Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

15601Largest regionCastile and Léon94224 square kilometre(s)Spain, Castile and Léon (Castilla y Léon)The largest region (autonomous community) of Spain is Castile and Léon (Castilla y Léon) with an area of 94,224 km² 36,380 miles².
15602Largest stateWestern Australia2526786 square kilometre(s)Australia, Western Australia01 September 2011The largest Australian state is Western Australia with an area of 2,526,786 km² (975,597.528 mi²).
15603Greatest Budget fiscal surplusUnited States11796000000 US dollar(s)United StatesThe greatest fiscal surplus ever was $11.796 billion in the United States in 1947/48.
15604Most populated stateUttar Pradesh199581477 peopleIndia, 01 March 2011The state of India with the largest population is Uttar Pradesh with a population of 199,581,477 as of March 2011.
15605Densest planetEarthEarth is the densest planet, with an average density of 5.517 times that of water.
15606Oldest appointed Prime MinisterMorarji Ranchhodji DesaiIndia01 January 1977The oldest age at first appointment has been 81, in the case of Morarji Ranchhodji Desai (1896-1995) of India, March 1977. Leading an opposition coalition, he prevailed in the 1977 elections, ending Gandhi's emergency rule. He served as prime minister until 1979, when the coalition broke apart.Philippe Petain (1856-1951), although not `Prime Minister', became `Chief of State' of the French State on July 10, 1940, at the age of 84.
15607First stationary double back somersaultFrancoise GouleaufirstFrance, 01 January 1905Francoise Gouleau of France, achieved the first stationary double back somersault in 1905.
15608Fastest relay 4 x 400 metres (female) (indoors)Yulia Gushchina, Olga Zeytseva, Olesya Krasnomovets3/23.37 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Glasgow28 January 20063:23.37 Russia (Yulia Gushchina, Olga Kotlyarova, Olga Zaytseva, Olesya Krasnomovets) Glasgow, UK 28 January 2006
15609Farthest long jump (female) (indoors)Heike DrechslerAustria, Vienna13 February 19887.37 m (24 ft 2.15 in)Heike Drechsler (GDR)Vienna, Austria13 February 1988
15610Longest Bollywood career in leading rolesAshok KumarIndiaSince making his debut in Jeevan Naiya in 1936, Ashok Kumar, affectionately known as Dadamoni, has been acting continuously for 63 years.A three-time winner of the Filmfare Best Actor award, his most famous role was in Kismet (1943), which in real terms is the highest-grossing Indian film of all time. Although no longer a lead actor, Ashok continues to play character roles and to make appearances on TV.
15611Fastest run 400 metres (male)Michael JohnsonSpain, Seville26 August 1999400 m43.18Michael Johnson (USA)Seville, Spain26 August 1999
15612Fastest run 2,000 metres (male)Hicham El Guerrouj4/44.79 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Berlin07 September 19994:44.79Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco)Berlin, Germany7 September 1999
15613Fastest run 10,000 metres (male)Kenenisa Bekele26/17.53 minute(s), second(s)Belgium, Brussels26 August 200526:17.53Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia)TDK Golden League, Brussels, Belgium26 August 2005
15614Fastest run 20,000 metres (male)Haile Gebrselassie56/26.00 minute(s), second(s)Czech Republic, Ostrava26 June 200756:26.00Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia)Ostrava, Czech Republic26 June 2007
15615Most squash world championshipsJansher KhanNot Applicable, Various22 November 1996Jansher Khan (Pakistan) has won eight World Open Championship titles in 1987, 1989-90 and 1992-96.The last World Open final won by Jansher Khan was won against Rodney Eyles. The previous record holder for this category, Jahangir Khan was the most fierced rival for Jansher Khan.
15616Most extracted compoundSodium Chloride (salt)200000000 tonne(s) (metric ton)Not Applicable, 01 January 1999In 1999, 200 million metric tonnes of salt were produced worldwide, more than a quarter of which was produced in the USA.
15617Oldest Rugby Union competitionUnited Hospitals CupUnited KingdomThe oldest Rugby Union competition is the United Hospitals Cup, first played in 1875 between teams representing hospitals in England.
15618Smallest colonyGibraltar5.8 square kilometre(s)Gibraltar, GibraltarThe smallest colony in the world is Gibraltar (since 1969, the City of Gibraltar), with an area of 5.8 km² 1440 acres/21/4 miles². Pitcairn Island, the only inhabited island (55 people in late 1993) of a group of four (total area 48 km² 188 miles²), has an area of 388 ha 960 acres/18 miles².
15619Longest maritime boundaryUnknownDanish dependent territory of GreenlandThe longest maritime boundary is that between the Danish dependent territory of Greenland and Canada at 2,697 km 1,676 miles.
15620Smallest dependent territoryKingman Reef0.01 square kilometre(s)United States, ,Kingman Reef01 September 2011The smallest dependent territory in the world is Kingman Reef, an unincorporated US territory, with an area of 0.01 sq km.
15621Longest damUnknownUkraine, Dniepr01 January 1964The Kiev dam across the Dniepr, Ukraine, completed in 1964, has a crest length of 41.2 km. (25.6 miles).The Yacyret dam across the River Paran on the Argentinian/Paraguayan border, due for completion in 1998, is designed to be 69.6km 43.2miles long. SIZE=2
15622Longest palindromic wordSaippuakivikauppiasFinlandThe longest known palindromic word is saippuakivikauppias (19 letters), which is Finnish for a dealer in lye (caustic soda).A palindrome is a word or phrase where the letters read backwards, give the same word or phrase, eg: the phrase 'Madam I'm Adam', with the reply 'Eve'.Some baptismal fonts in Greece and Turkey bear the circular 25-letter inscription NIYON ANOMHMATA MH MONAN OYIN, meaning wash (my) sins, not only (my) face. This appears at St Marys Church, Nottingham, at St Pauls, Woldingham, Surrey and at other churches.
15623Fastest run 60 metres (female) (indoors)Irina PrivalovaSpain, Madrid11 February 19936.92Irina Privalova (Russia)Madrid, Spain11 February 1993and 9 February 1995Privalova has set the same time at the same location twice, hence the two dates
15624Fastest walk 5,000 metres (male) (indoors)Mikhail Shchennikov18/07.08 minute(s), second(s)Russia, Moscow14 February 199518:07.08Mikhail Shchennikov (Russia)Moscow, Russia14 February 1995
15625Fastest hurdles 60 metres (male) (indoors)Colin JacksonGermany, Sindelfingen06 March 19947.30Colin Jackson (GB)Sindelfingen, Germany6 March 1994
15626Highest proportion of MuslimsAfghanistan99.7 percentageAfghanistan, 01 September 2011Afghanistan is the country with the world's highest proportion of Muslims, with 99.7% of the population following Islam.
15627Fastest run 10,000 metres (female)Wang Junxia29/31.78 minute(s), second(s)China, Beijing08 September 199329:31.78Wang Junxia (China)Beijing, China8 September 1993
15628Fastest run 5,000 metres (female)Tirunesh Dibaba14/11.5 minute(s), second(s)Norway, Oslo06 June 200814:11.15 Tirunesh Dibaba (Ethiopia) Oslo, Norway 6 June 2008
15629Longest alphabetUnknownCambodiaThe language with the most letters is Khmer (Cambodian), with 74 (including some without any current use).
15630Fastest swim long course 100 metres backstroke (male)Aaron Peirsol51.94 minute(s), second(s)United States, Indianapolis08 July 200951.94 sec Aaron Peirsol (USA) Indianapolis, USA, 8 July 2009

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