Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

16231Smallest motorized model carNippondensoJapanNippondenso of Kariya, Japan created a motorized model of Toyota's first passenger car, the 1936 AA sedan, which is 4.785 mm. (0.188 in.) long, 1.730 mm. (0.068 in.) wide and 1.736 mm. (0.068 in.) high. The bumper is 50 microns thick (a human hair is approx.100 microns in diameter). The motor, the coil of which is 1 mm. (0.039 in.) in diameter, powers the car to a top speed of 0.018 km./h. (0.011 m.p.h.).
16232First physics-based puzzle game for the nintendo WiiElebits (Konami, 2006)firstJapanReleased in Japan on 2 December 2006 and in the USA the following week, Elebits was the first physics-based puzzle game released for the Nintendo Wii console. The game, which sees players manipulating the Wii Remote to uncover and capture small creatures, was released in Europe and Australia in May 2007 under the title Eledees. It was Konami’s first game release for the Wii.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
16233Most grapes stuffed in the mouthDinesh UpadhyayaIndia, Goregaon (West), Mumbai10 November 2015The most seedless grapes stuffed in the mouth is 88, achieved by Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya (India), in Mumbai, India, on 10 November 2015Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya (India) previously broke this record in 2012 with 79 grapes.
16234Longest war memorial wallVietnam Veterans Memorial150.42 metre(s)United States, WashingtonThe longest memorial wall for war veterans is the 150.42-m Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, USA, completed in 1982 according to the designs of American artist and designer Maya Ying Lin. Vietnam Veterans Memorial consists of a 75.21-m-long wall made of dark gabbro granite, onto which the names of 58,191 servicemen and women were inscribed in a highly regular font spacing and 1.35-cm height, listed in chronological order of death. The wall is sunk into a crevice in the ground, reaching 3.12 m in the middle and descending to just 20 cm at the two edges. Costing around US$4,284,000, the wall is supported by 140 concrete pilings driven 11 m into the bedrock below. Conceptually, Maya Lin has described how she “imagined taking a knife and cutting into the earth, opening it up, an initial violence and pain that in time would heal”. After Lin’s competition win, some negative criticism led to the 1984 addition to the design of the more conventional “The Three Soldiers” sculpture to one side of the memorial wall.A half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the “Moving Wall” was also constructed in 1984, touring the USA.
16235Smallest working drillLance Abernethy17 millimetre(s)New Zealand, 21 March 2015The smallest cordless drill measures 17 x 7 x 13.5 mm and holds a 0.5-mm twist drill that is 11.75 mm long. The 3D-printed tool was designed and printed by Lance Abernethy from Auckland, New Zealand, on 21 March 2015.The drill is operated by a N#10 hearing aid battery, microswitch and motor. Pressing the microswitch makes the motor, and drill, turn. An earlier specimen from 17 March 2015 measured 7.52 x 13.5 x 17.3 mm (excluding drill) and a similarly miniscule saw measuring 14.3 x 18.9 x 10.6 mm (fitted with a 12-mm working blade) was completed on 23 April 2015.
16236Most tattoos of characters from a single animated seriesMichael BaxterAustralia, Bacchus Marsh03 December 2014The most tattoos from a single animated series is 203 different characters from The Simpsons, achieved by Michael Baxter (Australia), as verified in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia, on 3 December 2014.Michael has 203 different characters from The Simpsons tattooed across his back.
16237Most people sport stacking (multiple venue)World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA)618,394 peopleNot Applicable, This will actually be an international attempt with 30+ countries involved.12 November 2015The most people sport stacking in multiple venues was achieved by 618,394 participants at the tenth annual WSSA STACK UP! organized by the World Sport Stacking Association (USA) in celebration of Guinness World Records Day on 12 November 2015.The 618,394 stackers represented 2,691 schools and organizations from 30 countries: Australia (306), Canada (37,808), China (664), Colombia (320), Denmark (369), Germany (945), Hong Kong (209), Hungary (7,115), Iceland (106), Indonesia (72), Ireland (143), Israel (3,519), Korea (1,898), Malaysia (443), Malta (592), Mexico (658), New Zealand (383), Philippines (35), Poland (481), Portugal (624), Romania (1,155), Saudi Arabia (100), Serbia (154), Singapore (911), South Africa (175), Spain (2980), Switzerland (2,290), Taiwan (4,910), United Arab Emirates (50), United Kingdom (1,202), United States (547,777).
16238Most backflips on a bicycle (single leap)Jed Mildon4 total numberUnited States, Davidsonville12 July 2015The most backflips on a bicycle in a single leap was four performed by Jed Mildon (New Zealand) at Pastranaland in Davidsonville, Maryland, USA, on 12 July 2015.In 2011, Mildon had become the first person complete a triple backflip on a bicycle. This feat was later equalled by James Foster (USA). The pair competed in Pastranaland to be the first to complete a quadruple backflip, and the 28-year-old New Zealander managed it. Both riders had been training for nine months.
16239Most Rubik's cubes solved in 24 hoursEric LimebackCanada, Waterloo03 October 2013The most Rubik's cubes solved in 24 hours is 5,800 and was achieved by Eric Limeback (Canada) at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on 3 October 2013. Eric, a third year business student at the time, broke the previous record of 4,786 with 4 hours and 7 minutes left. He finished the 5,800th cube in 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59.7 seconds, with an average solve time of 14.89 seconds per cube.
16240Most lit candles in the mouthDinesh UpadhyayaIndia10 November 2015The most lit candles in the mouth is 15, achieved by Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya (India) in Mumbai, India, on 10 November 2015.Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya (India) previously broke this record in 2014 with 12 lit candles.
16241Most juggling head rolls in one minute (three balls)David RushUnited States, Gardan City27 February 2016The most juggling head rolls in one minute (three balls) is 194 and was achieved by David Rush (USA), in Garden City, Idaho, USA, on 27 February 2016. David attempted this record at Kids Fair at Expo Idaho. He attempted this record to promote science, technology, engineering, and math education.
16242Most toothpicks rotated in the mouth simultaneouslyDinesh UpadhyayaIndia10 November 2015The most toothpicks rotated in the mouth simultaneously is 49, achieved by Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya (India) in Mumbai, India, on 10 November 2015.This attempt took place as part of our global celebration for Guinness World Records Day on the 15th November 2015.
16243Largest vertical garden (green wall)Shine Green Energy Enterprise Co., Ltd., Cleanaway Company Limited2,593.77 square metre(s)Chinese Taipei, Kaohsiung29 June 2015The largest vertical garden measures 2,593.77 m² (27,919 ft²) and was achieved by Cleanaway Company Limited and Shine Green Energy Enterprise Co., Ltd. (both Chinese Taipei) in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei on 29 June 2015.Cleanaway and Shine Green Energy both specialise in sustainable waste disposal and green energy. The vertical garden helps to camouflage a landfill site into the surrounding countryside.
16244First description of a crown flashMonthly Weather Reviewfirst firstNot Applicable, An extremely rare meteorological phenomenon, crown flash, was first scientifically described in the journal Monthly Weather Review in 1885. It can occur at the top of thunderstorms and appears as a bright patch of sky not dissimilar to a sundog. Unlike a typical sundog, however, these features move and realign within seconds, forming beams and loops of light. The most likely explanation is that crown flash is caused by changing electrical fields within the thundercloud, to which plate- or needle-shaped ice crystals align, preferentially reflecting sunlight.Due to the global emergence of camera phones, there are now several examples of amateur footage of this phenomenon on social media.
16245Most tornadoes spawned by a hurricaneHurricane Ivan119 a unit not listed belowNot Applicable, 18 September 2004Hurricane Ivan, which formed on 2 September 2004, became a Category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale in the Caribbean Sea. It spawned a series of tornadoes in a three-day outbreak beginning on 15 September. Sources differ on the total number of tornadoes but the National Climate Data Center estimates that 119 tornadoes were spawned during the Hurricane Ivan tornado outbreak.Hurricane Ivan killed 92 people across the USA, Grenada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Tobago and Barbados.
16246Most people scuba divingIndonesian Navy2486 peopleIndonesia, Manado/Bunaken17 August 2009The most people scuba diving simultaneoulsy is 2,486 and was achieved in Malalayang beach, Manado (Indonesia), during an event organised by the Indonesian Navy, on 17 August 2009.Indonesia is often referred as the world's largest archipelago, including more than 17,000 islands is renowned worldwide for the immense beauty of his underwater world and marine biodiversity. When you're scuba diving in Manado you can see over 70% of all fish species that exist in the Indo-Western Pacific, and it is no surprise that the local people and all the foreigners who have the luck to dive in the clear Indonesian sea remain amazed by the pristine experience. The record for the most people scuba diving simultaneously was made special by a full ceremony performed underwater by the 2,486 divers and organised in occasion of the Indonesian 64th Independence Day anniversary. The long lines of participants divided in more than 50 groups, once reached the bottom of the sea, at a depth of about 15 meters, took position and the master of ceremony raised the red and white Indonesian flag underwater. The scuba divers paid respect to the flag and prayed silently together, all broadcasted live on TV and reported by a huge number of national and international media present at the event.
16247Most Solheim Cup wins, TeamUSA8 timesUSA, 01 January 2009The female equivalent of the Ryder Cup is contested biennially between the top professional players of Europe and the USA and was first held in 1990. The USA has won eight times, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2009 with Europe winning in 1992, 2000 and 2003.
16248Longest line of firecrackersDavid SwainSpain, Sueca19 October 2002On 19 October 2002 an unbroken line of firecrackers was detonated in Sueca, Valencia, Spain, measuring 11 km (6.83 miles) long. The unbroken line of 11 km (6.83 miles) was part of a larger attempt of 21 km (13.04 miles), but the line stopped at the 4 km (2.48 miles), 5 km (3.10 miles) and 10 km (6.21 miles) marks.
16249Heaviest twinsBilly Leon and Benny Loyd McCraryUnited States01 November 1978Billy Leon (1946–79) and Benny Loyd (1946 - 2001) McCrary, alias McGuire (USA), were normal in size until the age of six. In November 1978, Billy and Benny weighed 337 kg (743 lb or 53 st 1 lb) and 328 kg (723 lb or 51 st 9 lb) respectively, and each had waists measuring 2.13 m (84 in).As professional tag wrestling performers they were billed at weights up to 349 kg (770 lb or 55 st).Born 7 December 1946, Billy died at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada of heart failure, after a fall from a mini bike, on 13 January 1979. Benny died of heart failure on 26 March 2001.
16250Most expensive advertising campaign on televisionPepsi Cola8100000 US dollar(s)United States, 03 February 2002The most expensive TV advertising campaign is the $8.1 million (£5.7 million), or $90,000 (£63,333) per second, adverts for Pepsi Cola. The adverts were first aired during Superbowl XXXVI at the Louisiana Superdome, USA on 3 February 2002. The 90-second commercials starred Britney Spears (USA) representing the drink at different stages in the last five decades.Beginning with Britney impersonating 50's icon Marilyn Monroe, the commercial then shows Britney supporting a 60's bouffant hairdo, then walking through fields in a 70's hippie theme. The 80's are depicted with Britney's impersonation of Robert Palmer's video to his song 'Addicted to Love' and then it cuts to Britney in 21st century clothes.According the the NYTimes article of 29/01/04 (attached) the Super Bowl XXXVIII, companies such as Procter & Gamble, General Motors and IBM will be charged $2.3 million (£1.2 million) for a 30 second advertisment (equal to $76,666 or £42,000 per second).For Super Bowl I in 1967, companies were charged $42,000 (or $239,167 or £131,302 in today's dollars/pounds) per 30 seconds.
16251First bionic arm fitted on an individual (male)Campbell AirdfirstScotland, Margaret Rose Hospital,Edinburgh01 January 1993Since 1993, Scottish hotel owner Campbell Aird, who had his right arm amputated in 1982 after doctors diagnosed muscular cancer, has been trying out a new bionic arm created by a team of five bio-engineers at the Margaret Rose Hospital, Edinburgh, UK. Two other motorised artificial arms have been developed in America, but these were essentially only powered elbows.
16252Most penalty minutes in an NHL careerDave WilliamsUnited States01 January 1971The player with the most penalty minutes in NHL history is Dave "Tiger" Williams (Canada) with 3,966, in 17 seasons between 1971 and 1988, playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and the now defunct Hartford Whalers.
16253Most expensive costume from a television series sold at auctionSuperman costume129800 US dollar(s)United States, Hollywood31 July 2003The most valuable costume from a TV programme was the Superman suit from the 1955 series of the Adventures of Superman (USA), which was sold for $129,800 (£81,307) at the Profiles in History auction, Los Angeles, USA on 31 July 2003.The buyer placed the bid by telephone and remained anonymous. The suit, complete with the S and red pants, was one of two costumes from the TV series which were worn by George Reeves (USA) in the title role.The series was produced from 1951-1957 in the USA by National Comics, with a total of 104 episodes aired on Channel 7 (USA) until 1958. Until 1955 the show was filmed in black and white, in which a brown and white S-outfit was used to give it definition.
16254Most Skier X medals X Games - women (winter)Aleisha ClineCanadaThree X Games skiers currently share the record for most skier X medals, with five medals each: Aleisha Cline (Canada) won five medals for Skier X taking gold 1999, 2001-03 and silver in 2004. She shares the record with Magdalena Jonsson (Sweden) and Ophélie David (France)
16255Most spacecraft orbiting another planet in the Solar SystemUnknownQuery, Query01 March 2006When NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter entered Martian orbit in March 2006, there were three other functioning spacecraft orbiting the red planet: Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey and Mars Express. In addition there were two rovers also operating on the planet's surface, making the total number of active spacecraft exploring the same planet six.
16256First Star Wars MMORPG videogameStar Wars: Galaxies – An Empire Dividedfirst, 01 January 2003It was 21 years after the release of the original Star Wars game that the franchise finally spawned its first role-playing game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its first massively multiplayer online game Star Wars: Galaxies – An Empire Divided, both of which were released in 2003.
16257Heaviest figLloyd Cole295 gram(s)United Kingdom, Worthing28 August 2015The heaviest fig weighs 295 g (10.41 oz) and was grown by Lloyd Cole (UK) in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, as verified on 28 August 2015. The fig is of the 'Brown Turkey' variety.
16258Earliest cavity wall insulationOverstone Hallfirst firstUnited Kingdom, NorthamptonConstructed in 1860, Overstone Hall in Northampton, UK, is the world’s earliest building to boast double walls (two skins of masonry, separated by an air gap), thus endowing it with cavity wall insulation. It was designed by architect William Milford Teulon for Lord and Lady Overstone as a highly “modern" residence, and behind the Grade-II-listed historical façade lie a central heating system (called Mr Price’s Apparatus), gas lighting and a butler’s lift. Overstone Hall took so long to build that Lady Overstone died before it was completed, and Lord Overstone reputedly disliked the house so much that he never moved in.In the twentieth century, Overstone Hall has been the home of a wealthy shipping magnate, a college, and a girls’ public school, before being acquired by New Testament Church of God for £100,000 in 1980. On 16 April 2001 a fire left the estate in semi-ruined state.
16259Smallest batteryRice UniversityUnited States, Houston29 July 2011Engineers at Rice University, Houston, USA, have developed a battery 60,000 times smaller than a conventional AAA. At only 0.5 microns high, and an almost invisible 150 nanometres thick, the battery is formed by nanowires, one half being the cathode and one half being the anode. The battery is halfway between conventional chemical-reaction batteries and a "super-capacitor" that can hold charge and release it as demanded. To put the battery's size into perspective, the wavelength of deep blue light is 400 nanometres, so this battery is less than one half the wavelength of the deepest blue light humans can see. Larger batteries can be made by using a copper-coated nanowire template of tubes, and filling half of each tube with a nickel-tin alloy to create the anode. A layer of polyethylene-oxide gel is then used to insulate the alloy from the cathode formed from a polyaniline material. A layer of aluminium is deposited on top of this structure to complete the circuit. Theoretically, these batteries may be stacked to form any potential size of battery in the future.
16260Farthest blindfolded basketball hook shotBig Easy Lofton15.32 metre(s)United States, Phoenix05 November 2015The farthest blindfolded basketball hook shot is 15.32 m (50 ft 3.5 in) and was achieved by Big Easy Lofton (USA) of the Harlem Globetrotters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.This was one of seven records broken by the Harlem Globetrotters in celebration of GWR Day 2015.

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