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3311958Separate Tables - David Raksin
3321958White Wilderness - Oliver Wallace
3331958The Young Lions - Hugo Friedhofer
3341958MUSIC (Scoring of a Musical Picture): Gigi - Andre Previn
3351958The Bolshoi Ballet - Yuri Faier, G. Rozhdestvensky
3361958Damn Yankees - Ray Heindorf
3371958Mardi Gras - Lionel Newman
3381958South Pacific - Alfred Newman, Ken Darby
3391959MUSIC (Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture): Ben-Hur - Miklós Rózsa
3401959The Diary of Anne Frank - Alfred Newman
3411959The Nun's Story - Franz Waxman
3421959On the Beach - Ernest Gold
3431959Pillow Talk - Frank DeVol
3441959MUSIC (Scoring of a Musical Picture): Porgy and Bess - Andre Previn, Ken Darby
3451959The Five Pennies - Leith Stevens
3461959Li'l Abner - Nelson Riddle, Joseph J. Lilley
3471959Say One for Me - Lionel Newman
3481959Sleeping Beauty - George Bruns
3491960MUSIC (Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture): Exodus - Ernest Gold
3501960The Alamo - Dimitri Tiomkin
3511960Elmer Gantry - Andre Previn
3521960The Magnificent Seven - Elmer Bernstein
3531960Spartacus - Alex North
3541960MUSIC (Scoring of a Musical Picture): Song without End (The Story of Franz Liszt) - Morris Stoloff, Harry Sukman
3551960Bells Are Ringing - Andre Previn
3561960Can-Can - Nelson Riddle
3571960Let's Make Love - Lionel Newman, Earle H. Hagen
3581960Pepe - Johnny Green
3591961MUSIC (Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture): Breakfast at Tiffany's - Henry Mancini
3601961El Cid - Miklós Rózsa

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