael Jamieson and Rebecca Adlington were among a group of 100 swimmers who helped smash the world record title for fastest 100 x 100m relay title on Sunday.The pair were joined by fellow Olympians Fran Halsall and Karen Pickering to set a new benchmark time of 1 hour 29 minutes and 3 seconds at Sheffield's Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.They beat the previous record of 1 hour 37 minutes and 53 seconds and raised more than £20,000 for blood cancer charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.Team GB stars Rebecca Adlington and James Goddard (centre) were among those who took part in the attempt Picture: SpeedoThe Swim4Leukaemia event was organised by Great Britain and Sheffield swimmer Lewis Coleman, pictured above, after his mother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in June 2012.She has since been through chemotherapy, a clinical drugs trial and a bone marrow transplant.Lewis with his younger brother Oliver, who also took part in the record attempt. Picture: SpeedoSpeaking after the successful attempt, Lewis said: “I'm so happy with how the Guinness World Records attempt went, I put a lot of hours into organising the event and I'm so glad everything worked out as planned and we put on a great show for everyone!Lewis receives his Guinness World Records certificate from adjudicator Kirsty Bennett. Picture: Andy Chubb“It was really important for me to raise awareness for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as without their great work my mum wouldn't have had a second chance at life! ““To be part of & break a Guinness World Record is a special thing in itself but to do it with my brother, girlfriend, friends and the swimming community made it that bit more special and to do it all for my mum was the greatest thing, the moment when I touched the wall and looked up at the clock will stay with me for the rest of my life!'To find out more about the Swim4Leukaemia charity, click here .
14181Italy’s Arturo Licata awarded Guinness World Records title for oldest living manGuinness World Records can today confirm that Arturo Licata from Enna, Sicily, has been officially recognised as the world’s Oldest Living Man. The Italian, born on 2 May 1902 was aged 111 years and 302 days as of 28 February 2014.Senior Gerontology Consultant for Guinness World Records, Robert Young, verified the record and confirmed that Arturo Licata is currently the only male born before 1903 that has been able to provide proof of birth, midlife documentation, and identity. Birth registration papers, government and marriage records were all processed as evidence to confirm the new record.The new Oldest Living Man, Arturo Licata, was born into a family of four brothers and two sisters in the city of Castrogiovanni (now Enna) in May 1902. At the age of 9 he went to work in the mines, and in 1921, aged 19, he joined the Italian army. Arturo’s military service finished in 1939 and he went on to enjoy a successful career in business. He has had seven children, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. His wife Rosa, (pictured above with Arturo), sadly passed away in 1980, when Arturo was 78 years old. Arturo currently lives in his hometown of Enna, Sicily, Italy.Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, said: “We are honoured to welcome into the Guinness World Records family a man who was born before Shackleton reached the end of his first trip to the South Pole, before the Wright brothers' first powered flight, and before Henry Ford sold his first Model T car. "Signor Licata is the oldest of only three men alive today known to be over the age of 111 – compared with 65 women – so it’s a privilege to able to officially ratify him and include him in our book.”The previous holder of the record title Salustiano Sanchez (USA) passed away on 13 September 2013, aged 112 years 97 days.Currently 115-year-old female, Misao Okawa of Japan, is recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's Oldest Living Person overall. She was born March 5, 1898 and lives in Osaka.The greatest fully authenticated age to which any human has ever lived is 122 years, 164 days by Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died in 1997.
14182Double joy for Lothar Matthäus as Germany World Cup legend is presented with Guinness World Records certificateThere was plenty for former Germany football legend Lothar Matthäus to celebrate yesterday.Alongside Germany’s impressive 4-0 win over Portugal in their opening World Cup match in Brazil, the midfield dynamo was also presented with an official Guinness World Records certificate, recognizing his achievement for most football FIFA World Cup matches played in by a player.Matthäus represented his country at five World Cups (Spain 1982, Mexico 1986, Italy 1990, USA 1994, and France 1998), playing in a record-setting total of 25 matches, famously leading Germany to glory as Captain in 1990.The 53-year-old spoke of his pride upon receiving his certificate from Guinness World Records adjudicator Eva Norroy during a presentation yesterday in Berlin.“Receiving such an award takes me back to the feeling I had when I held the World Cup as the captain of the winning team in 1990. It’s a special tribute, and one that I am very proud of.” “I feel very honored to be a part of this exclusive group of official record holders“, he added.His glittering 21-year playing career saw him become Germany most capped player of all time, retiring with a total of 150 appearances (83 for West Germany) in 20 years, and 23 goals.In 1991, he was named the first ever FIFA World Player of the Year, and remains the only German to have received the award.A member of the FIFA 100 list of the greatest living football players chosen by Pelé, Diego Maradona once said of Matthäus, "he is the best rival I've ever had. I guess that's enough to define him”.Stay tuned for a full interview with Lothar on in our World Cup round-up later this week.Related articles 2014 FIFA World Cup preview World Cup Rewind: Ronaldo sets all-time goals world record World Cup Rewind: Just Fontaine still owns the most goals in a single tournament World Cup Rewind: America goes crazy for soccer in 1994 World Cup Rewind: Hakan Şükür scores the tournament’s fastest ever goalWorld Cup Rewind: Jose Batista clocks up the fastest ever sending offWorld Cup Rewind: Andres Iniesta plays the hero with last-ditch goal at South Africa 2010 World Cup Rewind: Largest attendance at a match in the 1950 Brazil finalAnd for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
14183World's oldest person Misao Okawa dies aged 117Misao-san married in 1919 her husband, Yukio, ran his own business in Kobe and together they had three children - two daughters and a son.
14184Countdown sets most series broadcast for a TV game show world recordUK TV game show Countdown has racked up an impressive score of its own, with it’s 70 th season seeing it set a new Guinness World Record title for most series broadcast for a TV game show.The Channel 4 words and numbers game show will reach its 6,000th episode when the latest edition of the programme is broadcast later today, 32 years after it first hit the airwaves.Current presenter Nick Hewer, maths whizz Rachel Riley and the dictionary corner's Susie Dent will be presented with an official Guinness World Records certificate to mark the achievement during this afternoon’s episode.Commenting on the brainteasing show’s award, Hewer said it was a "huge honour" to have the programme's longevity recognised."Having 32 years under its belt, I am only a novice, coming up to three years on the show," he said."But I and the whole team are incredibly proud to be part of such a durable and intelligent format that relies on intellect rather than prize money."Countdown was first presented by Richard Whiteley, who held the show’s hot seat for 23 years, with the show also helping to make a household name of co-host and maths problem solver Carol Vorderman.Following Whiteley's death in 2005, Des Lynam, Des O’Connor and Jeff Stelling all had spells presenting the show.Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday described Countdown as a "cornerstone of British popular culture"."Its 70 series attest to its class, quality and pure entertainment value," he added."It's every bit a part of TV time as the cuppa itself, and I'm looking forward to its next 6,000 episodes."And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
14185Australian dad creates record-breaking Christmas lights display
141861986: Largest Monster TruckIn 1974, Bob Chandler (USA) was living in St Louis, USA. Back then, Bob worked in construction and drove a Ford F-250 4x4 pick-up truck, a robust vehicle that he could also use for off-roading in his downtime. But Bob drove it hard, breaking the axles and burning out the engines – only to discover that replacements weren’t so easy to come by in the St Louis area. That’s when an idea began to form. Along with his wife Marilyn, and friend Jim Kramer, Bob created Midwest Four Wheel Drive, to fill that 4x4 gap.
141871990: First Hypertext BrowserWhile working at the CERN European Particle Physics Laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee (UK) created the first hypertext browser, which launches a year later as the “WorldWideWeb”.
14188Remembering Chandra Dangi - the world's shortest man everChandra Bahadur Dangi, one of the most iconic record holders to have graced the pages of the Guinness World Records book, sadly passed away earlier this month.
14189Guinness World Records Classics: The most vehicles doing ramp jump crossingsEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
14190Guinness World Records Classics: The incredible yo-yo skills of Hiroyuki SuzukiEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.

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