Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1681Highest unicycle platform dropAlex TomsAustralia, Sydney04 June 2005Alex Toms (Australia) successfully rode a unicycle off a 2.5 m (8 ft 2.4 in) platform in the studios of Guinness World Records, Epping, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 4 June 2005.In accordance with the rules he landed on a solid floor surface and continued riding after landing.
1682Largest triathlon raceThe Nation's Triathlon4546 peopleUnited States, Washington, D.C.12 September 2010The most participants in a single triathlon race of international distance was 4,546 at The Nation's Triathlon in Washington, D.C., USA, on 12 September 2010. International, or Olympic, distance triathlons consist of a 1.5 km (0.93 mi) swim, 40 km (24.85 mi) bicycle ride, and 10 km (6.21 mi) run.The event raised more than $3 million (£1.95 million) for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and consisted of a swim in the Potomac River, bike ride through the city's parkways, and run through the city's monuments and memorials.
1683Most consecutive skateboard frontside ollies (halfpipe)Keith Baldassare348 timesUnited States, Merritt Island20 September 2008The most consecutive skateboard frontside ollies (halfpipe) is 348 and was set by Keith Baldassare (USA) in Merritt Island, Florida, USA on 20 September 2008.
1684Most expensive baseball bat sold at auctionBabe Ruth 19231265000 US dollar(s)United States, New York02 December 2004The most valuable baseball bat in the world is George Herman Ruth's (A.K.A Babe Ruth) bat with which he hit the first home run at Yankee Stadium on opening day 18 April 1923 in New York City USA. The bat was purchased by MastroNet, Inc (Illinois based auction house) at a Sotheby's New York auction for a record $1,265,000 (£654,694) on 2 December 2004.
1685Fastest motorcycle wheelie on a tightropeJohann Traber53 kilometre(s) per hourGermany, FlensburgThe record for the fastest motorcycle wheelie on a tightrope is 53 km/h by Johann Traber (Germany) achieved in Flensburg, on the Tummelum Festival on 13 August 2005.Johann Traber used a solid trapeze attached to the motorcycle with a person sitting on it to balance the motorcycle. Riding on one wheel (back wheel) he reached a height of 40 m. The speed was taken by the traffic police with a radar-laser speed measuring machine .
1686Farthest forward flip trampette slam dunkDavid St. Pierre6.09 metre(s)United States, Milwaukee20 December 2008The farthest forward flip trampoline slam dunk is 6.09 m (20 ft) by Milwaukee Bucks Rim Rockers member Kevin Vanderkolk (USA) during the LA Clippers v Milwaukee Bucks game at Bradley Centre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on 20 December 2008.
1687First escalatorJesse W. RenofirstUnited States, Coney Island, New York01 January 1895The world's first escalator was created by Kansas, USA, inventor Jesse W Reno as a temporary amusement ride at the Old Iron Pier, Coney Island, New York, USA in September 1895. Reno's "inclined elevator" had a vertical rise of 2.1 m (7 ft) and inclination of 25 degrees, with riders sitting astride cast-iron slats atop a moving belt at 22.8 m (75 ft) per minute. Some 75,000 visitors took a ride during its fortnight-long installation.
1688Most people to write a storyForeign Language Teaching and Research Press1178 peopleChina, Beijing,,The record attempt was held at the headquarters of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.06 September 2013The most people to write a story was set by 1,178 participants during an event organised by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (China), in Beijing, China on 6 September 2013.
1689Most rotations hanging from a power drill in one minuteThe Huy Giang148 timesSpain, Madrid23 December 2008The most rotations hanging from a power drill in a minute is 148achieved by The Huy Giang (Germany) on the set of 'Guinness WorldRecords', in Madrid, Spain, on 23 December 2008.
1690Largest horn circumference - steer (ever)Lurch95.25 centimetre(s)United States, GassvilleThe largest horn circumference on a steer measured 95.25 cm(37.5 in) on 6 May 2003 and belong to Lurch, an African watusisteer owned by Janice Wolf (USA) of Gassville, Arkansas, USA.Sadly, Lurch died at 3 p.m. on 22 May 2010 of a cancer at the baseof one of the horns. The body has has been released to a localtaxidermist, who will produce a full-sized taxidermy of thesteer.
1691Largest structure built by a terrestrial animalBeaver (Castor canadensis)Unknown, North America12 August 2003The largest structure built by an animal is that of a beaver's lodge and dam. Beavers (Castor canadensis) of North America use mud, wood, vegetation and stones to dam up water to form a pond and then build a lodge for winter refuge. The largest lodge ever recorded was 12.1 m (40 ft) across and 4.8 m (16 ft) high and the longest beaver dam ever recorded measured 1.5 km (0.9 miles) long.Lodges typically measure 3-4 m (9 ft 10 in -13 ft) across, 3 m (9 ft 10 in) high, and take 20 days to build using 3 tons (6,613 lb) of materials. On average, a family of 4 beavers can build 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) of dam wall per day. The design of the dam usually reflects the rate of the water flow, i.e the faster the water flows, the more curved the dam will be. Once the pond has been created, canals are excavated for the beavers to reach safely into the wooded areas (to collect more wood) by water and not on land where predators dwell. The longest documented canal measured 400 m (1,312 ft). Beavers cut their own trees to strip it of branches and leaves. The largest tree cut down by a beaver was a cottonwood measuring (37 in) diameter and (110 ft) tall!
1692Fastest to play a concert in each of the 50 US StatesAdam BrodskyUnited States, Washington DC21 September 2003The fastest time to play a concert in each of the 50 states of the USA is 50 days by Adam Brodsky (USA) between 3 August and 21 September 2003. Brodsky went on play an extra date on 22 September in Washington DC.
1693Longest time to spin a basketball on one finger, maintaining spinJoseph OdhiamboUnited States, Houston,Texas19 February 2006The longest time to spin a regulation basketball on one finger, while maintaining the spin is 4 hr 15 min by Joseph Odhiambo (USA) on 19 Feburary 2006 in Houston, Texas, USA during the NBA All-Star Jam Session.
1694Largest parade of BMW motorcyclesHerb AndersonUnited States, Cape Girardeau, Missouri26 September 2009The largest parade of BMW motorcycles consisted of 241 motorcycles and was organized by Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles (all USA) in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA, on 26 September 2009. The motorcycles were all different types of BMW motorcycles.
1695Most people aboard a car driven on two wheelsStephane Riesen13 peopleSwitzerland, Geneve,,Geneva Palexpo16 June 2013The most people crammed in a car driven on two wheels is 13 and was achieved by Stéphane Riesen (Switzerland) and 12 passengers during the Swiss Car Event held at the Geneva Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland on 16 June 2013.
1696Fastest lifeguard drill in relay by a team of threeGuillem Riand, Gregory Pratlong, Marie Passebosc45 minute(s), second(s)France, Benodet23 August 2005The record for the fastest time to complete the lifeguard drill relay is 45 sec by Guillem Riand, Gregory Pratlong and Marie Passebosc (all France) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, Benodet, France on 23 August 2005.
1697First scientific report of a bioluminescent seaAnaximenes of MiletusUnknownThe earliest scientific description of what is commonly referred to today as a glowing sea, caused by the profuse presence of tiny bioluminescent dinoflagellates, is that of Greek scholar Anaximenes of Miletus. Two-and-a-half thousand years ago, he reported that while rowing at night, the blade of his oar would sometimes be charged with a strange glowing light as it broke the water.NB: No location or precise date can be given.
1698Largest collection of toy soldiersSergey Valentinovich SpasovRussia, large cossack village Nezlobnaya03 August 2010Sergey Valentinovich Spasov (Russia) has 661 different toy soldiers, as of 3 August 2010, that he has been collecting since 1990.All his 1:35 toy soldiers are displayed together with his collection of military models in his house.
1699Fastest 100 metres bike sled dog racing on sand with eight dogsSuzannah SorrellUnited Kingdom, Holkham,Holkham National Nature Reserve,The beach of Holkham NAtional Nature Reserve06 November 2007The record for the fastest 100 metres on a sled dog pulled by 8 dogs is 10.65 sec, and was achieved by Suzannah Sorrell (UK) at Holkham National Nature Reserve, England, UK, on 6 November 2007.The record attempt was part of the Guinness World Records' day. This is for a bike sled on sand.
1700Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashionTim WeißkerGermany, Bamberg12 September 2011The most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion is 5969, achieved by Tim Weißker (Germany), at Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium in Bamberg, Germany, on 12 September 2011.It took 3 days to set everything up. The discs used were standard ‘slimcases’.
1701Laser powered altitude recordLightcraft TechnologiesUnited States, White Sands Missile Range,New Mexico02 October 2000On 2 October 2000, Lightcraft Technologies (USA) successfully flew a 12.2 cm (4.8 inch) diameter craft to a height of 71 m (233 ft), powered only by light. They used a US Army 10 kilowatt pulsed carbon dioxide laser on the ground, fired upwards at the 51 g (1.8 oz) craft, which reflects the light backwards to a point just beneath it. The resulting expansion of the superheated the air provides the thrust. These test flights occurred at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, USA.
1702Farthest distance by canoe (kayak) - 24 hours (flowing water) – FemaleRobyn BenincasaUnited States, Yukon26 June 2011The greatest distance paddled in 24 hours on flowing water in a kayak by a woman is 371.92 km (231.1 miles) and was achieved by Robyn Benincasa (USA) paddling down the Yukon River, Yukon, Canada, on 25-26 June 2011.Robyn began and ended her 24-hour attempt at 8:37 am. She started her attempt at the end of Lake Laberge and ended her attempt near Fort Selkirk. She attempted and broke this record on the same day as Carter Johnson, the current male record holder for the same category. Robyn was followed by a support team for the entire 24 hours. The members of the support team were Jeff Akens and Gary Rusnak.
1703Fastest 100 metres piggy back raceRommell GriffithBarbados, St. Michael31 March 2007The record for the fastest piggy back race over 100 m is 16.97 sec and was set by Rommell Griffith carrying Ulinda Griffith (both Barbados) as part of the Barbados World Record Festival at the Barbados National Stadium, St Michael, Barbados on 31 March 2007.
1704Wake skate - longest ramp jumpJerome MacQuartFrance, Argeles Gazost13 July 2004The record for the longest jump off a ramp on a wake skate is 9 m (29.52 ft) and was set by Jerome MacQuart (France) on the set of L’Été De Tous Les Records in Argeles Gazost, France, on 13 July 2004.Pulled behind a jetski.
1705Most consecutive skateboard varials (halfpipe)Jean PostecFrance, St. Cyprien05 July 2004The record for the most consecutive varials on a skateboard off a halfpipe ramp is 9 and was set by Jean Postec (France) on the set of L’Été De Tous Les Records in St.Cyprien, France on 5 July 2004.
1706Deepest half marathonBochnia salt mine212 metre(s)Poland, Bochnia04 March 2004The deepest half marathon race took place at a depth of 212 m (695 ft) in Bochnia salt mine, Poland on 4 March 2004.The running track was 2,438 m long which the 11 participants circuited approximately 8.5 times to run a total distance of 21,097 m. Bochnia is Europe's oldest salt mine operating since 1248.
1707Fastest aircraft, air-breathing engineX-43A7000 mile(s) per hourNot Applicable, Pacific Ocean16 November 2004On 16 November 2004, NASA's (USA) unmanned Hyper-X (X-43A) scramjet aircraft reached Mach 9.68, nearly 7,000 mph or almost ten times the speed of sound. The X-43A was boosted to an altitude of 33,000 m (115,000 ft) by a Pegasus rocket launched from beneath a B52-B aircraft. The revolutionary aircraft then successfully burned its engine before plunging into the Pacific Ocean.
1708Oldest known paperUnknownChinaThe oldest known piece of paper is thought to date from around AD 150 and was discovered in Wuwei in China's Gansu province. It is made largely of cotton rags. Paper as we understand it today (that is, a sheet formed on a screen from water suspension) was invented in China around 2,000 years ago, although the exact date and inventor is unknown. Traditionally a court official called Ts'ai Lun is credited with its invention in around AD 100.
1709Most participants in a swimming relay in one hour (60 ft pool)The Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training, Joseph Zemaitis, Founder281 participantsUnited States, Phoenix,,Valley Park Pool25 August 2012The most participants in a swimming relay in one hour is 281, achieved by the Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training (FAST) and its founder, Joseph Zemaitis (USA), in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 25 August 2012.
1710Fastest dog tunnel, team of 50North Northumberland Dog Training Club2.1 second(s)United Kingdom, Newcastle upon Tyne23 April 2005The record for the fastest time a dog can pass through a tunnel made of 50 people is 2.1 sec and was set by Fizzy as part of the Animal Roadshow Live at Leazes Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on 23 April 2005.

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