Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14881Largest pumpkin sculptureRay VillafaneUnited States, New York,,New York Botanical Gardens23 October 2011Ray Villafane (USA) carved a zombie apocalypse from two giant pumpkins – weighing 824.86 kg (1,818 lb 5 oz) and 767.9 kg (1,693 lb) – in New York, USA, on 22-23 October 2011.
14882Longest videogame marathon on a racing gameThis record is for the longest duration playing a racing game.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured by time in hour(s), minute(s) and second(s).
14883Longest okra vineBernard LaveryUnited Kingdom01 January 1993Bernard Lavery of Llanharry, Rhondda Cyron Taff, UK grew an okra vine measuring 10 m (33 ft 1 in) in 1993.
14884Largest Internet caféChams Plc.Nigeria, Lagos01 November 2008The largest Internet café is ChamsCity Digital Mall with facilities in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, offering each 1,027 computer terminals, as verified in November 2008.There are two facilities one in Laogs and one in Abuja and they both hold the record as they have the same number of internet positions.
14885First film with a $100 million budgetTrue Lies (1994)firstUSA, 01 January 1994The first film to have a budget of US$100 million (the £64.1 million) was True Lies (US 1994), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.
14886Shortest land boundaryHoly See or Vatican CityItaly, Rome01 September 2011The frontier of the Holy See or Vatican City in Rome measures 3.2 km (1.9 miles), making it the shortest frontier between two sovereign countries.
14887Largest menuAndras HalasiHungary, Budapest24 April 2006The record for the largest menu consists of 1810 different items achieved by the restaurant Mofarguru (Hun) in Budapest, Hungary since 1 October 2005.
14888Smallest musclestapedius muscle0.127 millimetre(s)United KingdomThe smallest muscle in the human body is the stapedius, which controls the stapes in the ear. The muscles is less than 1.27 mm (0.05 in) long.
14889Largest turkey farmBernard Matthews plcUnited KingdomThe world's largest turkey farm belongs to Bernard Matthews plc, at North Pickenham, Norfolk, UK which produces 1 million turkeys per year.
14890First coast-to-coast colour transmission (USA)The Tournament of Roses Parade (NBC)firstUnited States, 01 January 1954RCA’s broadcasting wing (NBC) airs first countrywide colour transmission on 1 January 1954 with The Tournament of Roses Parade from Pasadena, California.
14891Highest score on CubefieldCameron JonesUnited States, Issaquah10 March 2011The highest score on Cubefield is 1,015,105 points achieved by Cameron Jones (USA), in Issaquah, Washington, USA on 10 March 2011.This record was broken on the Guinness World Record Challengers site. See:
14892Largest coffee shop
14893Most points for speed skating long track small combination (female)Cindy Klassen154580 point(s)Canada, Calgary19 March 2006500/3,000/1,500/5,000 m 154,580 points Cindy Klassen (Canada) Calgary, Canada 18–19 March 2006
14894Most people wearing wigs - single venueAngels Baseball31304 peopleUnited States, Anaheim,,Angels Baseball Stadium01 June 2013The most people wearing wigs is 31,304, achieved by Angels Baseball (USA) at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA, on 1 June 2013.
14895Largest same name gathering - surnameThe Gallagher Clan1488 peopleIreland, Letterkenny09 September 2007The world record for the largest same last name gathering involved 1,488 participants with the surname Gallagher at an event held in Letterkenny, Ireland on 9 September 2007.
14896Most points for speed skating long track big combination (male)Shani Davis145.742 point(s)Canada, Calgary19 March 2006500/5,000/1,500/10,000 m 145.742 points Shani Davis (USA) Calgary, Canada 18–19 March 2006
14897Most points for speed skating long track small combination (male)Erben Wennemars146.365 point(s)Canada, Calgary13 August 2005500/3,000/1,500/5,000 m 146.365 points Erben Wennemars (Netherlands) Calgary, Canada 12–13 August 2005
14898Longest raviolo / ravioliAmway RussiaRussia, Saint Petersburg03 August 2013The longest ravioli measures 29.28 m (96 ft 1 in) and was achieved by Amway Russia (Russia) in St Petersburg, Russia, on 3 August 2013.The ravioli was 6 cm wide and the filling included chicken and onion.
14899Most expensive film produced by BollywoodEndhiran42000000 US dollar(s)India, 01 January 2010The most expensive Bollywood film is Endhiran (India 2010), which cost an estimated 1.9 billion rupees ($42 million £27,088,475) to make.
14900Highest voltage from a potato batteryMarie-Therese Gymnasium1224 volt(s)Germany, Erlangen07 July 2012The highest voltage from a potato battery is 1,224 volts and was achieved by the Marie-Therese Gymnasium (Germany) in Erlangen, Germany, on 7 July 2012.
14901Largest online social networkFacebook1190000000 peopleNot Applicable, 30 October 2013As of 30 October 2013, Facebook boasted 1.19 billion monthly active users, with 874 million mobile users and 728 million daily users.
14902Longest serving soap starWilliam Roache1960 year(s), month(s), day(s)United Kingdom, 01 January 2010Coronation Street's William Roache (UK) is the world’s longest-serving soap actor, having debuted as Ken Barlow in episode 1, in 1960.Coronation Street airs on ITV (UK).
14903Most parmesan cheese wheels cracked simultaneously (multiple venues)Loblaw Companies LimitedCanada22 March 2014The most parmesan cheese wheels cracked simultaneously at multiple venues is 1,209 and was achieved by Loblaw Companies Limited (Canada) throughout Canada on 22 March 2014.
14904Longest castleGeorg ReisingerGermany, Burghausen18 September 2008The longest castle is the "Burg zu Burghausen" which measures 1,051.02 metres (3,448 ft 2 in) long and is located in Burghausen, Germany.The definition of "castle" for this record is the definition of the Encyclopedia Britannica which reads "... medieval European stronghold, generally the residence of the king or lord of the territory in which it stands."
14905Largest manufacturer of offshore rigs - currentKeppel FELSSingapore, Singapore31 December 2013The largest manufacturer of offshore rigs is Keppel FELS (Singapore) which delivered 21 offshore rigs from 1 January to 31 December 2013.
14906Most people cutting hairUNITED DANKS INTERNATIONALpeopleJapan, Yokohama,Yokohama Arena,indoor Professional sports arena11 June 2014The most people cutting hair is 1,214 and was achieved by UNITED DANKS INTERNATIONAL (Japan) at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, on 11 November 2014.
14907Largest crocodile in captivity (living)CassiusAustralia, Green Island, Marineland Melanesia01 January 2011Cassius, an Australian saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), is the largest crocodile in captivity at 5.48 m (17 ft 11.75 in). The Australian saltwater crocodile is the largest and most fearsome of today's species. Specimens can live for more than 100 years, can grow to 7 m (23 ft) and weigh more than 1 tonne (1.1 ton)!Australian wildlife zoo Marineland Melanesia, on Green Island, currently has more than 50 crocodiles, from young creatures to more mature specimens such as Cassius.Cassius is aged about 100, is the largest crocodile that has ever been caught alive in Australia, and is thought to be a man-eater. He was brought about 3,200 km (1.988 miles) from Australia’s Northern Territory to Green Island in 1987, by truck.
14908Planet with the most moonsJupiterNot Applicable05 February 2013As of 2013, Jupiter has 67 natural satellites that have been discovered to date. Saturn has the second greatest number of moons, with 62. Earth, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (dwarf planet) have 1, 2, 27, 13 and 5 respectively. Most of the Jovian and Saturnian moons are small irregularly shaped bodies of ice and rock, and many are almost certainly captured asteroids. The last Jovian moons found so far are S/2011 J1 and S/2011 J2, both discovered in 2011 and both only around 1 km across.
14909Longest roller coaster inverted designPyreneesJapan01 January 1997The longest inverted roller coaster is Pyrenees at Pargue Espana-Shima Spain Village in Japan, which measures 1,233.8 m (4,048 ft) and opened in 1997.
14910Longest individual first-class innings (male)Rajiv NayyarIndia, Chamba03 November 1999Rajiv Nayyar (India) batted for 16 hrs 55 mins, when scoring 271 for Himachal Pradesh against Jammu & Kashmir at Chamba, India from 1-3 Nov 1999.

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