Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

15661First Razzie winner to collect the prize in personBill CosbyfirstUnited States, 01 January 1987Bill Cosby (USA) became the first Razzie winner to collect the prize in person in 1987.
15662Largest downloadable videogame storeApple App Store, Query29 November 2010The largest downloadable videogames store is the Apple App Store, which has 54,014 games available for purchase as of 29 November 2010.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011There are now more games available for the Apple App Store than for every videogames console ever released put together.
15663First hip-hop karaoke videogameGet On Da Mic (Eidos, 2004)first, 01 October 2004The first karaoke videogame to exclusively feature hip-hop tracks was Get On Da Mic (Eidos, 2004), which was released in October 2004)Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011Artists including Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Public Enemy and Kanye West were featured.
15664Most ported videogame engineSCUMM (LucasArts, 1987)01 January 1998The videogame engine that has been transferred to the most gaming platforms is SCUMM (LucasArts, 1987), which has appeared on 14 different systems,Featured in Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011The engine is used to power the point-and-click adventure games for which LucasArts became well-known in the 1980s and 1990s.
15665First Olympic gender testingX Olympic Winter Games,Grenoble, 1968firstFrance, 01 January 1968The first use of gender testing for athletes was in 1968 at the X Winter Olympics held in Grenoble, France.
15666First computer to use integrated circuitsIBM 360first, 01 January 1964In 1964, the IBM 360 became the first computer to use integrated circuits.
15667First word processor for microcomputersElectric PencilfirstUnited States, 01 January 1976In 1976, Michael Shrayer (USA) developed the Electric Pencil, the first word processor for microcomputers.
15668Oldest continuously operating geographic societySociété de GéographieFrance01 January 2011The oldest continuously operating geographic society in the world is France's Société de Géographie (“Geographical Society”), founded in 1821.
15669Largest collection of human teeth
15670Most wins of the casting world championships (female)Jana MaiselGermanyJana Maisel (Germany) has won 36 gold medals at the International Casting Sport Federation World Championships from 1990 to 2002.She has won in total 46 World medals (36 gold) and 42 European medals (30 gold).
15671Largest collection of unicorn-related itemsSuzy BralliarUnited States15 June 2005Suzy Bralliar (USA) has 2,719 different unicorn items that she has amassed since 1980.
15672Longest running women's magazine (publication)The People’s FriendUnited Kingdom01 January 2008Women's magazine, The People's Friend, is the longest running women's magazine, having been first published in 1869.The magazine celebrates its 140th anniversary in January 2009.
15673Farthest 6 days ultra distance track (men)Yiannis KourosAustralia, Colac26 November 20051038.851 km (645.51 miles) Yiannis Kouros (Greece) Colac, Australia 20-26 November 2005Yiannis holds various ultra distance records.
15674Fastest 100 km ultra distance track (women)Norimi Sakurai7/14/06 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Italy, Verona27 September 20037:14:06 Norimi Sakurai (Japan) Verona, Italy 27 Sep 2003 This is an official IAU record.
15675Fastest 100 miles ultra distance track (men)Oleg KharitonovUnited Kingdom, London20 October 200211:28:03 Oleg Kharitonov (Russia) London, UK 20 October 2002
15676First stealth videogame005 (SEGA, 1981)first, 01 January 1981The first game to utilise basic stealth game mechanics was 005 (SEGA, 1981) which was released in 1981.
15677Fastest road run 100 kilometres (female)Tomoe Abe6/33/11 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Japan, Yufutsu25 June 2000100 km6:33:11Tomoe Abe (Japan)Tokoro, Japan25 June 2000Originally, all road running races were listed under this one category, but now are listed as separate entries.
15678Fastest road run 10 kilometres (female)Paula Radcliffe30/21 minute(s), second(s)Puerto Rico, San Juan23 February 200310 km30:21Paula Radcliffe (UK)San Juan, Puerto Rico23 February 2003
15679Largest xun ensembleKaohsiung CityChinese Taipei, Jhong Jheng Stadium,Kaohsiung City,Taiwan18 December 2004The largest xun ensemble involved 11,551 participants at Jhong Jheng Stadium, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan on 18 December 2004.
15680Largest parade of Vignale GaminesGert NagtegaalNetherlands, Doorn23 September 2006The largest parade of Vignale Gamines is 6 and was achieved in Doorn, Netherlands, on 23 September 2006.Inspired by the Fiat Balila Sport Coppa D'Oro of the 1950's Alfredo Vignale, a famous coach work builder from Italy, built this elegant cabrio on the Fiat 500 floorplan from 1968-69. The car war imported by Andre Chardonnet, the FIAT importer of France. When he saw this cabrio for the first time he was very enthusiastic and immediately ordered a large amount. At that time the car had no name and it was Mr Cardonnet who gave the car the name of "Vignale Gamine". The total amount of VG sold in Europe from 1968 to 1960 was approx 650 cars. At this moment in the Netherlands there are only 13 cars left, out of which only 8 are actually complete and functioning.
15681Largest collection of ice lolly sticksPoul Lykke JepsenDenmark01 September 2003Poul Lykke Jepsen (Denmark) has 449 different ice lolly sticks that he has collected since 1988.Poul started collecting ice lolly sticks in 1988 when he ate two ice creams and realised that they had different sticks. When he got a job as a storage worker in 2001, his collection grew as a result of his company being manufacturers of ice lolly sticks. Since then, Poul has written to all of the ice lolly stick manufacturers he could find and has ones from as far a field as the Philippines, Hong Kong and Canada as well as places in Europe.
15682Most consecutive Champions League match victoriesFC Barcelona11 timesEurope, 01 January 2003The longest winning streak in UEFA Champions League matches is 11 games by FC Barcelona in the 2002-03 season.With this run Barcelona equalled Ajax's record in all European competitions, set in the European Cup Winners Cup in 1987-88
15683Largest golf facilityMission Hills Golf ClubChina, Shenzhen01 December 2006The largest golf facility is Mission Hills Golf Club, China, with twelve 18 hole courses fully operational in December 2006.It also has a new par 3 course now.
15684Fastest long track speed skating six-lap team pursuit (female)Kristina Groves, Christine Nesbitt, Brittany Schussler2/55.79 minute(s), second(s)Canada, Calgary06 December 20092:55.79 Canada (Kristina Groves, Christine Nesbitt, Brittany Schussler) Calgary, Canada 6 December 2009 Pending Ratification.
15685Best-selling simulation videogame on the Nintendo GameCubeAnimal Crossing01 January 2001The best selling simulation video game on the Nintendo GameCube is Animal Crossing which was released in 2001.
15686First fantasy game trilogyDunjonquestfirst, 01 January 1979Released in 1979, the Dunjonquest series on the Commodore PET was the first fantasy game trilogy.Guinness World Records Gamers' Series 2009.
15687Farthest 12 hours ultra distance track (women)Ann TrasonUnited States, Hayward04 August 1991147.600 km (91.71 miles) Ann Trason (USA) Hayward, United States3-4 August 1991 Ann Trason has broken twenty world records during her career in various ultrarunning disciplines.
15688Farthest 6 hours ultra distance track (men)
15689Farthest 6 hours ultra distance track (women)
15690Most wins of the World Marathon Majors (female)Irina MikitenkoGermany01 January 2009The female athlete with the most series wins is Irina Mikitenko (Germany) in 2007-08 and 2008-09.Inaugurated in 2006, the World Marathon Majors is a competition that encompasses the five annual marathon races in Boston (USA), Berlin (Germany), Chicago (USA), London (UK) and New York City (USA), with athletes scoring points for top five finishes, over two calendar years. The World Championship and Olympic marathons are also included in the years that they are run.

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