Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

15871Longest English word in which each letter occurs at least twiceUnprosperousnessUnprosperousness, at 16 letters long, is the longest word in which each letter occurs at least twice.
15872Longest windsurf raceLancelin Ocean Classic Windsurfing MarathonAustralia, Lancelin WA12 January 2008The longest windsurf race is the Lancelin Ocean Classic Windsurfing Marathon held annually in Lancelin, Australia. The course measured 25.62 km (15.92 miles) on 12 January 2008.The race has been running annually since 1986 and has been the same distance each year. In 2008 it attracted 151 competitors.The measured distance was 13.83 nautical miles made up of eight stages: Start to Stage 1 = 1.70 (nautical miles)Stage 1-2 = 1.55Stage 2-3 = 2.05Stage 3-4 = 1.10Stage 4-5 = 2.20Stage 5-6 = 1.18Stage 6-7 = 2.50Stage 7-8 = 1.55
15873Longest serving football club managerRoly HowardUnited Kingdom, Liverpool,Merseyside01 January 2005The longest serving football manager is Roly Howard (UK) of Marine Football Club. His first game in charge was on 12 August 1972, continuing to 2004/05, his 33rd and final season.In that time Howard has been involved in 1,975 matches, winning five league titles and 15 cup competitions, including eight successes in the Liverpool Senior Cup and four in the Lancashire FA Trophy. Howard has also managed the Northern Premier League representative side for 16 years.
15874Largest horn circumference - bull (ever)CT Woodie103.5 centimetre(s)United States, Castle Dale20 September 2004The largest horn circumference on an bull measured 103.5 cm (40.75 in) on 20 September 2004 and belong to CT Woodie, an Ankole Watusi bull owned by Duane and Kolene Gilbert of Castle Dale, Utah, USA.Bulls and steers are judged differently at cattle competitions, hence this separation from Lurch.
15875Most rapes reported (country)USAUnited States01 January 2000According to the seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, the country with the most reported rapes was the USA, where 89,110 rapes were reported for the period between 1998 and 2000.The country with the most rapes reported per capita for the same period was South Africa, with 1,195 per million people.
15876First driver to win the Indianapolis 500 and driving championship in the same seasonDan WheldonfirstUnited States, 01 January 2005In 2005, Dan Wheldon (UK) became the first driver to win the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series championship and the Indianapolis 500 in the same season.
15877First driver to win Rookie of the Year and the driving title in consecutive years, NASCARDave EarnhardtfirstUnited States, 01 January 1980Dale Earnhardt (USA) was the 1979 Rookie of the Year and the 1980 driving champion – the first driver to win both awards in consecutive years.
15878Oldest baseball field diamondLabatt ParkCanada, London01 January 1877The oldest baseball diamond is Labatt Park in London, Ontario, Canada, which was established in 1877 and has hosted baseball games to the present day.
15879Fastest coxed fours rowing (men's class)Germany5/58.96 minute(s), second(s)Austria, Vienna24 August 1991*5:58.96Germany (Matthias Ungemach, Armin Eichholz, Armin Weyrauch, Bahne Rabe, Jörg Dederding)Vienna, Austria24 August 1991*Denotes non-Olympic boat classes.
15880Youngest double toppersMcFlyUnited Kingdom10 September 2005McFly (UK) are the youngest group to top the UK charts with two albums. They completed the double on 10 September 2005 with 'Wonderland'.
15881Oldest person to win the World Wrestling Entertainment ChampionshipVince McMahonNot Applicable14 September 1999The oldest wrestler to win the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship is Vince McMahon (USA) aged 54 years and 21 days on 14 September 1999.
15882Youngest person to win the World Wrestling Entertainment ChampionshipBrock LesnarNot Applicable25 August 2002The youngest wrestler to win the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship is Brock Lesnar (USA) aged 25 years and 44 days on 25 August 2002.
15883Most CDs flippedDean GouldUnited Kingdom, Felixstowe12 December 2002Dean Gould (UK) flipped and caught a pile of 45 CDs and held them for 5 seconds on 12 December 2002 at Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK.
15884Most penalties in an NHL gameEdmonton Oilers, LA KingsUnited States, Los Angeles,California28 February 1990The most penalties awarded in an NHL game is 85 when the Edmonton Oilers played the Los Angeles Kings in Los Angeles, California, USA on 28 February 1990.In the total of 85, Edmonton received 26 minors, 7 majors, 6 10-minute misconducts, 4 game misconducts and 1 match penalty Los Angeles received 26 minors, 9 majors, 3 10-minute misconducts and 3 game misconducts.
15885Most NHL All-Star selectionsGordie Howe21 timesUnited States, 01 January 1979Gordie Howe (Canada) was selected 21 times for the NHL All-Star game while playing for the Detroit Red Wings 1946-1979. He was selected for the first team on 12 occasions and the second team on 9.
15886Oldest X Games athleteAngelika CastenedaUnited StatesThe record for the oldest athlete to compete in the X Games is Angelika Casteneda (USA) who was 53 years old when she competed in the X Venture Race in 1996.Information sourced from the X Games organisers.She is also the oldest medalist on-record at the X Games with a silver in 1995 and gold in 1996.
15887First NFL quarterback and wide receiver tandem to combine for 10,000 yardsPeyton Manning, Marvin HarrisonfirstUnited States, 01 January 2005Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (USA) and wide receiver Marvin Harrison (USA) are the first quarterback-wide receiver tandem to combine for 10,000 yards, gaining 10,542 yards through the 2005 NFL season.
15888Heaviest weightlifting 62 kg total (male)Lijun Chen333 kilogram(s)United States, Houston22 November 2015The heaviest total weight lifted in the 62 kg category is 333 kg and was achieved by Lijun Chen (China) at the IWF World Weightlifting Championships in Houston, Texas, USA, on 22 November 2015. Chen lifted 150 kg in the Snatch category and 183 kg in the Clean & Jerk category, the latter also breaking the world record.
15889Most points scored in a WNBA match by an individualRiquna WilliamsUnited States08 September 2013Riquna Williams (USA) broke the WNBA record for most points scored in a game with 51 while playing for the Tulsa Shock in a 98–65 win over the San Antonio Silver Stars on 8 September 2013.
15890Most powerful water pumpNijhuis PompenNetherlands, Winterswijk01 January 2004The most powerful water pump pumps at a rate of 60,000 litres per second and was made by Nijhuis Pumps in Winterswijk, Holland, Netherlands, in 2004.The pump is called the Nijhuis-HP1-4000.340.
15891Most wins of Tiddlywinks World Championships pairsLarry Kahn16 timesUnited States, 01 January 2011Larry Kahn (USA) has won the most World Pairs titles of the Tiddlywinks World Championships with 16 (1978-2011).
15892Most durable mobile phone number (cellular phone number)David Contorno1985/8/2 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, Lemont02 August 1985David Contorno, of Lemont, Illinois, USA, has owned and used the same mobile telephone number since 2 August 1985. His first mobile phone was an Ameritech AC140 and his carrier has been Ameritech Mobile Communications ever since.The phone number is 312-550-0512
15893Most ice hockey Art Ross TrophiesWayne Gretsky10 timesNot ApplicableThe most Art Ross Trophies won by an individual player is ten by Wayne Gretzky (Canada) between 1981 and 1994. The Art Ross trophy is awarded each year to the player who has scored the most points in NHL regular season play.
15894Youngest BDO Darts World ChampionJelle KlassenNetherlands15 January 2006Jelle Klaasen beat Raymond Van Barneveld (both Netherlands) 7­-5 in the final of the British Darts Organisation World Professional Darts Championships at the Lakeside, Frimley Green, UK, on 15 January 2006 to become the youngest ever darts world champion at the age of 21 years 121 days. 2006-02-21T152719Z_01_L21654042_RTRUKOC_0_US-DUTCH-DARTS.xml Bithdate is 17/10/1984 - from his website
15895Longest running radio programme, weekday musicArbeidsvitaminen1946/2/19 year(s), month(s), day(s)Netherlands, Hilversum19 February 2006The longest running national music program on radio is 'Arbeidsvitaminen' which has been broadcast every weekday on AVRO Radio 3FM (Netherlands) since 19 February 1946.
15896First heart-lung transplantUnknownfirstUnited States, Stanford01 January 1981Dr. Bruce Reitz (USA) performed the first successful combined heart-lung transplant at Stanford Medical Center, Stanford, California, USA in 1981. The operation represented the culmination of more than two years of experiments.
15897Most penalties against an individual in an NHL gameNilan, Chris NilanUnited States31 March 1991The most penalties called against an individual player in an NHL game is ten, against Chris Nilan (USA), playing for the Boston Bruins against the Hartford Whalers on 31 March 1991.The ten penalties were made up of 6 minors, 2 majors, 1 ten minute misconduct, and 1 game misconduct.
15898Largest ice hockey tournament, playersHockey Calgary10922 peopleCanada, Calgary13 January 2007The largest ice hockey tournament was the Hockey Calgary 37th Annual Minor Hockey Week Tournament which was contested by 664 teams totalling 10, 922 players in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, from 5 January to 13 January 2007.957 games were played over the week on 42 different ice sheets in 34 ice rinks across Calgary. There were 2,694 coaches and 450 referees used during this tournament.
15899Oldest open-air cinema in operationSun Picture TheatrefirstAustralia, Broome29 June 2004Sun Picture Theatre, an open air theatre in Broome, Western Australia, Australia, first opened on 9 December 1916. It played silent films until 1933, when it showed its first "talkie" Monte Carlo (USA 1930) with Jeanette MacDonald (USA) and Jack Buchanan (USA).Patrons today still sit on deckchair benches.
15900Most people with spray painted hair - multiple locationsWella UK Ltd5274 peopleUnited Kingdom, 11 March 2005The most people with spray-painted hair in multiple locations is 5,274 at 12 venues across the UK, and was organised for Wella UK Ltd to raise money for Comic Relief on 11 March 2005.

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