Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

15061Largest collection of whisky bottlesAlfredo M. GoncalvesPortugal, Lisbon01 November 2005Alfredo Gonçalves of Lisbon, Portugal, has collected 10,500 unduplicated whisky bottles in all different shapes. His collection is open to the public at his shop “Whisky & Co” in Lisbon, Portugal.Alfredo Gonçalves, now 78, began his collection forty years ago while in Africa. One of his businesses at that time was a travel agency, which led him to travel quite often and expand his collection. Over the years, Alfredo’s collection got so large for his office that he decided to open a Whisky Shop so his collection could be viewed and enjoyed by not only friends and family but also the public. Alfredo’s shop appeared in many different magazines and newspapers.
15062Most patents held by a personShunpei YamazakiJapan10 March 2011Shunpei Yamazaki (Japan), president of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. Ltd (Japan), holds a total of 6,314 patents as of 10 March 2011.The patents are held in 12 different countries.
15063First virtual TV presenterUnknownfirstUnited Kingdom, 27 January 2002The world's first virtual TV presenter is 'Maddy', who co-presented BBC1's Tomorrow's World (UK) for the first time, live and in real-time, on 27 March 2002 alongside the human presenters.Maddy was created by Digital Animations Group based in Glasgow, UK, using techniques which enables Maddy to have facial expressions, reactions and movements exactly like a human. Her voice is electronically generated, but is based on the computer's selection of pre-recorded words and phrases done by a real human. Maddy was based on a 20-year-old-model, Jill de Long (The Netherlands).
15064Most Olympic tickets on saleLondon 2012United Kingdom01 January 2012The most tickets for a single Olympics Games to go on sale is 8.8 million, for the Games of the XXX Olympiad held in London, UK in 2012.
15065Largest fish marketTsukiji fish marketJapan, Tokyo31 December 2011The largest fish market is the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, known as the Tsukiji fish market, which handles 497,082 tons of seafood per year and is located in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan.
15066Fastest coxed eights rowing (men's lightweight class)Germany5/30.24 minute(s), second(s)Canada, Montreal01 January 1992*5:30.24Germany (Klaus Altena, Christian Dahlke, Mike Kobor, Bernhard Stomporowski, Thomas Melges, Uwe März, Michael Buchheit, Kai von Warburg, Olaf Kaska)Montreal, Canada1992*Denotes non-Olympic boat classes.
15067Largest snow softball tournamentFreezing Fun For Families Winter CO-ED Softball Tournament795 peopleUnited States, Barre08 March 2009The largest snow softball tournament is the Freezing Fun For Families Winter CO-ED Softball Tournament with 795 players from 61 teams, at Barre Town Recreation field, Barre, Vermont, United States, from 6-8 March 2009. The tournament format was double elimination (two losses and you are out of the tournament) and the winners were Shaker Valley Auto who defeated Yipes Stripes in two consecutive games to take the title. Former NFL wide receiver David Ball attended the event as a witness but did not participate.
15068Most Tony Awards hostedAngela Lansbury6 timesUK, 01 January 2010Angela Lansbury (UK) has hosted or co-hosted more Tony telecasts than any other individual, with six telecasts in 1968, 1971, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 2010.
15069Greatest advance sales for an animated filmPikachu ProjectJapan, Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Yurakucho18 July 2008The greatest advance sales for an animated film is 2,384,198 tickets sold for Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior (Japan 2008) at various locations across Japan until 18 July 2008.The film was subsequently released on 19 July 2008, the 11th in the Pikachu the Movie film series. The advance sales generated JPY 2,270,809,500 (USD 23,759,862) in revenue.
15070Largest cushionHelene LinChina, ShanghaiThe largest cushion is 10.08 m x 10.08 m (33.07 ft x 33.07 ft). It was made by Shanghai Konglong Textile Ornaments Co.,Ltd. and was verified in Shanghai, China, on 29 May 2009.The cushion was measured in Beihai Middle School and the certificate presenting ceremony was held in Huijin Shopping Mall.
15071Longest production of a Bollywood filmLove and God (Qais aur Laila)India01 January 1986Love and God (Qais aur Laila) (1986) took more than 20 years to make after running into a series of difficulties, including the deaths of lead actor Guru Dutt in 1964 and director K. Asif in 1971. The incomplete film was finally released in 1986, with Sanjeev Kumar taking over the lead role. K. Asif w also the director of Mughal-e-Azam (1960), which took more than 14 years to complete following the death of the lead actor Chandramohan. He wasreplaced by Dilip Kumar.
15072Tallest mountainMauna KeaUnited StatesMauna Kea (White Mountain) on the island of Hawaii, USA, is the world's tallest mountain. Measured from its submarine base in the Hawaiian Trough to its peak, it has a combined height of 10,205 m (33,480 ft) of which 4,205 m (13,796 ft) are above sea level.Pic: Alamy
15073Longest running comedy show (same cast)The Comedy Store PlayersUnited Kingdom01 January 2010The longest running comedy show with the same cast is "Comedy to Go" by the Comedy Store Players (UK). Starting in 1985, this 25-year-old improvised show still has the original cast line up and is held in the same venue, The Comedy Store, in London, UK, as of 2010.The shows started on 27th October 1985 and additionally started on Wednesdays in October 1989. Originally called the Sunday Improvisation shows, the Comedy store Players consists of Paul Merton (previously Paul Martin), Neil Mullarkey, Josie Lawrence and Richard Vranch. The regular team now includes Andy Smart and Lee Simpson.
15074Highest career earnings from TCG tournamentsKai Budde352620 US dollar(s)Germany, 01 January 2011TCG champion Kai Budde (Germany) has made more money from winning trading card game tournaments than any other participant. The professional Magic: The Gathering player has seven Pro Tour wins and seven Grand Prix wins under his belt, along with 500 Lifetime Pro Points, all of which have combined to result in career earnings of $352,620.
15075Largest gathering of Olympics mascotsUnknownChina, Huhehaote city, China,Xinhua Square23 June 2008The largest gathering of Olympics mascots took place with 508 participants at Xinhua Square in Huhehaote City, China on 23 June 2008. The event was organized by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd and North News.Angela Wu adjudicated at the event.
15076Largest foreign-owned games studio in ChinaShanghai UBI Computer Software Co. LTDChina01 January 1996The largest foreign-owned games studio in China is the Shanghai UBI Computer Software Co. LTD which opened in 1996 and is responsible for several Tom Clancy titles, including the PlayStation 2 version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and the Xbox version of Pandora Tomorrow. The team has over 500 employees.
15077Most people wearing balloon hatsPeople’s Association Balloon Sculpting Interest Groups, Ang Mo Kio GRC & Sengkang West SMC5,911 peopleSingapore, Singapore31 December 2014The most people wearing balloon hats is 5,911 people and was achieved by Ang Mo Kio GRC & Sengkang West SMC and the People’s Association Balloon Sculpting Interest Groups (both Singapore) in Singapore, on December 31, 2014.The attempt took place as part of the festivities to celebrate Singapore's 50th anniversary.
15078First use of rocketsChinafirstChina, Hangzhou01 January 1232Propelled by gunpowder, `flying fireworks', (charcoal-saltpetre-sulfur), were described by Zeng Gongliang of China in 1042. War rockets originated in 1245 near Hangzhou, China (the capital of China between 1127 and 1278)However the first use of true rockets was reported in 1232 when the Chinese and Mongols were at war with each other. During the battle of Kai-Keng, the Chinese repelled the Mongol invaders by a barrage of 'arrows of flying fire'.
15079Largest gongShanxi Baodi Real Estate Development CO. LtdChina, Third China Taiyuan International Cooked Wheaten Food Festival08 September 2005The largest gong measures 5.15 m (16.8 ft) in diameter. It was made by Shanxi Baodi Real Estate Development CO. Ltd and displayed at the Third China Taiyuan International Cooked Wheaten Food Festival, Shanxi Province, China on 8 September 2005.the gong was made of copper and weighed 568 kg (1252 lb).
15080First God simulation videogamePopulousfirst firstNot Applicable, God games are different to other management games insofar as their focus is on controlling simulated lifeforms indirectly in order to achieve certain goals. Game designer Peter Molyneux and his studio Bullfrog are generally considered to have created the god game genre with the release of Populous on the Amiga in 1989, in which players use supernatural powers to expand their civilisation and destroy enemy forces. Bullfrog would go on to release many other classic god and management games, such as Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park, Theme Hospital and Magic Carpet. n/a
15081Greatest waterfall annual flowInga Falls910000 cubic metre(s), Kinshasa Congo, Democratic Republic of theThe largest waterfall based on average volume is the Inga Falls on the Congo River in the west of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has a discharge rate of 910,000 cu ft/sec (25,768 m³/sec). According to the World Waterfall Database, which monitors the tallest and most voluminous waterfalls on the planet, the falls have a height of 315 ft (96 m) and a run of 50,000 ft (15,240 m), with a maximum width of 13,200 ft (4,023 m) and tallest single drop of 70 ft (21 m).There is some debate on whether or not the Inga Falls can be considered a true waterfall, as it can be defined as a series of rapids that drop gentle over a long course. However, the World Waterfall Database attests to its status as a waterfall the entry for Inga reads: "Even with the portion of the river diverted into the hydro facilities [the Inga hydroelectric dams], Inga Falls is the largest waterfall by volume on the planet. Many, if not most accounts seem to discount it as nothing but rapids but we suspect that the most substantial portion of the falls are actually quite steep and can be legitimately considered to be a true waterfall (though not the full 315 feet worth). Whether the total drop in the 15 miles of river that is usually attributed to the falls can be counted as its full drop remains to be seen."
15082First actor to play Hercule Poirot on TVFrancis L SullivanNot Applicable01 January 1937The earliest actor to play Hercule Poirot on TV was Francis L Sullivan (UK) in the first Agatha Christie tv adaptation: The Wasp's nest (BBC, 1937).
15083Most frequent sexScaly cricket50 timesAustraliaThe male scaly cricket Ornebius aperta from Australia can copulate more than 50 times in three to four hours, all with the same female.Studies reveal that each time a male mates, a bag of sperm is placed on the female which she immediately eats. The sperm is an extremely nutritious food for the female cricket which is why she devours it so eagerly. By comparison, female chimpanzees have been recorded copulating with eight different males in 15 minutes. A lioness in heat has sex once every half an hour for four or five days/nights.
15084Most sheep shorn in 8 hours - manual (ewes)János MartonHungary, Hódmezovásárhely26 April 2003The record for the most sheep shorn, manually with scissors/handblade in 8 hours is 50. János Marton (Hungary) completed his challenge, without any breaks, on 26 April 2003 at Hódmezovásárhely Animal Husbandry Show, Hódmezovásárhely, Hungary.The ewes were fully grown adults.
15085Slowest rotating asteroid288 GlaukeNot Applicable01 January 1890288 Glauke was discovered telescopically in 1890. It measures around only 32.2 km across but takes around 50 days to spin once on its axis. Of all the bodies in the Solar System only the planets Mercury and Venus are known to spin more slowly.
15086Rarest boxwoodVahl's boxwoodUSAThe world's rarest species of boxwood is Vahl's boxwood (Buxus vahlii). Threatened by habitat loss, and ranked as Critically Endangered by the IUCN, it was once found in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Today, however, it is known only from two small populations in Puerto Rico, collectively numbering fewer than 50 specimens.
15087Youngest winner of The International Dota 2 championshipsSumail Hassan Syed aka "SumaiL"16:02:21 year(s), day(s)United States, Seattle08 August 2015On 8 August 2015, Pakistani gamer Sumail Hassan Syed aka "SumaiL" was part of the Evil Geniuses (USA) team that won the The International 2015 Dota 2 championships. Sumail was aged just 16 years 82 days, making him the youngest known victor in the prestigious tournament. His date of birth is 18 May 1999. The ages of several previous The International winners are unknown – Jiao "Banana" Wang (China), Zhang "Mu" Pan (China) and Jerry "EGM" Lundqvist (Sweden).The five-man Evil Geniuses team also took home a record-breaking prize winnings of $$6,634,661 (£4,234,759) - the most money awarded to an eSports team.
15088Tennis ballon - highest bounceJulein IsoirdFrance, Sete22 August 2003The record for the highest bounce of the ball resulting from a legal kick over the net is 3.50 m by Julien Isoird (France) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, Sete, France on 22 August 2003.
15089Longest triple jump (female)Inessa KravetsSweden, Gothenburg10 August 199515.50 m (50 ft 10.23 in)Inessa Kravets (Ukraine) Gothenburg, Sweden10 August 1995
15090Farthest shot put (female) (indoors)Helena FibingerováCzech Republic, Jablonec19 February 197722.50 m (73 ft 9.82 in)Helena Fibingerová (Czechoslovakia)Jablonec, Czechoslovakia19 February 1977

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