Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1621Most flash bulbs used to take a photographJason GrouppUnited States, CincinnatiThe most flash bulbs used to take a photograph is 300 and was achieved by Jason Groupp (USA) in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, on 8 May 2011.The flash bulbs were mounted onto four boards of 75 bulbs each and were triggered simultaneously by radio transmitters. Each board had around $20,000 worth of equipment mounted on it.
1622First nuclear powered aircraftB-36, Tupolev Tu-119firstRussia, 01 January 1955During the Cold War research was conducted by both the USA and the Soviet Union into military aircraft that could stay aloft for months at a time, powered by a nuclear reactor. The USA used a converted B-36 bomber which flew 47 test flights between 1955 and 1957. An onboard nuclear reactor was operational during some of these tests but never powered the aircraft. The Soviets performed similar experiments from 1961 to 1965 using a Tupolev Tu-119. Both projects were ultimately cancelled.
1623Fastest time to eat a drinking glassPatesh Talukdar1/27 minute(s), second(s)India, Mumbai10 March 2011The fastest time to eat a drinking glass is 1 min 27 sec and was achieved by Patesh Talukdar (India) on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Mumbai, India, on 10 March 2011. Patesh also eats other things such as plastic or ceramics.
1624Largest nuclear powered icebreakerNS 50 Let PobedyRussia01 January 1993Launched in 1993, the NS 50 Let Pobedy (NS 50 Years Since Victory), is 159.6 m long and has a beam of 30 m. It has a displacement of 25,840 tonnes and is powered by 2 27.6 MW nuclear reactors, giving it a top speed of 21.4 knots (39.6 km/hour). The ship is capable of breaking through sea ice with a thickness of 2.8 m.
1625Most lifts of a 50 kg stone in one minute - female - Force BasqueMaria Jose Sardon13 timesItaly, Milan16 March 2011The most lifts of a 50 kg (110 lb) granite spheric stone from the floor to the shoulder in one minute is 13 and was achieved by Maria Jose Sardon (Spain) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 16 March 2011.The participant used stone tacky especially designed for stone lifting to increase grip.
1626Fastest 20 m wife carrying - backwardsManav Gohil and Shweta KawaatraIndia, Mumbai18 March 2011The fastest 20 m wife carrying backwards is 9.82 seconds and was achieved by Manav Gohil and Shweta Kawaatra (both India) on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Jogeshwari, Mumbai on 18 March 2011. Manav Gohil and Shweta Kawaatra are both starring in a daily soap.
1627Most bangles put on in 30 seconds by a team of twoLondon Hughes, Laura JacksonUnited Kingdom, Brighton18 March 2014The most bangles put on in 30 seconds by a team of two is 163 and was achieved by Laura Jackson and London Hughes (both UK) on CITV Scrambled in Brighton, UK on 18 March 2014.
1628Fastest marathon dressed as a Mr. Potato HeadAndrew McKenzie3/38/20 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, Melbourne14 October 2012The fastest marathon dressed as a Mr Potato Head was 3 hr 38 min 20 sec by Andrew McKenzie (Australia) at the Melbourne Marathon in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 14 October 2012Andrew ran as part of Team World Vision.
1629First discovery of extraterrestrial volcanismLinda MorabitofirstNot Applicable, ,,Io, Jupiter01 January 1979Shortly after Voyager 1’s encounter with Jupiter on 5 March 1979, navigation engineer Linda Morabito (USA) discovered an anomalous crescent protruding from the moon Io in a black and white image, while examining images to confirm the spacecraft’s trajectory. Initially looking like another moon behind Io, the crescent was soon confirmed to be above a part of Io that looked like a volcano. What Linda had discovered was the first active volcano on a world other than Earth.
1630Largest collection of magazinesJames HymanUnited Kingdom, London,,In storage01 August 2012The largest collection of magazines consists of 50,953 magazines and belongs to James Hyman (UK), in London, UK, and was verified on 1 August 2012.James began collecting magazines in the early 90s when he was a script writer for MTV Europe and has amassed a huge collection highlighting the changes in pop culture over the years. The collection features 2,312 unique publications amongst the 50,953 magazines. The process of counting the magazines took approximately 128 days as James and his helpers worked their way through 450 crates filled with magazines.
1631First mobile phone with a self-winding rotor mechanismUlysse Nardin ChairmanfirstSwitzerland, 01 June 2010The Ulysse Nardin Chairman is the first mobile phone to contain a self-winding rotor mechanism, like an automatic watch, that supplies backup kinetic energy to help keep the battery charged. Running Google's Android operating system, models range from $13,000 to $50,000 (?8,600 to ?33,000) for precious metal versions. The phone includes a lacquered wooden docking station with built-in speakers. It has a 3.2-inch touchscreen (81 mm), offers high-definition video playback, has 32 gigabytes of memory and an 8-megapixel camera.
1632Most dice stacked into a tower in 30 secondsSilvio Sabba38 itemsItaly, 27 September 2013The most dice stacked into a tower in 30 seconds is 38 and was achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy), in Pioltello, Italy, on 27 September 2013.
1633First pendulum clock designAn unfinished pendulum clock designed by Galileo GalileifirstItaly, 01 January 1630The Italian physicist, mathematician and astronomer Galileo Galilei (Italy, 1564–1642) was among the first to recognise that a pendulum’s predictable and uniform swing had great potential for timekeeping. Galileo designed and began building a pendulum clock in the late 1630s, although he died before he could finish it. A model based on a drawing of his design by his friend Vincenzo Viviani was constructed in the 19th century.See also First operational pendulum clock
1634First hack into a network protected by quantum cryptographyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyfirstUnited States, 01 April 2007In April 2007, a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) carried out the first reported hack of a quantum network. Quantum networks were considered to be uncrackable until the team managed to set up what they describe as a quantum-mechanical ‘wire-tap’ and extract data that previously had been considered beyond the reach of even the most determined code breaker.
1635Largest collection of toastersKenneth HugginsUnited States, Columbia,,In his house and a specially built outhouse.31 July 2012The largest collection of toasters is 1,284 toasters and belongs to Kenneth Huggins (USA), Columbia, South Carolina, USA, as of 31 July 2012.Dr Huggins collected phonographs, radios and automobiles before focussing his attention on collecting toasters in 1995. He has been a member of the Toaster Collectors Association since its inception in 1999, and has hosted their annual convention at his home in Columbia, South Carolina.
1636Fastest time to eat a muffin (no hands)Kyle Thomas Moyer28.18 second(s)United States, 19 November 2013The fastest time to eat a muffin without using the hands is 28.18 seconds, and was achieved by Kyle Thomas Moyer (USA), in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, USA, on 19 November 2013.
1637Most futsal goals scored from overhead kicks in a minuteLukas SteinerGermany, Mainz,,On the set of ZDF- Fernsehgarten15 June 2014The most futsal goals scored from overhead kicks in a minute is 11 and was achieved by Lukas Steiner (Austria), on the set of the TV show ZDF - Fernsehgarten, in Mainz, Germany, on 15 June 2014.
1638Most backwards somersaults in a wind tunnel in one minuteKyra PohSingapore, Singapore04 December 2013The most backwards somersaults in a wind tunnel in one minute is 68 and was achieved by Kyra Poh (Singapore) at iFly Singapore, Sentosa, Singapore, on 4 December 2013.
1639Largest sausage coilUdruženje KobasicijadaSerbia, Turija23 February 2013The largest sausage coil measures 3.97 m (13 ft 0.3 in) in diameter and was created by Udruženje Kobasicijada (Serbia) in Turija, Serbia, on 23 February 2013.The uncooked sausage coil weighed approximately 340 Kg (750 lb) with a girth of 3 cm (1.18 in) and was made by 10 people headed by chef Miroslav Meduric (nicknamed: Cika). It took over 7 hours to boil the sausage coil to ensure that it was thoroughly cooked. Once cooked the sausage coil was estimated to weigh approximately 255 Kg( 562 lb) having lost 25% in the cooking process. The receipe is: pork, salt, pepper, mild & hot paprika.
1640Longest tails on a tuxedoIgnacio Forner VarochSpain, Teruel,,In the street 'Calle El Salvador'23 November 2012The longest tails on a tuxedo measure 99.80 m (327 ft 5.13 in) and was achieved by Ignacio Forner Varoch (Spain), in Teruel, Spain, on 23 November 2012.The longest tails were manufactured for a bridal exhibition.
1641Longest time to spin a basketball on the elbowThomas Connors6.14 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Swansea,,Soccer Skills Swansea13 December 2012The longest time to spin a basketball on the elbow is 6.14 seconds and was achieved by Tom Connors (UK) at Soccer Skills Swansea in Swansea, UK, on 13 December 2012.Tom already holds a bunch of other basketball related Guinness World Records titles but really wanted to establish himself as the worlds best at this trick. He, alongside his friend Ash Randall, perform tricks and attempt records across the world all year round.
1642Most pop-ups in a pop-up bookTaichung City GovernmentChinese Taipei, Taichung City,,The attempt was held outside the Taichung City Government offices in Taichung City.19 April 2013The most pop-ups in a pop-up book was 169 and was achieved by pupils from Taichung City and the Taichung City Government, in Taichung City, Taiwan on 19 April 2013This is a collaborative effort between the Taichung City Govt and Encyclopedia Britannica, involving 79 schools and almost 300 elementary/junior high school students and teachers. The youngest artist is 5 years of age.The planning and production process took 6 months execution in order to complete this enormous collective art piece and the main objective is to integrate local culture, education and creative art production so as to promote Taichung city to the world. It is 107m in length and the entire collection comprises 149 large art pieces, 296 pages in total, joint together as a huge concertina book.
1643Most skips of a rope wearing swim fins in five minutesPeter NestlerUnited States, Tulsa21 October 2013The most skips of a rope wearing flippers in five minutes is 558, and was achieved by Peter Nestler (USA), at Urban Fitness Studio, in La Canada, California, USA, on 21 October 2013.
1644Fastest time to pack a suitcaseLeanne Bell1/6 minute(s), second(s)UK, Southampton28 September 2011The fastest time to pack a suitcase with 20 items is 1 minute 6 seconds and was achieved by Leanne Bell (UK) on board Royal Caribbean International's 'Independence of the Seas' in Southampton, UK on 28 September 2011.
1645Largest stop-motion animation setAardman Animations1025.04 square metre(s)United Kingdom, Bristol01 January 2011The largest set for a stop-motion animation was a section of beach measuring 1025.04 m² (11033 ft²), used for the production of the film Nokia 'Gulp' by Aardman Animations (UK) and premiered in 2011.The entire film was shot on a mobile phone: the Nokia N8.
1646Fastest time to jump over 10 objects on a unicycleLutz EichholzGermany, kaiserslautern,,TU Kaiserslautern Sports Field13 July 2013The fastest time to jump over 10 objects on a unicycle is 1 min 46.44 sec and was achieved by Lutz Eichholz (Germany) on the set of Officially Amazing in Kaiserslautern, Germany on 13 July 2013The record was achieved on the sports field of the University attended by Lutz and was filmed for the television show "Officially Amazing". Lutz jumped over ten hurdles which each measured 72 cm (2 ft 4 in) set out over a 100 metre athletic track.
1647Heaviest boat pulled by a team of swimmersSLRG Luzern323.2 tonne(s) (metric ton)Switzerland, Luzern14 September 2013The heaviest boat pulled by a team of swimmers is 323.2 metric tonnes (712,534 lb) and was achieved by SLRG Luzern (Switzerland) in Lucerne, Switzerland on 14 September 2013.The event was organised to celebrate the 75 anniversary of SLRG Luzern, a lifeguard association made up of men, women and children of all ages. There was a team of 73 people who took a time of 4 minutes 34.72 seconds to pull the boat 100 metres. The boat itself was the Gallia, a 100 year old paddle-steamer permanently situated on Lake Lucerne.
1648Most people to complete a skittles throw in 8 hoursShoot Out Club Ltd468 peopleUnited Kingdom, Westpoint , Exeter,,The Devon County ShowThe most people to complete a skittles throw in 8 hours is 468 in an event organised by Shoot Out Club Ltd & Rachel Bourke (both UK) at the Devon County Show, in Exeter, Devon, UK, on 18 May 2013.For the record attempt, a portable skittle alley measuring 12.19 m (40 ft) in length was used. Furthermore £827.61 was raised for Dream-A-Way charity.
1649Most skips of a rope wearing clogs in one minuteAshrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica,Sri Chinmoy CentreThe most skips of a rope while wearing clogs in one minute is 127 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New York, New York, USA, on 24 May 2014.
1650Largest collection of videogame memorabilia

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