Sept. 2015 World Leaders

1741Equatorial GuineaSecond Dep. Prime Min. in Charge of Social & Human Rights AffairsAndres Jorge Mbomio Nsem ABUA
1742Equatorial GuineaThird Dep. Prime Min. in Charge of Human RightsAlfonso Nsue MOKUY
1743Equatorial GuineaMin. of Agriculture & ForestryFrancisco Mba Olo BAHAMONDE
1744Equatorial GuineaMin. of Education & ScienceMaria del Carmen EKORO
1745Equatorial GuineaMin. of Economy, Planning, & Public InvestmentEucario Bakale ANGUE
1746Equatorial GuineaMin. of Finance & BudgetsMiguel Engonga Obiang EYANG
1747Equatorial GuineaMin. of Fisheries & the EnvironmentEstanislao Don MALAVO
1748Equatorial GuineaMin. of Foreign Affairs & Intl. CooperationAgapito Mba MOKUY
1749Equatorial GuineaMin. of Health & Social WelfareJuan Ndong NGUEMA
1750Equatorial GuineaMin. of Information, Press, & RadioEugenio Nze OBIANG
1751Equatorial GuineaMin. of Internal Affairs & Local CorporationsClemente Engonga NGUEMA Onguene
1752Equatorial GuineaMin. of Justice, Religious Affairs, & Penitentiary InstitutionsEvangelina Filomena Oyo EBULE
1753Equatorial GuineaMin. of Labor & Social SecurityHeriberto Miko MBENGONO
1754Equatorial GuineaMin. of Mines, Industry, & EnergyGabriel Mbega Obiang LIMA
1755Equatorial GuineaMin. of National SecurityNicolas OBAMA Nchama
1756Equatorial GuineaMin. of Public Works & InfrastructuresJuan Nko MBULA
1757Equatorial GuineaMin. of Social Affairs & the Promotion of WomenConsuelo Ondo NZANG
1758Equatorial GuineaMin. of Trade & Business PromotionAlfredo Mitogo Mitogo ADA
1759Equatorial GuineaMin. of Transportation, Technology, Postal Services, & TelecommunicationsCelestino Bonifacio Bakale OBIANG
1760Equatorial GuineaMin. of State for National DefenseAntonio MBA Nguema, Gen.
1761Equatorial GuineaMin. of State to the Presidency of the Republic in Charge of the Civil CabinetBraulio Ncogo ABEGUE
1762Equatorial GuineaMin. of State to the Presidency of the Republic in Charge of the Fight Against the Prevention of HIV/AIDS & Sexually Transmitted DiseasesTomas Mecheba Fernandez GALILEA
1763Equatorial GuineaMin. of State to the Presidency of the Republic in Charge of MissionsAlejandro EVUNA Owono Asangono
1764Equatorial GuineaMin. of State to the Presidency of the Republic in Charge of Regional IntegrationBaltasar Engonga EDJO
1765Equatorial GuineaMin. in Charge of Relations With the Parliament & Legal AffairsAngel MASIE Mibuy
1766Equatorial GuineaAmbassador to the USMiguel Ntutumu EVUNA ANDEME
1767Equatorial GuineaPermanent Representative to the UN, New YorkAnatolio NDONG MBA
1768EritreaPres.ISAIAS Afworki
1769EritreaVice Pres. 
1770EritreaMin. of AgricultureAREFAINE Berhe

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