Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

2041Most Oscars won - individual creative achievementCedric Gibbons, Edith HeadUSA01 January 1957Cedric Gibbons (USA, 1893-1960) of MGM won 11 Oscars for Art Direction from a total of 40 nominations from 1930 to 1957. The most won by a woman are the eight by costume designer Edith Head (USA, 1907-81).
2042Most Oscars won in a year - individualWalter (Walt) Elias Disney4 timesUnited States, Los Angeles01 January 1953Walt Disney (USA) won the most Oscars at a single presentation with four in 1953 for Best Cartoon: Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom Best Documentary Short: The Alaskan Eskimo Best Documentary Feature: The Living Desert and Best Two-Reel Short: Bear Country.
2043Least valuable art collection in a public museumMuseum of Bad ArtUnited States, Boston01 January 2010The Museum of Bad Art's (MOBA) collection in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, has the lowest value of any public museum's art collection: its 573 works are worth a total of just $1,197.35 (£734) - an average of $2.09 (£1.21) apiece.The MOBA is the only museum in the world to be dedicated to the worst excesses of creative endeavour. The maximum amount paid for a work of art is $11.50 (£7.05). Most works are either pulled from trash heaps or donated. In 1998 the museum held the first drive-through car wash and art exhibition in the world, "Awash with bad art", a charity event for the salvation Army.
2044Most Big Macs consumedDonald A. GorskeUnited States, Fond du Lac11 October 2012Donald A. Gorske (USA) consumed his 26,000th McDonald’s Big Mac on 11 October 2012, in his fortieth year of eating Big Macs on a daily basis.
2045Longest career as a builderEdward William BeardUnited Kingdom, Swindon,Wiltshire01 January 1981Edward William Beard (1878-1982), a builder of Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, retired in October 1981 after 85 years with the firm he had founded in 1896.
2046Most to parachute from a balloon simultaneouslySkydive Dubai25 peopleUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai10 February 2013The most skydivers to parachute from a balloon simultaneously is 25, achieved by Skydive Dubai (UAE), above Dubai, UAE, on 10 February 2013.
2047Oldest male authorConstantine KalliasGreeceConstantine Kallias (Greece) (b. 26 June 1901) published a 1st edition paperback book with 169 pages, entitled <em>A Glance of My Life</em> in February 2003. At the age of 101 is he is the world’s oldest male author.
2048Largest shipping registerPanamaPanama01 January 1999In a survey published in June 1999, Lloyds of London declared Panama to have the world's largest shipping register, with a total of 98.2 million gross tonnage (mgt) consisting of 6,143 ships. The next leading 'flag' state was Liberia, with 60.5 mgt (1,717 ships).
2049Most expensive diary sold at auctionDr. Alexander Macklin journal104950 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, London25 September 2001The most valuable diary in the world is a journal kept by Dr. Alexander Macklin, a surgeon on Sir Ernest Shackleton's legendary Endurance adventure of 1914-1917, which was sold at Christie's, London, UK on 25 September 2001 for £104,950 ($153,573).
2050Most goals scored by a rookie in an NHL seasonTeemu SelanneUnited States01 January 1992The most goals scored in an NHL season by a rookie is 76 by Teemu Selanne (Finland) for the Winnipeg Jets in the 1992-93 season.
2051First use of a crossbowBattle of Ma-lingChina, Ma-Ling31 December 0340The earliest reliable record of the use of a crossbow was in 341 BC at the Battle of Ma-Ling, Linyi, China. Historians believe these weapons were single-shot, with no springs, which are held with a pistol-style grip. The crossbows were probably used before this date, but no reliable information proves this. The earliest (non-recorded) was probably by the Stoneage people in Africa and south east Asia. They have remained as a popular military weapon, although largely replaced by firearms in later centuries. Crossbows were introduced to England by the Normans in 1066.
2052Longest parade of hearsesNuvema N.V. Nederlandse Uitvaartverzekering MaatschappijNetherlands, Baarn30 August 2012The longest parade of hearses consisted of 107 hearses and was achieved by Nuvema N.V. Nederlandse Uitvaartverzekering Maatschappij (Netherlands), in Baarn, Netherlands, on 30 August 2012.
2053Oldest picture postcardTheodore Hook Esq. postcardUnited Kingdom, Fulham,London26 December 2001The oldest picture postcard in the world is a postcard sent by Theodore Hook Esq. from Fulham, London, UK to himself in 1840. The illustration shows a coloured caricature of Post Office scribes seated around an enormous inkwell.The postcard may also be the most expensive, selling in March 2002 for £31,750 to collector Eugene Gomberg, of Riga, Latvia, in a telephone bid at the London Stamp Exchange auction. It is the only postcard to have a Penny Black stamp. Before this postcard was discovered it was thought that postcards originated in Austria, Germany or the USA in the 1860s.
2054Fastest time to tend bar in all 50 US statesPat Winning, Pat WinningUnited States, All 50 US states17 July 1999California native Pat Winning (b.1949) tended at a bar in all 50 US states in 285 days – between 17 May 2000 and 26 February 2001. As a licensed bartender, Pat’s dream was to work as a bartender across the United States and she became the fastest person in the world to achieve this. In each bar, Pat worked a full, paid shift.
2055Fastest caravan towJason Sands228.523 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, ,Mojave Desert,El Mirage Dry Lake23 August 2012The fastest caravan tow is 228.523 km/h (141.998 mph) and was achieved by Jason Sands (USA) driving a GMC 2500HD and towing a standard Carson Kalispell at El Mirage Dry Lake, California, USA, on 23 August 2012.The only modification to the caravan was uprated tyres, the wheels and all other components were unchanged.
2056Largest military aircraft by weight, operational bomberTupolev Tu-160 'Blackjack'275 tonne(s) (metric ton)RussiaThe heaviest bomber in service is the Russian Tupolev Tu-160 'Blackjack' bomber, which has a maximum take-off weight of 275 tonnes (606,270 lb) and a maximum speed of around Mach 2.05 (roughly 2,200 km/h or 1,350 mph).Its empty weight is 110 tonnes (242,500 lb). It has a 54.1 m (177.5 ft) long with a wingspan of 55.7 m (182.7 ft). Although a Boeing 747 has a higher maximum takeoff weight of 397 tonnes (877,200 lb), the 'Blackjack' is considerably smaller and crucially, flies more than 2.5 times as fast. Maximum takeoff weight refers to its total weight when fully loaded with bombs, and in aircraft terms is an indication of the carrying capacity of the aircraft.
2057Most goals scored by a team in an NHL seasonEdmonton OilersNot Applicable01 January 1983The most goals scored by a team in an NHL season is 446 by the Edmonton Oilers in 1983/4. The Oilers also achieved a record 1182 scoring points the same season.
2058Fewest defeats in an NHL seasonThe Montreal CanadiensNot Applicable01 January 1977The Montreal Canadiens in the 1976/77 season lost just eight games, the fewest ever in a season of 70 or more games, from 80 played (60 wins and 12 ties, a record 132 points).
2059Most games played in a professional ice hockey careerGordie Howe2421 timesNot Applicable, 01 January 1980The most games played in a professional ice hockey career is 2421 games by Gordon `Gordie' Howe (Canada) (b. March 31, 1928) from 1946 to 1980. The total is made up of 1767 regular season games and 157 play-off games, over a record 26 seasons, from 1946 to 1971 for the Detroit Red Wings and in 1979/80 for the Hartford Whalers in the NHL, 419 regular season games and 78 play-off games for the Houston Aeros from 1973-1977 and for the New England Whalers from 1977 to 1979, in the World Hockey Association (WHA),
2060First full-page advertUnknown1829/01/01 year(s), month(s), day(s)UK, LondonEarliest full-page advert in a national newspaperOn the 1 Jan 1829, The Times, London, UK, published a full-page advert for Edmund Lodge's Portraits and Memories of the Most Illustrious Personages in British History.
2061Worst landslide disaster - death toll, Gansu Province180000 peopleChina, Gansu Province16 December 1920A series of landslides, triggered off by a single earthquake which hit the Gansu Province, China on the 16 Dec 1920, accounted for most of the 180,000 people killed in the event.
2062Worst single building fire disaster - death tollThe Theatre1670 peopleChina, Guangdong01 May 1845In a fire at The Theatre, Guangdong (Canton), China, in May 1845, a total of 1,670 people perished.
2063Most successive US albums to debut at No.1 by a solo artistEminemUnited States10 July 2010Eminem (USA, b. Marshall Mathers III), has debuted at No.1 on the US Billboard 200 album chart six times in a row, with his latest success, Recovery, entering the chart at No.1 on 10 July 2010. The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) The Eminem Show (2002) Encore (2004) Curtain Call - The Hits (2005) Relapse (2009) Recovery (2010)The list excludes the 8 Mile soundtrack from 2002 and Eminem Presents The Re-Up from 2006, which were both multi-artist releases.
2064Longest solid object swallowed by dogUnknown38.1 centimetre(s)United Kingdom, Leeds01 December 2000Kyle, a collie/Staffordshire bull terrier, who is 45.7 cm (18 in) long, swallowed a 38.1 cm (15 in) bread knife in December 2000. The knife was stuck in its stomach, pointing towards its throat.The dog was taken to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals in Leeds, where Dr. Ann Draper removed the knife. Kyle is now living a normal life back at home with owner Eva Oliver (UK).
2065Most strikeouts at an Olympic Games tournament by a pitcherTomohito ItoSpain, Barcelona01 January 1992The most strikeouts thrown by a pitcher in an Olympic Games tournament is 27 by Tomohito Ito (Japan) at Barcelona, Spain in 1992.
2066Youngest Grammy nominee - solo artistLuis DiazPuerto Rico, Huston, Texas13 November 2008'Miguelito' AKA Miguel A. Valenzuela Morales (b. 5 January 1999) was aged 9 years 313 days when he was nominated and won a Latin Grammy Award for the Best Latin Album for Children entitled 'El Heredero' on 13 November 2008.
2067Most people in a contract bridge driveMarie-Jose de BruineNetherlands, Amsterdam21 July 1999The largest bridge drive at a single location involved 1,543 pairs (3,086 participants) for the REMU Bridge Record at the Amsterdam Arena, Netherlands on 21 May 2000.
2068Most somersault and twist combination freestyle aerial jumpMatt ChojnackiUnited States, Winter Park27 July 2000
2069Most hours logged in a diving helmetNoel MccullyUnited States, Hampton01 March 2013The most hours logged in a diving helmet is 25,000 and was achieved by Noel McCully (USA) between 1976 and 2013.
2070Lightest carLouis BorsiUK, London01 January 1900Louis Borsi of London has built and driven a 9.5kg 21lb car with a 2.5cc engine. It is capable of 25km/h 15mph.

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