Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

16261Most pull ups in 24 hoursJan Kares6800 repetitionsSlovakia, Bratislava18 September 2015The most pull ups in 24 hours is 6,800 and was achieved by Jan Kares (Czech Republic), in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 18-19 September 2015.Jan attempted two other records for the most pull ups in 6 hours and the most pull ups in 12 hours during the attempt.
16262Video: Man rides his 860 kg record-breaking monster bicycle down Belgium streetJeff Peeters from Belgium spent six months building a monster bike which, weighing 860 kg (1895 lb 15.6 oz), has recently been confirmed by Guinness World Records as the Heaviest rideable bicycle in the world.
16263Longest fort wallsKumbhalgarh Fort22.4 mile(s)India, RajasthanFifteenth century ADThe longest walls around a fort or castle are the 22.4-mile walls at Kumbhalgarh Fort, a Mewar defensive construction in Rajasthan, western India. Built during the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, this long wall is around 5 m thick and contains seven gateways. Some historical sources report that eight horses could run on top of the wall, side-by-side. The wall divided the competing Mewar and Marwar kingdoms, and the fort within was used by the Mewar rulers of Mewar as a last refuge. The fortress fell into enemy hands just once, and then only because the drinking water had run out. Besides the fortress, the walls also contain many Jainist temples plus 60 Hindu temples, totalling around 360 in number. Visiting tourists are warned to take special care – although the many ancient defence mechanisms and traps have mostly been disabled, some are still assumed to exist in more remote parts of the wall.n/a
16264Thousands take part in largest camel race as part of initiative to increase animal's population in MongoliaA huge camel festival in Mongolia earlier this month saw an incredible 1,108 jockeys take to their saddles for a history-making race.
16265Fastest selling book of fiction in 24 hoursHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows8300000 US dollar(s)United States, 21 July 2007
16266Largest gathering of tall peoplePetra Cowled136 peopleAustralia, Melbourne29 January 2009The largest gathering of tall people in a confined area is 136 and was achieved by people with minimum height of 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) for women and 188 cm (6 ft 2 in) for men in Melbourne, Australia, on 29 January 2009.
16267First "astro spiral" stunt on filmThe Man with the Golden Gun, Loren "Bumps" WillertfirstThailand, Bangkok01 January 1974The 1974 Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun featured an "astro spiral" jump, in which an AMC Hornet X hatchback drives up a corkscrewed ramp and turns 360? along its long axis, connecting successfully with a landing ramp on the other side of a river near Bangkok, Thailand. The stunt was pulled off by Loren "Bumps" Willert (USA). The actual Hornet used in the movie is preserved at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, UK.
16268Most wins of Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music AwardsGarth Brooks6 a unit not listed belowUnited States, Arlington1990-1993, 1997, 1998The most wins of Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards is 6 achieved by Garth Brooks (USA) in the years 1990-1993, 1997 and 1998.The record was announced at the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards which took place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA on 19 April 2015.
16269Most people stargazing - multiple venues
16270Highest box office film gross - opening weekend (worldwide)Jurassic World524,418,134 US dollar(s)United Kingdom, Los Angeles14 June 2015The highest box office film gross during the weekend of its worldwide release is $524,418,134 (£319,185,000 €358,243,000) and was achieved by Jurassic World (USA) on 12-14 June 2015, as verified by box-office intelligence service The Numbers. The breakdown of this record was $208,806,270 at the US box office and $315,611,864 at the international box officeThis film was produced by Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Legendary Pictures. This record is based on the nominal gross value which means without adjusting for inflation.
16271Largest lipstick sculptureWTCmore, Agne Kisonaite18,399 itemsChina, Hong Kong10 November 2015The largest lipstick sculpture contains 18,399 lipsticks and was achieved by Agne Kisonaite (Lithuania) and sponsored by WTCmore (HK) in Hong Kong, China on 10 November 2015.The sculpture was constructed mainly in Agne's home country of Lithuania before being transported to Hong Kong to be finished and put on display. The sculpture measures 3.03 m in height.
16272Tallest homegrown cactusSDM College of Dental Sciences & Hospital33.5 metre(s)India, DHARWAD01 July 2015The tallest homegrown cactus (Cereus peruvians) measures 33.5 m (110 ft) and was grown at the Shri Dharmathala Manjunatheshwara College of Dental Sciences (India), in Dharwad, Karnataka, India, as verified on 1 July 2015. The cactus was planted on 15 August 2002 and is still growing.
16273Highest altitude martial arts displayThis record is for the highest altitude martial arts display.This record is to be attempted by an individual or team of unlimited size.This record is measured in metres, with the equivalent imperial measurement also given in feet and inches.
16274Largest online video album of people chantingThis record is for the largest video album of people chanting created online.This record is to be attempted by a sole organizing entity.This record is measured in the number of videos which constitute the album.
16275Largest sculpture sculptured underwaterThis record is for the largest sculpture sculptured entirely underwater in terms of physical size.This record is to be attempted by a team of unlimited size.This record is measured in metres and centimetres, along with the imperial equivalent in feet and inches.
16276Tallest stack of hats worn while unicyclingThis record is for the tallest stack of hats worn while unicycling.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured in metres and centimetres, along with the imperial equivalent in feet and inches.
16277Most walls covered by a muralPachuca209 total numberMexico, PachucaAt Pachuca, Mexico, 209 building walls were covered by a single mural – El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas – when the art collective known as the German Crew painted them in a 20,000-square-metre pattern of bright colours. Completed in 14 months in 2014–15, and working with local residents, the finished design used more than 20,000 litres of paint and – when seen from afar – looks like a vibrant swirled rainbow, with stripes running across several houses.This was part of a government project called Pachuca Paints Itself. According to director Enrique Gomez, the mural helps unite the community and rehabilitate the local neighbourhood. In total, 452 families and 1,808 people saw their homes transformed.
16278First artificial fog buildingBlur BuildingFirst firstSwitzerland, Lake NeuchatelThe first building engineered predominantly from an artificial fog is the Blur Building designed by architects Diller + Scofidio for the Swiss National Exposition in Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland, in 2002. A suspended 60 x 100 x 20 steel platform over Lake Neuchatel is permanently enclosed in a giant cloud. The highly precise water spraying is carried out by 31,400 high-pressure and high-grade steel jets with tiny apertures just 120 microns in diameter, through which lake water is forced at 80-bar pressure onto fine needlepoints and atomised into tiny droplets 4–10 microns across – small enough that most are suspended in the air as fog or "blur". The project cost $7.5 million. Up to 400 visitors can enter this fabricated fog, where they hear only the white noise of water nozzles, with computers precisely adjusting the spray strength according to the different climactic conditions. The fog mass constantly changes, producing long fog trails in high winds, rolling outwards at cooler temperatures, and moving up or down.In addition, visitors wear "brain coat" weather gear, which provides bodily protection and stores personality data for the building’s computer network. Using tracking and location technologies, each visitor's position is identified and their character profile compared to other visitors.
16279Video preview: Exclusive sneak peek inside Guinness World Records 2012 EditionThe wait is almost over for the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records book, which hits shelves across the globe this week. Here below, Editor-In-Chief Craig Glenday gives an exclusive sneak peek of what you can expect to find in this year's incredible
16280First colour photograph of the green flashVatican Observatoryfirst firstItaly, The green flash is a rare atmospheric phenomenon that occurs immediately after sunset or just before sunrise. Essentially it is a mirage of the Sun, in which the highly refracted sunlight produces a green spot at the top of the Sun. The effect is best seen in stable atmospheric conditions in which the observer has a clear unobstructed view of the horizon. The first colour photographic proof of this elusive phenomenon was taken by DKJ O’Connell of the Vatican Observatory, Italy, in 1960.The green flash only ever lasts a second or two, just as the Sun breaches the horizon.
16281Highest box office film gross for a German filmDas Boot84915000 US dollar(s), worldwide01 January 1981Das Boot (Ger 1981), the stroy of a WW2 U-boat crew, took US$84.915 million (£41.933 million) at the international box office.
16282Fastest 5 km barefoot on ice/snowEdgars Rencis21 min, 28.48 sec minute(s), second(s)Latvia, Riga24 January 2015The fastest 5 km barefoot on ice/snow is 21 min 28.48 sec and was achieved by Edgars Rencis (Latvia) in Riga, Latvia, on 24 January 2015.Rencis attempted the record at Daugavas stadions.
16283Most medals won by an individual X Games (summer)Bob BurnquistNot Applicable05 June 2015The most Summer X Games medals ever won is 28 by skateboarder Bob Burnquist (Brazil) from 1997 to 5 June 2015.Burnquist has won 13 gold medals, seven silver medals and eight bronze medals in a variety of different skateboarding disciplines such as Vert, Big Air and Vert Best Trick. He won gold in the Big Air competition in 2015 despite competing with a broken wrist.
16284Longest duration spinning a basketball on the noseScooter Christensen7.7 second(s)United States, Phoenix05 November 2015The longest duration spinning a basketball on the nose is 7.7 seconds and was achieved by Scooter Christensen (USA) of the Harlem Globetrotters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 5 November 2015.This record was one of seven set by the Harlem Globetrotters in celebration of GWR Day 2015.
16285Most basketball three pointers made by a pair in one minuteCheese Chisholm , Ant Atkinson19 total numberUnited States, Phoenix05 November 2015The most basketball three pointers made by a pair in one minute is 19 and was achieved by Ant Atkinson and Cheese Chisholm (both USA) of the Harlem Globetrotters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 5 November 2015.This was one of seven records broken by the Harlem Globetrotters in celebration of GWR Day 2015.
16286Longest videogame marathon on Wii Fit
16287Largest gathering of people dressed as Doctor Who charactersThis record is for the greatest number of people gathered in one venue dressed as characters from the TV series Doctor Who.This record is measured by the number of participants gathered in one venue dressed as characters from the TV series Doctor Who.For the purpose of this record any named character who has appeared in the TV series Doctor Who since the series began in 1963 would qualify for this record.
16288Oldest current Prime MinisterHRH King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al SaudSaudi Arabia01 August 2005The oldest current prime minister is King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud who was born in 1924 and became both King and first Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia on 1 August 2005.No precise DOB given.NB - President Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who was born on 21 February 1924 but abolished the position of PM in 1987.
16289Oldest Super Bowl playerMatt StoverUSA07 February 2010The oldest player in Super Bowl history is placekicker Matt Stover (USA), who was 42 years 11 days when he made an appearance for the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV on 7 February 2010.Stover went 1-for-2 on field goal attempts, converting successfully from 38 yards and missing from 51 yards. He also went 2-for-2 on extra points in the Colts' 31-17 defeat to the New Orleans Saints.
16290Most appearances in the cycling Tour of PortugalJoaquim AndradePortugal16 August 2009The most appearances in the cycling Tour of Portugal is 21 and was achieved by Joaquim Andrade (Portugal) who has competed in the Tour of Portugal every year from 13 August 1989 to 16 August 2009. Joaquim Andrade is a professional cyclist, he finished 39th out of 123 riders in the 2009 tour with his team LA-Paredes Rota dos Moveis one of 14 teams that took part. Incidentally he finished the Tour on the 16th of August which was also Joaquim's 40th birthday!

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