Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts
Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts

IDCategoryResultWindowsMac OS
391Keys for the Clone Source panelScale (increase or reduce size) Clone SourceAlt + Shift + [ or ]Option + Shift + [ or ]
392Keys for the Color panelSelect background colorAlt-click color in color barOption-click color in color bar
393Keys for the Color panelDisplay Color Bar menuRight-click color barControl-click color bar
394Keys for the Color panelCycle through color choicesShift-click color barShift-click color bar
395Keys for the History panelCreate a new snapshotAlt + New SnapshotOption + New Snapshot
396Keys for the History panelRename snapshotDouble-click snapshot nameDouble-click snapshot name
397Keys for the History panelStep forward through image statesControl + Shift + ZCommand + Shift + Z
398Keys for the History panelStep backward through image statesControl + Alt + ZCommand + Option + Z
399Keys for the History panelDuplicate any image state, except the currentstateAlt-click the image stateOption-click the image state
400Keys for the History panelPermanently clear history (no Undo)Alt + Clear History (in History panel pop‑up menu)Option + Clear History (in History panel pop‑upmenu)
401Keys for the Info panelChange color readout modesClick eyedropper iconClick eyedropper icon
402Keys for the Info panelChange measurement unitsClick crosshair iconClick crosshair icon
403Keys for the Layers panelLoad layer transparency as a selectionControl-click layer thumbnailCommand-click layer thumbnail
404Keys for the Layers panelAdd to current selectionControl + Shift-click layer thumbnailCommand + Shift-click layer thumbnail
405Keys for the Layers panelSubtract from current selectionControl + Alt-click layer thumbnailCommand + Option-click layer thumbnail
406Keys for the Layers panelIntersect with current selectionControl + Shift + Alt-click layer thumbnailCommand + Shift + Option-click layer thumbnail
407Keys for the Layers panelLoad filter mask as a selectionControl-click filter mask thumbnailCommand-click filter mask thumbnail
408Keys for the Layers panelGroup layersControl + GCommand + G
409Keys for the Layers panelUngroup layersControl + Shift + GCommand + Shift + G
410Keys for the Layers panelCreate/release clipping maskControl + Alt + GCommand + Option + G
411Keys for the Layers panelSelect all layersControl + Alt + ACommand + Option + A
412Keys for the Layers panelMerge visible layersControl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + E
413Keys for the Layers panelCreate new empty layer with dialog boxAlt-click New Layer buttonOption-click New Layer button
414Keys for the Layers panelCreate new layer below target layerControl-click New Layer buttonCommand-click New Layer button
415Keys for the Layers panelSelect top layerAlt + . (period)Option + . (period)
416Keys for the Layers panelSelect bottom layerAlt + , (comma)Option + , (comma)
417Keys for the Layers panelAdd to layer selection in Layers panelShift + Alt + [ or ]Shift + Option + [ or ]
418Keys for the Layers panelSelect next layer down/upAlt + [ or ]Option + [ or ]
419Keys for the Layers panelMove target layer down/upControl + [ or ]Command + [ or ]
420Keys for the Layers panelMerge a copy of all visible layers into target layerControl + Shift + Alt + ECommand + Shift + Option + E

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