Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14551Fastest 20 m bum walkHarriet PickrellUnited Kingdom, Salisbury,,Salisbury and South Wilts Sports Club19 July 2013The fastest 20 metre bum walk is 1 min 4.05 sec and was achieved by Harriet Pickrell (UK) at an event organised by James Hay Partnership (UK), in Salisbury, UK, on 19 July 2013.This was one of three Guinness World Records title broken on the day by employees of James Hay Partnership in an event held at Salisbury and South Wilts Sports Club.
14552First platform videogameNintendo, Donkey KongfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1981The first true platform game was the 1981 Nintendo arcade game Donkey Kong . It was the first game to star Mario – though he was called Jumpman at the time – and the first game created by legendary Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First true platform game.
14553Oldest presidentJoaquin BalaguerDominican RepublicJoaquin Balaguer (1907-2002) was president of the Dominican Republic 1960-62, 1966-78, and 1986-96. He ultimately left office at the age of 89, having held the presidency for over 23 years in total.Born in Villa Bisonó, Dominican Republic and a lawyer by trade, he began his career in the 1930s, working for the Dominican Republic's notorious dictator, Rafael Trujillo, and eventually becoming president in name. After Trujillo's assassination in 1961, there was a period of political turmoil, and Mr Balaguer went into exile in the United States. In 1966, he was restored to power with US backing and won the presidency in 1966 then and again in 1970 and 1974. Social unrest and guerrilla activity caused him to loose the 1978 and 1982 presidential elections, but he was re-elected in 1986, 1990, and 1994 on a conservative platform.The 1994 election was so marred by such serious allegations of fraud that international pressure forced Balaguer to agree to resign after only a two-year term.
14554Youngest seeded Wimbledon Men's singles playerBjorn BorgUnited Kingdom, Wimbledon01 January 1973The youngest seeded Wimbledon men's singles competitor is Bjorn Borg (Sweden) who was aged 17 years 19 days when he completed his first match in the 1973 tournament.
14555Youngest ringmasterUnknownUnited Kingdom, Strathclyde Country Park26 December 2005On 26 December 2005, at the age of three years old, Cranston Chipperfield (UK) became the youngest person to take the stage as master of ceremonies at the Circus Royale, Lanarkshire, UK. He is the eighth generation of ringmaster in the Chipperfield family.
14556First soundtrack from a television film to top the US chartsHigh School MusicalfirstUnited States, 11 March 2006The first soundtrack album to a TV movie to top the US charts was the Walt Disney production High School Musical which first reached the top on 11 March 2006.
14557Oldest person to reach top 10 of US club chartBent FabricUnited States01 March 2006Danish pianist Bent Fabricius-Bjerre (known as Bent Fabric) reached the US Top 10 Club Chart in March 2006 with 'Jukebox' he was 81 years old.
14558Highest tandem bungee jump from a buildingNigel Hobbs, Yoshio GotoAustralia, Macau Tower,Macau25 August 2007The record for the highest tandem bungee jump is 233 m (764 ft 5 in) and was achieved by Yoshio Goto (Japan) and AJ Hackett (New Zealand) at the Macau Tower, Macau, China, on 25 August 2007.The bungee cord stretched a total of 213 m (698 ft), leaving 20 m (65 ft) between them and the ground.
14559Largest turquoiseShandong Tianyu Museum of Natural HistoryChina, Pingyi County, Shandong Province07 April 2009The largest turquoise measures 1.03 m (3 ft 5 in) long, 1.06 m (3 ft 6 in) high, 26 cm (10 in ) wide and weighs 225 kg (496 lb). It is housed in the Shandong Tianyu Museum of Natural History, Shandong Province, China.Some lines of quartz and black iron can be seen running through the turquoise.
14560Oldest heliskiierChristof WieserAustria, Mondsee09 July 2008Christof Wieser (Austria, b. 19 September 1928) Heliskiis regularly every year. The last confirmed time was 9 July 2008, aged 79 years 8 Months and 20 days.
14561Highest scores for Top SkaterTai Kuang NengMalaysiaThe highest scores for the 1997 arcade classic Top Skater were achieved by Tai Kuang Neng (Malaysia). On the Easy/Novice course, Tai Kuan scored 1,160,526. He also score836,733 on the Hard/Expert course and 1,406,239 on the Secret course.
14562Shortest band by heightMinirockerz132.87 centimetre(s)United States, The shortest band by height is Minirockerz aka Minikiss with an average height of 132.87 cm ( 4 ft 4 in). The four member band was formed in 1998 and initially played and celebrated Kiss music during high energy stage shows.
14563IntroductionTo mark our diamond anniversary year, we’re taking a look back over our history with 60 at 60 - a series of features highlighting a landmark record from each year of Guinness World Records existence.In this first instalment, we take a look at how Roger Bannister's sub-four-minute mile in 1954 pushed the boundaries of athletics, and how two witnesses to the feat went on to play a fundamental role in the inception of Guinness World Records.____________On the morning of May 6, 1954, Sir Roger Bannister did the impossible.The Daily Telegraph, at the time had described the sub-4 minute mile as “sport’s greatest goal”, something “as elusive and seemingly unattainable as Everest” (another seemingly unfeasible human achievement that had recently been chalked off by Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay).Indeed Bannister had been told by physiologists that not only was running the 4-minute mile impossible for man to do, but attempting to do so was dangerous to one's health.Born in Harrow, England, the then 25-year-old Oxford University medical student was regarded as Britain’s best middle-distance runner, but had recently experienced crushing disappointment after finishing fourth in the 1500m at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki – a race he had been widely expected to win.Bannister finishes 4th in the 1500m at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic GamesThe following months saw Bannister toying with the idea of giving up athletics, before he decided to set himself a new goal of becoming the first man to run a mile in under four minutes.videoInspired by his running hero Sydney Wooderson who had made a remarkable comeback in 1945 by setting a new British record in the same event, Bannister set out to achieve the holy grail of athletics.The scene for Bannister’s finest moment was an early race in the 1954 season at Oxford University’s ramshackle Iffley Road track, during the annual match between the Amateur Athletic Association and the University.Alongside Bannister, the two other principal runners involved for the AAA were his two friends Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher, with the attempt carefully planned between the three.Chataway was an underbrewer at the Guinness Brewery in Park Royal, London. He would go on to introduce the race’s timekeeper and old university friend Norris McWhirter to the brewery’s owner Sir Hugh Beaver, recommending him and his brother Ross as editors for the company’s new publication - a book that would compile superlatives to help settle pub arguments.Down to the last moment before the race Bannister had misgivings about the weather, which had seen a strong wind gather at the track, but he was persuaded to go ahead with the attempt by his two pacemakers.The first two laps saw Brasher set out at the front with a speed Bannister at the time feared was too slow. In fact the tempo proved to be just right, with Brasher reaching the halfway mark in 1 minute 58 seconds.Brasher sets the pace with Bannister in second during the early stages of the raceChataway then took up the mantle halfway through the third lap, with Bannister following intently behind.As the crowd’s roar began to get louder, and sensing the moment of a lifetime, Bannister took his cue on the far straight of the last lap and lengthened his stride to speed past Chataway around the final bend.Recalling his burst of speed on the home stretch, Bannister says: “The earth seemed to move with me. I found a new source of power and beauty, a source I never knew existed.”Throwing in all his reserves, he broke the tape and collapsed to the ground.When remembering the end of the race, Bannister says: “Doctors and scientists said that breaking the four-minute mile was impossible, that one would die in the attempt. Thus, when I got up from the track after collapsing at the finish line, I figured I was dead.”Bannister is helped to his feet after collapsingIn a style that ramped up the anticipation and excitement and would later become a trademark during the countless record attempts he presided over, McWhirter gave a long pause as he delivered the race result.As he began announcing Bannister’s finishing time, he was drowned out by the ecstatic crowd which erupted upon hearing the word “three’, drowning out confirmation that the winning time was 3.59.4 and history had been made.videoAs is so often the case with world records, once Bannister proved a human could in fact run a mile under four minutes, it left the world stunned, and helped shatter a collective mental barrier.Australian John Landy bettered the Iffley Road record the following month with a time of 3 minutes 57.9 seconds, while in the three years that followed that historic day in Oxford, a further 15 runners would go on to also perform the same feat.Bannister had changed the expectation of possibilities through the achievement of his high goal. He had helped shift the entire paradigm through which other runners viewed the world and in turn helped redefine what the human body could achieve.
14564Japan's Sakari Momoi confirmed as oldest living man, aged 111 years, 196 daysGuinness World Records can today confirm that Japan’s Sakari Momoi is the world’s oldest livingman at 111 years, and, as of today, 196 days old. Mr. Momoi took the title after Mr. Alexander Imich (NY, United States) passed away on 8 June 2014 aged 111 years 124 days.Erika Ogawa, VP Japan of Guinness World Records, handed Mr Momoi his official certificate and celebrated his health and longevity during a presentation yesterday. Born on 5 February 1903 in Soma (now, Minami Soma), Fukushima, only a day after Mr. Alexander Imich, Mr. Momoi became a teacher and later worked as the principal of high schools in Fukushima and Saitama prefecture.In 1928, he married (the late) Ms. Tamiko and had 5 children. His record age was verified using his birth certificate and several other official documents.Mr. Momoi with a picture he drew recentlyMr. Momoi lives in the hospital in Tokyo. He likes reading, especially Chinese poetry. He also enjoyed traveling around Japan with his wife before she passed away. His family is very pleased with the record, but requesting for the peaceful atmosphere for their father.The oldest living woman – and currently the oldest living person – is Misao Okawa (Japan), who was born on 5 March 1898 in Osaka, Japan, and is 116 years, 168 days old.The oldest person ever to have lived is Jeanne Calment (France), who lived to 122 years and 164 days, and the oldest man ever is Jiroemon Kimura (Japan), who was born on 19 April 1897 and passed away aged 116 years 54 days on 12 June 2013.Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday says: "To put Mr Momoi’s age into perspective, he was born before the Wright brothers made their first powered flight, before Henry Ford produced his first car, and before the birth of author George Orwell and jazz legends Bix Beiderbeck and Fats Waller""Back in 1903, the world had only just staged the second ever modern Olympic Games and Albert Einstein was yet to publish his theory of Special Relativity. It’s difficult to imagine that a contemporary of this era is still flourishing to this day, so it’s a particularly special honour to acknowledge Mr Momoi and his remarkable longevity."video
14565Oldest Olympic gold medallistOscar SwahnSweden, Olympic Games in Stockholm01 January 1912Oscar Swahn (Sweden) was in the winning Running Deer shooting team at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden, aged 64 years 258 days. In 1920, at the Antwerp Olympics, Belgium, he became the oldest silver medalist in this event at 72 years 280 days.He was born 20 October 1847 in Tanum, Sweden and died 1 May 1927.He won his first gold medal at the 1908 Olympic Games held in London and returned to the following two Games to eventually win three gold, one silver and two bronze medals.
14566Most prolific serial killer
14567Longest reigning World Heavyweight championJoe LouisUnited States01 March 1949Joe Louis (USA) was champion for 11 years 252 days, from 22 June 1937, when he knocked out James Joseph Braddock (USA) in the eighth round at Chicago, Illinois, USA, until announcing his retirement on 1 March 1949. During his reign Louis made a record 25 defences of his title.
14568Longest continental mountain rangeThe AndesSouth AmericaThe Andes, in South America, are the world's longest continental range of mountains. 7,600 km (4,700 miles) in length, they span seven countries and include some of the highest mountains on Earth. Over fifty of the Andes peaks reach over 6,000 m high (20,000 ft). Along most of its extent, the range is around 300 km (200 miles) in width.
14569Highest frequency hearing - animalBatBats (order Chiroptera) have the most acute hearing of any non-aquatic animal, due to their ultrasonic echolocation. Most species use frequencies in the 20-80 kHz range, although some can hear frequencies as high as 120-250 kHz, compared with almost 20 kHz for the human limit and 280 kHz for the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis).Echolocation is a method of sensory perception by which bats orient themselves to their surroundings, detect obstacles, communicate with others, and find food. Bats send out sound waves using their mouth or nose and when the sound hits an object an echo comes back. The bat can then identify an object by the sound of the echo. In fact, the echolocation system is so accurate that bats can detect insects the size of gnats and objects as fine as a human hair.
14570First films released to videoUnknownUSA, Sears,Roebuck01 January 1972The earliest video films available to hire were from Sears, Roebuck, USA in 1972 and included Stagecoach (USA 1939), Hamlet (GB 1948), High Noon (US 1952) and Bridge on the River Kwai (GB 1957). These were all for showing on the Avco Cartavision video player that retailed at $1,600.
14571Farthest washing machine throw - pairMiguel Ballesteros, José Francisco Dopcio de PabloSpain, Madrid23 November 2000Miguel Ballesteros and José Francisco Dopcio de Pablo (both Spain) managed to toss a washing machine weighing 47 kg (103.61 lb) a distance of 6.37 m (20 ft 10.6 in) at the studios of El Show de los Récords, Madrid, Spain on 23 October 2001.
14572Victoria Cross - longest lived holderUnknownCanada, Vancouver,British ColumbiaThe longest-lived of all the 1351 recipients of the Victoria Cross has been Lt-Col. Harcus Strachan. Born in Boness, Falkirk on 7 Nov 1884, he received the VC in 1917 and died in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 1 May 1982 aged 97 years 175 days.
14573Longest ectopic pregnancyMarina HoeyUnited Kingdom, BelfastMarina Hoey (UK), gave birth to Sam on 22 May 2002 at the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service, Belfast, after an ectopic pregnancy of 233 days (33rd week).An ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy resulting from gestation other than in the uterus) occurs in 1:100-400 and accounts for 15% of maternal deaths. Marina's orginal due date was 8 July 2002.
14574Highest mountain in the Solar SystemOlympus Mons, MarsOlympus Mons is the highest mountain in the solar system. Its peak is 25 km (15 miles) above its base - nearly three times the height of Mt. Everest. Olympus Mons is desginated a shield volcano because of its shape. Despite its great height, it has a very gentle slope. Olympus Mons is over twenty times wider than it is high. It is the same kind of volcano as the active volcanoes currently 'creating' the Hawaiian Islands. The line around Olympus Mons is a 'basal cliff' which is as high as 6 km (3.72 miles) in some places.
14575Fastest average time to solve a 5x5x5 Rubik's CubeFeliks ZemdegsAustralia, Melbourne16 November 2013Feliks Zemdegs (Australia) broke his own record on Melbourne Cube Day 2013, with an average time of 55.33 seconds. He broke his record in Melbourne, Australia, on 16 November 2013.
14576Most consecutive Top 10 hits on the Hot Country Songs chartGeorge StraitfirstUnited States, 01 January 2010George Strait (USA) is the only country act to have at least one Top 10 hit on the Hot Country Songs chart every year for the last 30 years (1981-2010). He has also amassed more Top 5 country hits (73) than any other artist and has sold over 68.5 million albums.
14577Largest non-polar ice fieldKluane National Park and ReserveCanada01 January 2011Located in Yukon Territory, Canada, the 21,980-km² (8 490-mile²) Kluane National Park and Reserve is home to the largest ice field outside the Poles. Around 2,500­3,000 m (8,200­9,800 ft) high, it occupies more than half of the park and incorporates glaciers that stretch for 60 km (37 miles).
14578Most expensive pair of trainers (sneakers)Ju$t Another Rich Kid, Ken Courtney4053 US dollar(s)USA, New York01 January 2007Ken Courtney (USA), founder of fashion label Ju$t Another Rich Kid, created a pair of high-top Nike Dunks dipped in 18-garat gold as part of a fashion show in New York, USA, in 2007. Five pairs were made, costing $4,053 (£2,702) each.
14579First player to play 400 NHL ice hockey matches with three different teamsChris CheliosfirstUnited StatesChris Chelios (USA) became the first player in NHL history to appear in 400 or more games for three different teams. He played for the Montreal Canadiens (1984-90), Chicago Blackhawks (1990-99), and Detroit Red Wings (1999-2007).
14580Most durable golf club employeeRaymundo CoelhoBrazil, Rio de Janeiro01 January 2005The most durable golf club employee is Raymundo Coelho (Brazil), who began work at Gavea Golf and Country Club, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in January 1935, providing upkeep and maintenance of the course, and he continues at the club, now as an instructional professional, 70 years later.

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