Sept. 2015 World Leaders

3451MexicoSec. of TourismEnrique DE LA MADRID Cordero
3452MexicoAttorney Gen.Arely GOMEZ Gonzalez
3453MexicoGovernor, Bank of MexicoAgustin CARSTENS Carstens
3454MexicoAmbassador to the US
3455MexicoPermanent Representative to the UN, New YorkJorge MONTANO Martinez
3456Micronesia, Federated States ofPres.Peter Martin CHRISTIAN
3457Micronesia, Federated States ofVice Pres.Yosiwo P. GEORGE
3458Micronesia, Federated States ofSec. of EducationKalwin KEPHAS
3459Micronesia, Federated States ofSec. of Finance & Admin.Sihna LAWRENCE
3460Micronesia, Federated States ofSec. of Foreign AffairsLorin S. ROBERT
3461Micronesia, Federated States ofSec. of Health & Social AffairsArthy NENA
3462Micronesia, Federated States ofSec. of JusticeJoses R. GALLEN
3463Micronesia, Federated States ofSec. of Resource & DevelopmentMarion HENRY
3464Micronesia, Federated States ofSec. of Transportation, Communication, & InfrastructureLukner WEILBACHER
3465Micronesia, Federated States ofSpeaker of the CongressWesley W. SIMINA
3466Micronesia, Federated States ofAmbassador to the USAsterio R. TAKESY
3467Micronesia, Federated States ofPermanent Representative to the UN, New YorkJane J. CHIGIYAL
3468MoldovaPres.Nicolae TIMOFTI
3469MoldovaPrime Min.Chiril GABURICI
3470MoldovaDep. Prime Min.Stephane BRIDE
3471MoldovaDep. Prime Min.Natalia GHERMAN
3472MoldovaDep. Prime Min.Victor OSIPOV
3473MoldovaMin. of Agriculture & Food IndustryIon SULA
3474MoldovaMin. of Construction & Territorial DevelopmentVasile BITCA
3475MoldovaMin. of CultureMonica BABUC
3476MoldovaMin. of DefenseViorel CIBOTARU
3477MoldovaMin. of EconomyStephane BRIDE
3478MoldovaMin. of EducationMaia SANDU
3479MoldovaMin. of Environment & Natural ResourcesSergiu PAHILOVICI
3480MoldovaMin. of FinanceAnatol ARAPU

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