IDaba <strong>n</strong> felt (<em>material</em>) <stro
1741granül n granule
1742gravür n etching, (fine art, print.) engraving (engraved surface)
1743gravürcü n engraver, graver
1744Grenada adj Grenadian n Grenada
1745grip n (med.) flu, (form.) influenza, viral infection
1746grotesk n slapstick (comedy)
1747Grönland n Greenland
1748grup n group, line (queue etc.), panel (team), bunch (of people), lot (group of persons), pack (crew etc.), band (musical), team, formation (rock etc.), structure (natural
1749gruplama n grouping (of entities)
1750GSMH abbr gross national product, GNP
1751g-string n G-string, thong (beachwear)
1752GSYİH abbr GDP, gross domestic product
1753Guatemala adj Guatemalan n Guatemala
1754Guatemalalı n Guatemalan
1755gurbetçi n emigrant, exile (person)
1756gurbetçilik n emigration, exile (stay)
1757gurme n gourmet, gastronome, epicure (one who enjoys eating), epicurean, (food) taster (person)
1758guruldamak v rumble (of stomach etc.), growl
1759gurup n sunset, (AmE) sundown
1760gurur n haughtiness, pride gurur duymak can boast sth, pride osf on sth
1761gururla adv proudly, with pride
1762gururlanmak v boast sth (award etc.), pride osf on sth
1763gururlu adj proud of sb/sth
1764gurursuzluk n servility
1765gücendirici adj easily offended (person)
1766gücendirmek v displease
1767gücenik adj offended
1768gücenmek v take offence at sth, be angry at/with sb
1769güç adj hard, difficult, tough (times etc.) n force, potential, power (control etc.), strain (in effort etc.), exertion, strength (of person etc.), (phys.) output (of a machine etc.
1770güçbela adv barely, scarcely, (only) hardly (with difficulty)

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