Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts
Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts

IDCategoryResultWindowsMac OS
301Keys for selecting and editingtextScale text within a bounding box when resizingthe bounding boxControl-drag a bounding box handleCommand-drag a bounding box handle
302Keys for selecting and editingtextMove text box while creating text boxSpacebar-dragSpacebar-drag
303Keys for formatting typeAlign left, center, or rightHorizontal Type tool + Control + Shift +L, C, or RHorizontal Type tool + Command + Shift +L, C, or R
304Keys for formatting typeAlign top, center, or bottomVertical Type tool + Control + Shift + L,C, or RVertical Type tool + Command + Shift + L,C, or R
305Keys for formatting typeChoose 100% horizontal scaleControl + Shift + XCommand + Shift + X
306Keys for formatting typeChoose 100% vertical scaleControl + Shift + Alt + XCommand + Shift + Option + X
307Keys for formatting typeChoose Auto leadingControl + Shift + Alt + ACommand + Shift + Option + A
308Keys for formatting typeChoose 0 for trackingControl + Shift + QCommand + Control + Shift + Q
309Keys for formatting typeJustify paragraph, left aligns last lineControl + Shift + JCommand + Shift + J
310Keys for formatting typeJustify paragraph, justifies allControl + Shift + FCommand + Shift + F
311Keys for formatting typeToggle paragraph hyphenation on/offControl + Shift + Alt + HCommand + Control + Shift + Option + H
312Keys for formatting typeToggle single/every-line composer on/offControl + Shift + Alt + TCommand + Shift + Option + T
313Keys for formatting typeDecrease or increase type size of selected text2 points or pixelsControl + Shift + < or >†Command + Shift + < or >†
314Keys for formatting typeDecrease or increase leading 2 points orpixelsAlt + Down Arrow or Up Arrow††Option + Down Arrow or Up Arrow††
315Keys for formatting typeDecrease or increase baseline shift 2 points orpixelsShift + Alt + Down Arrow or Up Arrow††Shift + Option + Down Arrow or Up Arrow††
316Keys for formatting typeDecrease or increase kerning/tracking 20/1000emsAlt + Left Arrow or Right Arrow††Option + Left Arrow or Right Arrow††
317Keys for slicing and optimizingToggle between Slice tool and Slice SelectiontoolControlCommand
318Keys for slicing and optimizingDraw square sliceShift-dragShift-drag
319Keys for slicing and optimizingDraw from center outwardAlt-dragOption-drag
320Keys for slicing and optimizingDraw square slice from center outwardShift + Alt-dragShift + Option-drag
321Keys for slicing and optimizingReposition slice while creating sliceSpacebar-dragSpacebar-drag
322Keys for slicing and optimizingOpen context-sensitive menuRight-click sliceControl-click slice
323Keys for using panelsSet options for new items (except for Actions,Animation, Styles, Brushes, Tool Presets, and Layer Comps panels)Alt-click New buttonOption-click New button
324Keys for using panelsDelete without confirmation (except forthe Brush panel)Alt-click Delete buttonOption-click Delete button
325Keys for using panelsApply value and keep text box activeShift + EnterShift + Return
326Keys for using panelsShow/Hide all panelsTabTab
327Keys for using panelsShow/Hide all panels except the toolbox andoptions barShift + TabShift + Tab
328Keys for using panelsHighlight options barSelect tool and press EnterSelect tool and press Return
329Keys for using panelsIncrease/decrease selected values by 10Shift + Up Arrow/Down ArrowShift + Up Arrow/Down Arrow
330Keys for the Actions panelTurn command on and all others off, or turn all commands onAlt-click the check mark next to a commandOption-click the check mark next to a command

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