Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

16291First person to win an Oscar for a self-directed performance
16292Largest gathering of people dressed as penguinsRichard House Children's Hospice624 peopleUnited Kingdom, london12 November 2015The largest gathering of people dressed as penguins is 624 and was achieved by Richard House Children's Hospice (UK) at The Scoop, More London, London, UK, for Guinness World Records Day, on 12 November 2015.This is the 3rd time Richard House Children's Hospice has achieved this record beating their own previously set record.
16293Most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneouslyCharotar Education Society400 peopleIndia, ANAND08 March 2016The most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously is 118, achieved by Charotar Education Society (India), in Anand, India, on 8 March 2016. All participants were able to complete the attempt on their first try.
16294Most consecutive BMX Vert gold medals X Games (summer)Jamie BestwickNot Applicable08 June 2014The most consecutive BMX Vert gold medals earned at the summer X Games is nine by Jamie Bestwick (UK) from 2007 to 2014 .This is also a record in all X Games disciplines. There were two X Games held in 2013, hence the reason Jamie Bestwick won nine consecutive gold medals in an eight-year-span. In June 2015, Bestwick's incredible run finally came to an end when he finished second to Vince Byron by one point.
16295Longest time balancing a football on the shinMarcel Gurk10:00.30 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Tübingen07 November 2015The longest time balancing a football on the shin is 10 min 0.3 sec and was achieved by Marcel Gurk (Germany) in Tübingen, Germany, on 7 November 2015. To become the Guinness World Records holder, Marcel has practiced this trick every day for years.
16296Most snowskate kickflips in 30 secondsMax HiltyUnited States, Aspen29 January 2010Max Hilty (USA) completed 14 kickflips on his snowskate board in 30 seconds at Winter X Games 14 in Aspen, Colorado, USA on 29 January 2010.
16297Youngest NBA scoring championKevin DurantUnited States, Oklahoma City14 April 2010The youngest person to win an NBA scoring title is Kevin Durant (USA) of the Oklahoma City Thunder at age 21 years, 197 days averaging 30.1 ppg in the 2009-10 season.Durant managed the feat in just his third NBA season, outscoring second-place finisher LeBron James (USA) by 0.4 ppg. The previous record was held by Max Zaslofsky (USA), who played for the Chicago Stags and led the Basketball Association of America (predecessor to the NBA) in scoring 21 ppg for the 1947-48 season at the age of 22 years, 105 days.
16298Most popular TV show
16299Largest collection of pig-related itemsAnne LangtonUnited Kingdom13 July 2011Anne Langton (UK) has a collection of 16,779 pig items which she has been collecting for over 40 years.Ms Langton’s collection started when her then boyfriend, now husband, John bought her a pig-themed pot when they were 17 years old. Her collection includes pig figurines, stuffed toys and piggy banks.
16300Most viewed fan film based on SkylandersEvan14,819,868 total numberNot Applicable, 14 March 2016In his YouTube channels “EvanTubeHD” and “EvanTubeRAW”, precocious critic Evan (USA) reviews toys and videogames such as Skylanders. His seasonal video “Skylanders’ KAOS Scares Evan from EvanTubeHD! Halloween SPECIAL!” had been viewed a staggering 14,819,868 times as of 14 March 2015. n/a
16301Most industrial countrySauidi Arabia61.8 percentageSaudi Arabia, 01 January 2010Sauidi Arabia is the world's most industrialised country, with 61.8% of its GDP derived from industry in 2010.
16302Largest association of psychologistsAmerican Psychological AssociationUnited States01 June 2011The registered membership of the American Psychological Association was more than 154,000 in June 2011.
16303Most home runs hit at an Olympic Games tournament, individualOrestes KindelanUnited States, Atlanta01 January 1996The most home runs hit by an individual at an Olympic Games tournament is 9 (in nine games) by Orestes Kindelan (Cuba) at Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1996.
16304First double back somersault achieved on the flying return trapezeEddie SilbonfirstFrance, Paris Hippodrome,Paris01 January 1879Eddie Silbon (UK) achieved the first double back somersault at the Paris Hippodrome, Paris, France in 1879.
16305Highest box office film gross for an Australian filmCrocodile Dundee (1986), worldwide01 January 1986Crocodile Dundee (AUS 1986), starring Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski, has grossed US$328 million (£218 million) since it was first released.
16306Largest insurance company - revenuesAXA90970000000 US dollar(s)France, 31 March 2010Based on revenues of $90.97 billion (then approx. £60 billion) in the fiscal year ending on or before 31 March 2010, AXA (France) is the world's largest insurance company.
16307Most gold medals won at the Summer Olympics (country)USA931 timesUSA, Query01 January 2008The USA won a record 931 gold medals at the Summer Olympics between 1896 and 2008.The USA is well ahead of the second-placed USSR, which earned 395 gold medals in 1952–1980 and 1988. This total does not include medals won by Russia (1908–1912), the Unified Team (1992) or the Russian Federation (1996–2008).Germany is third with 247 gold medals won through Germany (1896–1912, 1928–1936, 1952, 1992–2008), the United Team of Germany (1956–1964) and the FRD/West Germany (1968–1976, 1984–1988). This does not include medals won by the GDR/East Germany (1968–1980, 1988)
16308First self-contained mechanical heart implantJewish HospitalfirstUnited States, Louisville02 July 2001Surgeons from the University of Louisville performed the first self-contained mechanical heart implant on an unnamed American patient at the Jewish Hospital, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on 2 July 2001.The artificial heart is known as the AbioCor and is made from a metal and plastic motorized hydraulic pump. The clinical team performing the implant was lead by University of Louisville surgeons Laman A. Gray, Jr., M.D., and Robert D. Dowling, M.D. The surgery lasted seven hours and involved a team of 14 nurses, perfusionists, physician assistants, anesthesiologists [stet] and other support staff.
16309First asteroid landingNEAR-Shoemaker spacecraftfirstNot Applicable, 12 February 2001The NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft successfully touched down on asteroid Eros on 12 Feb 2001. The spacecraft transmitted 69 images of the surface of Eros during its descent, showing details of small rocks just cm across. Eros measures around 33 km (20 miles) across.
16310Largest user-generated virtual economySecond Life (Linden Lab, 2003)567000000 US dollar(s), 01 January 2009The largest user-generated virtual economy exists in Second Life (Linden Lab, 2003), which saw $567 million (£355 million) worth of in-game transactions take place in 2009.2011
16311Oldest golf courseSt Andrews Links1552 year(s), month(s), day(s)United Kingdom, St Andrews01 January 1552The Old Course at St Andrews Links in Fife, Scotland, UK, is the oldest golf course in the world. Archbishop Hamilton's Charter in 1552 is the earliest documentary evidence that allowed the people of St Andrews to play golf on the Links.The charter is principally a license to allow Archbishop Hamilton to breed rabbits on the links but the document also allows them to continue the "playing at golf, futball, schuting at all gamis, with all uther maner of pastyme as ever thai plais."
16312Most runs scored in an ICC World Cup career (male)Sachin TendulkarNot Applicable02 April 2011Sachin Tendulkar (India) scored 2,278 runs in 44 innings at Cricket World Cup tournaments between 22 February 1992 and 2 April 2011.
16313Oldest manufacturer of weaponsBerettaItaly01 January 1526The earliest recorded mention of the arms company Beretta (Italy) came in 1526. The business has been passed down through 16 generations, but its headquarters are still based in the village of Gardone Val Trompia near Brescia, Italy.
16314First open-world driving videogameTurbo EspritfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1986The first game to feature an open-world environment was the 1986 Turbo Esprit for the ZX Spectrum. The game is commonly held responsible for the success of the genre. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First open-world driving game.
16315Most penalty minutes in an NHL seasonDave SchultzNot Applicable01 January 1975The player with the most penalty minutes in an NHL season is Dave "The Hammer" Schultz (Canada) with 472 playing for the Philadelphia Flyers in 1974/75.
16316Most martial arts bouts consecutively (male)Paddy DoyleUnited Kingdom, Cheltenham19 November 2005The most consecutive martial arts bouts is 141 set by PaddyDoyle (UK) at St Benedicts School Sports Centre, Cheltenham, UK, on19 November 2005.
16317First climigrationUnknownfirstUSA, Alaska01 January 2009In 2009, Alaskan human rights lawyer Robin Bronen coined the term "climigration" to describe forced migration of people resulting from climate-induced ecological changes in a community's environment that severely impact infrastructure, such as health clinics and schools, as well as the livelihoods and wellbeing of the people residing in the community.Bronen used the term in a report on Alaskan indigenous communities who were having to relocate due to climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has estimated that there will be 150 million “climate refugees” seeking new homes by 2050.
16318First publicly available game developed for an online competitionTrackMania Nationsfirst firstNot Applicable, 01 January 1900The first publicly available game made specifically for an online competition was TrackMania Nations, developed for the 2006 Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC). In the run-up to the competition, this enhanced, stadium-based version was free to download from the ESWC website. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: Earliest publicly available game developed specifically for an online competition.
16319Most people signing each other's t-shirts simultaneouslyCharotar Education Society500 peopleIndia, 08 March 2016The most people signing each other's t-shirts simultaneously is 500, achieved by Charotar Education Society (India), in Anand, India, on 8 March 2016. All participants wore white t-shirts and signed the back of the person in front of them as part of a continuous line.
16320Most heads shaved in three minutesUnknownFinland, Helsinki08 October 2000Katja Ahola shaved 2 heads in three minutes on 8 October 2000, on the set of Guinness World Records, Helsinki, Finland.2.25 heads were shaved but only completed heads count towards this record.

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