Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14701Most generations of actresses in one familyKajol4 peopleIndia, 01 January 1999Kajol, who has starred in a string of recent box office successes, is one of three generations of Bollywood actresses. Her mother Tanuja and aunt Nutan were both leading actresses in the 1960s, while her grandmother Shobhana Samarth starred in numerous 1940s hits.
14702Most spray tans in one hourSandra McClumphaUnited Kingdom, Glasgow20 September 2010The record for the most spray tans in one hour is 78 and was organised by Sandra McClumpha (UK) as part of an initiative to raise awareness about skin cancer at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, on 20 September 2010.
14703Most skips on a tightrope in one minuteHenry Ayala211 timesUnited Kingdom, Bristol30 September 2003Henry Ayala (Venezuela) completed 211 skips in a minute at BIlly Smarts Circus, Durdham Down, Bristol, UK, on 30th September 2003. The wire was set at a height of 8.1 m (26 ft 6 in).
14704Tallest house of cards in one minute
14705Farthest run one hour (male)Haile GebrselassieCzech Republic, Ostrava27 June 200721,285 m Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) Ostrava, Czech Republic 27 June 2007
14706Fastest run one mile (male)Hicham El Guerrouj3/43.13 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome07 July 19993:43.13Hicham El Guerrouj (Morroco)Rome, Italy7 July 1999
14707Most Oscar nominations for one roleBarry FitzgeraldUnited States, Los Angeles01 January 1945Barry Fitzgerald (Ireland) (1888- 1961) was nominated for both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for his role as 'Father Fitzgibbon' in Going My Way (USA 1944), winning the latter on 15 March 1945.This is the only time that one actor has been nominated in two acting categories for the same film.Bing Crosby, his co-star in the film, won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in the film as 'Father O'Malley'.
14708Fastest run one mile (female)Svetlana Masterkova4/12.56 minute(s), second(s)Switzerland, Zurich14 August 19964:12.56Svetlana Masterkova (Russia)Zurich, Switzerland 14 August 1996
14709Fastest time to solve 5 Rubik's cubes (one hand)Bhargav Narasimhan1.23.93 minute(s), second(s)India, Chennai01 March 2015The fastest time to solve 5 Rubik's cubes (one hand) is 1 min 23.93 sec and was achieved by Bhargav Narasimhan (India) in Chennai, India, on 1 March 2015. Each Rubik's cube was scrambled then kept under a plant pot so it could not be seen by Bhargav.
14710Fastest glider assemblyKuovolas Glider Association1/40 minute(s), second(s)Finland, ValkealaKouvola’s Glider Association (Finland) assembled a glider and launched it to an altitude of 400m (1,310 ft) in 1 min 40 sec at Selänpää Airport, Valkeala, Finland on 10 July 2001.The attempt was filmed by Guinness World Records Finland.
14711Fastest run 800 metres (female) (indoors)Jolanda Ceplak1/55.82 minute(s), second(s)Austria, Vienna03 March 20021:55.82Jolanda Ceplak (Slovenia)Vienna, Austria3 March 2002
14712Fastest swim long course 200 metres freestyle (male)Paul Biedermann1/42.00 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome28 July 20091:42.00 Paul Biedermann (Germany) Rome, Italy, 28 July 2009
14713Fastest run 800 metres (female)Jarmila Kratochvílová1/53.28 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Munich26 July 1983800 m1:53.28Jarmila Kratochv (Czechoslovakia) Munich, Germany26 July 1983Both speed and speed-endurance are required to run the 800 m. The race is linked to the half-mile (880 yards or 804.67 m) first run in Britain by professionals around 1830. For many years, it was usual to run very fast opening laps. However, in 1932 Tom Hampson (GBR) became the first man to break 1:50 with 1:49.7 by running even paced laps (54.8 + 54.9). Germany's Rudolf Harbig broke this record in 1939 with 1:46.6. His success has been put down to the "interval training" devised by his coach Waldemar Gerschler. It involved increasing specific endurance through fast training repetitions with short recoveries: i.e. 50 x 100 m, 20 x 150 m. In 1959 the IAAF introduced running the first 300 meters of this event in lanes to avoid the frequent jostling. Rules currently stipulate that, in certain major competitions, just the first 100 meters will be run in lanes.
14714Fastest run 800 metres (male) (indoors)Wilson Kipketer1/42.67 minute(s), second(s)France, Paris09 March 19971:42.67Wilson Kipketer (Denmark)Paris, France9 March 1997
14715Fastest swim long course 200 metres freestyle (female)Federica Pellegrini1/52.98 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome29 July 20091:52.98 Federica Pellegrini (Italy) Rome, Italy 29 July 2009
14716Fastest swim long course 200 metres backstroke (male)Aaron Peirsol1/51.92 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome31 July 20091:51.92 Aaron Peirsol (USA) Rome, Italy, 31 July 2009
14717Fastest swim long course 200 metres butterfly (male)Michael Phelps1/51.51 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome29 July 20091:51.51 Michael Phelps (USA) Rome, Italy, 29 July 2009
14718Fastest swim short course 200 metres freestyle (male)Paul Biedermann1/39.37 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Berlin16 November 20081:39.37Paul Biedermann (Germany)Berlin, Germany15 November 2008
14719Fastest relay 4 x 200 metres (female) (indoors)Russia, Yekaterina Kondratyeva, Irina Khabarova, Yuliya Pechonkina1/32.41 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Glasgow29 January 20054 x 200 m1:32.41Russia (Yekaterina Kondratyeva, Irina Khabarova, Yuliya Pechonkina, Yulia Gushchina)Glasgow, UK29 January 2005
14720Fastest relay 4 x 200 metres (male) (indoors)Linford Christie, Darren Braithwaite, John Regis, Ade Mafe1/22.11 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Glasgow,,03 March 19914 x 200 m1:22.11Great Britain(Linford Christie, Darren Braithwaite, Ade Mafe, John Regis)Glasgow, UK3 March 1991
14721Fastest relay 4 x 200 metres (female)Unknown1/27.46 minute(s), second(s)United States, Philadelphia29 April 20004 x 200 m1:27.46United States 'Blue'(LaTasha Jenkins, LaTasha Colander-Richardson, Nanceen Perry, Marion Jones)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA29 April 2000
14722Fastest run 800 metres (male)David Rudisha1/40.91 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London09 August 2012David Rudisha (Kenya) clocked 1 min 40.91 sec to win the Olympic 800 m final at the Olympic Stadium in London, UK, on 9 August 2012 and lower his own world record in the track event.
14723Powered satellite with longest lifeInternational Ultraviolet ExplorerSatellite with the longest lifeThe International Ultraviolet Explorer was shut down after 18 years 8 months 4 days 1 hour and 6 minutes of elapsed mission time, at 18:42 GMT on 30 Sept 1996.
14724Fastest swim short course 200 metres medley (male)Ryan Lochte1/49.63 minute(s), second(s)Turkey, Istanbul14 December 2012The fastest short course swimming 200 metres individual medley is 1:49.63 by Ryan Lochte (USA) at Istanbul, Turkey, on 14 December 2012. The record-breaking swim came in the final of the event at the FINA World Championships.
14725Longest duration juggling three objects underwater (SCUBA)Markus Just1/40 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Nuremberg,,Freizeit Messe Nuremberg03 March 2013The longest underwater juggling of three objects is 1 hour and 40 minutes and was achieved by Markus Just (Germany) at the Freizeit Messe Nuremberg in Nuremberg, Germany, on 03 March 2013.
14726Fastest average time to solve a 6x6x6 Rubik's CubeKevin Hays1/51.3 minute(s), second(s)Canada, British Columbia03 August 2013On 3 August 2013, Kevin Hays (USA) broke his own record for the fastest average 6x6x6 solve, with a time of 1 min 51.3 seconds. He broke the record at the Vancouver Open in British Columbia, Canada.
14727Most marshmallows dry bobbed in one minuteAshrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica, New York27 March 2011The most marshmallows dry bobbed in one minute is 20 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) in Jamaica, New York, USA, on 27 March 2011.The attempt took place at the Enthusiasm Printing and design office and Ashrita used the la Rosa brand of marshmallows.
14728Most balloons inflated by the nose in one hourAshrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica03 March 2013The most balloons inflated by the nose in one hour is 380, achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA), at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Jamaica, New York, USA, on 3 March 2013.
14729Most sporting clay targets broken (one minute)Jean-Paul MordefroidFrance, Courcheval11 August 2003Jean-Paul Mordefroid (France) shot and broke 35 clay targets in one minute on the set of L'Été De Tous Les Records, Courchevel, France on 12 August 2003.
14730Most blow torches extinguished with the tongue in one minute

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