Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

14911Largest collection of sick bagsNiek VermeulenNetherlands28 February 2012Niek Vermeulen (Netherlands) has 6,290 airline sickness bags from 1,191 different airlines from almost 200 countries, as of 28 February 2012, which he has accumulated since the 1970s.
14912Most people in a chorus lineJudy WellertUnited States, Long Beach03 April 2004The largest chorus line involved 1,628 participants sponsored by 'America Sings! Inc.' at El Dorado Park, Long Beach, California, USA on 3 April 2004.The attempt was part of an event called 'America Sings! Los Angeles', sponsored by America Sings! Inc. All participants danced a routine choreographed by John Jacobson to the song 'Because We Sing'.
14913Largest dhol drum ensembleArt of Living Foundation1356 peopleIndia, Kolhapur21 February 2011The largest dhol drum ensemble was achieved by 1,356 participants in an event organised by Art of Living Foundation at Shivaji University Ground, Kolhapur, India, on 21 February 2011. The concert was attended by 200,000 people and lasted 20 minutes.
14914First film studioBlack Maria637.67 US dollar(s)United States, West Orange01 February 1893Thomas Edison's 'Black Maria', a frame building covered in black roofing-paper, was built at the Edison Laboratories in West Orange, New Jersey, USA and completed at a cost of $637.67 (then £132.15) on 1 Feb 1893.Here Edison made short vaudeville-act films for use in his Kinetoscope, a peep-show machine designed for amusement arcades. The building was constructed so that it could be revolved to face the direction of the sun.
14915Most visited Hindu templeTirupati Temple30000 – 40000 peopleIndia, TirupatiTirupati Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India, attracts 30,000-40,000 visitors per day and an estimated 75,000 on New Years Day (January 1). The Tirupati temple is also the richest Hindu temple in the world (see record), with an annual budget of $57.02 million (㿏.2 million).
14916Most common cause of death in children (current)Worldwide1600000 peopleNot Applicable, 01 September 2011According to the World Health Organisation, the most common cause of death in children worldwide in 2010 was pneumonia, which kills an estimated 1.6 million children every year – more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
14917Fastest relay 4 x 400 metres (female)Tatyana Ledovskaya, Olga Bryzgina, Maria Pinigina, Olga Nazarova3/15.17 minute(s), second(s)Korea (South), Seoul01 October 19884 x 400 m3:15.17USSRTatyana Ledovskaya, Olga Nazarova, Maria Pinigina, Olga BryzginaSeoul, South Korea1 October 1988
14918Largest jazz festivalFestival International de Jazz de Montréal1913868 peopleCanada, Montreal01 January 2004The world's largest jazz festival is The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal in Québec, Canada, which attracted 1,913,868 people for its 25th anniversary year in July 2004.
14919Longest human chain (length)Bangladesh Awami League1050 kilometre(s)Bangladesh, Teknaf to Tentulia11 December 2004On 11 December 2004, over 5 million people joined hands to form a human chain, 1,050 km (652.4 miles) long from Teknaf to Tentulia, Bangladesh.The partipants were supporters of 14 opposition parties led by the Bangladesh Awami League to express their 'No Confidence' campaign to the BNP-led alliance government and to demand fresh polls.
14920Most expensive baseball sold at auctionMcGwire's baseball3054000 US dollar(s)United States, New York City12 January 1999A baseball was sold at Guernsey's auction house, New York City, USA for $3,054,000 (£1,874,655) including commission, to Todd McFarlane on 12 January 1999. The ball was the one that was hit by Mark McGwire of the St Louis Cardinals for his 70th and final home run in his record-setting season in 1998.
14921Most elevated countryOrange (Senqu)LesothoThe country with the highest low point is Lesotho, where the river-bed of the Orange (Senqu) is 1,381m 4,530ft above sea level where it flows out of the country.
14922BWF Super Series Masters Finals, men's singles titlesLee Chong Wei3 timesMalaysia, 01 January 2010Badminton world No.1 Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) has won the Badminton World Federation Super Series Masters Finals in every year that it has been held –2008, 2009 and 2010.
14923Most successful sports movie franchiseRocky franchise1251372491 US dollar(s)United States, San Diego01 July 2010The Rocky franchise, running from Rocky (21 November 1976) to Rocky Balboa (20 December 2006), was the most successful sports movie franchise, grossing $1,251,372,491 throughout its six installments.Craig Glenday presented the Guinness World Records certificate to co-stars of Rocky IV, Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren, at Comic Con 2010, held in San Diego, USA, 22 to 25 July.
14924Most islands within an atollHuvadhu AtollHuvadhu Atoll, in the Maldives (Indian Ocean) covers an area of around 2,900 km² (1,120 miles²) and contains some 255 islands within its boundary.
14925Longest individual Test cricket inningsHanif MohammadBarbados23 January 1958Hanif Mohammad (Pakistan) batted for 16 hr 10 min, when scoring 337 for Pakistan against the West Indies at Bridgetown, Barbados in the 1st Test from 17-23 January 1958.
14926Heaviest social network usersMalaysiaMalaysia01 October 2010According to TNS, as of October 2010, social network users in Malaysia spend an average of nine hours each week on their social network sites. In second place are Russians, who spend 8.1 hours per week on average.
14927Largest railway system under single managementIndia1600000000 peopleIndia, 01 January 2011India may have only the fourth largest rail network but it has the distinction of being the largest in the world under single management. It is also the world’s largest commercial employer, with over 1.6 million employees.
14928Longest bridge, Tibetan bridgeTibetan Bridge over the Po RiverItaly, River PoThe world's longest Tibetan bridge has a span of 374 m (1,227 ft). The bridge spans the river Po in Turin, Italy, and was constructed by the Experimenta (Italy). It was completed in May 2004.Experimenta is a scientific and interactive exhibition, planned and organizated by the Regione Piemonte in Turin, Italy.
14929Most expensive omeletteSteven Pipes1000 US dollar(s)United States, New York03 November 2004The most expensive omelette commercially available is the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata which costs $1,000 (£528.90) and is featured on the menu at Norma’s restaurant, Le Parker Meridien Hotel, New York, USA.The frittata contains 10 oz (280 g) caviar and approximately 1 lb (0.45 kg) lobster which is covered with egg on a bed of fried potatoes. Le Parker Meridien also feature a smaller, less expensive version called the ‘regular frittata’ that costs $100 (£54).
14930Most balls juggled whilst suspended upside downZdenek BradacCzech Republic, Jablonec nad Nisou,,City Sport Hall01 November 2010The most balls juggled whilst suspended upside down is 4, achieved by Zdenek Bradac (Czech Republic), in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, on 1 November 2010.The magician, juggler and escapologist Zdenek Bradac suspended himself to hang upside down with gravity boots. He is the first to set a record in juggling 4 balls while hanging upside down and managed 20 succesful catches.
14931Largest nougatSébastien MonteilletFrance, Montélimar20 June 2005The largest nougat weighs 1,300 kg (2,866 lb) and was made by Jerome Guigon and Bernard Morin (France) of the company Maître Gourmet, in Montélimar, France, on 20 June 2005.Dimensions: height: 96 cm length: 1,30 m width: 1,12 m 1300 kilos of which: 400 kilos of almonds 26 kilos of pistachios 160 kilos of honey 22000 eggs for the egg whites
14932Fastest time to score a hat trick, ice hockey, womenMelissa HorvatCanada, Burlington04 March 2006The fastest ice hockey hat trick by a woman is 35 seconds by Melissa Horvat (Canada) for Burlington 1 Bantams against Stoney Creek in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, on 4 March 2006She scored 3 times in the 3rd period with 8:56, 8:48 and 8:21 to go.This was a playoff game monitored by the Ontario Women's Hockey Association.Women's hockey is the fastest growing sport in Canada.
14933Most rebounds in a WNBA postseason matchCheryl Ford23 timesUnited States, 27 August 2006Cheryl Ford (USA) set a postseason record with 23 rebounds for the Detroit Shock in a 70-59 victory over the Connecticut Sun in Game 1 of the Women's National Basketball Association Eastern Conference finals on 24 August 2006.
14934First British videogame to make the ELSPA Award Million Seller list<i>Grand Theft Auto III</i> (Rockstar Games, 2001)firstUnited KingdomGTA III was the first game to be recognized by the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) for selling over 1 million copies in the UK. Notably, it is also the first British game to make the ELSPA Award Million-Seller list.GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008.
14935Tallest climbing roseAnne GrantUnited States, Los Angeles01 August 2004The tallest climbing rose measured 27.7 m (91 ft) at its highest point in a straight line from the ground on 1 August 2004, and was grown by Anne and Charles Grant of Los Angeles, California, USA.Cecile Brunner variety.
14936Largest gathering of people dressed as GorillasMountain Gorilla Conservation FundUnited States, Denver, Colorado31 October 2009The largest gathering of people dressed as gorillas involved 1,061 participants, in an event organised by Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (USA) in Denver, Colorado, USA, on 31 October 2009. The record attempt was named "The Denver Gorilla Run" and was made in conjunction with rising money for Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.
14937Largest retrograde satelliteTriton08 January 2004Triton, the largest satellite of Neptune, measures 2,706 km (1,681 miles) across. It is the seventh largest moon in the Solar System, and the largest moon which orbits its planet backwards.Its retrograde orbit means Triton is slowly losing energy and spiralling in towards Neptune. Between 10 and 100 million years from now Triton will be so close to Neptune that it will be ripped apart by tidal forces, forming a new ring system around the planet
14938Longest chain of electrical extension cablesMVV Energie AGGermany, Mannheim01 October 2006The longest chain of electrical extension cables measured 16,000 m (52,493.4 ft) and was comprised of 640 individual extension cables by MVV Energie AG (Germany) in Mannheim, Germany on 1 October 2006.
14939Largest mille-feuilleGruppo AlpiniItaly, Caronno PertusellaThe largest mille-feuille weighed 435.5 kg (960 lb 1 oz) and was made by Gruppo Alpini Caronno Pertusella Bariola (Italy) in Caronno Pertusella, Italy, on 17 May 2009.The mille-feuille measured 32 m (104 ft 11 in). The ingredients include 126 kg puff pastry, 299 kg vanilla cream and 20 kg powdered sugar.
14940Most powerful conical coilMid-America Science Museum1500000 volt(s)United States, Hot Springs, Arkansas10 August 2007The most powerful conical coil is the Tesla Coil at the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA, which produces 1,500,000 volts of electricity.

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