Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

15421Largest parade of tow trucksWorldwide Equipment SalesUnited States, Joliet13 November 2011The largest parade of tow trucks consisted of 324 tow trucks and was organized by Worldwide Equipment Sales Tow Trucks for Tots (USA). The trucks participated in a parade from Joliet to Bridgeview, Illinois, USA, on 13 November 2011.
15422First television soap operaFaraway Hillfirst, 18 December 1946In 1944 Lever Brothers sponsored TV versions of two radio soaps Big Sister and Aunt Jenny’s True Life Stories on Dumont’s New York station, but two years later Faraway Hill (2 October to 18 December 1946) – also on Dumont – became the first networked soap opera. Britain’s first TV soap opera was The Grove Family (BBC) which began on 9 April 1954. The family was named after the BBC’s Lime Grove Studio where the production was made.
15423Longest journey on an electric mobility vehicle (team)John Duckworth, John Seamons, Simon Parrott, Jason Uren, Geoff WestUnited Kingdom, Plymouth17 October 20077The longest journey on an electric mobility vehicle is 8609.24 km (5,349.52 miles) and was achieved by John Duckworth, John Seamons, Simon Parrott, Jason Uren and Geoff West (all UK) who travelled from Land's End, anticlockwise around mainland UK, back to Land's End on a Horizon Ventura electric mobility scooter from 24 June to 17 October 2007.John Duckworth, Simon Parrott and Geoff West were the previous record holders as well.
15424Rarest snakeAntiguan racerAntigua and Barbuda01 January 2004The rarest snake is the Antiguan racer (Alsophis antiguae) of which fewer than 150 are now believed to exist, including those in captivity. The snake was once common in Antigua, but disappeared from the island following the introduction of non-indigenous predators, black and brown rats (Rattus rattus and Rattus norvegicus) and then the Asian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus). The racer was thought to be extinct, but in 1989 was rediscovered only on Great Bird Island off the northeast coast of Antigua. Following intense conservation programmes, the species is slowly recovering, although remains classified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN (World Conservation Union) Red List 2004.
15425Youngest identified group of drug addictsYoung Afghan women with babiesAfghanistan01 January 2010Young Afghan women with babies have produced the youngest group of drug addicts, which is increasing rapidly and giving rise to the youngest drug addicted population in the world. The mothers often become addicted to heroin and opium, products of Afghanistan's poppy crop, because their husbands smoke heroin, and most of the children become addicted to drugs because their mothers blow heroin smoke at them to calm them. Narcotics are also used for children to relieve pain, hence children as young as two have been identified as addicted and the US State Department has categorised them as the youngest drug addicted group ever found for which there are no established treatment protocols.
15426Longest orbital survey of an outer planetCassiniNot Applicable09 December 2014As of 9 December 2014 the NASA/ESA Cassini spacecraft had been in orbit around the planet Saturn for 10 years 5 months 5 days – or 3,809 days in total. Cassini surpasses the previous record holder, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft, which orbited Jupiter for 7.75 years from 1995 to 2003. Cassini’s original mission was to orbit Saturn for just four years, but funding has since been granted for extensions to the mission, which will now last until some time in 2017. The current mission extension, called the Cassini Solstice mission, allows for an additional 155 orbits of the planet, including 54 more flybys of the moon Titan and 11 extra flybys of Enceladus.
15427Thinnest light sourceColumbia University's Engineering School, Konkuk University , Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Seoul National University0.335 nanometre(s)Korea (South), Seoul and New York11 January 2011The thinnest light source is 0.335 nm thick and was created by researchers from Seoul National University, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Konkuk University (all South Korea) and Columbia University (USA), as published on 15 June 2015. The light source consists of a single layer of graphene, and emits light within the visible spectrum. This could prove a promising material for thin, flexible and transparent displays. The findings were published in Nature Nanotechnology on 15 June 2015.
15428Classics: Most car door windows smashed using the hands in two minutesEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
15429Fastest journey from Land's End to John-O'-Groats on tandem bicycle (male)
15430Fastest run 2,000 metres (female)Sonia O'Sullivan5/25.36 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Edinburgh08 July 19945:25.36Sonia O'Sullivan (Ireland)Edinburgh, UK8 July 1994
15431Most Oscar nominations without winningKevin O'Connell20 timesUnited States, Hollywood23 March 2003Sound mixer Kevin O'Connell (USA) has received㺔 Oscar nominations for Sound starting with <em>Terms of Endearment</em> (USA 1983) in 1984, but has never won.
15432Longest career as an international darts playerBilly OBrienIreland, Wexford01 June 2002The longest career as an international darts player was that of Billy O'Brien (Ireland), which spanned from September 1968 to June 2002.
15433First written languageYangshaoChina01 January 1962The earliest written language discovered has been on Yangshao culture pottery from Paa-t’o, found in 1962 near Xi’an in the Shaanxi province of China. This bears proto-characters for the numbers 5, 7 and 8 and has been dated to 5000&mdash4000 BC.Information taken from Archives (e.g.1993).Submitted for use in Scholastic's Modern Marvels.
15434Internet crime - largest fineAmerican Coalition of Life Activitists/Advocates for Life107700000 US dollar(s)United States, 03 February 1999US anti-abortion activists who operated a site called The Nuremberg Files that contained "Wanted" posters listing the names and addresses of doctors who perform abortions were ordered to pay more then $107.7 million (£65 million) in damages on 3 Feb 1999. Four doctors and two clinic workers who had been killed by activists since 1993 had their names crossed off on the site, and the wounded were highlighted in grey. The defendants were 12 individuals and organisations known collectively as the American Coalition of Life Activitists and Advocates for Life Ministries. The case is currently under appeal.
15435Most libel damages awarded - companyWall Street Journal222700000 US dollar(s)USA, 20 March 1997On the 20 March 1997, the Wall Street Journal was ordered by a federal jury to pay $222.7million (£139million) to a Houston brokerage firm who claimed an article the paper ran in October 1993 contained false information and helped put it out of business.In May 1997 Judge Ewing Werlein threw out the $200 million punitive damage award against the Wall Street Journal but, in Nov 1997, he let stand the $22.7 million award in compensatory damages.
15436Smallest conversion of an arcade gameMathieu Henri01 January 2008Produced over the course of three nights in July 2008, Defender of the Favicon is a fully playable conversion of retro space shooter Defender (1980), reduced to 16 x 16 pixels in the icon of Mathieu “Poi” Henri’s web page.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
15437Most critically acclaimed puzzle videogame for PSPLumines89 percentageNot Applicable, 30 September 2012Lumines (Q Entertainment, 2005) was the PSP launch title with block-dropping addictiveness that became the most critically acclaimed puzzle game for PSP. As of September 2012, it had a Metacritic score of 89%.
15438Worst space disaster - ground death tollThe Nedelin Disaster91 peopleKazakhstan, Baikonur Space Centre24 October 1960In the greatest space disaster on the ground, 91 people were killed when an R-16 rocket exploded during fuelling at the Baikonur Space Centre, Kazakhastan on 24 Oct 1960.
15439First row across any ocean (Ukraine)
15440Guinness World Records statement: Sailendra Nath RoyGuinness World Records would like to express our deepest sympathy following the tragic events on Sunday involving Sailendra Nath Roy.Our thoughts are with Mr. Roy’s family and friends at this time.
15441Highest rate of TV viewing (country)USAUnited States31 December 2012The average viewer in the USA watched 293 minutes (4 hr 53 min) of TV every day in 2011, according to the International Communications Market Report published by Ofcom, the UK's regulator for the communications industry. Italy is next at 253 minutes (4 hr 13 min) followed by the UK at 242 min (4 hr 2 min).
15442Fastest row single sculls (female)Rumyana Neykova7/07.71 minute(s), second(s)Spain, Seville21 September 20027:07.71Rumyana Neykova (Bulgaria)Seville, Spain21 September 2002
15443University Boat Race - Oldest participantAndrew Probert, Mike WherleyUSA, Oxford01 January 2008The oldest rower was Mike Wherley (USA, Oxford) at 36 yr 14 days, in 2008, although cox Andrew Probert (Cambridge) was 38 yr 3 months in 1992.
15444Longest unedited single camera shot on DVDYutaka YamashitaJapan07 March 2009Released on 7 March 2009, the blu-ray DVD edition of Bullet Train Zero Series: Always In Our Hearts (Japan 2009) has an unedited single camera shot lasting 5 hr 37 min 33 sec.The total length of the DVD is 5 hr 44 min 18 sec. The shot shows the view from the driver’s seat of a Japanese bullet train and was produced to mark the retirement of the Zero Series, the first of Japan’s electric bullet trains, after 44 years of service. The shot shows the entire trip from just after the train starts rolling at Shin-Osaka Station, where the train originates, to destination Hakata-Minami Station, all recorded without any cuts. This single shot was then transferred to Blu-ray disc without any editing.
15445Most rounds in a boxing fightUnknownThe greatest number of rounds was 276 in 4 hr 30 min when Jack Jones beat Patsy Tunney in Cheshire in 1825.Before the Queensbery Rules were introduced in 1867 each round of a fight would last until someone was knocked down. At that point the fighters would go back to their corners and then the fight would start again. There was no time limit nor was there any limit to the number of rounds. Because of this many fights at this time would end in draws.
15446First female team to row across the PacificNatalia Cohen, Emma Mitchell, Laura Penhall280:0:0 firstAustralia, Cairns25 January 2016The first all-female team to row the Pacific Ocean is the Coxless Crew comprised of Laura Penhaul, Natalia Cohen and Emma Mitchell (all UK), who departed from San Francisco, California, USA, on 20 April 2015 on board Doris and arrived in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, on 25 January 2016. The trio completed the row in three legs, and was joined by fellow Brits Isabel Burnham (on the San Francisco to Hawaii leg), Lizanne Van Vuuren (Hawaii to Samoa) and Meg Dyos (Samoa to Cairns).
15447First row of the navigable length of the Amazon RiverMark de Rond , Anton WrightBrazil, Macapá14 October 2013The first people to row the navigable length of the Amazon River are Mark de Rond (Netherlands) and Anton Wright (UK), who embarked from Nauta in Peru on 13 September 2013 and rowed to Macapá in Brazil, arriving on 15 October 2013.Murilo Reis joined the team for part of the row. The boat was a Woodvale Pairs Class ocean rowing boat made of plywood reinforced with glass fibre and resins.
15448Longest videogame marathon on JoustJames VollandtCanada, Victoria08 July 1985James Vollandt (USA) played the arcade version of Joust for 67 hr 30 min from 5–8 July 1985 at Johnny Zee’s Family Fun Centre, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
15449Planet with the shortest dayJupiter9/55/29.69 hour(s), minute(s), second(s), Outer Solar SystemThe planet Jupiter has the shortest day of all the eight major planets in the Solar System. It spins around on its axis once every 9 hr 55 min 29.69 sec.Jupiter has a small axial tilt of only 3.13 degrees, meaning it has little seasonal variation during its 11.86-year-long orbit of the Sun.
15450Fastest completion of Banjo Kazooie (Rare, 1988)Alex Penev3/32/45 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, 20 February 2000The fastest completion of Banjo Kazooie (Rare, 1998) took 3 hr 32 min 45 sec and was achieved by Alex Penev (Australia) and verified by Twin Galaxies on 20 February 2000.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011

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