Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts
Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts

IDCategoryResultWindowsMac OS
361Keys for the Animation panel inTimeline Mode (Photoshop Extended)Move to the beginning of the work areaShift + HomeShift + Home
362Keys for the Animation panel inTimeline Mode (Photoshop Extended)Move to the end of the work areaShift + EndShift + End
363Keys for the Animation panel inTimeline Mode (Photoshop Extended)Move to In point of the current layerUp ArrowUp Arrow
364Keys for the Animation panel inTimeline Mode (Photoshop Extended)Move to the Out point of the current layerDown ArrowDown Arrow
365Keys for the Animation panel inTimeline Mode (Photoshop Extended)Back 1 secondShift + Up ArrowShift + Up Arrow
366Keys for the Animation panel inTimeline Mode (Photoshop Extended)Foward 1 secondShift + Down ArrowShift + Down Arrow
367Keys for the Animation panel inTimeline Mode (Photoshop Extended)Return a rotated document to its original orientationEscEsc
368Keys for the Brush panelDelete brushAlt-click brushOption-click brush
369Keys for the Brush panelRename brushDouble-click brushDouble-click brush
370Keys for the Brush panelChange brush sizeAlt + right-click + drag left or rightCtrl + Option + drag left or right
371Keys for the Brush panelDecrease/increase brush softness/hardnessAlt + right-click + drag up or downCtrl + Option + drag up or down
372Keys for the Brush panelSelect previous/next brush size, (comma) or . (period), (comma) or . (period)
373Keys for the Brush panelSelect first/last brushShift + , (comma) or . (period)Shift + , (comma) or . (period)
374Keys for the Brush panelDisplay precise cross hair for brushesCaps Lock or Shift + Caps LockCaps Lock
375Keys for the Brush panelToggle airbrush optionShift + Alt + PShift + Option + P
376Keys for the Channels panelSelect individual channelsCtrl + 3 (red), 4 (green), 5 (blue)Command + 3 (red), 4 (green), 5 (blue)
377Keys for the Channels panelSelect composite channelCtrl + 2Command + 2
378Keys for the Channels panelLoad channel as selectionControl-click channel thumbnail, or Alt + Ctrl + 3 (red), 4 (green), 5 (blue)Command-click channel thumbnail, or Option + Command + 3 (red), 4 (green), 5 (blue)
379Keys for the Channels panelAdd to current selectionControl + Shift-click channel thumbnailCommand + Shift-click channel thumbnail
380Keys for the Channels panelSubtract from current selectionControl + Alt-click channel thumbnailCommand + Option-click channel thumbnail
381Keys for the Channels panelIntersect with current selectionControl + Shift + Alt-click channel thumbnailCommand + Shift + Option-click channel thumbnail
382Keys for the Channels panelSet options for Save Selection As Channel buttonAlt-click Save Selection As Channel buttonOption-click Save Selection As Channel button
383Keys for the Channels panelCreate a new spot channelControl-click Create New Channel buttonCommand-click Create New Channel button
384Keys for the Channels panelSelect/deselect multiple color-channel selectionShift-click color channelShift-click color channel
385Keys for the Channels panelSelect/deselect alpha channel and show/hide as a rubylith overlayShift-click alpha channelShift-click alpha channel
386Keys for the Channels panelDisplay channel optionsDouble-click alpha or spot channel thumbnailDouble-click alpha or spot channel thumbnail
387Keys for the Channels panelToggle composite and grayscale mask in Quick Mask mode~ (tilde)~ (tilde)
388Keys for the Clone Source panelShow Clone Source (overlays image)Alt + ShiftOption + Shift
389Keys for the Clone Source panelNudge Clone SourceAlt + Shift + arrow keysOption + Shift + arrow keys
390Keys for the Clone Source panelRotate Clone SourceAlt + Shift + < or >Option + Shift + < or >

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