En İyi Ses Miksajı - XML

911941Citizen Kane
921941The Devil Pays Off
931941How Green Was My Valley
941941The Men in Her Life
951941Sergeant York
971941Topper Returns
981942Yankee Doodle Dandy - Nathan Levinson, Warner Brothers Studio
991942Arabian Nights
1011942Flying Tigers
1021942Friendly Enemies
1031942The Gold Rush
1041942Mrs. Miniver
1051942Once Upon a Honeymoon
1061942The Pride of the Yankees
1071942Road to Morocco
1081942This Above All
1091942You Were Never Lovelier
1101943This Land Is Mine - Stephen Dunn, RKO Radio Studio
1111943Hangmen Also Die
1121943In Old Oklahoma
1131943Madame Curie
1141943The North Star
1151943Phantom of the Opera
1161943Riding High
1181943Saludos Amigos
1191943So this is Washington
1201943The Song of Bernadette

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