Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1861Fastest time to solve a Rubik's CubeLucas Etter4.90 second(s)United States, Clarksville21 November 2015The fastest time to solve a Rubik's Cube is 4.90 seconds and was achieved by Lucas Etter (USA) at the River Hill Fall 2015 at River Hill High School in Clarksville, Maryland, USA, on 21 November 2015.Incredibly, on the same day and at the same event, that same 3x3 cube category had already had a world record, when Keaton Ellis managed to unmix the cube in 5.09 seconds, as verified by the World Cube Association.
1862Most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashionKelloggsUnited Kingdom, Manchester University12 January 2016 BCThe most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashion is 2,686 and was organised by Kelloggs (UK), in Manchester, UK, on 12 January 2016. The arrangement was put together by approximately 145 delegates based across various countries.
1863Longest duration holding weight - outstretched armsAnatoly Ezhov1, 40 minute(s), second(s)Russian Federation, Arkhangelsk31 January 2016The longest duration holding a 20 kg (44.09 lb) weight with outstretched arms is 1 min 40 secs, achieved by Anatoly Ezhov (Belarus), in Arkangelsk, Russia, on 31 January 2016. Ezhov used a 20 kg kettlebell for his attempt.
1864Most goals scored by a football (soccer) goalkeeper in one seasonRogério Ceni21 timesBrazil, São Paulo14 December 2005The most goals scored by a football (soccer) goalkeeper in one season is 21, achieved by Rogério Ceni (Brazil), playing for playing for São Paulo Futebol Clube, from 23 January to 14 December 2005. Football seasons in Brazil run alongside the calendar year. The last goal scored in that season by Rogério Ceni was during the FIFA Clubs World Cup, last tournament of the year.
1865Most buildings in a permanent light and sound showJiangxi Nanchang Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (China)China, Nanchang22 October 2015The most buildings in a permanent light and sound show is 293 and was achieved by Jiangxi Nanchang Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (China) in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China on 22 October 2015. The permanent light and sound show was launched in December 2014.
1866Most expensive painting sold at a private salePaul Gauguin300,000,000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, February 2015A work by French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?), was sold from the private collection of retired Sotheby’s executive Rudolf Staechelin in February 2015 for $300 m (£210.4 m), the most ever paid in a private art sale. The 1892 oil painting shows two Tahitian women, and is one of a series of works created during the first of Gauguin’s two visits to the French Polynesian island, which took place in 1891. The painting was bought by Qatar’s Sheikha al-Mayassa. The oil-rich emirate’s royal family and museums have been increasingly acquiring high-value works of art. Al-Mayassa controls a $1-bn annual art budget in her role as chair of the Qatar Museums heritage organization.
1867Longest videogame marathon on a strategy gameJoe Kelly35 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United KingdomThe longest videogame marathon playing a strategy game lasted 35 hours, 35 minutes and 35 seconds, and was achieved by Joseph Kelly (UK) in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, on 10-13 October 2015.Joseph Kelly completed his marathon playing Minecraft on a PC and was raising money for Cancer Research.
1868Largest clapping ensemble#PK TI 2015254 peopleSwitzerland, Castione, Ticino12 December 2015The largest clapping ensemble consisted of 254 participants and was achieved by #PK TI 2015 (Switzerland), Castione, Ticino, Switzerland, on 12 December 2015. The song selected for the record is "We will rock you" by Queen.
1869Largest acquisition of a technology companyDell Inc., EMC Corporation67,000,000,000 US dollar(s)United States, Austin12 October 2015The largest acquisition of a technology company is approximately $67 billion (£43 billion €59 billion) and was agreed by Dell Inc. (USA) to acquire the computer storage company EMC Corporation (USA) on 12 October 2015. The acquisition is reported to be completed by a combination of cash and stock.Under the terms of the agreement, EMC shareholders would receive a total combined consideration of $33.15 per EMC share and the total transaction would be valued at approximately $67 billion.
1870Smallest batteryRice UniversityUnited States, Houston29 July 2011Engineers at Rice University, Houston, USA, have developed a battery 60,000 times smaller than a conventional AAA. At only 0.5 microns high, and an almost invisible 150 nanometres thick, the battery is formed by nanowires, one half being the cathode and one half being the anode. The battery is halfway between conventional chemical-reaction batteries and a "super-capacitor" that can hold charge and release it as demanded. To put the battery's size into perspective, the wavelength of deep blue light is 400 nanometres, so this battery is less than one half the wavelength of the deepest blue light humans can see. Larger batteries can be made by using a copper-coated nanowire template of tubes, and filling half of each tube with a nickel-tin alloy to create the anode. A layer of polyethylene-oxide gel is then used to insulate the alloy from the cathode formed from a polyaniline material. A layer of aluminium is deposited on top of this structure to complete the circuit. Theoretically, these batteries may be stacked to form any potential size of battery in the future.
1871Greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three-roped cable carFansipan Sa Pa Cable Car Services and Tourism LLC1410 metre(s)Vietnam, Sa Pa19 November 2015The greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three-roped cable car is 1,410 m (4625 ft 11.7 in) and was achieved by Fansipan Sa Pa Cable Car Services and Tourism LLC (Vietnam) at Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Vietnam, on 19 November 2015. It took two years to construct and it takes over 20 minutes to ride on one of the cable cars one way.
1872Most expensive living artist at auctionJeff Koons58,400,000 US dollar(s)United States, New York12 November 2013Jeff Koons’s "Balloon Dog (Orange)" – a 12-foot-high, orange-tinted, stainless steel sculpture resembling a dog made from balloons – was sold at Christie’s, New York, USA, on 12 November 2013, for $58.4 m (£41 m), the most ever paid for a work by a living artist at auction. The sale was made to an anonymous telephone bidder, and broke the $55 m pre-sale estimate. Koons has made a career out of creating giant stainless steel balloon animals, with polished mirror surfaces, in a range of colours. "Balloon Dog (Orange)" is one of five "Balloon Dog" sculptures, created in the 1990s. The other four are coloured yellow, blue, magenta and red. His other work includes a 43-foot topiary terrier, the body paint design of a 2010 BMW Le Mans race car and the cover of Lady Gaga’s 2013 album Artpop.
1873Darkest manmade substanceKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology99% percentageNot Applicable, 19 October 2015The darkest manmade substance is a black material made of gold nanoparticles and called "dark chamaleon dimers", which absorbs more than 99% of visible light, over the whole visible range. This means that material absorbs 99% of all rays of light with different colours, from the violet to the red, i.e., with wavelengths between 400 nm and 800 nm, reaching a maximum absorption of 99.2% for light with a wavelength of 497 nm (corresponding to a blue colour). The material also absorbs more than 98% of infrared light, i.e., rays of light not visible to the human eye, with wavelengths between 800 nm and 1200 nm. The material is made of gold nanoparticles of different shapes, joined together more specifically, a nanosphere with a diameter of about 50 nm is attached to a nanorod about 100 nm long. The particular combination of nanorods and nanosphere gives the material this exceptional absorbance properties. The nanoparticles can be dispersed in water solutions and also deposited in the form of a thin coating.The material was made by scientists from KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia), in a joint collaboration between Prof. Yu Han and Prof. Andrea Fratalocchi. An ideal material that absorbs 100% of light is referred to as “black body” to date, "dark chamaleon dimers" comes closest to being a perfect black body.Nanoparticles are particles with dimensions of nanometres (nm), where 1 nm is equal to 10–9 m, i.e. one billionth of a metre, or about 100,000 times smaller than a human hair. This material is darker and more absorbent than the previous darkest material, Vantablack (made of carbon nanotubes), as Vantablack absorbs 99.96% at a 663 nm only if the light source is exactly perpendicular to the material if the light source has an incident angle other than 0 o, the absorbance is lower of a few percent. This material is thinner than Vantablack in fact, Vantablack is 0.5–1 mm thick, while this is about 100 times thinner, at just 10 micron thick. This means that less material is needed to have such high absorption. When the same quantity of material is employed, the carbon nanotubes composing Vantablack absorb between 70%–85% in the visible and infrared wavelengths, while this material absorbs > 98%.
1874​Fastest time to build a two-block piston door (console)Fabio O'Ryan-Paulo00:15 minute(s), second(s)South Africa, Cape Town06 December 2015The fastest time to build a two-block piston door in Minecraft, on a console, is 15 seconds and was achieved by Fabio O'Ryan-Paulo (South Africa), in Cape Town, South Africa, on 6 December 2015. The record was attempted on a PS Vita console.
1875Longest marathon controlling a football (male)Daniel Magness26 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Hong Kong, Hong Kong11 June 2010The longest marathon controlling a football is 26 hours and wasachieved by Dan Magness (UK) during an event organized by MuseProduction Limited at Olympian City, Hong Kong, from 10 to 11 June2010.
1876Longest time continuously controlling a footballAbraham Munoz21/1 hour(s), minute(s)United States, WoodsideThe longest time continuously controlling a football is 21 hr 1 min by Abraham Munoz (Mexico) at La Boom in New York, New York, USA, on 19-20 May 2010.Throughout the course of this record, the ball never touched the ground. During his rest breaks, Munoz had the ball rested primarily on his neck.
1877Pro parkour team compete for farthest cat leap from bar to wall record - Guinness World Records Italian ShowWelcome to the Guinness World Records Italian Show – a weekly video series featuring the most astonishing, shocking and awe-inspiring record attempts from the recent seventh series of Italy’s Lo Show Dei Record.
1878Highest triglyceride levelTerry CultonUnited States, Austin03 June 1998Terry Culton (USA) was measured to have a triglyceride reading of 3165 mg/dl, 21 times the normal level of 150 mg/dl, based on a sample of his blood taken to measure his cholesterol on 3 June 1998 at Austin Medical Center, Minnesota, USA.
1879Most basketball free throws in one minute by a female pair (two balls)Michaela Mabrey, Marina MabreyUnited States, South Bend09 February 2016The most basketball free throws made in one minute by a female pair (two basketballs) is 21 by Marina Mabrey and Michaela Mabrey (both USA) at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, USA, on 9 February 2016.As part of the Notre Dame women's basketball team, Marina and Michaela wanted to break this record to help their team believe that they can achieve anything and play at the highest level for the rest of their basketball season.
1880Most contributions to a greetings cardDubai PoliceUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai30 November 2015The most contributions to a greetings card is 13,288 and was achieved by Dubai Police (UAE), in Dubai, UAE on 30 November 2015. Dubai Police organised this campaign to celebrate UAE 44th national day.
1881Most scissors used in a haircut (one hand)Zedong WangChina, Beijing31 October 2007Zedong Wang (China) styled a head of hair using ten pairs of scissors in one hand, controlling each pair independently, on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 31 October 2007.
1882Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours (female)Sharon Gayter98.66 kilometre(s)United Kingdom, Middlesbrough31 March 2015The greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours (female) is 98.66 km (61.3 miles) and was achieved by Sharon Gayter (UK) at Teeside University, Middlesbrough, UK, on 31 March 2015. Sharon is a part time lecturer in Sport Science at Teeside University. She was originally intending to carry on and attempt the greatest distance run on a treadmill in 48 hours (female) but ill health forced her to stop.
1883Most consecutive football headers by a pairDimos and Renos Christodoulidis1,013 timesCyprus, Limassol03 October 2014The most consecutive football headers by a pair is 1,013 and was achieved by Dimos and Renos Christodoulidis (both Cyprus) in Limassol, Cyprus, on 3 October 2014.Dimos and Renos Christodoulidis are brothers. The record was attempted at Nikos Solomonides Stadium during Move Week.
1884Largest cyanotype photographJaden Hastings116.75 square metre(s)United States, Portland23 August 2015The largest cyanotype photograph is 116.75 m² (1,256 ft² 102 in²) and was created by Jaden Hastings (USA), as measured in Portland, Oregon, USA, on 23 August 2015. Jaden attempted the record along with volunteers to bring publicity to the organisation that helped him get his start in photography.
1885Largest Cavaquinho ensembleColégio da Imaculada Conceição501 participantsPortugal, Coimbra06 June 2015The largest Cavaquinho ensemble is 501 musicians, achieved by Colégio da Imaculada Conceição (Portugal) in Coimbra, Portugal, on 6 June 2015. A Cavaquinho is four-stringed guitar similar to a a ukulele, popular in Brazil and Portugal.
1886Fastest 5 km skipping without a ropeBrendan Dowling26:21.62 minute(s), second(s)United States, Rocklin22 July 2015The fastest time to skip 5 km without a rope is 26 min 21.62 seconds and was achieved by Brendan Dowling (USA) in Rocklin, California, USA on 22 July 2015. The attempt took place on the Rocklin high school track.
1887Most sixes by a player in a One-Day International (male)Rohit Sharma, AB de Villiers, Chris GayleIndia, Bangalore24 February 2015Three players have hit 16 sixes in a One-Day International (ODI) match: Rohit Sharma (India), against Australia at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, India, on 2 November 2013 AB de Villiers (South Africa), against the West Indies at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa, on 18 January 2015 and Chris Gayle (Jamaica), for the West Indies against Zimbabwe in a World Cup match at the Manuka Oval in Canberra, Australia, on 24 February 2015.Opening batsman Sharma made 209 - the fourth highest score in ODI history - off 158 balls, featuring 12 fours.Number three batsman de Villiers made 149 off 44 balls, featuring nine fours. De Villiers faced 114 balls fewer than Sharma for his 16 maximums!Gayle's 215 was the first ICC World Cup double-hundred and was scored off 147 balls, with 10 fours. Gayle's 372-run, second-wicket stand with Marlon Samuels was the highest partnership for any wicket in ODI history.
1888Largest simultaneous flying disc throwBethel CollegeUnited States, North Newton01 October 2005The record for the most people to simultaneously throw a flying disc is 853 at an event at Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas, USA on 1 October 2005.The event was organized by Bethel College alumnus, Jeffrey Graber.
1889Most books toppled in a domino fashionSinners Domino Entertainment10,200 itemsGermany, Frankfurt14 October 2015The most books toppled in a domino fashion is 10,200 and was achieved by Sinners Domino Entertainment (Germany) during the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, on 14 October 2015.The record attempt was part of the German launch of the Guinness World Records 2016 book.
1890Most beer bottles opened with a whip in one minuteAdam Winrich12 itemsChina, 12 January 2016The most beer bottles opened with a whip in one minute is 12 and was achieved by Adam Winrich (USA) on the set of CCTV - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on 12 January 2016. Adam went head to head with two Chinese challengers for this attempt.

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