Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

15541Fastest marathon (female)Paula Radcliffe2/15/25 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London13 April 20032:15:25 Paula Radcliffe (UK) London, UK13 April 2003.
15542Fastest run 200 metres (male)Usain BoltGermany, Berlin20 August 200919.19 Usain Bolt (Jamaica) Berlin, Germany 20 August 2009 Bolt won the 200 metres at the IAAF World Championships with this run and became the first man ever to hold Olympic Gold and World Championship Gold at the two sprint distances of 100 and 200 metres.
15543Fastest half marathon (male)Zersenay TadesePortugal, Lisbon21 March 201058:23Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea)Lisbon, Portugal21 March 2010
15544First ice hockey game aired on TVUnknownfirstUnited States, 01 January 19401940: First ice hockey game (25 February) aired.
15545First basketball game aired on TVUnknownfirstUnited States, 01 January 19401940: First basketball game (28 February) aired.
15546First use of satellite data for TV weather reportsUnknownfirst, 01 January 1979Television weather reports first employed satellite data in 1979.
15547First point-of-sale records systemNielsen BookScanfirstUnited States, 01 January 2011It’s been said, and with some justification, that the most widely published fiction is most publishers’ sales figures. Fiction was transformed into fact, however, with the setting-up of the world’s first point-of-sale records system for books. Launched in January 2001, Nielsen BookScan records point-of-sale data from 33,500 bookshops around the world to produce the most accurate record of worldwide book sales so far produced.
15548Fastest road run 20 kilometres (male)Zersenay Tadese55/21 minute(s), second(s)Portugal, Lisbon21 March 201055:21Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea)Lisbon, Portugal21 March 2010Still awaiting ratification from the IAAF.
15549Fastest road run 15 kilometres (male)Leonard Patrick Komon41/13 minute(s), second(s)Netherlands, 21 November 201041:13 Leonard Patrick Komon (Kenya) Nijmegen, Netherlands 21 November 2010
15550Smallest desertAtacama Desert105200 square kilometre(s)Chile, Atacama Desert01 January 2005The Atacama Desert, Chile, covers only 105,200 km² (40,600 miles²).
15551Cockroach eating (Guinness World Records: The Videogame)MELLORS02 January 200914.71 seconds, MELLORS, 02 January 2009
15552Most tattooed person (Guinness World Records: The Videogame)SANDRE5001 square centimetre(s), 29 November 20085,001 cm squared, SANDRE, 29 November 2008
15553Turkey plucking (Guinness World Records: The Videogame)CASE12303 January 200911.05 seconds, CASE123, 03 January 2009
15554Most planes eaten (Guinness World Records: The Videogame)DBER8727 February 200919.10 seconds, DBER87, 27 February 2009
15555Phone book tearing (Guinness World Records: The Videogame)rsimpson14 January 200929.44 seconds, rsimpson, 14 January 2009
15556Plunger throwing (Guinness World Records: The Videogame)CACA03 February 2009157 plungers, CACA, 03 February 2009
15557Best-selling Xbox Live Arcade Title of 2008Castle Crashers (Microsoft, 2008)Proving that a good beat-em-up never goes out of fashion, the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade title of 2008 was The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers, which was the developer’s follow-up to their 2007 release Alien Hominid HD. Castle Crashers managed to fend off Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved2 and Braid to claim the top spot. Even more impressively, it did so with just over four months on the market, having only been released on 27 August 2008.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
15558Largest international modelling agencyElite Model ManagementNot Applicable, Sao Paulo01 January 2011Elite Model Management currently has 36 agencies in its worldwide network, with bases as far apart as Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Hong Kong, China. The agency manages over 800 models from five continents.
15559Largest collection of Conan the Barbarian memorabiliaRobert and Patricia LefflerUnited States, Richland Center01 November 2000Robert and Patricia Leffler of the Richland Center, Wisconsin, USA, have a collection of 4,670 items of Conan the Barbarian memorabilia which they have ammassed since the 1970's.The collection includes comic books, movie posters, statues and shields.
15560Oldest elephantLin WangChinese Taipei, Taipei26 February 2003The oldest elephant ever was Lin Wang, an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), who died on 26 February 2003 aged 86, at Taipei Zoo, Taiwan.Grandpa Lin, as he became known, carried supplies through the jungles of Myanmar (formerly Burma) for the Japanese army, during World War II. He was even taken prisoner by the Chinese in 1943. Lin Wang retired to the Zoo in 1954.The average age of an Asian elephant is 60 years.
15561First female tv cop star (UK)Jill GascoignefirstUnited KingdomBritain’s first female-led cop show was The Gentle Touch (ITV, 1980–84), starring Jill Gascoigne as Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes.
15562First actress to portray Miss Marple on TVGracie FieldsNot Applicable01 January 1956The earliest actress to portray Miss Marple was the UK’s Gracie Fields in the NBC (USA) Goodyear TV Playhouse: A Murder is Announced in 1956.
15563Longest-running episodic game seriesSam & Max: The Devil's PlayhouseNot Applicable10 August 2010Telltale Games released the Sam & Max episodic adventure series The Devil’s Playhouse over a record 3 years 316 days. The final part of the series was “The City that Dares Not Sleep”, released in August 2010.
15564Planet with the most Trojan asteroidsJupiterNot Applicable01 January 2011Trojan asteroids are clusters of small bodies that share orbits of planets 60 degrees ahead and behind. As of January 2011 some 4,793 trojan asteroids have been discovered sharing Jupiter’s orbit, with Neptune having seven and Mars 4.
15565Longest running TV non-terrestrial documentary seriesNational Geographic’s Explorer1985/4/7 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, 01 January 2011National Geographic’s Explorer (US) has been running on various cable outlets since it debuted on Nickelodeon on 7 April 1985.
15566Longest running TV documentary seriesMeet the PressUnited States01 January 2011NBC’s News interview series Meet the Press (US) has been on the air since 6 November 1947 (and had originated on radio two years earlier in 1945)
15567Most successful Christmas album in the UKSusan BoylefirstUnited Kingdom, 20 November 2010On 20 November 2010, Susan Boyle’s (UK) album The Gift became the first Christmas album to ever top the UK chart.
15568Most popular ad-hoc wireless game feature for DSDragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies117577073 timesThe most popular ad-hoc wireless game feature for Nintendo DS is the Chance Encounter mode of Dragon Quest IX (Square Enix, 2009), which exchanges information between player''s games, and has been used 117,577,073 times as of 4 March 2010.The system uses wi-fi to search for other players when the game is being carried around in public place (like the Tokyo Metro or just busy streets). When it finds another player, information is exchanged and new gameplay options are made available to both players. This information is effectively viral, as the consoles keep track of everything they''ve received and then send it on every time they have a Chance Encounter.
15569First electronic digital computerAtanasoff–Berry ComputerfirstUnited States, 01 January 1942Professor John Atanasoff and student Clifford Berry (both USA) created the world’s first electronic digital computer – the Atanasoff–Berry Computer (ABC) – at Iowa State University, USA, between 1939 and 1942.
15570Most widely read catalogueIKEASweden01 January 2011The IKEA catalogue of Swedish flat-packed furniture is the world’s most widely read catalogue with 208 million copies printed in 2011. It is translated into 30 languages and distributed across 41 countries.

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