Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

2581Largest trick roping loop by a femaleKimberly Mink23.21 metre(s)United States, Jerome25 January 2003Kimberly Mink (USA) spun a loop around her, fed to a length of23.21 m (76 ft 2 in), measured from the end of the extended hondo(the eye of the rope) to her marked hand position, at Jerome HighSchool, Jerome, Idaho, USA on 25 January 2003.
2582Largest collection of board gamesJeff BauspiesUnited States, Lake Villa, IL19 August 2011The record for the largest collection of board games belongs to Jeff Bauspies (USA), with 1,531 different board games as of 19 August 2011, which he has been collecting since 2000.Some of the more interesting titles are: Stick it to the IRS! Chicago's Great Blizzard and "Coup d'etat".
2583Fastest time to gift-wrap a Guinness World Records bookChris ThompsonUnited States, Los Angeles,,Amarano Hotel, Burbank30 January 2013The fastest time to gift wrap a GWR book is 18.28 seconds, and was achieved by Chris Thompson (USA) on the set of Guinness World Records: OMG! in Los Angeles, California, USA on 30 January 2013
2584Greatest height climbed on a 5 m rope in one minuteMarcus BondiAustralia, Sydney31 January 2010The greatest height climbed on a 5 m rope in one minute using just the hands from a seated position is 27.8 m (91 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Marcus Bondi (Australia) on the set of Australia Smashes Guinness World Records, at the Warringah Mall in Sydney, Australia, on 31 January 2010. The record was part of the TV series "Australia Smashes Guinness World Records". Marcus broke the record that was set immediately before him by Kevin Shapiro (Australia) on the same show.
2585Wakeboard - longest ramp jump (male)Jerome MacQuartFrance, Argeles Gazost14 July 2004The record for the longest ramp jump on a wakeboard is 15 m (49.2 ft) and was set by Jérôme Macquart (France) on the set of L’Êté De Tous Les Records in Argèles-Gazost, France, on 14 July 2004.Towed into the jump by a jetski.
2586First man-made bioluminescent fishFrankenfishfirstChinese Taipei, Taipei01 January 2001Created in 2001 by H.J. Tsai, a professor of fisheries science at National Taiwan University, subsequently sold by the Taipei-based Taikong Corporation, and dubbed Frankenfish, the world’s first man-made bioluminescent fish are green-glowing specimens of the zebra fish, a popular aquarium species, whose bioluminescence is due to the introduction of jellyfish DNA. Officially known as night pearls or TK-1, they were followed in 2003 by a second artificial strain of bioluminescent zebra fish, the TK-2, this time glowing red rather than green, having received a gene for red bioluminescence from a species of red-glowing coral.
2587Most expensive pizza commercially availableMaze restaurant1400 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, Gordon Ramsey's Maze restaurant, LondonThe most expensive pizza, commercially available, is athin-crust, wood fire-baked pizza topped with onion puree, whitetruffle paste, fontina cheese, baby mozzarella, pancetta, cepmushrooms, freshly picked wild mizuna lettuce and garnished withfresh shavings of a rare Italian white truffle, itself worth £1,400(then $2,500) per 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz). Depending upon the amount oftruffles available each season, the pizza is regularly sold at £100(then $178) each to customers of Gordon Ramsey's Maze restaurant,London, UK.
2588Fastest time to type a text message (SMS) on a mobile phone blindfoldedElliot Nicholls45.09 second(s)New Zealand, Dunedin17 November 2007The fastest time to send a prescribed text message blindfolded is 45.09 sec, achieved by Elliot Nicholls (New Zealand), at the Telecom shop on Filluel Street, in Dunedin, New Zealand, on 17 November 2007. The message sent was "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."
2589Most fakie kickflips on a skateboard in one minuteSteve BarraUnited States, Los Angeles17 September 2007The most skateboard fakie kickflips in one minute is 14 by Steve Barra (USA) on MTV's The Rob & Big Show in Los Angeles, California, USA on 17 September 2007.
2590Longest marathon tobogganing, steelMichael KinzelGermany, KirchhundemThe record for the longest time spent riding a summer toboggan is 56 hours by Michael Kinzel (Germany) who rode the steel toboggan at Panorama Park in Kirchhundem, Germany from 4 to 6 May 2002.A summer toboggan is also known as a roller-bob and is a combination between a bob-sled and a toboggan. It is ridden around a stainless steel course rather than on snow and the person rides it in an upright position, feet first. It is towed up the uphill sections of the course and free wheels down the majority which is downhill.
2591Longest marathon hand drummingKuzhalmannam RamakrishnanIndia, Coimbatore26 July 2009The longest performance on a hand drum was 501 hours and was achieved by Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan (India) at the Rhythm Therapy Hall, Nandavanam Hospital, Ottapalam, Kerala, India, from 5-26 July 2009.An incredible achievement, beating the previous record by 177 hr! Kuzhalmannam already had a record in this category before, with 101 hr, which was beaten in May 2009.
2592Largest parade of Porsche carsIngo RübenerGermany, DinslakenA total of 2325 Porsche cars took part in a parade organised by Ingo R?bener (Germany) and the Porsche Freunde in Dinslaken, Germany, on 1 May 2008.
2593Most people assembling a PC simultaneouslyThe Chamber of Hong Kong Computer IndustryHong Kong, Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre,Sham Shui Po District,Hong Kong01 October 2003The world's largest PC DIY assembly consisted of 1,912 participants building 961 working personal computers on 1 October 2003. The event took place at Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre of Sham Shui Po District, Hong Kong, China.The event lasted for 1 hr 19 min.
2594Tallest hydrofoil (airchair) riddenWilliam Blair3.28 metre(s)United Kingdom, 01 January 2003William Blair (UK) has created and successfully ridden a 3.28 m (10 ft 9.1 in) tall hydrofoil chair behind a motorboat.
2595Longest golf cartMike's Golf Carts9.62 metre(s)United States, PerryThe longest golf cart measures 9.62 m (31 ft 6.74 in) from bumper to bumper and was created by Mike's Golf Carts (USA), the cart was measured in Perry, Georgia, USA on 30 May 2013.
2596Inline skates, most consecutive McTwistsTaïg KhrisFrance, St. Cyprien07 July 2004The record for the most consecutive inline skate McTwists performed on a halfpipe ramp is 25 and was set by Taig Khris (France) on the set of of L’Été De Tous Les Records in St. Cyprien, France on 7 July 2004.
2597Largest meatballColumbus Italian Club (USA)United States, Columbus,St. John's Italian Festival08 October 2011The largest meatball weighs 503.71 kg (1110 lb 7.84 oz), has a diameter of 1.38 m (4 ft 6.50 in) and was prepared by the Columbus Italian Club (USA), during the St. John's Italian Festival, in Columbus, Ohio, USA, between 5 and 8 October 2011.This attempt was organized by the CIC (Columbus Italian Club) (USA), which has over 300 members. During the attempt only seven members of this association handled the meat before it was cooked. These participants were: Fred Muccio, Mike DiCarlo, Jim Vergalitto, Bill Maselli, Rick Willimott, Chuck Nance and Joe Gigliotti. The meat and spices were mixed in batches of 50 lb at the Mr. Meatball kitchen owned by Phil Gulatta. It was then refrigerated and transported to another location to be packed into a pod-like vessel and cooked in an oven the CIC had made themselves. The temperature in the heart of the meatball was monitored before and during the cooking process to ensure it was approved by the health and safety officials. There is also proof that the vessel was weighed along with all the equipment that would eventually be on the scale when the meatball was weighed in its entirety. The weight of the vessel and the equipment was 92.5 kg. Media were present throughout the festival to document the final weight and tasting of the meatball.
2598Largest rubber stamp/sealThe Guild of the Brands of Ukraine1.3/1/102.6 metre(s)Ukraine, Kiev06 June 2002The world’s largest rubber stamp seal is 1.3m (4.26 ft) tall and 1m (3.28 ft) in diameter, made from walnut, cherry and rubber, and was unveiled at the Brand of Year Awards in Kiev, Ukraine on 6 June 2002. It weighs 102.6 kg (226.2 lb).
2599Smallest digital voice recorderTelesystems , EDIC-mini Tiny A31Russia, Moscow23 June 2009The smallest digital voice recorder is the Edic-mini Tiny A31, by Telesystems (Russia). It measures just 29×12×15 mm (1.14×0.47×0.59 inches) and weighs 6 g (0.21 oz). It was introduced in May 2009.The new model is capable of up to 1,200 hours of recording time with the top, 8gb capacity version, and a battery life in record mode of up to 140 hours on a 75mAh Li-Pol rechargable battery.
2600Longest distance rowed on a Concept II Indoor Rower in 24 hours by a team (male)Györi Vízügy-Spartacus Evezös Klub405. 54 kilometre(s)Hungary, Györ14 December 2008The greatest distance rowed on an indoor Concept II rower by a team in 24 hours is 405. 54 km (251.99 miles) by 12 athletes from Györi Vízügy-Spartacus Evezös Klub (all Hungary) in Györ Plaza, Györ, Hungary, from 13-14 December 2008.Each member of the amateur rowing club rowed a 10 minute stretch until the end when some of the younger athletes began rowing in 5 minute bursts.
2601Fastest mile balancing a book on headAshrita Furman8/27 minute(s), second(s)United States, Jamaica, New York29 July 2009The record for the fastest time to travel one mile (1.6 km) on foot whilst balancing a book on the head is 8 min 27 sec and was set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Jamaica High School track in Queens, New York, on 29 July 2009.
2602Fastest goal scored in an NHL debutAlexander MogilnyUnknown05 October 1989The fastest goal from the start of a game by a player making his NHL debut was scored by Alexander Mogilny (USSR) just 20 seconds into his debut with the Buffalo Sabres, on 5 October 1989. Yannick Lehoux (Canada), playing for the Phoenix Coyotes, opened the scoring in Phoenix’s 4-2 win over the Minnesota Wild with a goal at the 65-second mark of his first NHL game at Minnesota’s Xcel Energy Center, on 8 November 2005, the second-fastest goal from the start of a game by a player making his NHL debut.
2603Fastest half marathon pushing a pram (male)Calum Neff1,11, 27 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Katy06 February 2016The fastest half marathon pushing a pram (male) is 1 hour 11 min 27 sec and was achieved by Calum Neff (Canada) at the Katy Half Marathon in Katy, Texas, USA, on 6 February 2016. Neff pushed his 11-month-old daughter, Holland, in the pram for entire race. The duo attracted attention from all over the world as they live streamed their record attempt through Periscope.
2604First use of fingerprint evidence from a post mortem in a criminal convictionStephen William BeattiefirstUnited States, North Miami Beach01 January 1978The first time that fingerprint evidence taken from a cadaver and used in court was in 1978, when police used black magnetic powder to lift fingerprints from the left ankle of a deceased female suspected of being sexually assaulted in North Miami Beach, Florida, USA her dead body was one of three at the scene. The print was matched to those of a known suspect, Stephen William Beattie (USA), who was found guilty on the basis of the fingerprint evidence and sentenced to three consecutive death sentences on 1 February 1979. Beattie committed suicide in prison whilst awaiting the death penalty.
2605First use of forensic entomologySung Tz'uChina01 January 1300According to internationally renowned forensic biologist, Mark Benecke (Germany), the study of insects recovered from crime scenes and corpses can be traced back to a 13th-century medico-legal text book entitled Hsi Yuan Lu (The Washing Away of Wrongs) by Sung Tz'u (China), a lawyer and death investigator. When called upon to investigate a fatal stabbing in a rice field, Sung Tz'u asked workers to lay down their sickles soon afterwards, blow flies were attracted to one particular sickle covered in invisible traces of blood, compelling its owner to confess to the crime. It is now known that certain blow flies such as Calliphora vomitoria have a preference for laying their eggs in fresh blood.
2606Longest one wheel manual (wheelie) on skateboard on flat surfaceStefan AkessonSweden, Stockholm,Gallerian Shopping Centre02 November 2007The record for the longest one wheel manual (wheelie) on skateboard on flat surface is 68.54 m (224 ft 10 in) and was achieved by Stefan Akesson (Sweden) at the Gallerian Shopping Centre, Stockholm, Sweden, on 2 November 2007.
2607Largest sculpture, knittedUnknown61 metre(s)Italy, Colletto Fava,Located on mountain above village of Artesina18 September 2005The Gelatin Collective (Austria) created a 61-m (200-ft) long pink knitted rabbit - 'Hase' - on the side of a mountain in Piedmont, northern Italy. Using 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) of wool, it took more than a year to knit the basic shape and a further seven weeks to stuff and place it.The collective hopes that the sculpture will exist for 20 years. It is free for the public to explore.
2608Fastest mile travelled balancing a pool cue on fingerAshrita Furman6/55 minute(s), second(s)United States, Jamaica, New York19 July 2009The record for the fastest time to travel one mile (1.6 km) on foot whilst balancing a pool cue on one finger is 6 min 55 sec and was set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Queens College track in Queens, New York, on 19 July 2009.Ashrita travelled 4 times around the 400-metre track plus an additional 10 metres .
2609Fastest 100 metres bike sled dog racing on sand with four dogsSuzannah SorrellUnited Kingdom, Holkham,Holkham National Nature Reserve,Beach at Holkham National Nature Reserve06 November 2007The record for the fastest 100 m in a dog sled pulled by four dogs is 11.65 seconds and was achieved by Suzannah Sorrell (UK) at Holkham National Nature Reserve in Holkham, Norfolk, UK, on 6 November 2007.The attempt was part of GWR's day. This is for a bike sled on sand.
2610Fastest 100 metres bike sled dog racing on sand with six dogsSuzannah SorrellUnited Kingdom, Holkham,Holkham National Nature Reserve,Beach of Holkham National Nature Reserve.06 November 2007The record for the fastest 100 metres in a sled dog pulled by six dogs is 11.53 seconds, and was achieved by Suzannah Sorrell (UK) at Holkham National Nature Reserve, in Holkham, Norfolk, UK, on 6 November 2007.The attempt was part of 2007 GWR's day. This is a bike sled, on sand.

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