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6384163840France90–92. Barrel sample. This ripe and spicy wine is full of rich fruits. The palate is full bodied and dense, but edged with a fine texture. It finishes warm and opulent.Barrel Sample91BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Carbonnieux 2012 Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau Carbonnieux
6384263841France90–92. Barrel sample. Dry, dusty tannins from ripe fruit dominate this concentrated wine. It's solid and chunky, with lush fruit showing through a dark structure.Barrel Sample91BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Latour-Martillac 2012 Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Latour-Martillac
6384363842France90–92. Barrel sample. This is an herbaceous, cool wine that shows fresh pear and lime flavor. It does have a sense of structure that gives density and texture on the finish.Barrel Sample91BordeauxGravesRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Rahoul 2012 Barrel Sample (Graves)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau Rahoul
6384463843France90–92. Barrel sample. Very dense, with tannins that are solid and dry, this is an austere wine that has a firm, mineral side. The wine will need time although it's likely to remain severe.Barrel Sample91BordeauxGravesRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Ferrande 2012 Barrel Sample (Graves)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Ferrande
6384563844France90–92. Barrel sample. This very fresh wine is packed with juicy black currant flavors. It's ripe, soft tannins show a full and delicious character already.Barrel Sample91BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Haut-Bergey 2012 Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Haut-Bergey
6384663845France90–92. Barrel sample. This second white wine of Haut-Brion has herbaceous aromas, followed by spice, ginger and a touch of green fruits and orange zest.Le Clarté de Haut-Brion Barrel Sample91BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Haut-Brion 2012 Le Clarté de Haut-Brion Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau Haut-Brion
6384763846France90–92. Barrel sample. Herbaceous as well as rich, this wine is spicy and ripe in feel as a result of wood ageing. The palate boasts lemon, pear and apricot flavors, with a fine texture at the end.Barrel Sample91BordeauxGravesRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau de Chantegrive 2012 Barrel Sample (Graves)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau de Chantegrive
6384863847France90–92. Barrel sample. Spicy wood is the dominant character in this wine. At this stage, the palate is bold with new-wood aging, while the acidity and juiciness are in the background, but there's good potential for the future.Barrel Sample91BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Picque Caillou 2012 Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Picque Caillou
6384963848France90–92. Barrel Sample. An herbaceous wine with lively acidity, green plum and grapefruit flavors. It's a Sauvignon Blanc driven wine, showing great freshness rounded out with a touch of tropical fruits.Barrel Sample91BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau la Garde 2012 Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau la Garde
6385063849France89–91. Barrel sample. This is a juicy wine with so much ripe fruit, it lends the palate a soft, easy character. The tannins are gentle and warm, with lively acidity on the finish giving a fresh aftertaste.Barrel Sample90BordeauxGravesRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Rahoul 2012 Barrel Sample (Graves)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Rahoul
6385163850France89–91. Barrel sample. This is a delicious, spicy wine that glories in its peach and pear flavors. Opulent in style, the wine is ripe and rounded with just a twist of grapefruit acidity.Barrel Sample90BordeauxBordeaux BlancRoger Voss@vossrogerLe Nardian 2012 Barrel Sample (Bordeaux Blanc)Bordeaux-style White BlendLe Nardian
6385263851France89–91. Barrel sample. Intense acidity and bright black-currant fruit makes this wine fresh and fruity. There's firm tannic structure at the core, but it's at the service of the fruit. This is a wine that's likely to age over the medium term.Barrel Sample90BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau la Louvière 2012 Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau la Louvière
6385363852France89–91. Barrel sample. From the northern Médoc vineyard of Goulée, this spicy, cool wine has a touch of green as well as fresh fruit. It's textured with a salty, herbaceous feel.Blanc d'Estournel Barrel Sample90BordeauxBordeaux BlancRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Cos d'Estournel 2012 Blanc d'Estournel Barrel Sample (Bordeaux Blanc)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau Cos d'Estournel
6385463853France88–90. Barrel sample. This is an herbaceous wine that's very crisp and citrusy. Pear and spice flavors add a warmer element, while the aftertaste has a mineral texture.Aile d'Argent Barrel Sample89BordeauxBordeaux BlancRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Mouton Rothschild 2012 Aile d'Argent Barrel Sample (Bordeaux Blanc)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau Mouton Rothschild
6385563854France88–90. Barrel sample. Green, herbal aromas are dominant here. The wine has a crisp character, showing Sauvignon strongly. Finishes with a very green aftertaste.Barrel Sample89BordeauxPessac-LéognanRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Bouscaut 2012 Barrel Sample (Pessac-Léognan)Bordeaux-style White BlendChâteau Bouscaut
6385663855France96–98. Barrel sample. The first vintage from a newly-constructed cellar, this is a beautiful wine, with glorious Merlot flavors. It's full of spice and dense with velvet tannins. The wine has great opulence and its fruit is well integrated into the structure.Barrel Sample97BordeauxPomerolRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Pétrus 2012 Barrel Sample (Pomerol)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Pétrus
6385763856France95–97. Barrel sample. Promoted to Saint-Emilion's elite Premier Grand Cru Classé category, Valandraud's 2012 shows both a mineral character and intense acidity to go with the smooth and beautiful black currant fruits. Power and elegance.Barrel Sample96BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Valandraud 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Émilion)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Valandraud
6385863857France95–97. Barrel sample. Dominated by Cabernet Franc, this is a firm, solid and beautifully perfumed wine, lighter than some wines from Ausone. The tannins are velvet although with a strong mineral character. It's fruity at the same time as being structured—a wine for long-term aging.Barrel Sample96BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Ausone 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Émilion)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Ausone
6385963858France95–97. Barrel sample. An impressively dense wine with a serious structure. Dusty tannins go with a powerful structure and a wonderfully deep texture. Very solid and chunky.Barrel Sample96BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Cheval Blanc 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Émilion)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Cheval Blanc
6386063859France94–96. Barrel sample. Now incorporating the Magdelaine vineyard, Bélair-Monange is a fine, complex wine, dense and just austere. The wine is firmly in the tannic style—dark and brooding.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Bélair-Monange 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Émilion)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Bélair-Monange
6386163860France94–96. Barrel sample. This is a powerful wine which exhibits a change in style towards elegance in recent years. The palate has delicious Merlot fruitiness along with black-currant acidity and a dense structure. Fine minerality at the end with juicy acidity.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Pavie 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Émilion)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Pavie
6386263861France94–96. Barrel sample. Perfumed, elegant wine with an unusually high proportion of Merlot at the expense of Cabernet. Spicy, fruit cake and dried fruits go with a stylish blackberry character. Complex and set for a long aging.Barrel Sample95BordeauxPomerolRoger Voss@vossrogerVieux Château Certan 2012 Barrel Sample (Pomerol)Bordeaux-style Red BlendVieux Château Certan
6386363862France94–96. Barrel sample. A seriously rich, full, extracted wine, packed with dense tannins and complex fruits. The wine has weight, dark tannins and a solid character that will certainly age well.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Angélus 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Émilion)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Angélus
6386463863France94–96. Barrel sample. A rich and powerful wine with great fruits and solid tannins. This shows the power as well as elegance of Merlot in 2012—dark, ripe and fruity. Dark structure and acidity shine at the finish.Barrel Sample95BordeauxPomerolRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Trotanoy 2012 Barrel Sample (Pomerol)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Trotanoy
6386563864France94–96. Barrel sample. A very fine, concentrated wine. Full of solid black fruits and tannins, it's seriously powerful, driven by its great fruits and intense mineral texture. For long-term aging.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerVieux Château Mazerat 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Émilion)Bordeaux-style Red BlendVieux Château Mazerat
6386663865France93–95. Barrel sample. This is a big and complex, juicy Merlot with blackberry fruits and a mineral edge. Concentration on the palate highlights both spice and a dense texture. Bitter chocolate notes show through on the finish.Barrel Sample94BordeauxPomerolRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Hosanna 2012 Barrel Sample (Pomerol)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Hosanna
6386763866USGreg Graziano's Chenin, grown in a 30-plus-year-old vineyard, among the last of its kind in Mendocino County, is crisp and nutty, supported by dried apple, honey and melon-tinged minerality. Fermented in all French oak barrels, the wine has a calming roundness amid its acidity.8714CaliforniaMendocinoVirginie Boone@vbooneGraziano 2010 Chenin Blanc (Mendocino)Chenin BlancGraziano
6386863867PortugalThis is a very crisp wine dominated by herbaceous notes and intense acidity. It is bright and lively, hinting at spice and toast and tantalizingly fresh on the finish.Colheita Seleccionada8710AlentejanoRoger Voss@vossrogerHerdade de São Miguel 2010 Colheita Seleccionada White (Alentejano)Portuguese WhiteHerdade de São Miguel
6386963868ItalyDelicio is a Sicilian expression of Fiano with a creamy mouthfeel and easy aromas of dried hay, pear and Golden Delicious apple. Pair this wine with Caesar salad.Delicio87Sicily & SardiniaSiciliaViticultori Associati Canicatti 2009 Delicio Fiano (Sicilia)FianoViticultori Associati Canicatti
6387063869USPretty cherry fruit is at the center here, with light scents of fresh cut tobacco. The blend is two thirds Syrah, one third Cabernet Sauvignon, balanced and highlighted by a streak of cinnamon toast.2 Spires Red8728WashingtonColumbia Valley (WA)Columbia ValleyPaul Gregutt@paulgwine William Church 2008 2 Spires Red Red (Columbia Valley (WA))Red BlendWilliam Church

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