Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1651Largest steamboat (paddle-wheel riverboat)American QueenUnited States, New Orleans01 January 1995The American Queen, a luxurious traditional steamboat (paddle-wheeled riverboat) launched in 1995, is 127.4 m (418 ft) long and has a displacement of 4,891 tonnes (10.78 million lb). Built at a cost of $65 million (£41 million at 1995 rates) by the Delta Queen Steamboat Company, it has six passenger decks and place for around 450 passengers. American Queen is propelled by a 45 tonne (99,200 lb) paddle wheel which is 9.1 m(30 ft) wide and 8.5 m (28 ft) in diameter.Full speficications in the attached document headed 'Statistics'.In the US the term 'steamboat' applies specifically to paddle-wheeled riverboats, rather than any vessel powered by steam.
1652Farthest distance skipping on a rolling globeKatya DavidsonUnited States, Citrus Heights28 June 2003Katya Davidson (USA) travelled a distance of 612.13 m (2,008 ft 4 in) whilst skipping on a 60 cm (24 in) high globe at the Red, White & Blue Parade, Citrus Heights, California, USA on 28 June 2003.
1653First aircraft carrierHMS ArgusfirstUnited Kingdom, 01 January 1918Although platforms for take-offs and landings had been fitted to warships as early as 1910, the first ship with a runway running the full length of its deck was HMS Argus, launched in 1918. When construction of Argus began in 1914 she was intended to be a passenger liner, but in 1916 the incomplete vessel was bought by the British Royal Navy and completed as an aircraft carrier, with a flight deck 172 m (565 ft) long and space for 20 aircraft. She had a top speed of 20 knots.
1654Largest parade of quadbikes (ATVs)Rocky Mountain ATV JamboreeUnited States, RICHFIELD16 September 2009The largest parade of quadbikes (ATVs) is 1,870 and was organised by the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree in Richfield, Utah, USA, on 16 September 2009.1,947 ATV's were at the start of the parade, however, only 1,870 finished it.
1655Most football touches in one minute (female)Chloe HeglandChina, Beijing03 November 2007The most touches of a football in one minute, by a female, whilst keeping the ball in the air is 339 by Chloe Hegland (Canada) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 3 November 2007.
1656Largest open-air cinema screenUnknownUnited Kingdom, Middlesex01 January 2009The famous outdoor water-filming facility at Pinewood Studios in Middlesex, UK, was, in 2009, converted into a giant drive-in theatre with a screen measuring a record 73.1 x 18.3 m (240 x 60 ft).The screen opened on Halloween 2009 with a series of horror flicks.
1657Fastest marathon skipping without a ropeAshrita Furman5/55/13 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Canada, Comox Valley31 August 2003The fastest time to complete a marathon (26.2 miles) while skipping rather than running is 5 hr 55 min 13 sec by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Comox Valley Roads marathon, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada on 31 August 2003.
1658Most pirouettes on a motorcycle in 30 secHorst HoffmannGermany, Oberhausen09 September 2006The record for most pirouettes on a motorcycle in 30 seconds is 21 and was performed by Horst Hoffmann (Germany) during the Centro Festival in Oberhausen, Germany on 9 September 2006.
1659Longest marathon on a see saw (teeter totter)Brandi Carbee75/10 hour(s), minute(s)United States, Puyallup14 September 2004The longest time spent continuously on a see-saw (teeter-totter) was 75 hr 10 min by Brandi Carbee and Natalie Svenvold at the Puyallup fair, Puyallup, Washington, USA from 11 to 14 September 2004.
1660Fastest bicycle wheelie over 100 metresAusten Nunes14.05 second(s)United States, Manteca15 March 2010The fastest bicycle wheelie over 100 m is 14.05 sec by Austen Nunes (USA) in Manteca, California, USA, on 15 March 2010.Nunes was witnessed by the city's mayor and the managing editor of the local newspaper. Time was kept by local American football and baseball coaches.
1661Longest line of horsesJose Antonio MartínezSpain, Benicarló18 January 2004The world's longest line of horses involved 105 horses linked by harnesses in single file and was achieved by Jose Antonio Martínez (Spain) and Amics del Cavall de Benicarló on 18 January 2004 in Benicarló, Valence, Spain.
1662Largest tin whistle ensembleScoil Acla1015 peopleIreland, Tra Moor Keel31 July 2010The largest tin whistle ensemble was achieved by 1,015 participants at an event organised by Scoil Acla (Ireland) in Keel, Achill Island, Ireland, on 31 July 2010.Participants performed the song "The Dawning of the Day."
1663Largest gun on a submarineM Class submarines30.48 centimetre(s)United KingdomThe three British Royal Navy M Class submarines (M1-3) developed towards the end of the First World War were fitted with a deck-mounted 30.48-cm (12-in) gun, a weapon more commonly found in turrets on battleships. The diesel-electric powered submarines were 90.5 m (297 ft) long, had a surface displacement of 1,600 tonnes (3.5 million lb), and could travel at 8 knots (15 km/h or 9 mph) submerged and at 14 knots (26 km/h or 16 mph) on the surface.The gun and mounting weighed 129 tonnes (284,396 lb). The size of the mounting actually enhanced the submarines diving qualities - the weight helped to keep her down, whilst its volume stabilised the boat at periscope depth. M1 was famously lost with all hands in 1925, after a collision with another warship in the English Channel.
1664Largest dance class (single venue)Athena – The National Israeli council for the advancement of women in sport9223 participantsIsrael, Tel Aviv30 April 2010The largest dance class was achieved by 9,223 participants in an event organised by Athena, The National Israeli council for the advancement of women in sports (Israel) in Tel Aviv's Harbour, Tel Aviv, Israel, on 30 April 2010. The event was supported by the Israeli Minister of Sport and was aimed to promote sports between women. The dance class was performed by only women.
1665Most consecutive donuts (spins) in a carJamie MorrowUnited Kingdom, Silverstone,,Silverstone Race Circuit04 September 2011The most consecutive donuts (spins) in a car is 280 and was achieved by Jamie Morrow (UK) driving a Westfield Sport 1600 at the Silverstone Race Circuit in Bedfordshire, UK, on 4 September 2011.The record attempt was made at "Trax - The Ultimate Performance Car Event" in front of an estimated audience of 5,000 people.
1666Longest flying disc throw caught by a dogRobert McLeodCanada, Thorhild14 October 2012The longest flying disc throw caught by a dog is 122.5 m (402 ft) by Robert McLeod to Davy Whippet (both Canada) in Thorhild, Alberta, Canada on 14 October 2012.
1667Most participants in a snowboard raceThe Rock FM and Mount HuttNew Zealand, Mount Hutt06 October 2007The most participants in a snowboard race was 88 at an event organized by The Rock FM and Mount Hutt at Mount Hutt in Christchurch, New Zealand on 6 October 2007.Chris Sheedy adjudicated.
1668Greatest number of layers in a layer cakeJayn ParentiUnited States, Fayetteville, Arkansas04 July 2006The greatest number of layers in a cake is 230 and was achieved by Jayn Parenti (USA) displayed at the Springdale Country Club, Springdale, Arkansas, USA, on 4 July 2006.
1669Fastest mile on pogo stick while juggling three ballsAshrita Furman23/28 minute(s), second(s)United States, Brooklyn Promenade,Brooklyn,New York26 September 2007The fastest mile hopping on a pogo stick whilst juggling threeballs is 23 min 28 sec set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the BrooklynPromenade, Brooklyn, New York, USA, on 26 September 2007.
1670First graphic novelRichard CorbenfirstUnited StatesGraphic novels are book-length comics ­ printed stories told visually. Creators of these 'graphic stories' or 'graphic literature' often argue that they represent an artistic movement, not merely a publishing format. The word 'graphic novel' first appeared in 1976 on the dust jacket of Bloodstar by Richard Corben (illustrator, USA) and Robert E. Howard (author, USA). In the same year, George Metzger's (USA) comic book Beyond Time and Again was subtitled A Graphic Novel, and Red Tide by Jim Steranko (USA) was labelled both a 'visual novel' and a 'graphic novel'.
1671Most expensive bottleFernando Altamirano225000 US dollar(s)Mexico, Mexico, City (D.F.)20 July 2006The record for the most expensive bottle is $225,000 (£120,000). The Platinum & White Gold Tequila bottle was sold by Tequila Ley .925 to a private collector in Mexico City, Mexico, on 20 July 2006.The bottle was filled with unique 6 years aged, 100% Blue Agave Tequila worth $ 2,500 USD."Pasión Azteca"© Limited Edition : 33 bottlesBottle Design by: Fernando Altamirano
1672First mother and son team to reach a PoleJan Meek, Daniel BylesArctic, Resolute BayAt 9:15 p.m. local time (GMT 5 a.m.) on 2 May 2007, Daniel Byles and his mother Jan Meek (both UK) reached the magnetic North Pole (N 78° 35.724', W 104° 11.940') following a 24-day trek on foot and skis from Resolute Bay in Canada – a journey of around 560 km (350 miles).
1673First stealth videogame to feature collective Artificial IntelligenceMetal Gear Solid 2firstNot ApplicableMetal Gear Solid 2 was the first stealth game to feature guards who could operate as a team and even communicate with other guards off-screen to organize a counter-attack. Disabling them before they could call for help was a major part of the gameplay, and this level of Artificial Intelligence has since become integral to the stealth sub-genre as a whole. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First collective AI in a stealth game.
1674Most side jumps in one minuteAlastair GalpinNew Zealand, Auckland27 October 2007The most side jumps (alternating each leg) achieved in a minute is 90 and was achieved by Alastair Galpin (New Zealand) at The Warehouse shop in Sylvia Park, Auckland, New Zealand, on 27 October 2007.Adjudicated by New Zealand PR rep.
1675Largest ballet class - barresQueensland BalletAustralia, Brisbane,,State Library of QueenslandThe largest ballet class barres involved 1,525 ballet dancers and was achieved by Queensland Ballet (Australia) at the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, on 22 May 2011.The record attempt was held in association with The Ideas Festival 2011 (Australia). The barres class lasted for 38 minutes and 54 seconds in total. The class was led by Queensland Ballet's Artistic Assistant, Nicole Galea. The class followed the following plan: 1) Warmup, 2) Plies, 3) Tendu, 4) Glisse, 5) Ronds de Jambe and Battements Fondus, 6) Battements Frappe, 8) Adage, 9) Grands Battement, 10) Ports de Bras and Reverence.
1676Greatest distance walked balancing a book on headAshrita Furman32.18 kilometre(s)United States, Jamaica, New York29 January 2011The greatest distance walked balancing a book on the head is 32.18 km (20 miles) and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) in Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia, on 29 January 2011.Ashrita's average pace p/mile was 15.50 minutes. The whole walk took him 5 hours, 9 minutes and 58 seconds.
1677Largest violinVogtland masters of violin and bow makingGermany, Markneukirchen14 June 2010The largest violin is 4.27 m (14 ft) long, has a maximum width of 1.4 m (4.5 ft) and a bow with a length of 5.2 m (17 ft). It was made by the Vogtland masters of violin and bow making (Germany) in Markneukirchen, Germany, and completed on 14 June 2010.Vogtland masters of violin and bow making consisted of 15 expert violin and bow makers from the region. The violin was an up-scaled replica of a violin made by Johannes Georg Shcönfelder II in the late eighteenth century. The length of the body measured over the arching was 2.52 m (8.27 ft), the belly stop was 1.37 m (4.4 ft), the neck stop was 0.91 m (2.9 ft) and the rib height was 0.22 m (10 in).
1678Most stairs climbed on a unicycleBenjamin Guiraud (aka Yoggi)France, Paris20 November 2006Benjamin Guiraud, aka Yoggi, (France) climbed 670 stairs on a unicycle without his feet or any part of his body touching the ground, in 22 minutes and 32 seconds, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, on 20 November 2006.Yoggi is World champion of Trial unicycle in 2004 and 4th in World championships 2006. Taig Kris, inline roller world champion and Ambassador of "La Voix de l'enfant", stimulated this attempt by installing a halfpipe at the first stage of the Eiffel Tower
1679Fastest escape from a straitjacket in suspension (no chains)Lucas Wilson8.40 second(s)Canada, Simcoe08 June 2012The fastest escape from a straitjacket in suspension without chains is 8.40 seconds and was achieved by Lucas Wilson (Canada) at the Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Ontario, Canada, on 8 June 2012.
1680Longest garbage truck ramp jumpAlfred SleepUnited States, Lebanon Valley Speedway22 June 2004Alfred Sleep (USA) jumped a garbage truck a distance of 23.57 m (77 ft 4 in) at Lebanon Valley Speedway, New York, USA, on 22 June 2004.

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