Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

2611First flight by commercial airliner using natural gas fuelAirbus A-380 MSN004firstFrance, Toulouse01 February 2008On 1 February 2008, an Airbus A-380 MSN004 – the world’s largest passenger airliner - successfully completed the first ever flight by a commercial aircraft using a liquid fuel processed from gas (gas to liquid fuel GTL). The flight from Filton, Bristol, UK to Toulouse, France took three hours. The aircraft uses the Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines and Shell International Petroleum provided the GTL jet fuel. During the flight, one engine was fed with a blend of GTL and jet fuel while the remaining three were fed with standard jet fuel. The flight marks the start of a test programme to evaluate sustainable alternative fuels for the future. Airbus predicts that about 25 percent of fuel used in aviation will come from alternative sources by 2025.
2612First jet aircraft powered by biodieselCzechoslovakian Delfin L-29firstUnited States, Reno02 October 2007On 2 October 2007, the first flight of a jet fighter powered only with 100% biodiesel fuel took place at Reno, Nevada, USA. The aircraft was a Czechoslovakian Delfin L-29 (Albatross). It reached 5,181 m (17,000 ft) without any significant loss of performance compared to flight with conventional fuel. A series of tests had been undertaken with a blend of jet fuel and biodiesel and, gradually, the amount of biodiesel was increased until test data with 100% biodiesel, made from French-fry grease, was found to be acceptable for a test flight.
2613Fastest 100 m carrying an egg on a spoon in the mouthAshrita Furman21.94 second(s)United States, Jamaica,,St. John's University track28 November 2013The fastest 100 m carrying an egg on a spoon in the mouth is 21.94 sec and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at St. John's University track in New York, New York, USA, on 28 November 2013.
2614Fastest mobile bedEdd China69 mile(s) per hourUnited Kingdom, London07 November 2008The fastest mobile bed was created and driven by Edd China (United Kingdom) and reached a maximum speed of 69 mph (111 km/h) along a private road in London, United Kingdom, on 7 November 2008 as part of Guinness World Records Day 2008.It is a roadworthy bed.
2615Most expensive tankK2 Black Panther8500000 US dollar(s)Korea (South), 01 January 2009The K2 Black Panther main battle tank is a completely new tank produced in South Korea. It will enter production in 2009 and, although originally some 680 were planned for the ROK army, currently the number has been reduced to 390. According to the Agency for Defence Development, the cost of a single tank is around 8,300,000 Korean won or approximately US$8.5 million (£5.96 million) making it the most expensive tank to date. It has a three-man crew, a 1,500 hp engine that enables the tank to achieve 70 km/hr (43.5 mph) on paved roads and 50 km/hr (31 mph) off-road, a 120 mm.55 calibre stabilised smooth bore gun and had has the ability to cross reviers up to 4.1 metres (13.45 feet) deep.
2616Longest bicycle manualZachary Hutelin209.2 metre(s)United States, Sunrise04 December 2011The longest manual on a bicycle is 209.2 m (686 ft 3 in), completed by Zachary Hutelin (USA), at Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida, USA, on 4 December 2011.Hutelin has been racing BMX since the age of 9, he managed to more than double the previous record.
2617Most BMX bar spins in one minuteJim DeChampUnited States, Tooele,Utah18 November 2008The most bar spins on a BMX in one minute is 62 by Jim DeChamp (USA) at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, USA, on 18 November 2008 for the MTV show 'Nitro Circus'. The GWR episode will air January 2009.
2618Fastest half marathon carrying a 40-lb packLee Riley1/36/56 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Stratford-Upon-Avon05 March 2011The fastest half marathon carrying a 40 lb pack was 1 hr 36 min 56 sec by Lee Riley (UK) at the Shakespeare Raceway Half Marathon in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, on 5 March 2011.Riley would go on to break the full marathon record wearing a 40 lb pack at the Virgin London Marathon just a month later.
2619Highest air on a motorcycle (quarterpipe)Ronnie RennerUnited States, Chicago,,Grant Park at Butler Field25 July 2009The highest air on a motorcycle from a quarterpipe ramp is 10.77 m (35 ft 4 in) and was achieved by Ronnie Renner (USA) during the Red Bull High Rise in Grant Park at Butler Field in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 25 July 2009.Ronnie Renner reached the height of 63 ft 5 in (19.32 m) which is the record height Red Bull promoted, but as per the GWR Guidelines, the record is based in the height from the lip of the ramp to the lowest point of the rider at the moment of his maximum height, therefore we had to discount the size of the ramp (22 ft) plus the height of the rider on the motorbike (6 ft 1 in) to get the final clearance of 35 ft 4 in.
2620Fastest marathon run by parent and child (mixed)Tetsuro Kataoka, Masako Kataoka5/41/12 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Japan, Beppu02 February 2014The fastest marathon run by parent and child (mixed) is 5 hr 41 min 12 sec by Masako Kataoka and her son Tetsuro Kataoka (both Japan) at the 63rd Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon in Beppu, Oita, Japan, on 2 February 2014.The Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon is sanctioned by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF). Tetsuro Kataoka completed the marathon in 2 hr 31 min 20 sec and Masako Kataoka completed it in 3 hr 9 min 52 sec.
2621Longest videogame marathon on a role-playing game (RPG)Jeff Nation, JJ Locke, Casey Coffman, George Vogl, Jeff Sagedal48/14 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Great Falls,,Montana State University College of TechnologyThe longest videogame marathon playing a role-playing game lasted 48 hr 14 min, and was achieved by Jeff Nation, JJ Locke, Casey Coffman, George Vogl and Jeff Sagedal, a.k.a. The Great Falls Gamers (all USA) at the Montana State University College of Technology in Great Falls, Montana, USA from 6-8 May 2012. The Great Falls Gamers played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda Softworks, 2011).They previously held the record for the longest videogames marathon playing a First Person Shooter (FPS).
2622Fastest toppling domino settingDomino Day 20087.13 metre(s) per secondNetherlands, Leeuwarden14 November 2008The fastest toppling domino setting achieved an average speed of 7.13 m/s on a 30 m long track on set of Domino Day 2008 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, on 14 November 2008.
2623Most sideflips whilst playing guitar in one minuteGregor FabryAustria, Vienna28 September 2008The most sideflips whilst playing guitar in one minute are 7 and were achieved by Gregor Fabry at the Vienna Recordia 2008 in Vienna, Austria, on 28 September 2008Kris Teufel adjudicated
2624Heaviest aircraft pulled over 100 m by a wheelchair (team)Blijf ActiefBelgium, BrusselsThe heaviest aircraft pulled over 100 m by a team of wheelchair users weighed 67.19 tonnes (148,128.59 lb) by Blijf Actief (Belgium) at Melsbroek Air Base in Brussels, Belgium, on 29 May 2011. The team consisted of 84 connected individuals who pulled a 'C-130 Hercules' non-stop for nearly four minutes.Participants pulled the plane for a total of 120 m, an extra 20 m past what was required. For this record, participants are permitted to be disabled or able-bodied and simply in the use of wheelchair.
2625Fastest 100 m moonwalkLuo Lantu32.06 minute(s), second(s)China, Beijing08 December 2010The fastest 100 m moonwalk is 32.06 seconds and was achieved by Luo Lantu (China) on the set of Zheng Da ZongYi - Guinness World Records Special, in Beijing, China, on 8 December 2010. Luo Lantu went head to head with several challengers, including Jason Jackson from Australia
2626Longest religious ceremonySigui festivalAfricaEvery 60 years or so - on a schedule determined by the position of the star Sirius in the night sky - the Dogon peoples of Mali, Africa, celebrate the Sigui, a mask festival which acknowledges the handing over of the cult's secrets from one generation to the next. The ceremony takes many years to complete - the last Sigui ran from 1967 to 1973, with the next due to begin in 2032 - as rthe men-only initiates must learn a secret language ("Sigi So") and carve a Great Mask, several metres in length. Each initiate wears their own mask and performs in a time consuming procession of dances from village to village.Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, with an apparent magnitude of 1.47. Also known as the "Dog Star", it is a binary system, with a feint white dwarf companion star known as Sirius B.
2627Highest slam dunk with a backflipJerry L. BurrellUnited States, NBA All-Star Jam Session16 February 2009The highest back flip from a platform resulting in a slam dunk is 4.67 m (15 ft 4 in) and was achieved by Jerry Burrell (USA) at the NBA All-Star Jam Session in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 16 February 2009. Jerry is a member of the High Impact Squad.
2628Largest polonaise danceGincana Municipal de Vera Cruz320 participantsBrazil, Vera CruzThe largest Polonaise dance involved 320 participants and was achieved by Gincana Municipal de Vera Cruz (Brazil) and coordinated by Juliano Pauli (Brazil) in Vera Cruz, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on 27 May 2011.The 320 dancers performed synchronised choregraphy in traditional dress for one hour. The record took place on Claudio Manoel Street in Downtown Vera Cruz. The purpose of the record was to bring the community together, encouraging the Gincana teams to unite and display a dance that is typical to their region.
2629Most double leg circles on a pommel horse in 1 minuteMark HolyoakeNew Zealand, Auckland20 September 2009The most rotations on a pommel horse in one minute is 65 by Mark Holyoake (New Zealand) on the set of NZ smashes Guinness World Records, at Sylvia Park shopping mall, in Auckland, New Zealand, on 20 September 2009. The record was attempted for New Zealand TV show NZ smashes Guinness World Records.
2630Greatest distance water slide riding in 4 hours - teamPeter Hecker, Florian Pfeiffer, Dennis Bettin, Stefan Servos, Markus Sekta, Kerstin Nina Bauer, Steve Schild, Michael Radowsky, Kristian Milde, Domenic Tollens320.68 kilometre(s)Germany, Erding18 November 2010The farthest distance covered on a water slide in 4 hours by a mixed team is 320.68 km (199.27 miles), achieved by Peter Hecker, Florian Pfeiffer, Dennis Bettin, Stefan Servos, Markus Sekta, Kerstin Nina Bauer, Michael Radowsky, Kristian Milde, Domenic Tollens (all Germany) and Steve Schild (Switzerland), at Galaxy Erding in Erding, Germany on 18 November 2010 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2010.The record took place on the longest inner-tube water slide Magic-Eye, which has been ascertained on Guinness World Records Day 2010.
2631Most television sets thrown out of a window in three minutesKerrang! RadioUnited Kingdom, Birmingham19 January 2007The most television sets thrown out of a window in three minutes is 61 and was set by two members of Kerrang! Radio staff during The Ugly Phil Breakfast Show in Birmingham, UK, on 19 January 2007.Height of window above ground level - 9.1 m (30 ft).Average size of TV sets 60.9 cm (24 in).
2632Most consecutive Double Dutch-style skips (team)alttypeJapan, Kyoto05 August 2012The most consecutive Double Dutch-style skips by a team is 1,401, achieved by alttype (all Japan) in Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan, on 5 August 2012.alttype team members are Fukutaro Sato, Hikaru Kawaminami, Jun Tanizawa, Ryota Mishima and Naojiro Ishikawa.
2633Largest profiteroleDave Schmidt57.15 kilogram(s)United States, West Allis11 August 2011The largest profiterole weighs 57.15 kg (126 lb) and was achieved by Dave Schmidt (USA) of the Wisconsin Baker’s Association at the 160th anniversary of the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin, USA, on 11 August 2011. The profiterole was an outsized version of the Wisconsin State Fair's iconic 'cream puff.' The profiterole measured 19.05 cm (7.5 in) in height by 96.52 cm (38 in) in diameter.
2634Fastest marathon dressed as a television character (male)David Stone2/49/51 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London13 April 2014The fastest marathon dressed as a television character (male) is 2 hr 49 min 51 sec and was achieved by David Stone (UK), dressed as a Thunderbird, at the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon in London, UK, on 13 April 2014.David's record was one of 30 successfully broken and verified onsite by Guinness World Records at the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon. This is David's fourth successful attempt at a Guinness World Records title at the London Marathon, having broken a record each year from 2011 to 2014.
2635Longest pasteliThe Third Aegina Fistiki FestivalGreece, aegina18 September 2011The longest pasteli was a pistachio variety which measured 40 m (131 ft 2.80 in) in length and 20 cm (7 in) in width, which was created by a team of chefs in an event organised by the Third Aegina Fistiki Festival (Greece), in Aegina, Greece, on 18 September 2011.
2636Fastest half marathon in a graduation gown (male)
2637Most bow ties tied simultaneouslyUniversity of South Carolina Dance Marathon823 peopleUnited States, Columbia09 February 2014The most people tying bow ties simultaneously is 823 and was achieved by the University of South Carolina Dance Marathon in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, on 09 February 2014. Attempt participants were led by Lucky Levinson, co-owner of apparel retailer Brittons of Columbia and YouTube expert on bow ties.
2638Most professional basketball jerseys worn at onceMichael GarciaUnited States, Orlando25 February 2012The most professional NBA jerseys worn at once was 35 by Michael Garcia (USA) at the NBA All-Star Jam Session 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 25 February 2012.
2639Longest career as a television news broadcasterAlfonso Espinosa de los Monterosyear(s), day(s)Ecuador, guayaquilThe longest career as a television news broadcaster was achieved by Alfonso Espinosa de los Monteros (Ecuador) who anchored television news without interruption from 1 March 1967 until today (last verified on 22 May 2014), a total of 47 years 83 days.
2640Fastest marathon by a linked teamLegati De Cauza Hospicehour(s), minute(s), second(s)Romania, Bucharest06 October 2013The fastest marathon by a linked team is 2 hr 54 min 17 sec and was achieved by Team Legati De Cauza Hospice (Romania) at the Bucharest International Marathon in Bucharest, Romania, on 6 October 2013.

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