Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14791New York Stock Exchange - Longest trading suspensionNew York Stock ExchangeUnited States, New York31 July 1914In 1914, the NYSE closed its doors on July 31. It did not fully reopen for 4½ months, the longest shutdown in exchange history. The shutdown coincided with the beginning of World War I.
14792Most runners linked to complete a marathonCaBa's CaBaNauTeN73 peopleGermany, WürzbergThe most runners to complete a marathon whilst linked together is 73 and was achieved by the CaBa's CaBaNauTeN (Germany) at the iWelt Marathon in Würzburg, Germany on 20 May 2012.The participants were all linked by a metal chain.
14793Longest-running RPG (role-playing game) videogame seriesUltimaNot Applicable01 January 2009The Ultima franchise is the longest-running RPG series, at 29 years. Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness was released in 1980 while the most recent entry to the series, Ultima Online: The Stygian Abyss, came out in 2009.GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008 record updated and featured in GWRGE 2010It is beaten to the record of overall longest-running videogame franchise by Space Invaders, which was first released in 1978 and most recently updated with Space Invaders Extreme 2 in 2009.
14794Most ported graphic adventure videogameMyst13 total numberNot Applicable, February 2016Appearing on 13 platforms, the original Myst (Cyan inc., 1993) is the most widely released graphic adventure of all time. The game has been ported across generations, made available on the Mac, PC, Amiga, CDi, 3DO, Jaguar, Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, iPhone and iPad (as realMyst). n/a
14795First known programme budgetCecil Madden1000 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, Alexandra Palace,,01 January 1936In 1936, Cecil Madden, programme organiser and senior producer at Alexandra Palace, was allotted £1,000 (then US$4,971) for a week's entire television output for the BBC. This, in part, accounted for the viewing pattern - one hour in the afternoons, one hour in the evenings and no television on Sundays. Today (2001), it would be the equivalent of 㿈,850 (US$40,390)
147962005: Highest Shallow Dive
14797Largest object chaotically rotatingHyperionNot ApplicableSaturn's moon Hyperion measures 410 x 260 x 220 km (254 x 161 x 136 miles) and is the largest highly irregularly shaped body in the Solar System. It is one of only two bodies in the Solar System discovered to have completely chaotic rotation, essentially randomly tumbling in its orbit around Saturn. The other is asteroid 4179 Toutatis, measuring 4.5 x 2.4 x 1.9 km (2.7 x 1.5 x 1.1 miles).
14798Smallest boneUnknown2.6 - 3.4 millimetre(s)The stapes or stirrup bone, one of the three auditory ossicles in the middle ear, measures 2.6-3.4 mm (0.1-0.13 in) in length and weighs from 2 to 4.3 mg (0.03- 0.066 grains).
14799Most British and Irish Lions rugby union tours as captainMartin JohnsonAustralia01 January 2001Only one player has captained the British and Irish Lions rugby team on two separate tours, Martin Johnson (UK) in 1997 and 2001. In 1997 the team was victorious in South Africa, while in 2001 the Lions lost the close-run series in Australia 2-1.
14800Highest percentage of population who smoke (country)Austria36.3 percentageAustria, 01 January 2005Occording to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)'s Health Data 2005 report, the country which has the highest number of smokers, that is people who smoke at least one cigarette per day, is Austria with 36.3% of the population – more than 1 in 3 in 2002.
14801First stilt triple back somersault from teeter board (Korean plank)UnknownfirstRussia, 22 November 1989Mikhail Kouzimin (Russia) achieved a triple back somersault on one stilt on 22 November 1989, performed in the former Soviet Union - an accomplishment that is unquestionably one of the most spectacular records ever achieved on a teeter board.
14802Most popular videogame beta (total registered users)Minecraft (Mojang, 2009)Not Applicable01 December 2010With more than 10 million registered users as of July 2011, block-builder Minecraft is the most successful game beta ever. It was launched on 17 May 2009 and entered beta testing on 20 December 2010, with an official release planned for late 2011. Different versions of the game were developed for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as the Xbox 360.
14803Longest monosyllabic English wordsScraunched, StrengthedScraunched and the archaic word strengthed, each 10 letters long, are the longest English words that are only one syllable long.Nine letter monosyllabic words are scratched, screeched, scrounged, squelched, straights, and strengths.
14804Largest veinInferior Vena Cava20 millimetre(s)Not Applicable, N/AThe largest vein in the human body is the inferior vena cava, which carries deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body back up to the heart. Ultrasound imaging studies have found that the inferior vena cava varies considerably in size from one individual to another, with diameters ranging from 1.2 cm to 3 cm (0.47–1.18 in). The average inferior vena cava diameter for an adult is around 2 cm (0.78 in). In 1993, a case study was published in the Annals of Vascular Surgery that detailed the case of a patient who strained so hard while on the toilet that they restricted the flow through their inferior vena cava and fainted.
14805Most expensive telescopeHubble Space Telescope2100000000 US dollar(s), 25 April 1990The Hubble Space Telescope (HST), launched on 25 April 1990, cost $2.1-billion (£1.4-billion).
14806Largest Christian denominationRoman Catholic Church1100000000 peopleNot Applicable, 01 January 2011The world's largest Christian denomination is the Roman Catholic Church, which in 2011 had approximately 1.1 billion members.
14807Largest producer of antimatterFermilabUnited States, Batavia,Illinois01 January 2001Fermilab, in Batavia, Illinois, USA, produces around 100 billion protons of antimatter every hour. This adds up to around one billionth of a gram each year.
14808Most 10-wicket hauls in an innings (male)Alfred 'Tich' FreemanUKOnly one bowler has taken all ten wickets in an innings on three occasions-Alfred 'Tich' Freeman of Kent, 1929-31.
14809First black performers on TVBuck and BubblesfirstUnited Kingdom, 01 January 19361936: Buck and Bubbles (USA), an energetic, vaudeville comedy dance act, are guests on Variety (UK), one of the shows broadcast on the first day of service.
14810First Xbox 360 videogame released for charityChime (Zoe Mode, 2010)60 percentage, 01 February 2010The first Xbox 360 game release that was primarily sold for a charity is Chime (Zoe Mode, 2010), which donated 60% of proceeds to OneBigGame.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
14811Most motor races in 24 hoursFiona LeggateUnited Kingdom, Silverstone25 July 2004The most motor races driven by one racing driver in 24 hours is five, by Fiona Leggate (UK) at Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, UK, on 25 July 2004.The five races were part of the MG Car Club Silverstone MG 80 Race Meeting. Leggate won the last race, the Single Driver Enduro Race, with David Coulthard (UK) in second place.
14812Fastest swim long course 100 metres butterfly (male)Michael Phelps49/82 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome01 August 200949:82 Michael Phelps (USA) Rome, Italy, 1 August 2009
14813Longest laser ranging experimentThe McDonald Laser Ranging StationUnited States, Near Fort Davis06 February 2003The McDonald Laser Ranging Station, near Fort Davis, Texas, USA, uses a laser to measure the distance between the Earth and the Moon to an accuracy of 1 cm (0.39 inches). It bounces a laser off reflective targets left on the lunar surface by three US Apollo missions and two Soviet Lunokhod missions. The distance between the centres of the Earth and the Moon is 385,000 km (239,000 miles), and the laser ranging has shown that the Moon is receding from the Earth at a rate of 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) per year. This is one of the most accurate distance measurements ever made.
14814Most points for speed skating long track mini combination (female)Cindy Klassen155576 point(s)Canada, Calgary17 March 2001500/1,500/1,000/3,000 m 155,576 points Cindy Klassen (Canada) Calgary, Canada 15–17 March 2001
14815Longest horn - everUnknownIndiaThe longest horns of any living animal are those of the Asian water buffalo (Bubalus arnee) of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand. The average spread is about 1 m (3 ft 3 in), but one bull shot in 1955 had horns measuring 4.24 m (13 ft 10 in) from tip to tip along the outside curve across the forehead.
14816Most valuable fishRussian sturgeon289000 US dollar(s)Russia, Tikhaya Sosna River01 January 1924
14817Most consecutive decades with top five albums (UK) (female)Kylie MinogueUnited Kingdom01 January 2010Since her 1988 debut, the chart-topper Kylie, Australian actress-turned-vocalist Kylie Minogue has achieved at least one UK Top 5 album for four consecutive decades, her most recent success being the 2010 No.1 Aphrodite. In total, the singer has notched up nine Top 5 albums in the last four decades, including four in the 2000s alone.She reached the Top 5 twice in the 80s (Kylie, Enjoy Yourself), twice in the 90s (Greatest Hits, Kylie Minogue), four times in the 00s (Light Years, Fever, Ultimate Kylie, X) and once (as of August 2011) in the 10s (Aphrodite).
14818Greatest prize money for science and technologyMillennium Technology Prize1000000 euro(s)United States, Santa Barbara01 January 2006The one million euro (then approximately £667,000 $1.3 million) Millennium Technology Prize is awarded every two years in recognition of outstanding contributions to world science and technology. The 2006 winner was Professor Shuji Nakamura (Japan) of the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. His scientific achievements include the invention of blue light emitting diodes and the blue laser diode.
14819Highest score on Ninja Gaiden (NES)Kristian Emanuelsen (Norway)NorwayNorwegian Kristian Emanuelsen is Twin Galaxies’ undisputed champion on the NES-era Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo, 1988), which is regarded as one of the toughest games of its time. Emanuelsen holds the records for highest score (1,226,800) and fastest completion (12 min 23 sec) of the US version of the game, as well as the fastest completion (13 min 26 sec) of the European version, known as Shadow Warriors.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
14820Longest bridge, cable suspension bridgeAkashi-Kaikyo BridgeJapan, Honshu and Shikoku05 April 1998The main span of the Akashi-Kaikyo road bridge linking Honshu and Shikoku, Japan, is 1,990.8 m (6,532 ft) or (1.24 miles) long. The overall suspended length with side spans totals 3,911.1 m (12,831 ft 8 in or 2.43 miles). Two towers rise 297 m (974 ft 5 in) above water level and the two main supporting cables are 1,122 mm (44 in) in diameter, making both tower height and cable diameter world records. Construction began in 1988 and the bridge was opened to traffic on 5 April 1998.

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