Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
211ruma type of alcoholic drinkPirates like Blackbeard loved to drink rum.
212safetythe lack of dangerMy grandma always worries about safety in airplanes.
213saladmix of raw vegetables like lettuce, tomato, etc.Would you like some salad with your meal?
214salta white substance often added to foodCould you pass the salt and pepper, please?
215sandmaterial found at beaches and in the desertWe went to the beach and built a castle out of sand.
216satirehumour used to criticize someone or somethingA lot of political cartoonists use satire in their work.
217sceneryviews of mountains, lakes, valleys, etc.The scenery in the mountains was magnificent.
218seafoodfood from the sea, like fish, crabs, etc.My wife loves seafood, especially lobster and prawns.
219seasidean area near the seaEvery year we spend our vacation at the seaside.
220shamethe bad feeling you get after doing something wrongI'll never forget the shame I felt when I was caught stealing.
221shoppingthe activity of going to shops and buying thingsCan't you think of anything better to do in your free time than shopping?
222silencecomplete quiet, with no sound at allAfter a moment of silence, we started talking again.
223sleepa natural state of unconsciousness and restAll animals need periods of sleep, even fish and frogs.
224smokeclouds that rise from something that's burningWe could see the smoke, so we knew there was a fire.
225smokingthe act of enjoying cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc.Some politicians want to ban smoking in all public places.
226snowsoft flakes that fall from the sky in cold weatherDoes it ever snow in Brazil, or is it too hot?
227soapa substance that makes cleaning easierThere's a new bar of soap in the cupboard in the bathroom.
228softwarecomputer programs and operating systemsWe used to buy software on discs, but now we download it.
229soildirt or earth in which plants can growThe soil would be healthier if we added manure and compost to it.
230sorrowa feeling of great sadnessCan you imagine how much sorrow his mother must have felt?
231soupa liquid food usually served in a bowlThere's a tin of tomato soup in the cupboard if you want it.
232speedhow fast something movesI wonder what the new Ferrari's top speed is.
233spellingforming written words with lettersIf you read more books, your spelling will improve.
234sportcompetitive activities like football, golf, tennis, etc.Do you think Uncle Bill watches too much sport on TV?
235steamhot gas that rises from boiling waterTrains and ships used to be powered by steam.
236strengthphysical powerLifting that heavy sofa took all my strength.
237stuffundefined material or thingsWhat's this brown stuff on the bottom of my shoe?
238stupiditylack of thought or intelligenceWe're all capable of stupidity from time to time.
239successthe achievement of a goalSuccess is great, but you can learn a lot from failure too.
240sugarsweet crystals put in tea and coffeeHow many teaspoons of sugar would you like in your tea?

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