Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

15991Pen - best sellingBic100000000000 unit(s) soldUnknown, 01 September 2006The world's most popular pen, is Bic's disposible ball-point pen, the 100 billionth of which was sold in September 2006. Bic Launched the Bic Cristal pen in 1950 and has gone on to sell 57 per second, that is enough pens to fill the Arc de Triomphe 23 times over!
15992Tallest man - livingSultan Kosen251 centimetre(s)Turkey, Ankara09 February 2011The tallest man living is Sultan Kösen (Turkey, b.10 December 1982) who measured 251 cm (8 ft 3 in) in Ankara, Turkey, on 08 February 2011.The part-time farmer was the first man over 8 ft (2.43 m) to be measured by Guinness World Records in over 20 years.Indeed, GWR only knows of 10 confirmed or reliable cases in history of humans reaching 8 ft or more.Sultan first became the world's tallest living man in 2009, when he measured 246.5 cm (8 ft 1 in) in height. He took the title from Xi Shun (China, b. 1951), who measured 2.361 m (7 ft 8.95 in) in height when measured in 2005.Sultan also holds the record for largest hands of a living person, each one measuring 28.5 cm (11.22 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.He previously held the record for largest feet on a living person, with his left foot measuring 36.5 cm (1 ft 2 in) and right foot measuring 35.5 cm (1 ft 1.98 in).Speaking at the time of his entry into the Guinness World Records family he said: 'I never imagined I would be in the book, I dreamed about it, but it was still a huge surprise'. Sultan's growth and massive height caused by a condition known as "pituitary gigantism", which is the result of an over-production of growth hormone. Growth hormone is released from the pituitary gland in the brain if the gland is damaged by, say, a tumour, it can release too much (or too little) hormone. The effects of over-production includes large hands, a thickening of the bones, and painful joints.Sultan didn't start his incredible growth spurt until he was 10 years old. But he finally appears to have stopped growing. Revolutionary gamma-knife surgery on the tumour affecting his pituitary gland, provided by the University of Virginia, USA, in August 2010, has finally halted his production of growth hormone.Sultan is one of five siblings, with three brothers and one sister. The rest of his family, including his mum and dad, are all 'normal' sized.Because of his extreme height he was never able to finish school but works occasionally as a farmer to support his family.He describes one of the advantages of being tall as being able to help out his mum out with jobs such as changing a broken light bulb and hanging curtains.Disadvantages to his height he lists include not being able to find clothes or shoes that fit or finding it extremely hard to fit into a regular size car.Like every young man in their twenties, Sultan enjoys listening to music, playing computer games and watching movies. What are the giant's dreams for the future? "I want what everyone else wants," says Sultan. "A wife, a family, a nice home. I'd also like the chance to find some decent clothes that fit! I've already had a suit made for me, and at least one dream has come true: I now own a pair of jeans made specially for me!"More photos from the world's tallest man's wedding day can be found on our Facebook page.if you would like to contact Sultan directly to work on an event or appearance, please contact him via email at Please note, any such appearance will incur a fee.
15993English word with the most meaningsSetUKThe word with the most meanings in English is the verb 'set', with 430 senses listed in the Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, published in 1989. The word commands the longest entry in the dictionary at 60,000 words, or 326,000 characters.
15994Largest display of rice dumplingsTowngas Rice Dumplings for the CommunityHong Kong, To be confirmed10 June 2007The largest display of rice dumplings contained 34,056 dumplings and was made by Towngas Rice Dumplings for the Community (China) at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong on 10 June 2007.Kate White adjudicated.
15995Highest production of tilt rotor aircraftBell/Boeing V-22 OspreyfirstUnited States, 01 January 2004The Boeing/Bell V-22 'Osprey' tilt rotor aircraft was the first, and is currently the only, such machine in production. By February 2004 a total of 47 had been manufactured although none had entered active service with the US military at that time as the testing programme had not been completed.A cross between a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter, the Osprey can take of and land vertically but is able to fly at a maximum speed of 510 km/h (310 mph), twice as fast as most attack helicopters. The V-22 also has a much greater range than most helicopters and is capable of carrying 24 combat troops or 4.5 tonnes (10,000 lb) of cargo. It is 17.5 m (57.33 ft) long and 25.5 m (83.66 ft) wide (rotor tip to rotor tip).However, the Boeing Co. and Bell Helicopter announced on 9 January 2007 that they had met their 2006 delivery goal for the V-22 Osprey, which is scheduled to be deployed later in 2007. The Bell-Boeing team delivered 13 of the tilt-rotor aircraft to the Marine Corps and three modified versions to the Air Force Special Operations Command, meeting its delivery commitment for the second consecutive year.
15996First use of biological warfareRye ErgotIraq20 January 2002The earliest documented incident of a biological agent being used in warfare is in the 6th century BC. The Assyrians, who lived in present-day Iraq, used rye ergot to poison enemy wells. The resulting effects were delusional and paranoid behaviour and even death amongst their attackers.Ergot poisoning causes delusions, paranoia, seizures, twitching and cardiovascular problems that can lead to death.Ergot is a fungus blight that causes ergot poisoning in crops.
15997Strongest forceStrong nuclear forceNot ApplicableThere are four fundamental forces in the universe which account for all interactions between matter and energy. They are the strong nuclear, the weak nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces. The strongest of these is the strong nuclear force, which is 100 times stronger than the electromagnetic force - the next strongest of the four forces.The strong nuclear force operates only within the nucleus of an atom and so is not experienced directly within everyday life. Its range is about 1 femtometre (1x10 to the minus 15 metres) and it keeps atoms together using subatomic particles called gluons.
15998First winner of a Best Actress Oscar and a Worst Actress Razzie in the same yearSandra BullockfirstUnited States, 01 January 2009Sandra Bullock (USA) won Worst Actress at the 2009 Golden Raspberry Awards for "All About Steve" (USA, 2009) and turned up in person to accept the trophy the day before she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in "The Blind Side" (USA, 2009).
15999First chinese dynastyXia DynastyChina01 January 2100The Xia Dynasty, which began in approximately 2100 BC and lasted until around 1800 BC, is generally considered to be the first Chinese Dynasty. Scholars believe that the Dynasty encompassed the western part of Henan Province and Southern Shanxi Province. Although the Xia Dynasty was included in oral histories, archaeological evidence of its existence was not discovered until 1959.
16000Largest swimwear parade on skisSugarelle Ltd500 participantsRussian Federation, Sheregesh20 April 2013The largest swimwear parade on skis consisted of 500 participants and was achieved by Sugarelle Ltd (Russia) in Sheregesh, Russia, on 20 April 2013.
16001Most wins of the NBA All-Star Game MVPKobe Bryant, Bob Pettit4 timesUnited States, 20 February 2011The most wins of the National Basketball Association's All-Star Game Most Valuable Player award is four, first by Bob Pettit (USA) in 1956, 1958, 1959, and 1962, and later matched by Kobe Bryant (USA) in 2002, 2007, 2009, and 2011.
16002Most wins of the Bassmaster ClassicKevin VanDam, Rick Clunn4 timesUnited States, 20 February 2011The most career wins of the Bassmaster Classic is four, first by Rick Clunn (USA) in 1976, 1977, 1984, and 1990, and later matched by Kevin VanDam (USA) in 2001, 2005, 2010, and 2011. Begun in 1971, the Bassmaster Classic is widely considered the world championship of bass fishing.
16003First person to walk the length of the Amazon RiverEdward StaffordfirstPeru, Nevado Mismi, Peru to mouth in Brazil09 August 2010The first person to walk the length of the Amazon River was Ed Stafford (UK) and he completed the trip in 2 years, 4 months and 8 days (860 days), finishing on 9 August 2010.Ed started on 2nd April 2008 and walked 24 of the 28 months with Cho, his guide and friend, from Peru to Brazil.The course of the river that he walked was 4,345 miles. If you add the 145 miles that he walked from Pacific Ocean to find the source then that totals 4,490 miles coast to coast.Its the first time anyone has crossed the continent at its widest part truly human-powered too as, unlike the kayak expeditions, they didn't use the river's flow to advance them. Every time he crossed any river he walked back to perpendicular to where he crossed from so that he couldn't be accused of using the river to make any progress.His Walking the Amazon was not an eco-warrior campaign against deforestation or an activist project for indigenous peoples' rights. It was a world-first expedition, first and foremost, and it was designed to draw attention to the complexities of the Amazon rainforest. Ed is an expedition leader and writer by profession - he reported what he saw and what he was affected by it. He is personally passionate about stopping deforestation but is of the opinion that to get people to listen, we need to enthuse and inspire them that the Amazon is worth worrying about, rather than forcing arguments down the throats of those that don't care. So the focus was on creating an adventure so exciting that it can suck people into the Amazon so that they can see it, touch it, smell it and know it. Essentially the more people that care about the Amazon the better.
16004Top-selling album act of the 21st century in the UKRobbie Williams13339555 unit(s) soldUnited Kingdom, 01 October 2010Robbie Williams (UK) is the top-selling album artist in the UK this century with sales of 13,339,555 to October 2010. The top-selling group are Westlife (Ireland), with album sales of 10,740,000 to October 2010.
16005Most visited space stationInternational Space Station297 peopleNot Applicable, 01 December 2010As of December 2010 the ISS has received 297 visitors. This represents 196 different people, as many astronauts and cosmonauts have travelled to the station more than once. For comparison, the Russian Mir space station, which orbited from 1986 to 2001, had 137 visitors over its lifetime, representing 104 different people.
16006Most portrayed detectiveSherlock HolmestimesNot Applicable, 01 January 2010Unsurprisingly consulting detective Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed the most times on TV worldwide. From his earliest small-screen appearance on NBC experimental programming in 1937 to the present day more than 30 actors have essayed the role. In the latest incarnation Sherlock (BBC 2010) Benedict Cumberbatch plays the cerebral hero and the huge ratings for his series demonstrates the enduring appeal of the character.
16007Oldest Association football national trophyScottish Football Association Challenge CupUnited Kingdom, Glasgow,Scotland01 June 2011The oldest Association football national trophy is the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup (Scotland), commonly known as the Scottish Cup, which has been continuosly awarded since 1874. The Cup is played for annually as the main national cup competition in Scotland. The cup is also heralded as the oldest Association football trophy at any level of competition.
16008Most downloaded desktop translation softwareBabylon105352213 unit(s) soldIsrael, Global22 June 2011The most popular desktop language translation software is Babylon, which has been downloaded 105,352,213 times as of 22 June 2011.The total was verified by two independent database consultants.
16009Largest giant panda habitatSichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries9245 square kilometre(s)China, Sichuan Province01 January 2011The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries in the Qionglai and Jiajin Mountains ofSichuan Province, China, represent the largest contiguous habitat of thegiant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). More than 30% of the world pandapopulation lives in this 9,245 km² (3569 mile²) network of nature reservesand scenic parks.The area was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.
16010First cryptic crosswordCrossword by Edward Powys Mathers in The Saturday Westminster GazettefirstUnited Kingdom, 01 January 1925The first crossword made up entirely of cryptic clues appeared in 1925 in The Saturday Westminster Gazette. Although there had previously been cryptic elements within crosswords, Edward Powys Mathers (UK), who set crosswords under the name Torquemada, used only cryptic clues and is usually credited as the inventor of the cryptic crossword.
16011Oldest purpose-built cinema in operationKorsør Biograf Teater1908/8/7 year(s), month(s), day(s)Denmark, Korsør01 July 2008The oldest cinema still in operation today is the Korsør Biograf Teater in Korsør, Denmark, which has been in operation from 7 August 1908.The Cinema actually opened at the Hotel Korsoer on 30 Jan 1907 but moved to its current location at 17 Jens Baggesens Gade in the summer of 1908 with the opening week beginning on 7 August.The programme for the first show was listed in the local newspaper the Korsoer Avis on August 7 and listed six films:1. En Rejse fra Stockholm til Goteborg2. Den lille Savoyard3. Den moderne Hat4. En Tyrefaegtning i Sevilla5. De forhexede Dukker6. For tidlig hjemme
16012Largest foreign object left in a patientMeena PurohitIndia01 July 1989Meena Purohit (India) underwent a caesarean section to deliver her daughter on 1 July 1989 during which surgeons left a pair of artery forceps measuring 33.02 cm (13 in) long, in her abdomen. They remained undiscovered until an exploratory laparotomy was performed on 3 September 1993. A month after the birth, she complained of stomach pains for which she was prescribed pain killers. X-rays prior to the surgery show one of the forceps points having been broken during the 4 years.
16013Most players at an internet poker roomPokerStars.comUnited Kingdom, Isle of Man06 September 2009The most players simultaneously in an online poker room is 307,016 who played on a total 42,814 virtual tables at on 6 September hold multiple GWRs for online poker.
16014Oldest musical instrumentAncient bone fluteSlovenia, Ljubljana01 January 1988An ancient bone flute, estimated to be about 43,000&mdash82,000 years old, was found by Dr Ivan Turk (Slovenia), a palaeontologist at the Slovenian Academy of Science at a Neanderthal campsite in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1998. The oldest known musical instrument, it is made of an old cavebear femur segment with four holes (two complete and two partial).Information taken from Archives (e.g. 2000). Submitted for use in Scholastic's Modern Marvels.
16015First use of skiing in military missionsBattle of IsenNorway, Oslo01 January 1200The earliest recorded military use of skiing was at the Battle of Isen, near Oslo, Norway in 1200, when the Norwegians undertook reconnaissance on skis. Ski troops were also used in Sweden in 1452, and from the 15th through the 17th century, skis were used in warfare in Finland, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.Captain Jens Emmahausen wrote the first skiing manual for Norwegians in 1733. From 1767 there have been military ski competitions with monetary prizes.Information from Archives (e.g. 1993). Submitted for use in Scholastic's Modern Marvels.
16016Largest melodica ensembleHamamatsu city688 peopleJapan, Hamamatsu03 March 2013The largest melodica ensemble consists of 688 people and was achieved at an event organized by Hamamatsu city (Japan) in Miyakoda Sogo Park, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, on 3 March 2013.
16017Largest crew on a warshipNimitz classUnited StatesThe eight US Navy Nimitz class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers each carry around 5,680 personnel when battle-ready, of which 3,200 are ship's company and 2,280 belong to the Air Wing. The carriers are the largest warships afloat and each carries around 80 aircraft.
16018Most people buried in sand simultaneouslyBora Bora Ecuador684 participantsEcuador, Salinas02 March 2013The most people buried in sand simultaneously is 684 and was achieved by Bora Bora (Ecuador) in Chipipe beach, Salinas, Ecuador, on 2 March 2013Bora Bora is a brand of flip-flops and invited hundreds of families to the event and offered prizes for the most creative 'burial' - there were turtles, hearts, angels and lots of castles amongst other designs. Salinas is a popular weekend desitnation for people from the nearby city of Guayaquil.
16019Oldest heart bypass surgery patientFive patients more than 100 years of ageUnited States01 January 2003According to a study on cardiac surgery in nonagenarians and centenarians published in 2003 by the Department of Surgery of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia (USA), five centenarians were operated on for isolated cardiac bypass surgeries. The study was based on records of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Database.
16020Oldest fossilised embryoMarkuelia hunanensisChina, Beijing University,Beijing02 February 2004The oldest fossilised embryos date back around 500 million years. Around 100 embryos, of Markuelia hunanensis - an extinct species of worm, were discovered in Hunan, southern China by a team from Bristol University, Bristol, UK, and Beijing University, Beijing, China. Their results were announced in the journal Nature in January 2004.

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