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1Expedition RawExploring Toxic Ice Caves Inside an Active Volcano 00:00:00
2Expedition RawWatch: Putting a Camera on a Whale Shark 00:00:00
3Expedition RawTense Standoff With a Male Elephant in Mating Mode 00:00:00
4Expedition RawEngineer Builds Drone From Scratch, Destroys It on First Day 00:00:00
5Expedition RawClimbers Get Blasted by Sandstorm 1,000 Feet Up 00:00:00
6Expedition RawCollecting Poop to Save a National Park 00:00:00
7Expedition RawHow To Celebrate Christmas on a Volcano 00:00:00
8Expedition RawSharks Discovered Inside Underwater Volcano (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) 00:00:00
9Expedition RawVideo From Inside a Crocodile’s Mouth (Exclusive) 00:00:00
10Expedition RawExplorers Save Abandoned Puppy 00:00:00
11Expedition RawSeal Pups: Ferociously Cute and Worth Protecting 00:00:00
12Expedition RawWATCH: Billions of Bugs Feast on Flesh and Dung in Borneo 00:00:00
13Expedition RawThis Deadly-Looking Leopard Is Actually Fun to Photograph 00:00:00
14Expedition RawUnsurprisingly, American Explorer Terrible at Milking Cows 00:00:00
15Expedition RawCaught in an Underwater Avalanche 00:00:00
16Expedition RawHuge Whip Spiders Wear Nail Polish for Science 00:00:00
17Expedition RawCoyote Chomps on Sleeping Bag … With Explorer Still Inside 00:00:00
18Expedition RawHow Not to Get Eaten by a Polar Bear 00:00:00
19Expedition RawCapuchin Monkey Soap Opera in Costa Rica 00:00:00
20Expedition RawTagging a Fish With a Sword for a Face 00:00:00
21Expedition RawCan Wild Monkeys Hang With Humans? 00:00:00
22Expedition RawTurns Out Sharks Love Lasers 00:00:00
23Expedition RawCheating Death on the Amazon 00:00:00
24Expedition RawAmazing Drone Footage of Nubian Pyramids 00:00:00
25Expedition RawBadass Women Battle Untamed Mongolian River 00:00:00
26Expedition RawReal-Life Teddy Bears of the Rain Forest 00:00:00
27Expedition RawWolverine Research Isn’t Pretty 00:00:00
28Expedition RawBat Man of Borneo 00:00:00
29Expedition RawDivers Search for Tiny Animals in Iceland’s Fissures 00:00:00
30Expedition RawWhales Surprise Baja Paddlers 00:00:00
31Short Film ShowcaseBallet Shoes: The Craft Before the Dance 00:00:00
32Short Film ShowcaseThe Man Behind a Mysterious Miniature Town 00:00:00
33Short Film ShowcaseTwo Blind Sisters See for the First Time 00:00:00
34Short Film ShowcaseA 16-Year-Old Girl’s Solo Sail Around the World 00:00:00
35Short Film ShowcaseMesmerizing Time-Lapse of Canada’s First National Park 00:00:00
36Short Film ShowcaseTime-Lapse: Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes 00:00:00
37Short Film ShowcaseBrilliant Time-Lapse of Alaska’s Northern Lights 00:00:00
38Short Film ShowcaseEerie Time-Lapse of Bug-Eating Plants 00:00:00
39Short Film ShowcaseDean Potter BASE Jumps With His Dog 00:00:00
40Short Film ShowcaseA Hundred Million Stars in 3 Minutes 00:00:00
41Short Film Showcase36,000 Kids You Don’t Want to Mess With 00:00:00
42Short Film ShowcaseWhat Has Four Legs, Four Eyes, and Will Blow Your Mind? 00:00:00
43Short Film ShowcaseThe Amazing Art of Bread Baking in Tajikistan 00:00:00
44Short Film ShowcaseLife Lessons From a 7-Thousand-Mile Bike Ride 00:00:00
45Short Film ShowcaseHawaii's Lava Flow Is a Mesmerizing Force 00:00:00
46Short Film ShowcaseSharks at Night: Incredible Underwater Footage 00:00:00
47Short Film ShowcaseA Whirlwind Tour of Tokyo, Where Old and New Converge 00:00:00
48Short Film ShowcaseTime-Lapse: Beautiful Cacti Bloom Before Your Eyes 00:00:00
49Short Film ShowcaseRain Forest Hero Plants Over 30,000 Trees to Save the Amazon 00:00:00
50Short Film ShowcaseSee the Extreme Ice Changes Near the Antarctic Peninsula 00:00:00
51Short Film ShowcaseFor Afghanistan's Women, Empowerment Comes on Two Wheels 00:00:00
52Short Film ShowcaseRediscovering Youth on the Colorado River 00:00:00
53Short Film ShowcaseGrowing Up Transgender and Mormon 00:00:00
54Short Film ShowcaseThis Senior-Citizen Synchronized Swim Team Will Make Your Day 00:00:00
55Short Film ShowcaseTransforming Ocean Trash Into Beautiful Art 00:00:00
56Short Film ShowcaseWatch Artisans Craft a Beautiful Indian Bedspread 00:00:00
57Short Film ShowcaseTimelapse: South Korea’s Stunning Seoul 00:00:00
58Short Film ShowcaseWATCH: The Practice of Bloodletting in New Delhi 00:00:00
59Short Film ShowcaseSee Where NYC’s Manhole Covers Come From 00:00:00
60Short Film ShowcaseYoung Hearts Run Free on the Dance Floor 00:00:00
61Short Film ShowcaseHow 3-D-Printed Prosthetic Hands Are Changing These Kids’ Lives 00:00:00
62Short Film ShowcaseWorld-Champion Skydiver Turns Free-Falling Into Art 00:00:00
63Short Film ShowcaseExperience America’s Largest Powwow 00:00:00
64Short Film ShowcaseCan Playing With Fire and Saws Help Kids Manage Risk? 00:00:00
65Short Film ShowcaseWatch L.A. Shift From Day to Night in Stunning Time-Lapse 00:00:00
66Short Film ShowcaseThe Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers 00:00:00
67Short Film ShowcaseWhat Would You Do If Money Didn’t Matter? 00:00:00
68Short Film ShowcaseSoaring to New Heights: Acrobatic Paragliding in the Alps 00:00:00
69Short Film ShowcaseThe Cuckoo and the Hurricane: The Strangest Weather Story Ever Told? 00:00:00
70Short Film ShowcaseArtist Designs Space for All 00:00:00
71Short Film ShowcaseStunning Drone Footage: Soar Above Wild Scotland 00:00:00
72Short Film ShowcaseThe Unexpected Beauty of Traveling Solo 00:00:00
73Short Film ShowcaseEarthships: A House Made From Beer Cans Sparks a Movement 00:00:00
74Short Film Showcase3 Years and 6,000 Miles on a Horse 00:00:00
75Today I LearnedTIL: Why Your Brain is Wrinkly 00:00:00
76Today I LearnedTIL: This Wasp Turns Prey Into Zombies 00:00:00
77Today I LearnedTIL: Archaeologists Are Coming for Your Trash 00:00:00
78Today I LearnedTIL: You Might Be Related to Genghis Khan 00:00:00
79Today I LearnedTIL: How Chameleons Change Color 00:00:00
80Today I LearnedTIL: Vultures Have to Eat Animals Butt-First 00:00:00
81Today I LearnedTIL: We Have Lost 50% of Wildlife Since 1970 00:00:00
82Today I LearnedTIL: Some Sharks Can Glow In The Dark 00:00:00
83Today I LearnedTIL: Nuclear Waste Could Power the World for 72 Years 00:00:00
84Today I LearnedTIL: These White Sand Beaches Aren’t What You Think 00:00:00
85Today I LearnedTIL: Why Is the Ocean Salty? 00:00:00
86Today I LearnedTIL: From Fleece Jackets to Your Food: The Scary Journey of Microplastics 00:00:00
87Today I LearnedTIL: The World’s Largest Migration Isn’t What You Think 00:00:00
88Today I LearnedTIL: If You Like Tequila, You Should Love Bats. Here’s Why. 00:00:00
89Today I LearnedTIL: That's No Moon. It's Aliens. (Maybe.) 00:00:00
90National Geographic Live!Climate Change Through Bill Nye’s Eyes - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
91National Geographic Live!Infiltrating the Illegal Wildlife Trade: The Human Cost - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
92National Geographic Live!Infiltrating the Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Trafficker’s Downfall - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
93National Geographic Live!Saving Animals Through Photography - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
94National Geographic Live!Grizzlies, Wolves, and Koalas: Conservation Photography - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
95National Geographic Live!Photographing the Devastating Impact of Breast Cancer in Uganda - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
96National Geographic Live!Photographing America’s Wounded Soldiers in Iraq - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
97National Geographic Live!Held Captive by Qaddafi’s Troops in Libya: A Photographer’s Story - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
98National Geographic Live!Searching for the World’s Last Pristine Seas - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
99National Geographic Live!Meru: Filming the Epic Climb - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00
100National Geographic Live!Meru: Risk and Responsibility in Climbing - Nat Geo Live 00:00:00