Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14371First row in an ocean double twice in one yearMichael PerrensfirstUnited Kingdom, 23 December 2004The first person to row an ocean in double twice in one year is Michael Perrens (UK), who crossed the Atlantic East to West in Carpe Diem between 20 January - 8 March 2004 and in Britannia Endeavour between 12 November - 23 December 2004.Editoral: opening text (including capitalisation, without commas) is how it should read.
14372First row across any ocean (female)Sylvia CookfirstUnited Kingdom, 22 April 1972The first female oceanrower is Sylvia Cook (UK) who rowed the Pacific east to west in team with John Fairfax (UK) in Britannia II between 26 April 1971 - 22 April 1972, becoming the first to row across the Pacific.
14373First row across the Pacific soloPeter BirdfirstNot Applicable, 14 June 1983The first person to row the Pacific solo is Peter Bird (UK) who rowed the Pacific East to West in Hele-on-Britannia, leaving San Francisco, USA on 23 August 1982 and arriving in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia on 14 June 1983.
14374Largest political constituencyUnknown2600000 square kilometre(s)Australia, Western AustraliaThe Kalgoorlie Australian federal parliamentary constituency in Western Australia covers more than 2,600,000km2 (1,000,000miles2), an area greater than the whole of western Europe. The constituency measures 2,250km (1,400miles) from north to south and 1,600 km (1,000miles) from east to west and covers the whole state of Western Australia except for the Perth urban area in the southwest.
14375First row across the AtlanticGeorge Harbo & Frank SamuelsonfirstNorway, 01 August 1896The first men to row across the Atlantic were George Harbo and Frank Samuelson (both Norway) who crossed the Atlantic West to East from USA land to land, from New York, USA to the Isles of Scilly, UK . They departed on 6 June 1896 in an 5.48-m (18-ft) long boat without sails and arrived on 1 August, after rowing 5,262 km (3,270 miles) in 55 days.They rowed for a futher five days into Le Havre, France.
14376Largest pyramidQuetzalcóatl PyramidMexicoThe largest pyramid, and the largest monument ever constructed, is the Quetzalcóatl Pyramid at Cholula de Rivadavia, 101 km (63 miles) south-east of Mexico City. It is 54 m (177 ft) tall, and its base covers an area of nearly 18.2 ha (45 acres). Its total volume has been estimated at 3.3 million m³ (166,538,400 ft³)compared with the current volume of 2.4 million m³ (84,755,200 ft³) for the Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops.
14377First row across two oceans soloJohn FairfaxfirstUnited Kingdom, 22 April 1972The first person to row two oceans is John Fairfax (UK). Between 20 January - 19 July 1969 he rowed the Atlantic east to west solo in Britannia (in doing so becoming the first person to row any ocean solo). Between 26 April 1971 - 22 April 1972 he, and his team mate Sylvia Cook (UK), rowed the Pacific in Britannia II (in doing so becoming the first to row the the Pacific).
14378First row across any ocean solo (male)John FairfaxfirstUnited Kingdom, 19 July 1969The first to row any ocean solo is John Fairfax (UK) who rowed the Atlantic east to west in Britannia between 20 January - 19 July 1969. He was also the first to row the Pacific in team with Sylvia Cook (UK) in Britannia II between 26 April 1971 - 22 April 1972. In addition, John Fairfax was the first to row two oceans.
14379Largest peacekeeping force deployed on multiple operations (present day)United Nations95976 peopleNot Applicable, 31 October 2006The global deployment of United Nations peacekeeping representatives reached an historic high at the end of October 2006, with 80,976 military and police personnel, in addition to 15,000 civilians serving in peace operations around the world. In the same year, the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations led 18 different missions in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Peacekeeping personnel come from some 112 countries, as of 31 October 2006, the top 10 troop contributors were: Pakistan (9,790), Bangladesh (9,655), India (9,276), Jordan (3,819), Nepal (3,522), Ghana (2,674), Uruguay (2,583), Ethiopia (2,568), Nigeria (2,429) and South Africa (2,077). The annual budget for peacekeeping in 2006 was $4.75 billion (£2.5 billion), excluding the financial implication of the new mission in Timor-Leste and the expansion of the mission in the Sudan.
14380First team of six to row an oceanSara GfirstBarbados, 11 March 2010The crew of the Sara G – Matt Craughwell, James Kenworthy (both UK), Peter Williams, Mike Jones (both Ireland), Mylene Paquette (Canada) and Pedro Cunha (Portugal) rowed the Atlantic east to west from Agadir, Morocco, to Barbados, West Indies, in 57 days 19 hr 57 min between 12 January and 11 March 2010.
14381First team of 16 to row an oceanBig Bluefirst firstBarbados, 04 March 2011The first and so far only team of 16 to row any ocean is “Big Blue”, consisting of skipper Angela Madsen, Ryan Worth, Elizabeth Koenig, Aleksandra Klimas-Mikalauskas (all USA), Steve Roedde, Nigel Roedde, Dylan White, Zach Scher, Charles Wilkins and Sylvain Croteau (all Canada), Tom Butscher (Canada/ Switzerland), Margaret Bowling (Australia), Ernst Fiby (Austria), Liam Flynn (UK), and David Davlianidze (Georgia), who rowed the Atlantic east to west from Tarfaya, Morocco, to Barbados between 15 January and 4 March 2011 in 47 days 18 hr.
14382First female to row two oceans soloRoz SavagefirstPapua New Guinea, Madang03 June 2010British rower Roz Savage is the first woman to cross two oceans – the Atlantic and the Pacific – under her own power. On 30 November 2005, she set out across the Atlantic east to west from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, arriving in Antigua, West Indies, on 13 March 2006 after 103 days 5 hr 43 min at sea in the Sedna Solo. She completed the longer, Pacific crossing in the same boat, renamed Brocade, in three stages: San Francisco, California, USA, to Waikiki, Hawaii, USA, in 99 days from 25 May to 1 September 2008 Hawaii to Kiribati in 104 days from 24 May to 6 September 2009 and Kiribati to Madang, Papua New Guinea, in 46 days from 18 April to 3 June 2010.
14383Most prolific record breaker on Boom Blox (EA, 2008)Marc CohenUSA01 October 2010The most prolific record breaker on Boom Blox (EA, 2009) is Marc Cohen (USA), who holds the highest score on 12 of the 24 master challenges as of October 2010.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
14384Most critically acclaimed fitness videogameEA Sports Active (EA Vancouver, 2009)83.25 percentageUnited States, 30 June 2013EA Sports Active (EA Vancouver, 2009) garnered the most positive reviews of the fitness genre, scoring 83.25% on as of 30 June 2013.
14385Longest-running basketball videogame seriesNBA LiveNot Applicable12 March 2015The very first game in EA’s NBA Live videogame series was NBA Live 95 (Hitmen Productions, 1994). There have been 18 games so far, with the last, as of March 2015 being NBA Live 15 (EA Tiburon, 2014). The better-selling NBA 2K series didn’t start until 1999 and there have been 16 games so far (the last instalment, NBA 2K15, was released in October 2014). EA’s own NCAA Basketball series first appeared in 1998 (as NCAA March Madness) but the series ended in 2009.See also most prolific basketball videogame series
14386Fastest walk 3,000 metres (female) (indoors)Claudia Stef11/40.33 minute(s), second(s)Romania, Bucharest,,30 January 19993,000 m11:40.33Claudia Stef (née Iovan) (Romania)Bucharest, Romania30 January 1999
14387Longest videogame reaction video
14388First television service in high-definitionBBCfirstLondon, Alexandra Palace02 November 1936The world's first high-definition (i.e. 405 lines) television broadcasting service was opened from Alexandra Palace, London on 2 November 1936, when there were about 100 sets in the UK.
14389Most veteran tractors ploughing simultaneouslyCaroline HanlonIreland, Cooley05 August 2007The greatest number of veteran tractors (i.e. older than 30 years) to plough the same field simultaneously is 4,572 at Cooley, County Louth, Ireland, on 5 August 2007.
14390Windsurfing at the highest latitude (Boardsailing)Gerard-Jan Daniel GoekoopUnknown, North of Spitzbergen archipelago14 July 1985Gerard-Jan Goekoop (Netherlands) windsurfed alongside the pack-ice of the Arctic Ocean at 80º 40.3' N., 13º 43' E, north of the Spitsbergen archipelago on July 14, 1985.Gerard-Jan Daniel Goekoop was the ships doctor on the dutch expedition ship 'Plancius'. He used a three millimetres Freetex Aquata wetsuit.
14391Longest English word consisting only of vowelsEuouaeEuouae, at six letters long, is the longest English word consisting only of vowels, and, also, the word with the most consecutive vowels.Words with five consecutive vowels include cooeeing and queueing.Euouae -- medieval musical term which indicates the vowels of the syllables of "seculorum Amen," which ends the "Gloria Patri."
14392Most southerly birdSnow petrelAntarcticaFew Antarctic birds nest inland (i.e. upon this continent’s ice-sealed interior) to any great extent. However, the snow petrel (Pagodroma nivea) is known to nest up to 240 km (150 miles) inland, among rocky peaks poking up through the ice.
14393Most prolific theatre producerHoward PechetCanada, Various01 January 2008The most prolific theatre producer is Howard E. Pechet (Canada) who has produced 485 plays at ten different venues across Canada, between January 1975 and July 2008.Most of the productions were under the banner of Stage West. At present only Stage West Calgary and Stage West Mississauga are still open. Pechet is described as "an individual who truly loves theatre" and "took his love for the arts and passionately shared it with the world"
14394Longest-running golf videogame console seriesTiger Woods PGA TourUnited States26 March 2013The console golf game with the longest lifespan is Tiger Woods PGA Tour, which has been running since 1998. The latest version of the game is the 14th – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 (EA), which was released on 26 March 2013.
14395Smallest hotelEh'hausl hotel53 square metre(s)Germany, Amberg01 January 2008With an overall floorspace of 53 m2, the Eh'hausl hotel in Amberg, Germany, holds the record for the smallest hotel. Sandwiched between two larger buildings, the hotel is too small to accomodate more than two guests at any given time.
14396Most people cycling underwater2e2 Underwater Cycling Challenge22 peopleGuernsey, Havelet Bay10 September 2006The largest underwater cycle race involved 22 scuba divers competing along the the 60-m (196-ft) long, 3-m ( 10-ft) deep 2e2 Underwater Cycling Challenge in Havelet Bay, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK on 10 September 2006. Three divers competed in the first set of heats, then they had the last eight and the quarters, semis and final were then in twos.The race is held annually. Its original name was: SeaGuernsey Cycle Soumarine.The 2005 winner, Simon Bradbury (UK), remained unbeaten with his time of 1 min 32 sec until the 2007 race, when Philip Eyre (UK) finished in 1 min 20 sec.
14397Longest-running sports videogame seriesMadden NFLNot Applicable11 June 2015While John Madden himself retired in 2009, the videogame series that bears the commentator’s name, Madden NFL (EA Tiburon) shows no sign of slowing down. With a total of 31 games released in 27 years, the franchise is the longest-running in sports as of 11 June 2015.The last game released in the series is Madden NFL 2015, which hit the shelves in August 2014.
14398Best selling single in its first UK chart weekWill YoungUnited Kingdom02 March 2002The debut single of Will Young (UK), 'Anything Is Possible'/'Evergreen' sold 1,108,269 copies in its first "chart week" - i.e. its total sales from 25 February to 2 March 2002, including 385,000 on its first day. No record in history can claim certified first "chart week" sales in excess of this, and it went to sell an unprecedented 2 million singles in the UK in just 15 weeks.
14399First ascent of Everest without supplemental oxygenReinhold Messner, Peter HabelerfirstNepal, Mt EverestReinhold Messner (Italy) and Peter Habeler (Austria) made the first successful ascent of Mt Everest without supplemental oxygen on 8 May 1978. This feat is regarded by some purist mountaineers as the first 'true' ascent of Everest, since overcoming the effects of altitude (i.e. the low oxygen content of the air) is the greatest challenge facing high-altitude climbers.
14400Most aircraft in inverted acrobatic flightAir Demonstration Squadron of the Brazilian Air ForceBrazil, Piraçununga29 October 2009On 29 October 2009, 12 Tucano aircraft of the Air Demonstration Squadron of the Brazilian Air Force (also known as the Esquadrilha da Fumaça) flew upside down in formation for 30 seconds above Campo Fontenelle aerodrome near Piraçununga, Brazil.

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