Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts
Photoshop The default keyboard shortcuts

IDCategoryResultWindowsMac OS
121Keys for Vanishing PointConstrain selection to a 15° rotationAlt + Shift to rotateOption + Shift to rotate
122Keys for Vanishing PointSelect a plane under another selected planeControl-click the planeCommand-click the plane
123Keys for Vanishing PointCreate 90 degree plane off parent planeControl-dragCommand-drag
124Keys for Vanishing PointDelete last node while creating planeBackspaceDelete
125Keys for Vanishing PointMake a full canvas plane, square to thecameraDouble-click the Create Plane toolDouble-click the Create Plane tool
126Keys for Vanishing PointShow/hide measurements (Photoshop Extendedonly)Control + Shift + HCommand + Shift + H
127Keys for Vanishing PointExport to a DFX file (Photoshop Extended only)Control + ECommand + E
128Keys for Vanishing PointExport to a 3DS file (Photoshop Extended only)Control + Shift + ECommand + Shift + E
129Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxZoom toolZZ
130Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxHand toolHH
131Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxWhite Balance toolII
132Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxColor Sampler toolSS
133Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxCrop toolCC
134Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxStraighten toolAA
135Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxSpot Removal toolBB
136Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxRed Eye Removal toolEE
137Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxBasic panelCtrl + Alt + 1Command + Option + 1
138Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxTone Curve panelCtrl + Alt + 2Command + Option + 2
139Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxDetail panelCtrl + Alt + 3Command + Option + 3
140Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxHSL/Grayscale panelCtrl + Alt + 4Command + Option + 4
141Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxSplit Toning panelCtrl + Alt + 5Command + Option + 5
142Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxLens Corrections panelCtrl + Alt + 6Command + Option + 6
143Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxCamera Calibration panelCtrl + Alt + 7Command + Option + 7
144Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxPresets panelCtrl + Alt + 9Command + Option + 9 (Mac OS Universal Access zoom shortcut must be disabled in System Preferences)
145Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxOpen Snapshots panelCtrl + Alt + 9Command + Option + 9
146Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxParametric Curve Targeted Adjustment toolCtrl + Alt + Shift + TCommand + Option + Shift + T
147Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxHue Targeted Adjustment toolCtrl + Alt + Shift + HCommand + Option + Shift + H
148Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxSaturation Targeted Adjustment toolCtrl + Alt + Shift + SCommand + Option + Shift + S
149Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxLuminance Targeted Adjustment toolCtrl + Alt + Shift + LCommand + Option + Shift + L
150Keys for the Camera Raw dialogboxGrayscale Mix Targeted Adjustment toolCtrl + Alt + Shift + GCommand + Option + Shift + G

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