Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

2431Hyperloop concept gets unveiled, GTA V set for PC and Pixar take wraps off new movie – News in world recordsElon Musk, the entrepreneur behind the launch of PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX, has lifted the covers off the Hyperloop, a new transport concept linking Los Angeles and San Francisco that could hurtle passengers through a tube around the US at near-supersonic speeds.Musk envisions using magnets and fans to shoot capsules floating on a cushion of air through a long tube.Should the Hyperloop be ever built, a trip on it between the two cities would take around 30 minutes.The highest speed recorded by a train on a national rail network (rather than a dedicated test track) is 574.8 km/h (357.2 mi/h), by a French SNCF modified version of the TGV on 3 April 2007. The peak speed was achieved between the Meuse and Champagne-Ardenne stations on the LGV Est high-speed rail line in eastern France. FACT: The line has cut journey times between Beijing and Tianjin from 70 minutes to 30 minutes.Although not officially announced by developers Rockstar, gamers have been given the clearest indication yet that Grand Theft Auto 5 will also be coming to PC this year.The news comes from a somewhat unlikely source - Chris Evenden, senior IR director at graphics card manufacturers Nvidia.While the much anticipated game has long been confirmed for release in September on Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar have been tight lipped about it getting a release for Windows systems.Speaking at the company's most recent earnings call, Evenden put Rockstar's next open-world gangster opus as among the top games coming to PC later this year.With more than 106 million copies of Grand Theft Auto games sold from its 1997 debut to August 2012, the GTA videogame series holds the Guinness World Records title for best-selling action-adventure videogame series.Pixar have unveiled the first details for the next film from Up director Pete Docter, called Inside Out.Set for release in 2015, the film is set in the mind of an 11-year-old girl called Riley, with the characters representing different emotions inside her brain.Actors lending their voices to the film include Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Phyllis Smith.Having earned a total of $7.8 billion (£5 billion) worldwide from the 13 feature films they’ve produced since 1995, Pixar films have grossed an average of $601,707,296 (£384,385,106) per title, setting a record for the highest average box-office gross for a film studio.
2432Has Andrew Cotton surfed the biggest wave of all time? Watch videoWinter Storm Brigid has created up some of the most challenging conditions ever seen in Europe for surfers over the past few weeks.One daredevil rider who looks to have taken full advantage of the big waves created by the weather system is United Kingdom surfer Andrew Cotton, with claims he may have set a new record for Largest wave surfed (unlimited) last Sunday.The 34-year-old is estimated to have reached a height of 24.3m (80ft) while riding a monster wave following a storm in Nazare, Portugal.If the height is confirmed, it would beat the current record of 23.77 m (78 feet) set by Andrew’s friend Garrett MacNamara in the same region in November 2011.Andrew was towed into position by a jet ski driven by US surfer Garrett during his potentially history making ride, holding his position for about 10 seconds before the wave consumed"It was massive that morning and I knew there was potential to catch potentially record-breaking waves," Cotton told Sky News."As I turned around I looked at it and it was obviously a big wave, but I didn't realise how big it was going to be."There was obviously a bout of nerves."Hailing from Braunton in North Devon, "Cotty" is no stranger to riding big waves, having notched up huge rides at Mullaghmore Head, Ireland which earned him a nomination for Biggest Wave at the 2012 Billabong XXL Awards.Andrew travels the world in search of waves like the one he caught on Sunday."There is a lot of commitment and I'm lucky I've got an understanding wife and family," he added."It's a dream to ride these waves, for me."The really exciting thing about surfing is that you never know when there's going to be a bigger wave – it's not like mountain climbing where you can climb the highest mountain."Sunday’s events come after Andrew negotiated a similarly huge wave at the same location back in October during the "St. Jude's Storm" swell which had already put him contention for the world record.The above video of the record attempt was shot by Jose Pedro Gomes as an entry in the Ride of the Year category of the 2014 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.A definitive ruling on whether the feat set a new world record will be made in March.
2433Coffee-powered truck sets speed recordUK engineer and conservationist Martin Bacon took the notion of having a caffeine boost to a whole new level last month after setting a new world record for the fastest coffee-powered vehicle.Driving his 'Bean Machine' - a Ford P100 pick-up he has converted by installing a gassifier at the back of the truck - the 42-year-old managed to drive at an average speed of 105.451 km/h (65.536 mph) during a run at Woodford Airfield in Stockport, Greater Manchester. The modification allows the vehicle to make use of coffee chaff pellets - the waste product from coffee production. These are heated in a charcoal fire where they break down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The generated gas is then used to power the truck's regular petrol engine. Starting the car is more of an art than simply turning an ignition key. Martin fires up the boiler using kindling and a fire-lighter and then, having loaded the coffee pellets, has to wait for the gas pressure to build up. Conditions on the day of the attempt were pretty chilly, but that didn't stop With the engine coaxed into a smooth purr, and we were ready to start the challenge on a chilly morning on the runway of a disused aerodrome near Stockport (UK). The first run was very good and was a lot quicker that the minimum of 100 km/h.However, he needed to do a second run in the opposite direction within one hour to meet the stringent guidelines set by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.His second run was somewhat slower, forcing Martin into some on-the-road tinkering to optimise the engine performance. Following the adjustments, Martin was able to meet the challenge and set a new world record. Martin was backed by the Co-op food stores to mark their 10th anniversary of supporting the selling of Fairtrade coffee in their stores.Speaking after the attempt, Martin said: 'We're thrilled to have taken the speed record for the fastest car of this kind. 'This Coffee Car has been years in the making, although any car can run on gasification.'In fact, during the Second World War, there were over 100,000 vehicles in the UK that ran on gasification, including cars, buses and delivery vehicles.'At the beginning of the 20th century, there were over 900,000 vehicles running on gasifiers across the world.'video
2434USTA, Andy Murray's mom celebrate World Tennis Day with new recordWhen it came to celebrating this year's World Tennis Day, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) knew how to do so in style.For an occasion around which 67 countries hosted special events - including a match at Madison Square Garden between world No. 2 Novak Djokovic and No. 6 Andy Murray - the USTA decided to make history. Bringing together 406 children from local youth organizations, the group took to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York, and set the record for the largest tennis lesson.Helping out the cause was a special guest who knows a thing or two about tennis lessons. Judy Murray, mother of reigning Wimbledon champion Andy, was on hand with the goal of inspiring the children and families present to play tennis. For Judy Murray, it also marked a return to the site of where she saw her son win the 2012 US Open at Flushing Meadows.“Today was a fantastic event and I am delighted to be a part of it,” Murray (below) said. “Anything with getting children involved by playing tennis is great. Tennis is a sport for life – it is a sport you can play with your family and friends, as well as being active."The USTA said it plans to use the event as a launching pad for thousands of other events nationwide throughout March, designed to encourage families and children of all ages and skill levels to try tennis.A day after the attempt, the USTA held a special presentation recognizing the record prior to the BNP Paribas Showdown at Madison Square Garden. The event featured Murray (Andy, not Judy!) facing Djokovic, and a sibling doubles matchup between the Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike, and the McEnroe brothers, John and Patrick.“It was a special way to kick-off the thousands of USTA Play Events through the country in March, as well as being part of a record-setting event,” said Dave Haggerty, Chairman, CEO and President of the USTA. “Your first experience is very important and these events are an opportunity to get involved in the sport.”For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
2435Vote in the finals for Fan Choice record of the yearThis is it.After months of weekly competitions, and the last month putting the best of those winners against each other in a single-elimination bracket, we've arrived at the final two achievements in our quest to crown the Fan Choice record of the year. Let's take a look!NO. 6 MOST SKIPS IN ONE HOURRecord: 12,632Holder: Annie Maria Bissoondial (USA)Location: Greenacres, Florida, USAThat's not all: By skips in this case, we mean jumping rope. Bissoondial jumped to raise awareness for her non-profit organization, Jumping For Kids, which helps fight childhood obesity, and broke her own record of 11,527 skips set in 2012. In this attempt, she averaged 3.5 skips per second!A No. 6 seed in this competition, the most skips in one hour has enjoyed a Cinderella run, defeating a No. 1 seed, No. 2 seed, and a pair of No. 3s to make the finals. In the semis, it won by a mere 0.3% voting margin to stay alive in the closest vote we've seen all tournament.NO. 3 LARGEST MOBILE PHONE GAMING PARTYRecord: 510 gamersHolder: Bharti Airtel, Ltd – Team Karnataka (India)Location: Mangalore, IndiaThat's not all: The game of choice was Sudoku, played by the gathered participants for the required 15 minutes as part of a workday conference.On its way to the finals, the largest mobile phone gaming party has only grown stronger in its voting. Defeating a No. 6, No. 2, No. 5, and No. 1 seed, its closest margin of victory was a still-comfortable 20%, with a largest margin of victory at a nearly 60% difference.So who will it be? The individual physical achievement of endurance? The organized gathering of teamwork?Only you can decide! Cast your vote now and be sure to spread the word for your choice. Polls will remain open for an entire week, closing at 23:59 EST on Jan. 10.&amplta href=""&ampgtFan Choice 2013 Finals&amplt/a&ampgtAnd if you haven't had enough of the best of 2013, make sure to check out our Top 10 Records of the Year - YouTube Edition, Top 5 sports records of the year, and our comprehensive look back at the record-breaking stories from each month of the year now passed.Happy New Year!
2436Arby's launches new sandwich with record-long TV commercialRestaurant chain Arby's wanted people to fully understand the painstakingly dedicated process behind its newest offering, The Smokehouse Brisket sandwich.Brisket, of course, is famous for requiring a long, slow cook for better taste. And so Arby's decided the best way to get its message across was to show it -- all of it.And so, on May 24, it broke the record for the longest television commercial ever aired. Since the speciality sandwich is slow smoked for 13 hours, Arby ran its ad for a record-breaking 13 hr 5 min 11 sec. To demonstrate the smoking process in its entirety, Arby's piloted the ad, simply featuring their brisket smoking in a smoker for the full 780 minutes. You can watch the entire thing here, should you have a spare half of a day.videoAs per the official record guidelines, the spot needed to air on a licensed television channel in a normal broadcast slot. The ad found its home on My9 KBJR-TV in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, airing on May 24-25."We are thrilled to have 'smoked' a Guinness World Record," said Rob Lynch, Brand President & Chief Marketing Officer of Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc. "If there was ever a doubt that we actually pit smoke our brisket for 13 hours over real hickory wood, this ad makes it pretty mouth-wateringly clear that we do."Arby's aired a digital encore to the broadcast at dedicated website soon after the TV spot, featuring $20,000 in barbecue-themed prize giveaways.The worldwide debut included a "meat feed" with social commentary from Arby's at various smoking milestones, meat facts, and prize announcements, including thirteen $1,300 cash prizes, smokers, barbecue books and cooking utensils.The previous record holder was NIVEA, which aired a 60-minute spot on Switzerland's Star TV to celebrate the brand's 100th anniversary in December 2011."The decision to make a 13-hour commercial was a step forward in our journey to surprise and delight our guests and fans," Lynch added. "What better way to show meat lovers our unique 13 hours smoking process in all its glory."There are plenty of records your group or company can attempt, and they don't need to last as long as Arby's 13-hour TV spot. Have an idea? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.
2437PepsiCo and Lowe's Market arrange nearly 72,000 12-packs of Pepsi for display recordEverywhere you look this summer, people will most likely seek refreshment with an ice-cold soda.And if you happen to look in El Paso, Texas, Pepsi is king.Lowe's Market of El Paso decided to make a summer splash in its store by hosting and constructing a massive display of PepsiCo products. In fact, the final result of nearly 72,000 12-packs of various Pepsi varieties resulted in the world record being broken for the largest packaged product display.Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, and more -- they all made it into the final display, which took up an entire wall and aisle space of the market. The record-breaking measurement came in at precisely 472.58 m³ (16,689 ft³).To be exact, a total of 71,595 packages were arranged by a team requiring 25 hours to set up the display. That amounts to 859,140 cans of Pepsi within the arrangement. The total weight of the packages clocked in at 337,739 kg (744,588 lb).This quick video shot by local news stations KFOX14 gives a little more depth to the gigantic display.videoIt marks the eighth time this record has been broken since its inception in 1999. Previous holders include Procter & Gamble Gulf, Tide Egypt, and Coca-Cola Denmark. Lowe's Market and PepsiCo broke the 9-month-old mark of 450.77 m³ (15,918.79 ft³) by Horizon Hýzlý Tüketim Ürünleri Pazarlama Satýþ ve Tic. A.Þ, a Turkish company that arranged 11,642 packages of toilet paper.This achievement adds El Paso to a distinct international list: all eight times the record has been set, it's fallen in a different country.Representatives from Lowe's expect the packages to not last more than a few weeks, a hunch borne out by the rush of customers to purchase from the record-breaking display instantly after it was opened to the public."Everybody went right for the display," Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric said. "They told me they wanted to get their hands 'on one of the Pepsis that broke the record.'"Have nearly a million soda cans lying around, or a completely different record idea for your organization? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your group's details.
2438British Army mascot who became highest ranking sheep passes awayGuinness World Records is saddened to announce that the mascot ram for the Mercian Regiment of the British Army, Derby XXX (UK), has passed away after developing a bacterial infection at the end of last year.
2439Guinness World Records Challengers: August round-upAt the end of each month here on on, we'll be bringing you some of the highlights from our new website Guinness World Records Challengers. What is Guinness World Record Challengers?Challengers is an area of the Guinness World Records site to watch or attempt Guinness World Records. There's also areas for discussion and the ability to suggest a new record category. It's a place where anyone can try to become a record holder!How can I break a record?First, you'll need an account. Then, pick your challenge, film your attempt, and upload your video. A Guinness World Records Adjudicator will review your attempt to let you know if you're a new record holder!Here's our pick of this August's of record-breaking videos!Most coins stacked into a tower in 30 secondsvideoCheck this out! Sent in by Silvio Sabba from Italy, here he is going for the most coins stacked in 30 seconds which he completed in Strumica, Macedonia on 21 August 2012 with a stack of 49 coins. Silvio actually holds 30 separate Guinness World Records, including the most squats in one minute on a single leg and most AA batteries held in one hand. This particular coin stacking record has actually been broken seven times and is one of our most popular records which anyone can try at home - want to have a go and show us what you're made of? Most hair clips on the head in 30 secondsvideoMoving on to hair clips….above, you see Preyans Patel who hails from Vejalpur, Gujarat, India going for the record for most hair clips placed on the head in 30 seconds which he attempted in August 2012 succeeding with a ridiculous 37 clips!. No mean feat this you must use only standard commercially available 'snap' style clips and wigs/hair extensions are a big no-no.Our man Preyans though knows a thing or two about record breaking being one of our most avid GWR Challengers fans. He even grew out his hair (against the wishes of his school authorities) so he could get the record - more power to you, big man! Do you have what it takes to take him down? Show us how!Fastest time to shell a boiled eggvideoNow this is egg-citing! (Er…sorry) This is Silvio Sabba, another GWR Challengers champion, going for the fastest time to shell a boiled egg -- finishing in a staggering 2.66 seconds. Silvio actually holds three other records on our site. You can check out his other videos for fastest time to build a three level house of cards, most dice stacked in a minute and longest line of M&M's Pretzel candies lined up in 30 seconds right now! Nice one sir, another example of an easy-to-do GWR attempt so listen everyone: Get your video out, have a go and show us how you stack up against these GWR Challengers legends!
2440Guinness World Records statementGuinness World Records today was responsible for a breach in relation to email data for a group of our record-holders for the 'Largest Online Secret Santa'.Unfortunately this breach was a human error by one of our staff. We take this matter extremely seriously and we are conducting a formal investigation to ensure an event like this never happens again.Guinness World Records is also in the process of informing the UK Information Commissioner's Office of its data breach.We would like to sincerely apologise to all those who have been affected by this error and we will be in touch with each individual affected to offer our apologies and a complete refund for their certificate.
2441Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary YouTube Series - coming soon!
2442Video: Thousands of martial arts fans perform record-breaking Wing Chun display in China
2443Oldest leopard Ivory is a roaring record breakerGuinness World Records has just confirmed a new record for the oldest leopard living in captivity.
2444GWR Day 2014: Katsumi Tamakoshi beats Kenichi Ito to take Fastest 100 m running on all fours recordOne of the most talked about records set during last year's GWR Day was Japan's Kenichi Ito's new benchmark for the Fastest 100 m running on all fours - a record he has set on five occasions.Kenichi was attempting to better his record once again for today's GWR Day celebrations, but he's seen his record smashed after being beaten into second place by a teenage challenger.Nineteen-year-old Katsumi Tamakoshi finished in a time of 15.86 seconds during the showdown at Komazawa Olympic Park Athletic Field, in Setagaya, Tokyo, shaving a full second off Kenichi's previous finishing time.Check out the race here:videoFor a full round-up of the day's action from GWR Day 2014, click here.
2445Turkmenistan builds largest indoor Ferris wheelThe largest Ferris wheel in an enclosed architectural design was presented last month in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.The Ferris wheel measured 47.60 metres (156 ft 2 in) high and with a diameter of 57 metres.A large glass and white-steel casing houses the Ferris wheel, which has 24 six-seat cabins for the ferris wheel. The structure also houses the Alem entertainment center, which includes a bowling alley, cinema screens, a restaurant, and a planetarium.Created by the Turkmenistan government, the structure cost approximately $90 million (£57 million) to build and was opened on Turkmenistan's Day of Revival, Unity and Magtymguly Poetry.
2446LA police officer rides Ferris wheel for 25 hoursBy riding the 130-feet tall Pacific Wheel Ferris wheel for 25 hours, Los Angeles police officer Gus Martinez set the Guinness World Record this week for longest ride on a fair ground/theme park attraction. From 7:30 a.m. on 31 May to 8:30 a.m. on 1 June, Gus remained in the Ferris wheel gondola, visited by friends and family during his journey. Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier joined Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) and Southern California Law Enforcement in Gus's efforts. Gus's son Jason is a Special Olympics athlete with Down syndrome, and Martinez is also a Special Olympics coach. After setting the record, Gus and Jason lit the official Southern California Law Enforcement Torch, which will help to kick off the SOSC Summer Games next week. Money raised from the event went toward Special Olympics Southern California.
2447Over 16,000 lanterns released into the sky in Mexico for the most lanterns lit simultaneouslySistema Estatal DIF Puebla, the Mexican government office in charge of family welfare, and job training organization CiNiA, joined forces this week to light the most lanterns simultaneously in a single venue in Puebla City, Mexico.1,520 lanterns were lit within one minute for the first round, which were the lanterns that counted toward the record.In all, approximately 16,000 lanterns were released into the sky by 3,000 people over the course of the hour and a half-long event.The record was attempted to bring attention to the work that Sistema Estatal DIF Puebla and CiNiA do, and to bring awareness to the challenges faced by people with disabilities.The 16,000 lanterns were made over the course of nine months by people with disabilities working with CiNiA.
2448Video: Irishman sets new record set for the most toothpicks in a beardHaving cultivated his beard for almost a year, Ed Cahill can now lay claim to having grown some record-breaking face fuzz.The 25-year-old from Carlow, Ireland last month managed to set a new world record for most toothpicks in a beard after managing to place an incredible 3,107 of the small sticks of wood within his facial hair.It took Ed just under three hours to complete the task during the attempt which took place at the studios of Irish radio station Today FM during the The Ray D'Arcy Show.Ed originally had the idea for the record attempt after he and his friends got bored waiting for food in a restaurant and began placing as many toothpicks as they could in his
2449Top 10 Tightrope Records, Inspired by Nik WallendaCircus perfomer (and Guinness World Record holder) Nik Wallenda will attempt the amazing feat to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope this weekend.The funambulist will attempt to walk across a 2-inch steel cable approximately 547 meters (1800 feet) in length.In Nik's honor, we present our top 10 tightrope records, including a couple with Nik:10. First tightrope walk over Niagara FallsJean Francois Gravelet, alias Charles Blondin (1824 -1897), of France, made the earliest crossing of the Niagara Falls on a 76mm 3in rope 335m 1,100ft long and 47.75m 160ft above the Falls on 30 June 1859.Blondin thereafter made each crossing of the Falls in a different manner. He crossed blindfolded trundling a wheelbarrow on stilts and sitting down halfway to make an omelette.10. Longest tightrope crossing by bicycleThe longest tightrope crossing by bicycle is 71.63 m (235 ft) and was achieved by Nik Wallenda (USA) in Newark, New Jersey, USA, on 15 October 2008.9. Fastest 100 m tightrope walkThe fastest tightrope walk over 100 m is 44.63 seconds and was achieved by Aisikaier Wubulikasimu (China) at the outdoor Taimu Mountain Scenic Spot, Fuding City, Fujian province, China, on 27 October 2009.8. First double back somersault and forward somersault on a low wire tightropeCon Colleano (Australia) was the first person to break two low wire records: a double back somersault and a forward somersault at Johannesburg, South Africa in 1923.6.Fastest motorcycle wheelie on a tightropeThe record for the fastest motorcycle wheelie on a tightrope is 53 km/h by Johann Traber (Germany) achieved in Flensburg, on the Tummelum Festival on 13 August 2005.5. Most skips consecutively on a tightropeJuan Pedro Carrillo (USA) achieved the most consecutive turns skipping with a rope on a high-wire with 1,323 at the Big Apple Circus Big Top, Bayside Expo Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 26 April 2004.4. Highest 8-person tightrope pyramidThe Flying Wallendas (USA) performed an eight person pyramid suspended at a height of 7.62 m. (25 ft) at Sarasota, Florida, USA on 20 February 2001 for Guinness World Records: Primetime.3. Highest tightrope crossed on a motorcycleThe highest tightrope crossed on a motorcycle is 130 m (426 ft 6.12 in) in height and 666.10 m (2185 ft 4.32 in) in length and was achieved by Mustafa Danger (Morocco) in Benidorm, Spain on 16 October 2010.2. Most 360° spins on a tightrope in two minutesThe most 360° spins on a tightrope in 2 minutes are 41 and was achieved by Maimaitiaili Abula (China) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 20 September 2007.1. Tightrope walking (unsupported) - greatest distanceThe greatest distance for an unsupported tightrope walk is 130 metres (429 feet) and was achieved by Bello Nock (USA) in approximately 15 minutes across a wire attached to poles onboard Royal Caribbean International's 'Majesty of the Seas' cruise ship, in Coco Bay, Bahamas, USA, on 10 November 2010.
2450Video: Dr Pepper sets record for most people in one pair of underpants at Thorpe ParkThrill seekers at a UK theme park helped drinks firm Dr Pepper set a new record last month when 169 people crammed into a pair of giant Y-Fronts.The attempt, which took place at Thorpe Park in Surrey, required 57 people to beat the previous record set on Guinness World Records Day in October last year by charity Pants To Poverty in London's Docklands.Despite the park's adrenalin-inducing rides, the unusual record bid proved to be a huge draw, with a large crowd of spectators gathering to see the participants climb into the enormous undies which measured 10m width and 3m 51cm in height.The attempt formed part of the Texas beverage manufacturers 'pants or prizes' campaign.Click here to find out more.
2451CubeStormer II - The Fastest Rubik's Cube Solving Robot - Record holder profile videoEvery month, we bring you a closer look at one of our record holders. For November it's the turn of the team behind CubeStormer II, the fastest Rubik's Cube solving robot.Built primarily with Lego Mindstorms and a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, the robot set a new record of a 5.270 seconds to complete the puzzle earlier this month, shaving a massive 58.73 seconds off the previous world record of 64 seconds.In the video below we talk to its makers Mike Dobson and David Gilday about how they built Cubestormer II and what it means to them to be world record holders. video
2452Video: Official Xbox 360 Magazine set new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 record for GWR DayIt's only been out for just over a week, but Matt Lees from Official Xbox 360 Magazine looked like he'd been playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 his whole life when he set a formidable new world record for GWR Day.Attempting a new record for the fastest completion of MW3's 'Stay Sharp' Special Ops mission alongside his OXM colleague Mike Channell, Matt clocked up a lighting fast time of 25.9 seconds at the magazine's offices in London.Click below to watch Matt's blistering run-through. If you think you can do better, why not upload a video of your own attempt at
2453Fastest remote controlled tiltrotor aircraftThis record is for the fastest speed that a radio controlled model tiltrotor aircraft can achieve.This record is to be attempted by an individual or a team of unlimited size.This record is measured in kilometres per hour (km/h) and the equivalent given in miles per hour (mph).For the purposes of the record, a tiltrotor aircraft is defined as an aircraft which generates both lift and thrust through use of powered rotors. These rotors can be moved to orthogonal angles to facilitate this motion.For the purposes of the record, remote controlled is defined as a method of piloting the aircraft via a wireless link.This record is not open to commercially available aircraft. This record is only open to modified, prototype or one-off designs.
2454Fastest time to visit a pub in all 50 US statesThe record is for the fastest time to visit a pub/bar in all 50 states of the United States of America. This record is to be attempted by an individual. This record is measured in days, hours, minutes and seconds to the nearest 100th of a second.For the purposes of this record a pub or bar is a self-contained establishment licensed to serve alcohol. The pub or bar must be solely devoted to the commercial serving and consumption of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The bar may also serve food. Bars that are situated in other establishments (e.g. hotels or bowling alleys) will not be accepted.
2455Most side to side hops in 30 secondsThis record is for the most repetitions of a side to side hop in thirty seconds.This record is to be attempted by an individual.It is measured by the number of hops successfully performed in the 30 second time frame.For the purpose of this record a side to side hop is defined as when a participant begins in a standing position on one foot and then proceeds to hop sideways over a set distance of 10 cm, that same foot must then touch the floor on the opposing side to be counted as one completed hop.
2456Fastest standing quarter mile - electric motorcycleThis record for the fastest speed achieved by an electric motorcycle in a standing quarter mile.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured in kilometres per hour, with the equivalent speed in miles per hour also provided.A standing quarter-mile is an event in which the vehicle covers a quarter-mile course from a stationary start with the aim of travelling at the highest speed when measured over the final 60 ft (18.28 m). No run-up is permitted. For the purposes of this record, an electric motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle propelled by battery power. The motorcycle must be entirely battery powered. Fuel cell and hybrid vehicles are not acceptable.
2457Most home birthing kits assembled simultaneouslyThis record is for the greatest number of home birthing kits assembled simultaneously at a single venue.This record is measured by the number of people simultaneously assembling a minimum of at least one home birthing kit.For the purpose of this record a home birthing kit is defined as a pack of supplies to offer aid and assistance during a home birth and will consist of the following items: one small bar of soap, two pairs of sterile gloves, one square yard of clear plastic sheeting,one pair of paramedic scissors, two blankets, one plastic refuse bag, six medium sterile dressing pads and two large sterile dressing pads.
2458Largest winter bootThis record is for the largest winter boot in terms of physical size. This record may be attempted by an individual or a team of unlimited size. This record is measured in metres and centimetres, along with the Imperial equivalent given in feet and inches.For the purposes of the record, a winter boot (also known as a snow boot) is defined as a type of water-resistant, insulated footwear designed to keep the feet dry and warm in cold weather. They often have rubber soles, have high sides to keep snow from entering and are worn in wet, slushy or conditions where there is quite a bit of snow.
2459Largest street dance lessonThis record is for the greatest number of people attending and participating in a street dance lesson at a single venue.This record is measured by the number of people attending and participating in a street dance lesson at a single location.For the purpose of this record street dancing is defined as a vernacular dance style which evolved outside of mainstream dance studios and instead came from streets, parties and nightclubs. Please note that for the purpose of our records, we differentiate street dance from "hip-hop" dance. The style of dance that must be performed for the 'largest street dance' is the popular dance form often exhibited on contemporary pop or R&B music videos. Hip-hop is instead specifically characterised by popping, locking and breaking.
2460Largest collection of folk dollsThis title is for traditional (folk) dolls only of any material. Only traditionally defined "dolls" are acceptable: i.e. a small model of a human figure traditionally used as a child's toy. This excludes non-human figures used as toys, human figures not traditionally used as children toys, and branded/licensed toys that are not regarded as "traditional", to focus on dolls originally designed as toys for children and which specifically reference the folklore, traditions or cultural history of a particular area or group of people - for example, Topsy-Turvy dolls, Matryoshka dolls, Kokeshi dolls).The record is for the greatest number of unique items in a private collection.

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