Sept. 2015 World Leaders

4321Saint Kitts and NevisMin. of Finance, Sustainable Development, National Security, People Empowerment, & Constituency EmpowermentTimothy HARRIS
4322Saint Kitts and NevisMin. of Foreign Affairs & AviationMark Anthony Graham BRANTLEY
4323Saint Kitts and NevisMin. of Nevis Affairs, Labor, Social Security, & Ecclesiastical AffairsVance ARMORY
4324Saint Kitts and NevisMin. of Public Infrastructure, Posts, Urban Development, & TransportIan LIBURD
4325Saint Kitts and NevisMin. of Tourism, Intl. Trade, Industry, & CommerceLindsay GRANT
4326Saint Kitts and NevisMin. of State With Responsibility for Health, Community Development, Gender Affairs, & Social ServicesWendy PHIPPS
4327Saint Kitts and NevisAttorney Gen.Vincent BYRON, Jr.
4328Saint Kitts and NevisAmbassador to the USJacinth HENRY-MARTIN
4329Saint Kitts and NevisPermanent Representative to the UN, New YorkDelano Frank BART
4330Saint LuciaGovernor Gen.Pearlette LOUISY, Dame
4331Saint LuciaPrime Min.Kenny ANTHONY
4332Saint LuciaMin. for Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries, & Rural DevelopmentMoses JEAN BAPTISTE
4333Saint LuciaMin. for Commerce, Business Development, & Consumer AffairsEmma HIPPOLYTE
4334Saint LuciaMin. for Education, Human Resource Development, & LaborRobert LEWIS
4335Saint LuciaMin. for Finance & Economic AffairsKenny ANTHONY
4336Saint LuciaMin. for Foreign Affairs, Intl. Trade, & Civil AviationAlva BAPTISTE
4337Saint LuciaMin. for Health, Wellness, Human Services, & Gender RelationsAlvina REYNOLDS
4338Saint LuciaMin. for Infrastructure, Ports, & TransportPhilip PIERRE
4339Saint LuciaMin. for Legal Affairs, Home Affairs, & National SecurityVictor Phillip LA CORBINIERE
4340Saint LuciaMin. for Physical Development, Housing, & Urban DevelopmentStanley FELIX
4341Saint LuciaMin. for Public Service, Sustainable Development, Energy, Science, & TechnologyJames FLETCHER
4342Saint LuciaMin. for Social Transformation, Local Govt., & Community EmpowermentHarold DALSON
4343Saint LuciaMin. for Tourism, Heritage, & the Creative IndustriesLorne THEOPHILUS
4344Saint LuciaMin. for Youth Development & SportsShawn EDWARD
4345Saint LuciaAttorney Gen. 
4346Saint LuciaAmbassador to the USElizabeth Darius CLARKE
4347Saint LuciaPermanent Representative to the UN, New YorkMenissa RAMBALLY
4348Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesGovernor Gen.Frederick Nathaniel BALLANTYNE, Sir
4349Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesPrime Min.Ralph Everard GONSALVES
4350Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesDep. Prime Min.Girlyn MIGUEL

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