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1811944Minstrel Man - Ferde Grofe, Leo Erdody
1821944Sensations of 1945 - Mahlon Merrick
1831944Song of the Open Road - Charles Previn
1841944Up in Arms - Ray Heindorf, Louis Forbes
1851945MUSIC (Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture): Spellbound - Miklós Rózsa
1861945The Bells of St. Mary's - Robert Emmett Dolan
1871945Brewster's Millions - Lou Forbes
1881945Captain Kidd - Werner Janssen
1891945The Enchanted Cottage - Roy Webb
1901945Flame of Barbary Coast - Morton Scott, Dale Butts
1911945G. I. Honeymoon - Edward J. Kay
1921945The Story of G.I. Joe - Louis Applebaum, Ann Ronell
1931945Guest in the House - Werner Janssen
1941945Guest Wife - Daniele Amfitheatrof
1951945The Keys of the Kingdom - Alfred Newman
1961945The Lost Weekend - Miklós Rózsa
1971945Love Letters - Victor Young
1981945The Man Who Walked Alone - Karl Hajos
1991945Objective, Burma! - Franz Waxman
2001945Paris--Underground - Alexander Tansman
2011945A Song to Remember - Miklós Rózsa, Morris Stoloff
2021945The Southerner - Werner Janssen
2031945This Love of Ours - H. J. Salter
2041945The Valley of Decision - Herbert Stothart
2051945The Woman in the Window - Arthur Lange, Hugo Friedhofer
2061945MUSIC (Scoring of a Musical Picture): Anchors Aweigh - Georgie Stoll
2071945Belle of the Yukon - Arthur Lange
2081945Can't Help Singing - Jerome Kern (posthumous nomination), H. J. Salter
2091945Hitchhike to Happiness - Morton Scott
2101945Incendiary Blonde - Robert Emmett Dolan

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