Ekranlarda yayınlanan bütün Türk dizileri ve oyuncuları

IDİsimSüreTürYaş SınırıIMDB PuanıOyuncularTarihAçıklama
271Hayat Sevince Güzel-Comedy -5.9Öykü Celik, Ugur Çavusoglu, Ekin Mert Daymaz, Damla Aslanalp2016– Two brothers fall in love with a girl from a village who does not believe in love.
272Asla Vazgeçmem-Drama -5.5Hakan Dinçkol, Gözde Mutluer, Amine Gulse, Yagizkan Dikmen2015–2016 A beautiful and intense tv show about finding and holding on to love. Nur, a simple woman from countryside goes to Istanbul and finds what she expected the least; love.
273Zengin ve Yoksul120 minDrama -6.1Binnur Kaya, Gökhan Alkan, Osman Sonant, Evrim Solmaz2019 In the same neighborhood in Istanbul, two different houses in two different worlds. Berringiller, who was struggling with their livelihood at the foot of the slope, and their rich relatives... See full summary »
274Acemi cadi-Comedy, Family, Fantasy G3.3Cagkan Culha, Dicle Alkan, Levent Sülün, Billur Yazgan2006–2007 A teenage girl (Aysegul) who lives with her aunts discovers that she and the rest of her family have superpowers. Aysegul is in a love triangle between the bad boy Toygar and the good boy Selim.
275Acayip hikayeler40 minAction, Adventure, Drama -7.7Hayko Cepkin, Levent Güner, Zeynep Tuncay, Bülent Polat2012 Turkish television series adapted from Galip Tekin's fantastic story line.
276Hanimin çiftligi-Drama 7+5.1Özgü Namal, Caner Cindoruk, Mehmet Çevik, Ali Düsenkalkar2009–2011 Güllü is a poor young woman . She is in love with Kemal. One day she is sold to a rich man Ramazan but as she didn't want him she accept her marriage to Muzaffer against the will of Halide his sister.
277Doktorlar90 minDrama -3.6Kutsi, Bekir Aksoy, Melike Güner, Yesim Ceren Bozoglu2006– In one of the most well-equipped hospitals in the country, Surgical Department President Operator Dr. Haldun Goksun and his team continue to save lives every new day. A doctor and his ... See full summary »
278Iki Yalanci-Comedy -5.4Keremcem, Yagmur Tanrisevsin, Koray Erkök, Hazal Senel2017– Add a Plot
279Bizimkiler60 minComedy, Family G8.2Ercan Yazgan, Halit Akçatepe, Cezmi Baskin, Zihni Göktay1989–2002 Relationships of neighbours living in an apartment in Istanbul.
280Survivor 2016120 minAdventure, Game-Show, Reality-TV -5.0Eda Akkaya, Cagan Atakan Arslan, Ezgi Avci, Seda Bakan2016Add a Plot
281Mutlu Ol Yeter90 minComedy, Drama, Romance -8.4Ali Atay, Asli Enver, Ertan Saban, Öner Erkan2015 Babur has the mission to kill the son of his father's murderer in his happiest day. However there is a problem that Can(the son of the murderer) is in love with his childhood friend (Zeynep... See full summary »
282Diger Yarim-Comedy, Family -5.9Volkan Bora Dilek, Cem Korkmaz, Cihat Suvarioglu, Duygu Yurukce2014– Add a Plot
283Küçük Aga-Comedy, Drama, Romance -3.9Birce Akalay, Sarp Levendoglu, Zeki Alasya, Emir Berke Zincidi2014–2015 A young kid, whose mother and father are constantly fighting, he tries everything in his power to get them together, it is a very funny comedy
284Familya110 minComedy, Drama, Family -5.7Enis Arikan, Neslihan Arslan, Sezer Avci, Ipek Ayaz2016 It is the story of a group of Beyoglu families and their father Yasar Beyoglu who tried to recapture the family together with the news of years later.
285Sihirli Annem-Comedy, Family, Fantasy G3.6Gizem Güven, Sahap Sayilgan, Nevra Serezli, Inci Türkay2003–2012 Betus the fairy, meets human-being Sadik whose wife passed away, and fall in love with him. They try to build a happy family with Sadik's 2 sweet child but Betus's mother Dudu never let them to be happy.
286Hayat Sirlari120 minDrama -7.3Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Ekin Koç, Hazar Ergüçlü, Seher Devrim Yakut2017–2018 The Secrets of Life centers the heartwarming, intense and a bit thrilling story of Kuzgun family whose happiness was wrecked when the secrets of family members comes out one after another. ... See full summary »
287Çilgin Dersane Üniversitede90 minComedy -2.9Recep Aktug, Berrin Arisoy, Ozan Aydemir, Adam Bay2014Add a Plot
288Babam ve Ailesi-Drama -5.9Sercan Badur, Sezin Bozaci, Eva Dedova, Doga Zeynep Doguslu2016– Story of a man who has two families in two Turkish cities. Kemal has twins with his love from young days in Adana, and son and daughter in Istanbul. He is a successful business man who once... See full summary »
289Tatli Hayat58 minComedy, Family G8.4Sevinç Aktansel, Asli Altaylar, Ceyda Ates, Nami Esatgil2001–2004 A Turkish remake of "The Jeffersons". With Ihsan Yildirim's cleaning business booming, he insisted his family leave the "plain folks" and move up to Etiler with the "fancy folks." It is ... See full summary »
290Akasya duragi-Comedy -2.4Erol Günaydin, Pelin Sönmez, Asli Altaylar, Zeki Alasya2008–2012 Funny and extraordinary life of taxi drivers working in a taxi station named Akasya Duragi.
29150M2-Drama --Engin Öztürk, Aybüke Pusat, Cengiz Bozkurt, Kürsat Alniaçik After betraying his bosses, a hitman hides out in a vacant tailor shop, where he's mistaken for the late owner's son, an identity he decides to embrace.
292Sen Benimsin120 minDrama -4.0Gökhan Keser, Ruveyda Öksuz, Ruhi Sari, Burak Sergen2015– Ejder and Nagme's families who have met each other in a traffic accident and fall in love with each other unaware of the marriage decision is not accepted by both families. From the moment ... See full summary »
293Bugünün Saraylisi120 minDrama, Romance -5.6Begüm Akkaya, Alihan Araci, Gözde Cigaci, Gülenay Kalkan2013– Add a Plot
294Ekip 1: Nizama Adanmis Ruhlar-Action, Crime, Drama -6.2Tuan Öztürk, Muharrem Türkseven, Sekvan Serinkaya, B. Fatih Akçin2012– On the one hand they try to do their job in the best way, on the other hand they have to deal with the problems in their private lives. "Orderly Devotional Spirits: Team 1", which carries ... See full summary »
295Bir Çocuk Sevdim-Drama, Romance -6.4Mine Tüfekçioglu, Aybars Kartal Özson, Songül Bayoglu, Hasan Say2011–2012Add a Plot
296Güzel Köylü120 minComedy, Family G5.6Gizem Karaca, Berk Cankat, Mehmet Ali Nuroglu, Esin Civangil2014–2015 A beautiful girl from Istanbul moves to a small village and that changes her life.
297Kalk gidelim130 minComedy, Family G5.4Ufuk Özkan, Erkan Sever, Ayça Varlier, Mehtap Bayri2017– Mustafa Ali, the bankrupt company that he owns, has to keep his way to the village with his wife and children. But Mustafa Ali's wife and children do not know that they are bankrupt, and ... See full summary »
298Çocuklar duymasin120 minComedy, Family G4.7Pinar Altug, Tamer Karadagli, Ferdi Akarnur, Zeyno Günenç2002– Narrating the story of a married couple on the verge of a divorcement and their relationship with their son, daughter, and their friends as a classical sitcom.
299Cinayet90 minCrime, Drama, Mystery -5.0Nurgül Yesilçay, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Ugur Polat, Sükran Ovali2014– Add a Plot
300Yilan Hikayesi55 minAction, Adventure, Comedy 7+6.5Memet Ali Alabora, Ayten Gökçer, Nail Kirmizigül, Süleyman Turan1999–2002 Zeyno, who escapes from her village, meets with Memoli and they adventure.

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